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Comments by C.B

Stonemasons Arms, Hammersmith

I've had no problems with the place, the service does indeed seem to be good as well as the drink and food, but adamnnavees, I don't see how anyone could sit in The Stonemasons and feel they're in a pub. It's firmly on the restaurant side of that particular divide.

24 Sep 2009 16:59

The Hammersmith Ram, Hammersmith

Decent enough pub which is quite nice inside. It has a small area at the back in which you can sit outside, though I wouldn't call it a garden exactly. If you want a good drink and you can't be bothered to walk more than a couple of minutes from Hammersmith Station then this is a good place to head.

24 Sep 2009 16:57

The Queens Head, Hammersmith

Since Fullers have taken this pub over, it is undoubtedly a lot better than it was. It's now an excellent pub, as befitting somewhere in Brook Green. I find the drink and service to be, on the whole, very good. The layout of the pub is also to be envied by others, with plenty of space inside and one of the best pub gardens I've seen in London. It's well worth drinking in.

7 Aug 2009 11:32

The Cross Keys, Hammersmith

I can echo the reviews below, this is a very nice pub, and a very welcoming one. The atmosphere is certainly friendly and it also seems a good place to watch sport. There's also a small but pleasant seating area at the front. By the way I'm not sure if it was my imagination but I thought I saw a cat wandering around the pub during my visit?

28 Sep 2007 12:40

The Fountains Abbey, Paddington

I found this a nice pub with very good service. The beer was very good and there was a good atmosphere inside. I was in on Saturday, when the cricket was being shown before the football came on. There were good views of the screens and while being easy to watch, the sport wasn't intrusive, and if you'd wanted to avoid it, this could be done easily. One of the best pubs in the area, in my experience. There's also a big screen upstairs if you want to concentrate on sport. A few tourists were present, but it wasn't overrun by them by any means.

11 Sep 2007 22:12

The Grove, Hammersmith

The service is good, the beer is fine. But it's not at all what I'd call a pub. It's a restaurant which borders on being a gastro-pub, at best. If you're into pubs, then definitely steer well clear. In my book, no matter how good the drink is, nothing can make up for not being in a proper pub, and The Grove most certainly isn't one of those. If you're after food and a more restaurant-esque experience, though, you'll probably be happy here.

11 Sep 2007 22:07

The Allsop Arms, Marylebone

I came in here the other Saturday and it seemed like a nice enough pub for a pint or two. I didn't find it depressing, though it was crowded as a rugby game had been on at Wembley the service was pretty prompt. As said, not a bad option for watching football. I'd still prefer to head to The Hobgoblin in the area, but I found this pub nice enough.

6 Sep 2007 23:39

The Griffin, Brentford

The best of the four pubs on the corners of Griffin Park. Service is good even when packed on match days and the beer is too. There's also a pretty nice and traditional feel to the place.

16 Aug 2007 19:00

The Sawyers Arms, Paddington

Seems like quite a nice pub to me though I have only visited twice. Maybe I had luck on my side but the service seemed alright to me, I didn't have to wait long and the bar staff understood me - maybe they're learning English fast. It was very crowded on my visit on a Saturday evening although that isn't too surprising and being in a group of two we did manage to find somewhere to sit. Not a bad option for a pint or two if you're in the area.

16 Aug 2007 11:52

The Hare and Hounds, East Sheen

Seems quite an uninspiring place to me. It's not particularly bad, however, and the service is usually pretty good on my irregular visits (bar one occasion). The atmosphere seems quite hit and miss in the handful of times I've been there, sometimes decent enough and sometimes lifeless. On the whole, somewhere you'd go if it was convenient to you, but not somewhere you'd make a point of going to.

6 Aug 2007 13:34

The Salutation, Hammersmith

Miles007 - are you sure you have the right pub? Given my experiences of The Salutation, and seemingly everyone else's who has commented, it seems unlikely.

7 Jul 2007 20:48

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

Nice enough pub, worth a quick trip to for the Sherlock Holmes.

22 Jun 2007 00:38

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

A brilliant pub. Everything appropriate has been said other than you can get Stella here as well as HB if lager is your preference, though with the ale on offer it would be a bit of a waste. If you come in the evening, don't let the crowds outside fool you, the service is excellent and you'll get served quickly. Visit this place.

22 Jun 2007 00:19

The Royal Oak, Brentford

Nice little pub, with a good atmosphere on match days. Very traditional and good service. Well worth a visit.

22 Feb 2007 13:06

The Grove, Ealing

Re: The last comment - Finnegans hasn't closed down but getting done up - I think it's finished now, though I haven't been in since the work on it so couldn't say what it's like.

