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Comments by Bodger

The Albion, West Kensington

I work just across the road but hadn't been for a long while. In the past its never been up to much; indifferent beer and staff. Popped in on Friday and was very pleasantly surprised to find the new management making a real go of it. 5 real ales on tap, including the wonderful "Cross Buttocks". Apparently the guvnor intends to rotate the guest beers on a regular basis - let's hope this is true. Stayed way too late Friday night and couldn't believe how the clientele had changed, it was a very good atmosphere and live music too. Since the demise of the Radnor have been searching for a decent alehouse for work drinks, maybe the search is over.

4 Feb 2008 11:05

The House on the Green, North Wootton

True, as DickySams says don't come here looking for a party. But if you like a decent pint and some good food you could do a lot worse. Also has a great garden and play area for kids.

27 May 2007 01:22

The Drunken Duck Inn, Barngates

Gets a good mark for location (a truly stunning view) and good beers - a couple of pints of Tag Lag went down rather well. However the food and accomodation is a bit poncy and overpriced for my simple taste.

27 May 2007 01:15

Hawkshead Brewery Beer Hall, Staveley

Some excellent beers ("Brodie's Prime" was a favourite of mine) and very helpful & friendly barman/brewer who gave excellent advice on the best of the local (Cumbrian) pubs and breweries. Restrictive opening times 12-5pm is a downside.

27 May 2007 01:11

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

I'm so tired of walking into indifferent pubs serving the same old shite beer. So what a blessed relief this place is. Charming, friendly with immense character.....AND, most importantly of all, great ales. Oh, Adnams Broadside, I love you so.

18 Apr 2007 01:40

The Ship Tavern, Holborn

Whenever I'm in Holborn I always head to this pub. Decent ales, good atmosphere - recommended.

18 Apr 2007 01:32

The Brook Green Hotel, Hammersmith

Nothing spectacular but a good reliable pub. Friendly staff and decent enough (Youngs) beer. A regular haunt after (and sometimes during) work.

18 Apr 2007 01:16

The Griffin, Whetstone

Well managed pub, good choice of real ales and well kept Guinness. Massive child-friendly garden at rear.

18 Apr 2007 01:13

The After Office Hours, Barnet

Is this what was once called "The Bat & Goldfish" ? (and then "The Jug & Trumpet") ?

18 Apr 2007 01:07

The Harp, Covent Garden

It's all been said below. Probably one of the best pubs in London.

18 Apr 2007 00:42

The Toucan, Soho

When the upstairs part used to be a cafe, this pub was the best kept secret in Soho. Now it does get very crowded, so that you're often forced out onto the street. Good for business, bad for grumpy old gits like me. However, I still love this place and always pop in for at least a pint whenever I'm in the area. Great atmosphere, very good Guinness (although pricey at over 3 a go).

17 Apr 2007 18:27

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

A good honest place. Probably one of the best pubs left in Croydon.

17 Apr 2007 18:18

The Croham Arms, South Croydon

Now I understand some of the reservations expressed about this pub and if I'm honest I wouldn't take my wife. However, I like the place. It's a real pub with a good mix of people. Some of the regulars look like they might swing for you after a session but that said I have never seen any trouble. In fact I always use the Croham as a meeting place when I go out for a few pints with the lads in Croydon. Serves a fairly decent pint of Harveys too.

17 Apr 2007 18:07

The Half and Half, Croydon

A real gem of a place and so glad to see it thriving in Croydon. Great range of Belgian (and Dutch, French) beers and knowledgeable, friendly staff. Agree with others that it gets very smokey, but happily those days will soon be drawing to an end.

17 Apr 2007 18:01

The Saxon, Weeting

This pub annoys me because it has such potential. Many years ago I used to live in Weeting. I stopped in again recently on my way through and discovered nothing had changed. This is the "only pub in the village" and is situated in a prime spot for passing trade. With a bit of investment and imagination this could be a great little place. Instead it resembles a half-arsed social club. The staff are indifferent and the beers predictable and poorly kept. They have a captive audience (the local villagers and Yanks from the nearby base) and the owners seem content with this, so no additional effort required. Shame.

17 Apr 2007 17:45

The Beaconsfield, Kensington

This was previously a Firkin pub (the Frigate if memory serves), and was fairly ropey. Things started to look up after the change of name, and they do make an effort with the occasional real ale and also maintain a reasonable stock of Belgian beers (2 for 1 Tuesday). Food is cheap and cheerful, but fairly hearty. Unfortunately it can get a bit yobbish when there is a big function on at Olympia as all the chav staff seem to descend upon it.

13 Jan 2005 11:15

The Queens Head, Hammersmith

The only good thing about this pub is the beer garden, which on a nice day attracts the crowds. There is little else to recommend. The food is overpriced and of a shoddy standard. The range of beer is unimaginative. The staff (in my experience) are slow and surly. Bad management for a pub in a prime location.

13 Jan 2005 11:03

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