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Ship Inn, Redbridge

By far and away the best pub in the area. On a Friday lunch it was packed. With other boozers in the area closing this is first class and the food looked good. No problems with the heating for my old bones and a great pint of 'Bowman'. Worth a visit to an area that's not the most picturesque and handy for Redbridge station.

10 Jan 2015 15:15

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

Everything in order as the 'Boys' and I enjoyed our Xmas meal. I had the excellent veal and not bad value at £16 by Hamble standards. The lads went for the Burger and they cleared their plates. Ruby Rustler is the sixth and final instalment in this year’s seasonal ale calendar and is a brand-new ale celebrating the doormouse and is in fine condition as all their beers are, though a pint is now approaching £4!! We love the staff and the Landlord and lady are always willing to have a chat and let me sample the mulled cider (NICE!!). No problems getting served as we approach the festive season at our regular boozer on the river.

15 Dec 2014 13:56

The Navigator, Lower Swanwick

Used to be called the The Navigator and is owned by Upham Pub Company and Brewery. They also own The Thomas Lord, a pub restaurant in the village of West Meon. Sit outside on the deck and watch people try and kill themselves at the traffic lights. It's a a sort of gastro style pub and it's not half bad but other pubs in the area are better. At least you can park with no trouble. All the ale is served well.

19 Nov 2014 15:01

Linden Tree, Lowford, Bursledon

Just to make sure we keep the good reviews of this classic pub going it's in fine shape. The Swordfish is back on and other guest ales. I think they have now stopped serving meals. My ten rating still holds good. I hear that the New Years theme is the 80's and if your in the area you really must go to this night. Thanks again for another fine years service.

13 Oct 2014 15:26

The Manor House, Old Netley


13 Oct 2014 15:00

The Vine, Bursledon

Great to have this classic back. Seems like the Landlord may only be temporary but he's making a go of it with his good wife serving up some traditional pub grub in defined areas. All of the old locals are back and Ringwood, Doombar and Butcombe brewery on hand pump. At last they have clear opening hours on the chalk board. Lets hope that the pub chain keeps up the renewed service. Again, the village local.

13 Oct 2014 14:27

The King Street Tavern, Southsea

Good mix of locals in a Victorian setting. Wadworths ales in great condition. Friendly young staff who actually wanted to talk. As I'd just been in the excellent 'The hole in the wall' this place was in no way a step down in standard. Check out the piano in the small beer garden. Must rate a 7/8.

5 Jul 2014 17:18

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

A classic. I can see why it keeps getting a best pub award. Tried out the Summer ale which was in superb condition. Can't wait to visit again.

5 Jul 2014 16:59

Dolphin, Botley

Yep! a Hungry Horse. Loads of cheap grub and large portions. Pool table, darts. It's big, so no trouble getting a seat to look at the SKY Tv and you can even watch the match on the screens behind the bar which has a couple of ales on at cheap prices. There's a good crowd of locals who follow the 'Saints'. Not the best pub in town but worth a visit.

5 Jul 2014 16:33

The Vine, Bursledon

This place has just gone to being damn weird with its opening hours. As far as I can make out from the 'locals' who now drink in the 'Linden' it only opens on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday!! Now call me picky, but if I go to a boozer the first thing I want is for it to be open and I shouldn't have to check that it will be serving if the cricket team are playing (true). This is a great pub, but just how it's making money on these limited opening times amazes me.

4 Jul 2014 13:51

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

Just up-dating my review as I see on the state-of-play at the 'Jolly'. After I wrote to the brewery about the slow service and was told they didn't take into consideration the views expressed on web sites, they seem to have done nothing! In fact my friend the 'Cosham Connoisseur' walked out of the pub last Sunday as it was three deep at the bar and only had two person's serving. He ended up at the 'Navigator' over the marina which has plenty of parking but not the atmosphere of the 'Sailor' and that's the thing, as pictures testify nothing can take away the view. The Firsty Ferret is on and in great condition. Roll on Winter, when we can sit around the fire and moan about things in general in peace and quite.

10 Sep 2013 12:00

The Spinnaker, Swanwick

This is now called The Navigator and is owned by Upham Pub Company and Brewery. They also own The Thomas Lord, a pub restaurant in the village of West Meon.

