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The Three Horseshoes, Feltham

I can't stand this pub I hate the beer I don't like the people.

9 Dec 2013 01:00

The Three Horseshoes, Feltham

Not my sort of cuppa tea to be honest I wouldent recommed this pub to anyone, I feel vey uncomfortable when I go in there.

9 Dec 2013 00:10

The Mansion, Feltham

Its a very nice pub the beer is absoulutly lovely, by the way the message below is a load of shit ignore it.

9 Dec 2013 00:05

The Red Lion, Feltham

To many youngsters i went in there the other sunday week, felt unwelcome when i walk in there for a nice quiet pint, got stare at i think he was some irish geezer, and started arguing with two other men. After a while he started shouting at everyone else, and i could see things were about to kick of so i got out of there, i left most of my pint. (i want my money back).

28 Jan 2011 19:40

The Mansion, Feltham

This pub is very nice, friendly staff, warm welcome when i come in, and a great selection of beers, spirits at a reasonably price. i have a pint and a game of pool with all the locals, and the burgers are out of this world. They have a special on monday-tuesday for �2 a pint. Im looking forward to the 1st febuary because there is a gentlemens night. If you got a chance check the pub out because the new family have taken the pub over and are doing an fantastic job.

28 Jan 2011 19:10

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