15 Oct 2006 22:30

The Social, Fitzrovia

Regarding "the upstairs" - I meant the ground level, but up from the dance/music area below.

19 Jun 2006 23:51

The Bell, Ealing

This place has the advantage of having a licence until 12 on Friday and Saturday nights when most pubs in the area don't (apart from the utterly unbearable Townhouse). It doesn't really have a great deal else going for it, very small inside and not a huge amount of seating. It's pretty cheap for the area though and is an alright option for a quick drink after 11 if you're around.

19 May 2006 13:45

Britannia, Euston Station

I've been here a few times when waiting for a train or someone at the station and I've got no complaints. As a train station pub it's never going to be anything to write home about or go out of your way for, but, unlike most pubs in stations I've been to, it's actually quite decent. It could be far worse (see Wetherspoon's in Victoria), so I'll give it 7/10.

19 May 2006 12:37

The Prince Albert, Notting Hill

I must agree with the negative comments about this pub. I was in on a Friday early evening and the service was slow and poor, despite the fact the pub wasn't incredibly crowded. Any atmosphere that may have existed in the pub was ruined when, after I'd been in for about 20 minutes, the music was turned up, rendering conversation slightly difficult. I departed not long afterwards.

15 May 2006 15:24

The White Hart, Fulham Broadway

Atrocious as this pub was (and it was, terrible excuse for a beer garden and absolutely no atmosphere whatsoever), it's still somewhat sad to see a pub cease to exist. At least this is one which won't be missed.

15 May 2006 13:49

The Slug and Lettuce, Fulham

Don't go near this place. If you're around during the day and want a pint there are far better places to give your custom and enjoy your drink, and during the weekends you'll hate it unless you enjoy the kind of scenario described below. A good example of what's wrong with Slug and Lettuce/chain pubs.

15 May 2006 13:48

The Tottenham, Soho

It serves its purpose I suppose - a nice enough place to stop off at for a few before going to a concert at the Astoria or while waiting for someone at Tottenham Court Road. When I've been I can't really complain, the service has been pretty good and the drink fine. Nothing outstanding but a decent pub in an area where such an establishment is useful.

15 May 2006 13:45

Wetherspoons, Hampstead

This is a place which manages to stand out even amongst Wetherspoon's pubs as bad. Admittedly, I'm basing my opinion on just one visit, but the service is poor and the beer was very badly kept. To add to that, it's pretty devoid of atmosphere as you would expect. I don't think I'll be back in the area for some time now so thankfully I won't be anywhere near this place for a while.

15 May 2006 13:35

The Red Lion, Barnes

Probably the worst Fullers pub I've been in (usually they're excellent) - it's dull and completely devoid of atmosphere. It's just another boring gastropub, steer well clear.

15 May 2006 13:27

The Hobgoblin, Marylebone

Quite a nice pub. The service has been pretty good and the staff friendly when I've been there. It's not the biggest pub which adds to a somewhat 'cosy' atmosphere inside. Not a bad place to head to if you're in the area.

15 May 2006 13:13

The Globe, Baker Street

As has been pointed out in the previous comment - this pub is very average, which is disappointing considering it looks quite appealing from the outside. It's smaller than you'd expect and whilst not particularly bad in my opinion, it isn't anything special and not a place for a night out. It's often a venue for football fans to head to at London away games and will no doubt be packed on Cup Final days when the new Wembley is finally done. 5/10.

15 May 2006 13:11

The Hog in the Pound, Bond Street

I had a pint in here on my way back to Bond Street station one afternoon and wasn't impressed. It was full of tourists and shoppers and the service was slow and inattentive. I made a swift exit after finishing my drink.

12 May 2006 13:32

O'Neills, Ealing

It's an O'Neills pub so it's never going to be great in my mind. I wouldn't recommend going here, even if it's just for a quick pint before moving on, it's dull and the service is unremarkable, while at the weekend it seems to be filled with people trying to get drunk as quickly as possible.

12 May 2006 12:07

Henry's Cafe Bar, Green Park

Typical chain bar most of the time and not really my kind of place but I must say the cocktails are pretty nice. They also do a decent English Breakfast all day. Not the kind of place I'd go for longer than it takes to have a meal and a quick cocktail though, if I was in the mood for that kind of thing. It is quite nicely decorated inside, I think, and the staff are excellent.

11 May 2006 18:36

The Packhorse and Talbot, Chiswick

Average at best pub. I can't quite put my finger on what I don't like about this pub, the service wasn't great but there's something about the atmosphere which doesn't make for the greatest experience. The kind of pub you'd expect on Chiswick High Road, I suppose.

