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Lakeside, Milton Keynes

Horrible pub. After standing at a grubby bar for 5 minutes was stroppily informed there was a queuing system because they were busy (busy being about 4 people waiting) - I did point out it was 'busy' as there was only one member of staff !

Tables don't look like they've ever been cleaned!

You know what you can do with your queuing system don't you. Wouldn't go back

5 Nov 2014 10:51

The King Harry, St Albans

As we come towards the festive season I feel its my duty to inform any poor soul that has booked in here that I went last year and it was comfortably the worst pub experience EVER !!

Didn't come close to school dinner standard let alone a passable Christmas lunch. Even allowing for the hecticness, the dinner was bland, cold and tasteless.
and the prices for bland wine ? eye-watering !

Awful waste of money!

11 Dec 2013 21:56

The Hare, Linslade

Odd place - popped in on the way home from Memtmore Golf and on walking in there were about 8 people around the bar but not a single person was talking to each other ?? Think American Werewolf !

One scruffy bint had her feet up on a stool (classy) - alright for the masses I suppose but doesn't look like you'll die laughing in there !

25 Aug 2011 04:13

The Bedford Arms, Linslade

Now closed and the For Sale sign up in the window !!

What a shame - in the 80's this was a superb pub !!

Night night The Bedford Arms

25 Aug 2011 04:04

The Red Lion, Radlett

Peroni �4.10 a pint !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is getting bloody ridiculous !

Food was reasonably priced but devoid of a lot of taste - the chicken fillet burger was clearly a cheaper supermarket breast devoid of taste and the chips looked like they had seen better days.

No atmosphere at all in here - you can do a lot better in Radlett though the seating area out the front is ok for watching lots of very noisy traffic go by !

3 Jun 2010 09:40

The Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook

Don't do it !! I have no idea whose refurbishment this was but its an assault on the eyes ! It looks like someones try to cram a 1950's Happy Days type breakfast bar into a centuries old fine english building. It so doesn't work its not funny and you can almost hear the buildings tears!.

We went there for Sunday lunch which if I'm entirely fair was very poor. Probably bourne out by only 2 other tables there whilst we were there.
One plate of beef had a 2 inch wide vein of fat through the middle and even allowing for me liking my beef on the rare side was simply uncooked. (The chef said "its supposed to be like that") !! Er news to chef -- its not !

Despite a cost of I think about 12 quid per person we were allowed 1.5 potatoes each! when we asked for more we were charged roughly a pound a spud.

You are going to be hard pressed to find a more unforgettable Sunday lunch than here. (oh and take dark glasses !)

6 May 2010 11:13

The Fox and Hounds, Bricket Wood

Closed Down

13 Apr 2010 12:32

The Hogshead, Tower Hill


As The Hogshead it was a decent enough friendly boozer but virtually from the minute it was 'transformed' into a Slug and Lettuce (bottles of wine doubling in price overnight etc) it was doomed !! Sadly thats proved to be the case!

26 Mar 2010 19:31

The Carpenters Arms, Stewkley

It IS in BEDFORDSHIRE !!!!! Suggest you upgrade your satnav !

Used to be a cracking pub 20 odd years ago but sadly one half looks like a relic from Heartbeat in need of a lick of paint and the other half is sadly now an Indian.

Not exactly buzzing !

19 Mar 2010 21:55

The Old Fox, Bricket Wood

Whoa hang on a sec but I smell a rat - the 'roaring fire' was removed (from a grade 2 listed building so good luck with that) the week before and this pub is positively FREEZING !!. It completely lacks any welcome, any charisma or any reason to visit it!

The night before the 'roaring fire' posting I as a group of four shifted from one end of the pub to the other just to try and get a bit of warmth! In the end we had to leave beore frostbite set in!

The landlady has a smile but the landlord doesn't have a clue as to hospitality or running a pub but then that shouldn't come as a surprise when the plan is to run this pub into the ground for 2 years then apply to turn into into housing to satisfy current planning laws. So if you want a drink here make it soon as this will be a pub for not much longer and in its current state thats probably not a bad thing !

Such a shame when the previous incumbents popularly supported were turfed out for complete clueless amatuers !

7 Mar 2010 22:36

The Castle, Olney

All the poor reviews get instantly taken off - make of that what you will - definately not the smartest place in Olney but a warm welcome awaits the chav !!

2 Jul 2007 22:51

The Old Fox, Bricket Wood

Now this is one odd pub. Definately not the welcoming type place and the large bird behind the bar is as miserable as sin. Also doesn't know dry wine from sweet and very expensive !

The food (ploughmans) is miniscule and the decor is like something out of Heartbeat !!!

Rock hard uncomfortable furniture - all in all a drab afair !

24 Jun 2005 04:44

The White Hart, Sherington

Yep have to agree - the menu is superb and the landlord welcoming (though there is one big bird serving that could cheer up a bit).

Good beer, good wine and nice people - well worth a visit.

19 Jun 2005 22:39

Ye Three Fyshes, Turvey

Just reopened - shouldn't have bothered. Looks great from the outside but its all downhill from there.

People standing 4 deep at the bar is common - the staff are so unhappy (common amongst chain run pubs sadly) and the 'food' oh boy its spot the vitamin time on the 'menu.

Every option designed to be simply heated up when ordered - you know insipid roast, very deep fried scampi etc etc truly appalling - definately one to miss which is tragic given its fantastic location

19 Jun 2005 22:37

The Carrington Arms, Moulsoe

Too right its not cheap and to be really honest not worth the money in terms of food quality - looks good but lacking in quality

18 Jun 2005 13:51

The Hogshead, Tower Hill

Staff in here are gorgeous little Polish girls (I would love to know the managers interview technique).

All are ultra friendly - food ok not great and for the area drink prices aren't too excessive.

But those waitresses alive

23 May 2005 02:00

The Royal Standard, Lyme Regis

Run by a gobby balding ex car salesmen - the beer (bitter) is truly dreadful - and the lager is oddly flat. Food is mostly frozen.

Depressing place with most patrons looking suspiciously related !!!

23 May 2005 01:46

Moor Mill, Bricket Wood

Fine pub - good food at good prices. Friendly staff and no enforced tip (big plus point)

Wine is on about 100% markup which is about right (and a good choice) - great location I went in January but I bet its mobbed in summer.

and when you come out to make yourself feel good about yourself you can purchase duck food for 20p and they'll take it out of your hand (the canadian geese have a hell of a peck !!!)

Nice place - well worth a visit

31 Jan 2005 01:07

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