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Comments by Blind_Eagle

The Haven House, Christchurch

Great little welcoming pub in winter; the boozer from hell in summer.

13 May 2011 19:38

The Royalty, Christchurch

So sad to see such a once great pub falling apart. Invariably most beers are "off" despite being advertised as on offer and the toilets are basically disgusting and the public bar is filthy. Having said all that the staff are trying their best in impossible circumstances and try hard to make you feel welcome. A near impossible task when the brewery/landlord don't appear to give a toss.

The prices have gone up to the point where it is the most expensive pub in Christchurch with the exception of Soho.

Having said that the food deals are excellent value and the few remaining customers seem to thoroughly enjoy them.

13 May 2011 19:26

The Railway, Christchurch

If you like a well run tradition wet led local then a trip to the Railway is just the ticket. Ringwood ales, Old Rosie cider, Kronenbourg 1664 & San Miguel etc. All kept immaculately. Traditional public and saloon bar set up, somewhat dated decor but clean as a whistle as are the toilets.

If you're looking for food go elsewhere as it's not what this little gem is about, but if good beer and cider served well and with a smile in a proper local boozer floats your boat then a visit to the Railway is a must if you find yourself in Christchurch.

13 May 2011 19:13

Ye Olde George Inn, Christchurch

I can concur with the previous post, the prices seem far more reasonable these days. Beers & cider are well kept and the whole place seems more welcoming rather than just relying on screwing the pips out of the tourist market with which it is understandably popular given it's location and excellent courtyard area.

Food prices are still trumpy but the quality is generally good, especially the Sunday carvery.

13 May 2011 19:00

The Thomas Tripp, Christchurch

With Johnny not around the Tripp is falling apart. Used to be the best pint of 49'er in town, now it's barely drinkable. Food quality varies enormously as well these days, can be good but generally is pretty average although to be fair any problems are resolved without question. Bar manageress has a near 100% success rate for serving her friends first whilst you quietly steam with annoyance.

Most of the regulars have departed for pastures new. Such a shame for this once brilliant local boozer.

13 May 2011 18:54

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