7 Jul 2013 17:10

The Vine, Bursledon

Craig has sadly gone! The New team are already making a go of it with 'dog areas' clearly defined. 'doombar' & 'Ringwood' on handpump and a big play on 'John Smiths smooth' @ @2.95. Now very tidy and if it wasn't for the 'Linden' this would be my regular. Again it's set up for the 'locals' and a real village boozer.

7 Jul 2013 16:58

The Crows Nest, Southampton

Now a small housing estate - RIP

7 Jul 2013 16:48

The Manor House, Old Netley

This is due to be demolished and the boards are up!±

22 Feb 2013 15:44

The Manor House, Old Netley

No review since 2006, I wonder why? Shocking!! I hear it's CLOSED?

4 Dec 2012 16:15

Linden Tree, Lowford, Bursledon

It's Xmas! And the Swordfish is on plus Blunderbus. Sunday meat draw and Roast. Can a pub be better than this? Still a 10!

4 Dec 2012 16:12

The Crows Nest, Southampton

R.I.P August 2012. Much as we loved and hated it at the same time, it was quite sad to finally see the pub demolished as the curtain fell on nearly 45 years of pub trading as yet another of
Hampshire's drinking establishments bit the dust!!!!

17 Sep 2012 13:31

The Crown Inn, Fareham

OK! It's a spoons but after I've signed on and need a cheap pint it's the best pub in the main drag. 6 ales on and all served well. I've been in far worse pubs (far worse) and staff know their stuff. Steak club, curry days etc. Even the carpets not as bad as some.

25 May 2012 14:04

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

Seems like comments about the service may be getting through as we had a pleasant lady take a survey questioner from us the other night. We'd walked out the week before because of the slow service on our second round. The HB still clocks in at +4 a pint but the 'Hopping Hare' is now on and well served. They've re-furbished the bars and put in a new front door. We like the staff and they do the best they can with their small numbers. The views over the Hamble will always be here and as the Summer gets nearer some of the best looking women on the river use the place.

25 May 2012 13:47

The Crows Nest, Southampton

Still awaiting a future and CLOSED!

11 May 2012 11:50

The Vine Inn, Stockbridge

Is this place open? Went past it on Friday and the grubby curtains were closed and a sign in the window was re-directing mail. Moss is growing over the roof areas. Their 'Facebook page says: "sorry to all our customers we are now closed till further notice, due to Enterprise Inn's rents and prices of beers" (where have we heard that one?).

12 Mar 2012 16:12

The Three Cups Inn, Stockbridge

15th Century coaching Inn in a wide high street. You can smell the money in this town and this gastro style pub reflects the towns ambience. You're directed into the bar on the right which seems like a newer addition and it's all very tidy with an enfaces on the food side . Anyhow you can sit at the bar and thee real ales on hand pump served well. Not really my sort of pub, but worth a visit.

12 Mar 2012 15:58

The Bugle Inn Hotel, Botley

Yes! a 6 is about right on this one. The bar staff did seem a bit disinterested. Anyhow got a pint of the the local brewery's ale which seemed conspecuous by it's abcence in the other pubs in town. This is the place I'd choose if I lived in the area. Two bars and wooden floor in the 'Public'.

17 Jan 2012 11:55

Rising Sun, Warsash

Not the best of evenings to go to the 'Sun' with the 'Lads' on wet Wednesday for our 'Sportman's' lunch. Started off with a well served Speckled hen. The pub had reasonable trade. As it was 'Spice night' we went for the the: "A delicious Curry served with a drink for 7.45 Choose from a Becks Vier, Stella Artois or Kreene King IPA, 175 mm Glass of Chardonnay or Merlot or a standard sized soft drink". Now with a pint of IPA at just over 3 a 4.45 meal can't be bad. A selection of 4 'Ruby's' and we went for the strongest that would certainly light up 'the rings around Uranus' for most punters. All served on a bed of wild rice. We had a sighting of what looked like a real chef (not a microwave jockey). Another table had a monster 'steak and kidney' being served.
We all checked and the plates were hot (a must in my old mans book). Some how looking a bit tatty after the re-furb but still tidy. The service was good and pleasant and the meal served up nice and sharp. All round, a good boozer and best in the Summer when you can watch the yachts sail by on the way to the Solent.

