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The Royal Oak, Rusper

The BITE comments policy stipulates that this website is supposed to be about pubs. Good ber, bad beer, would you go again etc etc. Useful information. Not a free for all slanging match for people who have nothing better to do with their time. My understanding is that these posts have been removed due to the attack that was being made on one particular person who had given their opinion on the pub. This site is not for person attacks on people. If you dont like the pub dont drink there its fairly straight forward. The only people who can remove posts from this site are those who own the website and they review most posts. So come on people lets get back to reviewing pubs, and not attacking people.

14 Mar 2013 12:51

The Old Inn, Widecombe in the Moor

Ladygooner - step outside the front door of this pub, walk past the church and down the hill and you will find The Rugglestone Inn - much nicer ale, food and people!

10 Nov 2011 12:54

Greets Inn, Warnham

This pub is becoming more and more popular but the landlord seems to have got a little lost. They have a small but reasonable selection of beers, sadly none of the lines have seen line cleaner in some time. The quality of beer and lager is not good and needs to be addressed. I witnessed two barrel changes over one particular evening and both times the new barrell of ale was hooked up and not even water was flushed through the lines.
Friends of mine also turned up to eat one weekend recently to be told they had no staff to wait on them so they couldn't order any food!!!

7 Nov 2011 08:24

The Travellers Rest, Euxton

Fabulous pub with very good quality ales and delicious food. Well worth a visit.

23 Feb 2011 15:54

The Owl, Kingsfold

Well I finally got round to giving this pub a go after seeing the refurb going on, and Im very pleased I did. The new owners are very pleasant. We initially dropped in for a pint to suss out if the beer was any good, and they had Otter and Hogs Back on, both of which were in good condition and the Otter was only �2.85!
After looking over the menu, we decided to eat there. The food was very good and very reasonably priced, so I would highly recommend trying this pub now its under new management.

14 Dec 2010 11:33

The Owl, Kingsfold

Im with you on that one fullybelly, does look a bit odd!

I have not yet been to the Wise Old Owl, although I drive passed it every day and have lived nearby for the last 3 years. I must say it looks lovely from the outside but after reading these reviews I dare say I will not see the inside of it. Think I will give this one a miss.

6 May 2010 15:19

The Royal Oak, Rusper

And the prize goes to Cider Al!! That really has made me smile - your next pint of Cheddar Valley is on me when I next spy you in the Royal Oak!!

What a great start to a bank holiday weekend!

30 Apr 2010 09:13

The Rugglestone Inn, Widecombe in the Moor

Without a doubt one of the best pubs in all the land. The Ruggles serves fantastic ale, and food. The fish pie is to die for, so much so people have been known to travel 200 miles to go there just for lunch!

Staff are all very friendly as are the locals. I cannot recommend this pub highly enough.

20 Apr 2010 14:20

The Royal Oak, Rusper

Oh Mr Grumpy, do cheer up! Try getting out the right side of the bed in the morning and smiling, it will make you feel better and uses less muscles too!

Being the grumpy sort you are I'm sure you didn't make it to the Royal Oak this past weekend. Well I can tell you it was a fantastic day. The sun was out, the events were fantastic, the food was second to none and the beer was to die for.

Congratulations Sara on yet another superb day, roll on your next event, I shall be at the front of the queue.

20 Apr 2010 12:52

Greets Inn, Warnham

Popped in here a few months ago as it was under new management. Not really a pub for socialising as the bar is so tiny and beer is not good. Menu looked a bit pricey, but tried it out non the less. Food was not up to scratch by any means, rack of lamb was grey and the game pie was just full of whole carrots and gravy, after some searching in the far too rich gravy I did spy a couple of bits of venison. Apparently it was only the second day of serving food, still serving smash is no excuse! Would like to think they will improve standards on the food so it can be tested again.

20 Apr 2010 12:45

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