11 May 2006 18:30

The Tabard, Turnham Green

This place is one of the better pubs in Chiswick and far better than anything you'll find on the High Street (which isn't really saying much). Having said that, I don't think it in itself is particularly special, it is nice and has a decent little terrace but nothing outstanding. I'll pay it a visit one evening some time to see what it's like then. The service was pretty good on my visit.

11 May 2006 18:27

The Plough and Harrow, Hammersmith

Better than your average Wetherspoon's pub undoubtedly. Very cheap beer and the quality isn't too bad, considering the price and the fact it's a Wetherspoon's. Quite an odd lay-out, it's a very long pub with a dining area down the back. Otherwise pretty much what you'd expect from a Wetherspoon's, no TV's, cheap beer and a fair few old men. Yet not that bad.

11 May 2006 18:22

The Crescent, Mornington Crescent

I can only base my comments on this pub on a couple of experiences before gigs at Koko, which were both nice enough, so I'd recommend going here before going into the venue. It can get pretty crowded, though, so be prepared to stand.

11 May 2006 17:41

The Beehive, Brixton

As the previous comment says, a good place to go before a gig at the Academy. I've been in here twice before gigs and both times it's been a pleasant pre-gig drink and the service has been good. An interesting mix of locals and gig-goers on a gig night too. If I wasn't going to the Academy, however, I wouldn't go here, but it serves its purpose well.

11 May 2006 17:37

The Hope and Anchor, Islington

TSW - I think this is the pub you're thinking of, it also has a small venue downstairs with live music. Can be worth a visit if you catch it on a good night. I don't think there are any TV's though if my memory serves me correctly so don't expect to watch the football or anything here (I could be wrong though, I haven't been for quite some time). I once saw a certain Pete Doherty play here, many years ago.

11 May 2006 17:33

The White Swan, Islington

Well, it's Wetherspoon's isn't it. As Wetherspoon's go I didn't find it too bad on an afternoon visit. The barrell emptied just as I was being served, but that could happen anywhere, although they did take their time changing it. The rest of my experience there wasn't particularly bad, just the fact it's a Wetherspoon's means it's not going to be that great either. One of those pubs which is alright for a pint or two before moving on.

11 May 2006 17:30

The Famous Cock Tavern, Islington

I fell into the trap mentioned in a previous comment of coming in here because it was right by the station and I was meeting a few people. This turned out to be a big mistake as we ended up staying for a little while - not something you'd want to do in here. The service was hit and miss with some staff decent enough and others just uninterested, though I'm not sure if they bother clearing the tables more than once every two hours as no-one did for the duration of my stay. Not pleasant. If I'm ever in the area again, I certainly won't come here.

11 May 2006 17:27

The Duke of York, Victoria

A nice pub, worth a visit if you're in the area. If you're planning to go to The Shakespeare around the corner, don't, and come here instead. I was in on a Saturday afternoon before moving on into the evening but there was a nice atmosphere throughout and it wasn't too crowded at that time.

11 May 2006 17:21

The Shakespeare, Victoria

You're not exactly spoilt for choice with decent pubs around here but you can still find better than this place. I was forced to go in there for the first time in a while the other day to meet someone and it hasn't improved. The only way to make this place seem good would be to have a pint in the Wetherspoon's in the station first.

11 May 2006 15:52

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

Wetherspoon's pub + train station location is never going to be a recipe for a great pub, though this place manages to be even worse than you might expect. If you're having a quick pint while you wait for your train, it'll probably have left by the time you get served. Don't bother.

11 May 2006 15:27

The Garrick Arms, Trafalgar Square

I agree with the last comment - although I've only been into it during the daytime it seems the kind of pub which is better at that kind of time, it wouldn't really appeal to me at night. However, during the day, it's a very pleasant place to go I think. A nice place to go if you've just seen a play!

11 May 2006 13:54

Edwards Bar, Hammersmith

Why anyone would want to go in here I don't know, there are plenty of far better places to go if you walk a bit. The service was decent enough but the music was far too loud and the atmosphere not the kind you want if you're after a few drinks in a proper pub. You'll probably enjoy it if you're the kind of person who's going to head off to School Disco afterwards.

11 May 2006 13:48

The Dartmouth Castle, Hammersmith

It's a shame this place has been re-invented as a gastro-pub as previously it was a nice, traditional pub. Now, however, I will be avoiding it, it's a shame to see good, proper pubs being transformed and "modernised".

11 May 2006 13:45

The Duke of Kent, Ealing

I came here to see what this pub was like these days but was a bit disappointed. It's not terrible but seemed quite devoid of atmosphere and the bar staff weren't that attentive. I doubt you'll stay for more than a pint if you're after a good, proper pub to relax in.