16 Dec 2011 15:34

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

I have emailedHall & Woodhouse about the slow servive in 'The Jolly' and received this answer - "We measure the success of our business in many other ways and are confident that on most occasions our guests are satisfied with us, when they are not we do everything we can to satisfy them. The comments you have pasted into your e mail are only from a very small minority given the thousands of drinks and meals we serve". So the comments on this site are a 'minority'. There was me thinking I was helping the bar staff out. Nothing has changed with the service. Hey! ho! the boys and I still keep going on Wednesday and my rating still stands as I like the place. The HB larger has returned but at 4 a pint I'll stick with the 'Fersty Ferret '. Merry Xmas!!!

1 Dec 2011 15:26

The Crown Inn, Fareham

Seems like I follow the 'infamous' alezilla around and where is he hardly finds anything good to say about pubs I keep visiting fine ones. 'The Crown' is one of the better 'Spoons' boozers and has keept the character of the old place. Plenty of atmosphere with real locals. The bar staff are knowlegeable and the prices great! So it's a 7 for me.

1 Dec 2011 14:54

Linden Tree, Lowford, Bursledon

Glad to see that people are just reviewing this for the great pub it is. I'm using it on Sundays insteed of the 'Vine' (another great pub). They now do a Sunday lunch and as always the beers in great nick and my choice is the 'Horizon'. My brother loves their scratchings! Xmas is great time here and they really make an effort and try the New Years Eve celebrations out. Once again, agreat boozer!

26 Oct 2011 15:37

The Vine, Bursledon

Craig and Sandra are making a great pub even better since they took over. Prices of the excellent food have been reduced so it's great VFM. The pub is still very tidy and you'll have to get in early on Sunday for the meat draw if you want a seat and one of their supperb roasts. The beer is now on handpump with Green King plus a guest ale. What can you say, the best pub on the Hamble.

26 Oct 2011 14:56

The Jolly Farmer, Cliddesden

Traveling up the B3046 from Alresford to avoid the rigors of the M3, I happened across this pub, only 2 miles away from Basingstoke (which I'm not fond off) and a really nice find. Cliddesden village was formerly served by Cliddesden railway station on the now defunct Basingstoke and Alton Light Railway. The station was used in the making of several films. In the 1937 film Oh, Mr Porter!, Cliddesden appeared as 'Buggleskelly'. You get to the Car park at the rear by a steep side entrance and walk down to the boozer via a nice brick path through a very large beer garden on a number of levels, where you're confronted by a large roof. Inside there's two separate bars and it's got a warm, welcoming, country ambience. 4 real ales on and I had a great pint of Harvey's at 3.40 (I'm used to paying that as I live on the Hamble). The menu looked good, but I just stuck with my pint. The bar staff seemed fine and the Landlord was pleased to hear that I appreciated his pint.

28 Sep 2011 11:17

St James Tavern, Winchester

Back in the St James with my brother on our mini pub crawl and he can't believe pubs are this good. I'm in heaven with 'Bishop's Tipple', 6x, Horison, Henry's IPA and Pedigree, all on hand pump and guess what? Weston's 'old Rosie' cloudy scrumpy on tap, WOW! The bar maid is brilliant! and tells us that the owners also have 'the Corner House' and 'the Green Man'. She's just putting on the 60p sausages, which go down well with the early evening crowd. My 8 rating for this boozer is still in place.

25 Jul 2011 16:38

The Crofton, Stubbington

To say this is in Stubbington is pushing the outside of the envelope as it's situated near the Solent in Hillhead. The exterior reminds you of a large Council house and harks back to when it was a Watney's pub and opened in 1962. The interior is a little bland and recently re-decorated, but it's made up for by the fantastic selection of real ales cared for by the ultra knowledgeable Ian and Jenny Readman (look out for his tie). There's almost two different clientel. One lot is made up of the 'locals' and the others who visit for the great food. The Crofton is famous not just for its well kept cellar of real ales but also for its home cooking and on my latest visit the food area was packed. In the cold winter months there is a welcoming fire in the public bar area where they have a telly. An elegant function room with skittles alley is available for hire at a very competitive price, offering a skittles menu plus buffet and 3 course menu options! Quiz night is the first Tuesday of each month. You can't fault the beer and I was on the 'Mid-Summer' ale, which at 2.95 in the this part of the world is good value. Too my mind, this is the best pub in the area and worth a visit if only to see the bar staffs neck ware.

