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Comments by Bobfilm15

The Alwyne Castle, Islington

I have been to the Alwyne in the past and was sure it was a pretty safe bet, despite thinking the menu looked over priced thought it was pretty much the way of North London pubs these days.
Four of us had the fixed price two courses for £10, on a mid week evening. Waitress was OK just a bit inexperienced. But it took 40mins for our mains to come and when they did. What a disappointment the 6oz steak was not what you would describe as steak, it was thin poor quality meat that was over cooked and in no way appealing grey, better described as a flipflop.

The desserts that we had been looking forward to, we were warned were still frozen, would we still want them. Hmm we risked two and then had a cheesecake. Since when is everywhere selling pre-bought desserts that just aren't as nice as they sound. Disappointing.
The bill was incorrect and we had to send it back. £4.50 for a half pint of hot cider is seriously cheeky. It was warming but not worth buying another.

Maybe this pub is still OK for a summer pint in the garden but I won't be going for food again.

23 Nov 2012 11:02

The Faltering Fullback, Finsbury Park

I really enjoy every visit I have to the Fullback. Best pub in Finsbury Park worth the few minutes walk from the main drag. We enjoy the thai food and the chilled atmosphere. Plus the glasses from the freezer helps to keep the pints tasty.

24 Jan 2006 18:32

Ryan's Bar, Stoke Newington

I think Ryans is great, just what you want in your neighbourhood, good value tasty Thai food when you want it, Great garden and general chilled atmosphere even on match day, the game will be on but without any heavy moods. recommended

24 Jan 2006 18:27

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