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Comments by BromsgroveRover

The Axe and Cleaver, Much Birch

Been a regular at this pub since about 1999.

Seen it change hands about five times in that period, the previous owners Bob and Brian did wonders for this place, great food and always a decent pint, all clean and tidy.

The present owners took over three or four years back, it was a hard act to follow, but the level of service has remained I am pleased to say.

Friendly, hard working, always trying to please the customer with decent pub grub (restaurant can get very busy) and still get a few locals in the bar, although close tothe Ross - Hereford road, you can hardly hear it and overall, this pub is well worth stopping off at. Nice to see it still thriving!!!

6 Jun 2009 14:56

The Castle Inn, Little Birch

Used to drink here when we lived in Kingsthorne, such a lovely retreat, far away from any main road... beer usually well kept and used to be a decent price too.

Nice to know it's still open.

6 Jun 2009 14:51

The Trocadero, Birmingham

Happy this place is still open, if you want a quick beer away from the bustle of New Street then give it a try, typical city centre boozer but kept fairly clean and not too pricey.

5 Jun 2009 10:27

The Pilchard Inn, Burgh Island

Romantic setting, beautuful pub, been coming here from Brum since we were kids with the family.

Stunning views and beer is ok, not the cheapest place, but tyou pay for the setting really.

It is a little annoying that the hotel reserves half the bar for it's residents, but to be honest, last time we visited, they let us through anyway. I'm just pleased this quiet little retreat is still there... virtually unchanged.

5 Jun 2009 10:23

The Bowling Green Inn, Stoke Prior

Great old style Banks' coaching inn. Virtually untouched with the original snugs and great bowling green still in use.

Out the back, there is a children's play area, and large paddock which is great for kids.

Friendly staff and beer is looked after well. Highly recommend for a relaxed summers eve.

5 Jun 2009 10:20

The Saracens Head Inn, Symonds Yat East

One of my regular bolt holes for many years.

Can remember the Saracens Head from when it was run down and in danger of closing in the early 90s. Thankfully, it was bought up by a dedicated family from the West Midlands, things improved dramatically and they invested much time and money into keeping the pub going, they have done wonders with this pub and immediate surroundings. They offer clean and tidy accommodation, and maintain the hand pulled ferry, across the River Wye.

The setting is stunning, and staff/owners very friendly. Prices aren't too bad and outside seating offers some unique views of the River Wye and heavily wooded Symonds Yat Gorge.

Staying true to Herefordshire, you can buy a decent pint of Butty Bach.

5 Jun 2009 10:13

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