17 Jul 2011 14:43

Linden Tree, Lowford, Bursledon

In again at the 'Linden' for another fine nights drinking. The Landlady was willing to sign a form for my Brother about his tax (he's got money) and she hardly knows him. The front steps have been made safer as supposedly peeople fell up them (we normaly fall down them). Nice relaxed drinking up times. One of the cats got run over and there was a little notice to that effect (it's that kind of pub).

13 Jul 2011 18:05

The Old Vine, Winchester

First the architecture bit. 18th century, 2 storeys. Red brick. Old tile roof . with 5 contemporary sash windows in moulded frames on 1st floor. Good doorcase with brackets and moulded open dentil pediment. The 19th century public house frontage has Gothic fenestration. Panelled door with fanlight. Two dormers. Rearwing with lattice casements in gable. OK! It looks great and it's a grade 2 listed building across from the Cathedral Green.

Now lets go inside! It's that 'Gastropub' thing but done in a good way. Don't be afraid! It's split into well defined areas with the restaurant (you'll need to book) to the left as you enter and the bar area to the right with no reservations for the bar or patio, where seating is available on a first come, first served basis only. Sandwich menu (available lunchtimes only. Please note that sandwiches are only available in the bar and on the terrace, and are not available in the restaurant)
Sandwiches on thick-cut granary or white bread, served with a salad garnish. Tuna with chive mayonnaise & salad 4.95 - Warm French brie & grape 5.50 - Premium Hampshire pork sausages, red onion relish 5.75 - Falafel with chickpea houmous, roasted sweet peppers, fresh coriander & salad in a flour tortilla 5.50 - Thinly sliced Hampshire-cured ham, emmental cheese & tomato 5.75 - Cod fillet fish finger sandwich with home-made tartare sauce, sliced tomato and little gem lettuce, garnish of fries 5.50 - Traditional mature Welsh cheddar ploughmans 5.95 V
Coronation chicken: free-range English chicken in a creamy curry-spiced mayo, mango & sultana dressing 5.75
Pub classics (available lunchtimes only; bar, restaurant and terrace) - Premium Hampshire pork sausages & creamy mashed potato, rich onion gravy 9.50 - Crispy wholetail scampi in breadcrumbs, fries and salad 10.50 - Thickly sliced Hampshire-cured ham, two free-range fried eggs, fries and side salad 11.50 - Home-made pie of the day, mashed potatoes and peas 10.90. Sorry if that's too much detail but it is a 'Gastropub'.

It was the first pub in Winchester to phase out smoking (in March 2005), and now they're delighted to offer non-smoking customers an outdoor glazed space that's 100% smoke-free.

Their policy on children is: "CHILDREN AT LUNCHTIME: Well-behaved children of six and over are welcome in the bar and restaurant at lunchtime, provided they are accompanied by an adult however, please remember that the Old Vine is first and foremost a space for adults to relax in. We're sorry, but we cannot accommodate pushchairs inside the building however, pushchairs and kids under six may be accommodated on the patio, weather permitting. CHILDREN IN THE EVENING: Children are not allowed in the bar past 6pm however, children of eight years and over may eat in the restaurant in the evening, provided they are accompanied by an adult.

Very attractive bar staff (both men and women) who served up some cracking pints. Itchen Valley, Hambledon Bitter 4.0% and Flack Manor Romsey, Flack's Double 3.7% on handpump.

It was great sitting at the bar on our Winchester crawl and watching the clientele with their Apple lap tops in the comfy Chesterfield's and although this is not really my sort of pub it's all done so very well done that I must give it a good 7.

4 Jul 2011 14:15

The Fulflood Arms, Winchester

Weeke is the first parish on leaving the city to the north west beyond where the original Roman wall was located. The parish is approximately bounded by the Roman road to Cirencester (the modern Andover Road) and the Roman Road to Salisbury (the modern Sarum Road). The Fulflood Arms is at the end of a terrace of houses. It is on the corner of Cheriton Road and Western Road. It does not appear in the 1871 census but was completed probably late in that year. The fascia of the pub consists of glazed dark green tiles with the words "Winchester Brewery Co. Ltd" and "The Fulflood Arms" embossed on it, but today it is Greene King pub. This boozer has been part of the Winchester community for over 130 years and is one of the best kept secrets of Winchester. A real locals pub it has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere upon entry. Inside the victorian ambience is continued with many prints of that period and the decor is tastefully re-furbished complimenting the architecture. I take it that at one time it was two bars, but now one room surrounds the central bar. This was the first stop of a mini pub crawl my brother and I did and we were a little bit spoilt by this excellent boozer. It's not easy to find but the effort is worth it. 5 real ales on hand pump and a recent posting has St Austell Brewery - Tribute 4.2%, Itchen Valley Brewery - Godfathers 3.8% (Local), Upham Brewery - Stakes Ale 4.6% (Local), Springhead Brewery - Leveller 4.8%, Westons - Old Rosie (cider) 7.3%. I had a pint of Pots ale and it was in excellent form. There is a bar billiards table (the only one left in Winchester) and also a dart board where three teams play their home matches. A rather nice Wurlitzer juke box (not working on our visit) was hidden behind two of the many comfy Chesterfield sofas you can lounge in. The toilets are clean and wooden paneled (of course) and there's a small beer garden. If I could afford to live in Winchester I'd never leave this pub and I only give this a 9 because one day I may find a better pub.

