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The White Lion, Redhill

Nice old pub - thankfully after redecoration it looks exactly the same as before, just cleaner. The man who used to look at me as if he wanted to kill me doesn't seem to drink there any more.

4 Feb 2008 14:01

The Tottenham, Soho

Ther was a power cut the evening I called in - the candle-light helped the ambience a great deal. Not bad.

4 Feb 2008 13:57

The Globe, Covent Garden

I didn't realise this was supposed to be a champagne bar, but it explains why the malevolent dwarf landlord was so angry at being asked for two glasses of lemonade that he slammed them down on the bar hard enough to spill one of them.

4 Feb 2008 13:54

The Feathers, Merstham

I really like this pub. Comfortable, friendly staff and a good selection of beers. It's probably a good thing that it's not within walking distance of my hose or I'd be in there every night.

18 Jan 2007 18:38

Chieftain, Welwyn Garden City

Good place to go if you fancy a good hiding of an evening. Otherwise I wouldn't bother.

18 Jan 2007 18:33

The Skimmington Castle, Reigate Heath

Nice pub, although the last time I was there the garden was full of snooty middleaged be-blazered types braying at each other about their 5-series Beemers.

27 Apr 2006 17:36

The Wheatsheaf, Gamlingay

It used to advertise itself in the Parish magazine as "the locals' pub", which, this being Cambridgeshire, means that if you're a tourist and you wander in here by mistake conversation will die away and the dart will stop in mid-air halfway to the dartboard. Then the locals will drag you outside and sacrifice you to the God of Sprouts.

I lived in Gamlingay for four years. I went into The Wheatsheaf once. I rest my case.

27 Apr 2006 13:59

The Venture Inn, Reigate

Not a bad pub unless you happen to stumble in on one of the "traditional" music sessions. Of course if you actually like bloody awful Irish folk tunes played with grim determination by middleaged men with beards, jumpers, Asperger's Syndrome, ego problems more in keeping with the members of a teenage boy band and an inability to grasp the fact that a slip jig's in 9/8 time then this pub's okay every night.

27 Apr 2006 13:47

The Greyhound, Redhill

Narrowly pips The Garland at the post to take the title of "most depressing pub in Redhill" and could be put forward as a county contender. Last time I was there a group of frighteningly hideous middle-aged women spent ten minutes standing on the tables outside dropping their pants and mooning at the traffic passing on the Brighton Road.


27 Apr 2006 13:27

The Garland, Redhill

I they ever demolish The Greyhound, then the Garland will be the most depressing pub in Redhill. Gloomy, grubby, smelly and frequented by the Cast of "Shaun of the Dead" sitting getting pissed while ignoring their poor hapless children. The landlord operates a dress code of sorts (a friend was turned away because his sleeveless t-shirt was "unsuitable", which is laughable considering that it's the kind of place where you have to wipe your feet on the way out.

Not even the fact that the beer's not bad would entice me in there again. Entirely dismal.

27 Apr 2006 13:09

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