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Comments by Blartman

The Phoenix, Staines

Tried it since the makeover. It now has zero atmosphere, and from what I've seen on numerous occasions I've passed it since, zero customers

15 Jan 2010 14:11

The Plough Inn, Longparish

Went back on Friday for the first time since the re-furb and it is so much better. The garden is back, with a lovely decked area (no more sitting in the carpark), and there's rabbits and chickens - bring the kids !

The inside is more like the pub used to be - the bar is back - and the staff were great. This was the reason I moved to Longparish in the first place and it was just like old times.

Food was good, rather than great, but a very varied selection.

2 Sep 2009 16:54

Iguana, Egham

BK has now opened. What a waste of a great pub location.

7 Aug 2009 10:30

The Beehive, Englefield Green

Popped in here for the first time last week. Not a bad pub, but then not a good one either. It definitely lacks atmosphere, amongst other things. A quiz was attempted but most of the small crowd were more interested in the football. The sort of place I would go only if everywhere else was closed.

28 Apr 2009 15:14

The Almamata, Egham

Now opened as the Alma Mata, (Bar, Restaurant, Eaterie). Pool table, jukebox and all the other student paraphanalia has been replaced with a very chic restaurant, while the lounge side still has the big sofas and wooden chairs. Has looked busy most evenings with a better class of clientel. Popped in for lunch and the lounge bar is still a little sterile. Food is still nice, although I did notice a slight increase (circa 20%) in the prices.

29 Sep 2008 13:06

The Blacks Head, Bletchingdon

Very nice pub. Huge portions of good food. 4 real ales on. And Stella. And very friendly staff and locals. Even some toys to keep the kids amused. Dogs welcome. A great find.

6 Aug 2007 08:15

The Sun Inn, Clun

Fantastic place. Very friendly staff. Great food. Only downside is no Stella.

16 Mar 2007 16:57

The Three Cups Inn, Stockbridge

Very low ceilings make this place a dangerous place to be. I'm 5'9" but whacked my head twice during the evening. The odd layout is very confusing, with a small bar lounge, and then a long corridor to the 'restaurant'. The menu was varied enough, but as mentioned previously, the chef has no idea about timings. My 'medium' steak was pouring blood as soon as I cut into it. Another table ordered rare steak and I expected them just to walk a cow in. After a complaint my steak went back into the kitchen and came back slightly more cooked but not much better. It ended up being taken home for the dog. On top of this the card-reader wouldn't authorise the debit card, and I ended up walking the length of Stockbridge to withdraw cash - from the same card.

8 Jan 2007 10:47

The Newport Inn, Braishfield

Are these reviews a joke?? We tried this place and got as far as the front porch before the stink put us off. A peek inside showed a junk yard, with torn seats, grime everywhere, and even more pungent smells. If this is the state of the 'public' side of things, God knows what the kitchens are like. Health & Safety would have a field day. We turned round and went elsewhere.

8 Jan 2007 10:39

The Boot Inn, Houghton

Great pub in a pretty village. Huge garden that goes down to the river Test. Cosy rustic bar with big open fireplace, and a 'posh' dining room. Both menus are varied with large delicious portions. Dogs very welcome. The Landlord even has dogtreats on the bar for 4-legged guests. Two 'real' ales (6x and Ringwood). Landlord is very welcoming and accommodating, as are the staff. A real treasure.

3 Jan 2007 10:24

John Russell Fox, Andover

Full of chavs and their Britneys and Brooklyns

20 Dec 2006 11:00

The Red Lion, Egham

Only been in at lunchtimes but the food is varied and very nice, the staff are friendly, but the pub is really really smoky. Even the "non-smoking" area (which has a smoking table at the end!) gets hazy and you come out stinking of fag smoke.

Big TV's, fruities and a trivia machine all add to the atmosphere.

15 Dec 2006 13:15

The Almamata, Egham

Horrible interior but great food.

15 Dec 2006 11:44

The Magic Roundabout, Andover

Huge portions of fair pub grub. Stella on tap. TV-monitored kids playroom. Playground outside with occasional bouncy castle in the summer. Sky Sports on the big screen in the bar.

Great pub for adults with small children. If you don't like kids, stay away.

8 Dec 2006 11:52

The Plough Inn, Longparish

A 3rd change of management since I have lived in Longparish and although the Plough definitely needed a refurb, the new look is very out of place. The Plough is now aimed at monied older people who want posh-sounding food and posh surroundings. It's pretty busy with diners most nights now, so they've hit their target.
However, if it's a quick beer and good atmosphere you want, go to the Cricketers.

8 Dec 2006 11:48

The Melton Mowbray, Holborn

Went in for lunch on Thursday. Got there at 12noon, and the place was empty, but the six attractive young barmaids gave me the impression it wouldn't be empty for long. Not being a 'real-ale' man, I can't comment on the ales, but they serve Grolsch so I was happy. The food was good pub food at a fair price - my cheese & bacon burger was good, and the wife had a Steak Ale pie (with a base!!) which she enjoyed very much. By 12:30, the place was packed and the atmosphere was very good. A good London pub experience, as it should be.

8 Dec 2006 11:40

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