3 Jul 2011 16:22

Cottage Inn, Southampton

Situated on the outskirts of Netley on the way to Woolston in picturesque countryside (take a walk in the near by woods and see the reservoir) near the Victoria Country Park and River Hamble this has a great Country pub ambience.

There's a 'public bar' where you can play darts and cribage & 'lounge' (no extra charge for the comfy seats). Open fires add to the atmosphere in Winter and the logs for the hearth are stored in the Gents toilets!, while in Summer you can sit in the pub's pretty garden next to the car park. The pub knocked through to the house next door a number of years ago, hence the split levels.

A meat draw is held every Sunday afternoon and Quiz Night is every Wednesday at 8.30pm.

They have a new Landlord and he was very welcoming when my brother and I visited. They only have 'light bites' on at the moment. It's a Wadworths pub and we had the well served 6x and Horizon.

'The Cottage' is a cosy boozer with low ceiling beams and loads of nick-nacks on the wall and gives you a "pleasant drink in a country pub".

27 Jun 2011 16:20

Linden Tree, Lowford, Bursledon

Yes! I do believe this is what pubs should be like and if 'Alezilla' likes Europe and the States so much there are planes leaving everyday for him to get on. This 'gent' lives in another age. The staff are great! Beer, always in great form. No wonder they've taken exception to 'Arsezilla's' comments on the food, as they're just not true. Be a man and appologise to this fine establishment. My rating now increased!!!!!

9 May 2011 15:15

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

Boy! does this pub get some mixed reviews. The lads and I don't eat here as in these recession hit times the cash is short, but the food looks OK. Best thing is to have a pint, look at the view and eat else where. Yes they could do with more staff. They've finished serving the HB larger and a pint of Peroni clocks in at 4!!!!!!!! I've gone on to the well served seasonal 'Fox'. We get on fine with the bar staff, but we are about as close as it gets to 'locals'. I think a 7 is more like it at this point in time, but the Winter will probably take it back up!

9 May 2011 14:59

The Vine, Bursledon

Just an update. The pub is now under new management and maintains its high standards. All real ale is on hand pump now and features Abbott, Ringwood and Doombar. Food is now served, but a Steak and Kidney Pie at 9.50 may not be to everyones 'taste'. Everything else is the same with the Quiz on Tuesday (9.00pm start now). Meat draw on Sunday (Bilnd Morris still there). The new bar staff are great and a 'Spring Clean' has freshened up the place. The bottle collection is still in place. My idea of a boozer!

9 May 2011 14:44

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

May I say that if your looking for SKY sports you won't find it in the 'Jolly' as they thankfully don't have any telly's. The real hey-day of this pub was at the time of Howard's Way but it's been altered from those days and now has a long bar down the pub. Visiting is a wallet lightning experience and the 'lads' (we're in our 50's) and I visit this place every Wednesday rain or shine (yes! that's us by the fire). In all that time I can't say I've spotted many 'locals'. OK! so it's Hall & Woodhouse, but they serve a good pint and have a rotation of their seasonal ales. It's always nice and tidy and we get to know the 'attractive bar staff' who indulge our complaints about the state of the nation and how it's 'going to the dogs'. I like to look at the papers on the bar while I'm waiting (yes service can be slow) for my pint. Check out the taped editions of 'Round the Horn' in the toilets. Nothing changes my 8 rating and that against a background of other highly rated pubs in the area.