11 May 2006 13:37

The Drayton Court, West Ealing

This is an excellent pub with a brilliant garden, the biggest beer garden in London. Unfortunately, they have now started serving Foster's here, which is never a good sign, but nonetheless the pub remains it's qualities. Very spacious inside with two bars and three rooms including a sitting room. I've generally experienced good service here, though things can get a bit hectic when it's crowded, and the food is pretty nice. Well worth a visit, especially with summer on the way.

11 May 2006 13:33

The Castlebar, West Ealing

A very nice pub. Lagers on tap include Staropramen and San Miguel. Inside it's non smoking which may bother some but there is quite a large seating area outside where smoking is permitted with heaters for the winter, though I can't say how well these work. Good service though and nice food.

11 May 2006 13:25

The Grove, Ealing

Another pub which is probably best avoided on weekend nights when I have memories of the Police being called every Friday and Saturday evening without fail as, inevitably, fights broke out. Having said that the seating at the front is pleasant enough on a hot day during the summer, so if you're passing at a time like that it's not bad for a couple.

11 May 2006 13:21

Barracuda, Ealing

Rubbish. I only went in because I wanted a late drink but I think I'd have done better to have gone home and got some cans out. As soon as I'd gone in and got a drink I regretted it. You pay to get in and then the drinks are a complete rip off, especially considering the place is absolutely terrible. I will never set foot in it again and can only assume this place is competing with The Townhouse for the accolade of being the worst venue in Ealing.

11 May 2006 13:18

All Bar One, Ealing

Well, it's an All Bar One. If you go in, you get what you deserve for going into an All Bar One.

11 May 2006 13:11

The North Star, Ealing

I wouldn't recommend it during evenings at the weekend if you're anything like me and just want a pub to relax and socialise in rather than one where a DJ is blasting music at you. One of the better pubs towards Ealing Broadway during the daytime though.

11 May 2006 13:10

The Townhouse, Ealing

The worst pub in Ealing by far. On Friday and Saturday nights, it is the very definition of Hell. Avoid.

11 May 2006 13:06

The Haven, Ealing

Not bad for a few pints in the summer when you can make use of the terrace at the front which is pretty nice. Otherwise it's nothing particularly special, though not too bad either for a quick pint.

11 May 2006 13:04

Rutland Arms, Hammersmith

Not a great pub. I also received poor service and didn't think a great deal of the beer either. On top of that it's just quite boring. Avoid.

11 May 2006 12:59

The Bridge, Barnes

Not sure about this place. It's nice enough looking but it feels a bit soulless to me somehow, like it's not sure if it's trying to be a pub or a restaurant and has got caught somewhere in between. I can't comment on the food as I only had a pint here before moving on. I wouldn't recommend it, I'd rather drink in a pub not trying to be something else, with a bit of atmosphere.

11 May 2006 12:55

The Social, Fitzrovia

I went here a month or so back for a mate's birthday, not really my kind of place but if you want a place where you can have a drink upstairs then slip down for some music then you'll probably enjoy it. There's a bar upstairs with some seating then downstairs a dancefloor and another bar. So good if you like that kind of thing, if you're a "pub person" like me you probably won't be so keen.

11 May 2006 12:42

The Marlborough Arms, Tottenham Court Road

I agree with the comment below to an extent - it has the makings of a good backstreet pub and can be quite enjoyable for a bit. Unfortunately, the beers are terrible. Having a bit of character is nice to see, but when the beer is sub-standard you're not going to want to come back. Having said this, I haven't been in for a couple of months now, perhaps it has improved. I hope so, it could be a nice pub.

11 May 2006 12:38

The George, Hammersmith

Not as bad as it used to be before the refurbishments of last summer but it's still not somewhere you'd want to stay for too long, just pretty dull. And as has been mentioned, on a Saturday night it's packed with the School Disco crowd overspill from the William Morris.

11 May 2006 12:32

The Trout, Hammersmith

I can't think of one reason why you'd want to go in here. If you're waiting for someone at Hammersmith you'd do better to nip down to The William Morris for a swift one.

11 May 2006 12:29

The William Morris, Hammersmith

How good this pub is depends on when you're in it I think. During the day it's pretty nice and spacious, not bad at all for a couple of pints. On Friday and Saturday nights however the place transforms, it's usually packed (with plenty of the pre-School Disco crowd) which leads to it taking an age to get served and trying to find a table. I'd give it a miss at these times but if you're at Hammersmith Broadway with some time to kill during the day then it's not a bad option.

11 May 2006 12:27

The Salutation, Hammersmith

I can only echo what's been said below. The Salutation is a great pub with friendly bar staff and service to match. It has a very nice and well kept garden out of the back of the pub which is ideal for the summer, though this does close at 10:30 at nights. It's also worth mentioning the food, which is superior to standard pub fare!

11 May 2006 12:23

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