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Comments by Boroontout

The Master Cooper, Middlesbrough

Beer is awful as a rule but the lager is decent and cheap. Can get full of locals but they are usually decent enough. Bar staff are ok

21 Jul 2010 16:10

The House, Middlesbrough

now called the Tavern but still bloody awful as the last poster said. For it's position in the town it should be a damn site better than it is.

best avoided

21 Jul 2010 16:08

The Linthorpe, Middlesbrough

Decent pub. Ok, the Sammy Smiths beer is vile but the lager is fine and inexpensive.

Always had a nice beer garden out the back but this has become ab it overgrown lately. .

21 Jul 2010 16:06

Liberty's, Middlesbrough

Closed down

21 Jul 2010 16:02

Half Penny, Middlesbrough

Closed down

21 Jul 2010 16:01

The Southfield, Middlesbrough

regular hangout of students. Part of the Southfield road rat run on a weekend.

21 Jul 2010 16:00

The Wig and Pen, Middlesbrough

Been mohans ( Scruffy Murphy's) for a long time now.

21 Jul 2010 15:59

The Star, Middlesbrough

Good beer and handy for the university and town centre. One of the best pubs in Boro.

preferred it befoer the refurb in 2006

21 Jul 2010 15:58

The Tap and Barrel, Middlesbrough

Was a great real ale outlet but closed down in the 90's

Much missed by all

21 Jul 2010 15:56

Princess Alice, Middlesbrough

live music on a saturday. can get a bit lively but one of the better pubs in Boro. (That's not saying much)

21 Jul 2010 15:55

Scruffy Murphys, Middlesbrough

renamed Mohans.

21 Jul 2010 15:53

The Green Tree, Middlesbrough

traditional street corner local One of the few traditional pubs in the Boro. In fact I can't think of another!!

21 Jul 2010 15:52

The Oak, Middlesbrough

Apparently part of the local gay scene

21 Jul 2010 15:51

The Lord Raglan, Middlesbrough

Now called trader Jacks. Decent cafe upstairs

21 Jul 2010 15:50

Hogshead, Middlesbrough

Closed down now a tesco express!!

21 Jul 2010 15:48

Isaac Wilson, Middlesbrough

Probably one of the better pubs in Middlesbrough town centre. Handy for The Riverside providing the ususal fare expected from a Wetherspoons pub.

21 Jul 2010 15:47

The Shakespeare Hotel, Middlesbrough

Closed down long ago now an amusement arcade

21 Jul 2010 15:46

The Wellington, Middlesbrough

Now callled Flares

21 Jul 2010 15:45

The Ayresome Park, Middlesbrough

Now a bar called absolut.

21 Jul 2010 15:44

Doctor Browns, Middlesbrough

Handy for the Riverside. Bands on a Saturday night decent real ale.

21 Jul 2010 15:36

Billy Pauls, Middlesbrough

Now closed down

21 Jul 2010 15:34

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