9 Mar 2011 16:14

The Jolly Farmer Country Inn, Warsash

Originally farm cottages The Jolly Farmer became a pub in 1835 and retains a good country atmosphere. Martin and Cilla O'Grady have been operating the Jolly Farmer since 1983. This cosy pub is close to the Hamble River and you won't miss it thanks to the multi-coloured classic car lined up outside. The bars are furnished in a rustic style with farming equipment on the walls and ceilings. There's also a patio, large beer garden and a purpose-built children's play area. Catch of the day seafood specials appear on the chalkboard, backed up with prime grills, light bites and house specialities such as chicken and seafood paella, confit of duck or chicken stroganoff. Accommodation. Families and Dogs are welcome here. Good pint of 'Pride'. The pub has its own golf society and cricket team. What's not to like and My Mum & Dad give it their seal of approval.

9 Mar 2011 15:39

Shenanigans, Southsea

Irish Pubs are internationally renowned as the most lively spots in any city and this one does not let that heritage down and is one of the best I've been in. Situated in Osborne Road, aka Southsea's 'Restaurant Alley' it's run by Iain Kirby and the striking Louise Beeby. This part of the City has an enviable youthful chic to it which has a great mix of bohemians, students, young professionals and young families and this bar seems to attract them. It used to be an Estate Agents but has now been put to better use. Cards are laid on the table with: Favourite Sport: Rugby, Favourite Food: Irish Stew, Favourite Drink: Guinness. It has a long bar down this narrow pub which makes things nice and intimate with two types of Guinness on tap and some lovely cloudy scrumpy at 3.00 a pint. Two large TV screens, the music thankfully low so you can have a conversation, was not surprisingly orientated towards the 'Emerald Isle' on our visit playing some great old 'Thin Lizzy'. Food wise, it's not a place for vegetarians as they seem to cook just about every thing that has drawn breath in the 'dark liquid' and I'd love to try the Mixed Grill 'gut buster' of pork sausage, steak, lamb chop, gammon with pineapple and egg, onion rings and a bucket of chips at 13.50. There are other 'Lite bites'. Just how they have live music in this crowded place eludes me, but they do! The 'Cosham Connoisseur' and I gave this our seal of approval and is a 'must visit' if your in Pompey.

4 Mar 2011 15:30

The King and Queen, Hamble

Situated in the high street on the cobbled road before the waterfront it's an OK sort of pub serving 6X, Doombar and Ringwood Best. Sign outside saying "probably the best roasts in Hamble" is pushing it a bit far as the Ye Olde White Hart would lay claim to that. Bar staff always seem a bit more preoccupied with the local sailing crowd and I suppose the fact that they have a laundry on site says it all. Not the best or the worst pub on the Hamble.

2 Feb 2011 10:56

The Portsbridge, Cosham

Cosham (means "Cossa's homestead") is a town I keep ending up in, even though I don't really want to be there! I suppose you could visit the 'Hilsea Lines' over the road from the 'Bridge' which in 1756 at the start of the Seven Years War, the Board of Ordanace ordered improvement work to be carried out to the then Fort. The improvements included the building of a fortified line along the northern shore of Portsea Island.

Large mock tudor building standing to the South of the town and North of Hilsea. inside your greeted by a large bar with the kitchens to the rear and to the right there's a pool table and to the left a comfy chesterfield sofa. The bar man knew what real was (not always the case) and seemed friendly. They were playing big band music from the 40's when I wandered in and later the 'Stone Roses' first album so that earned brownie points straight off the bat with me.

This is the first pub after Highbury technical college so it's probably a students resting point. Real locals confirmed by the fact that they knew the barmen's name and there were two of them even though it was mid afternoon on a Monday. The tables were all cleared of glasses (I have a 'bee in my bonnet' about that at the moment) and the boozer was clean and tidy.

A Greene King pub that follows the lines of pub grub philosophy. Food is what they like to call 'pub classic' (food from 12noon to 9pm) like British Beef & Ale Pie, Big Daddy Burger or prime steaks with a tempting topper! All reasonably priced. I sat down with a bag of peanuts (sad!) washed down with a well served pint of 'Old Speckled Hen' at 2.70. They also had the IPA on. The normal inducements for you to double up for a pound on spirits. An ATM machine if your cash runs out. Two 'silent' gaming machines. Sunday there's a Roast and a 'Killer Pool' evening (I hope nobody gets slaughtered?). Quiz night and occasional live music. A good sized beer garden at the rear and decking out the front so you can watch the traffic on Portsmouth Road and look at the Norman Foster designed IBM building which in the 1970's was cutting edge design and today is about the only building of merit in this architectural disaster of a town.

Again! if you have to visit this town, do yourself a favour and visit this place rather than the 'Spoons' in town as you can get parked and has a little more of what a pub is about.

31 Jan 2011 17:28

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Can I just point out that as I write this the pub is at 24 in the top 40 and recently held the No.1 spot which I think counts for something. it seems like the famous/infamous 'Chavman' causes controversy where ever he goes and I can only reiterate my earlier review of this classic. I pointed out to CAMRA the value of this boozer for their 'Pub Heritage - Historic Pub Interiors' and at the moment it's under consideration to be listed. Yes you can bring your own food with a 1 a plate charge but who cares when your in a place that's this good.

30 Jan 2011 14:21

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Can I just point out that as I write this the pub is at 24 in the top 40 and recently held the No.1 spot which I think counts for something. it seems like the famous/infamous 'Chavman' causes controversy where ever he goes and I can only reiterate my earlier review of this classic. I pointed out to CAMRA the value of this boozer for their 'Pub Heritage - Historic Pub Interiors' and at the moment it's under consideration to be listed. Yes you can bring your own food with a 1 a plate charge but who cares when your in a place that's this good.

30 Jan 2011 14:21

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Can I just point out that as I write this the pub is at 24 in the top 40 and recently held the No.1 spot which I think counts for something. it seems like the famous/infamous 'Chavman' causes controversy where ever he goes and I can only reiterate my earlier review of this classic. I pointed out to CAMRA the value of this boozer for their 'Pub Heritage - Historic Pub Interiors' and at the moment it's under consideration to be listed. Yes you can bring your own food with a 1 a plate charge but who cares when your in a place that's this good.

30 Jan 2011 14:21

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Can I just point out that as I write this the pub is at 24 in the top 40 and recently held the No.1 spot which I think counts for something. it seems like the famous/infamous 'Chavman' causes controversy where ever he goes and I can only reiterate my earlier review of this classic. I pointed out to CAMRA the value of this boozer for their 'Pub Heritage - Historic Pub Interiors' and at the moment it's under consideration to be listed. Yes you can bring your own food with a 1 a plate charge but who cares when your in a place that's this good.

30 Jan 2011 14:21

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Can I just point out that as I write this the pub is at 24 in the top 40 and recently held the No.1 spot which I think counts for something. it seems like the famous/infamous 'Chavman' causes controversy where ever he goes and I can only reiterate my earlier review of this classic. I pointed out to CAMRA the value of this boozer for their 'Pub Heritage - Historic Pub Interiors' and at the moment it's under consideration to be listed. Yes you can bring your own food with a 1 a plate charge but who cares when your in a place that's this good.

30 Jan 2011 14:21

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Can I just point out that as I write this the pub is at 24 in the top 40 and recently held the No.1 spot which I think counts for something. it seems like the famous/infamous 'Chavman' causes controversy where ever he goes and I can only reiterate my earlier review of this classic. I pointed out to CAMRA the value of this boozer for their 'Pub Heritage - Historic Pub Interiors' and at the moment it's under consideration to be listed. Yes you can bring your own food with a 1 a plate charge but who cares when your in a place that's this good.

30 Jan 2011 14:21

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Can I just point out that as I write this the pub is at 24 in the top 40 and recently held the No.1 spot which I think counts for something. it seems like the famous/infamous 'Chavman' causes controversy where ever he goes and I can only reiterate my earlier review of this classic. I pointed out to CAMRA the value of this boozer for their 'Pub Heritage - Historic Pub Interiors' and at the moment it's under consideration to be listed. Yes you can bring your own food with a 1 a plate charge but who cares when your in a place that's this good.

30 Jan 2011 14:21

The Crows Nest, Southampton

I think you'd be a bit disappointed if you went to the pub today as it's boarded up with a wire fence around the site. Somebody has nicked the Courage cockerel and it even had a rocket fired at it the other night. Supposedly the developers of the site have pulled out so it still may be saved, but don't hold your breath. Is this another lost boozer?

17 Jan 2011 14:41

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

Let's get the CAMRA thing over and done with "Closed in 1981, it reopened in 1984 as the Guide Dog after the previous landlady had raised 14,000 for the charity. Eight hand pumps serve a wide range of ales, mainly from small breweries. Beer can be served in four-pint carry-out containers and jugs. Within walking distance of St Mary's football stadium (1 mile), it gets busy on match days. It hosts a variety of charity events, has a weekly meat draw on Friday, and an annual autumn beer festival". This has made it into Britain's top 16 pubs and this one 'best in Wessex'. I think this says more about CAMRA than the pub. The South Western Arms is only 5 minutes away (and at long last in the guide) and to my mind a better pub but supposedly not rated as high as this. A bit like waking into somebody's front room with book shelves that you're actually meant to read the literature on. All the ales we sampled were in fine order. You'll need your sunglasses as energy bulbs have not caught on here. Yes it's a good pub and worth taking in on a mini pub crawl of an area that is the best for Real Ale in the City.

27 Dec 2010 18:47

Ye Olde White Hart, Hamble

Yeah! I aggree with other reviews of this one that it's a landlord and 'locals' pub but you always get a warm welcome. The foods great. A fullers pub so Pride, HSB, ESB and Discovery on tap. Don't know if got London connections but it's got that sort of feeling which is strange for a pub on the South coast in a sailing village. I hear there's a lock-in at the week-ends. Anyhow a good place to visit with historic surroundings.

23 Dec 2010 17:46

The Station Hotel, Netley

This is now a building site and rightfully so! No one will miss the passing of this den of inequity.

23 Dec 2010 17:42

Spotted Cow, Cowplain

An inn called the Spotted Cow appears on a map dated 1867. Cowplain is believed to get its name from the pub. Locals called the stretch of land around it Cow Plain. (In those days 'plain' meant any stretch of open land, not necessarily a large area). More houses were built on Cow Plain and by the late 19th century it had become a thriving little village. A claim to fame is Mark Wingett, the actor who played police constable Jim Carver in The Bill television series, grew up in Cowplain and attended the local secondary school. This is an ex Gales pub now Fullers who aquired the Horndean brewery in November 2005. In the middle of Cowplain, just north of Portsmouth (8 miles) and Waterlooville (2 miles). All of the normal Fullers ales plus a seasonal ale (Bengal Lancer was Available in cask (5.0% ABV)) and 'the Pride' I had was in tip top form. There is a quiz on Thursday nights and live bands appear from time to time. Families are welcome and there is a large play area in the garden and a covered seating area for the the people who want a 'gasper' and so they won't miss any of the action on the telly an outdoor large screen. Pool and darts are in a separate games room. Large 3D screen in the main bar (it's funny to watch a room full of 'Roy Orbison' impersonators, watching a match). The menu (12pm - 2pm) has a selection of traditional old pub favourite meals, light bites and healthier options and meals that appeal to the younger generation. There's a very popular Sunday Roast (12pm- 3pm)! A warm welcome for anyone seems to be the motto here and the locals are friendly. Just in case you can't get any food in the boozer may I recommend 'The Lobster Pot' fish and chip shop over the road, which is fantastic!!!!! My friend the Cosham Connoisseur commented "this place knocks the spots off anywhere else round here", I think he'd already had too much of the excellent ale.

23 Dec 2010 17:28

George Inn, Cosham

Great 'local's' Georgian coaching inn at the top of Portsdown Hill overlooking the city and Solent beyond. Small beer garden out the front where you can take in the view and watch the motorcycle crowd try to kill themselves on the B2177. It's warm and friendly inside and the pub dog seems to rule. Great beer and a good food menu, open all day, well worth a visit, Fridays and Saturdays it's crowded with the 'locals' doing their thing. Recent lick of paint has kept it an 'unspoiled' pub. 8 real ales, if a little on the pricey side it's worth paying the extra as you certainly wouldn't want to venture into Cosham. friendly knowledgeable staff, clean toilets. just outside Pompey this is well worth a visit. '

23 Dec 2010 17:22

The First Post, Cosham

This Wetherspoon pub stands on the site of a chemist shop, which was built in the 1840s and housed Cosham's first post office. In the past few years, this pub has been a branch of John Menzies. The last time I went in this pub with my brother it was 5 o'clock and a lad at the bar collapsed with amount of ale he'd had. On another occasion I was served free pear cider by a young lady with a very tight fitting t-shirt with the words 'Pears' on it. You get the picture and what more can you expect from a Wetherspoons in Cosham, a town where it's oldest buildings were demolished in the 1960's and replaced by a car park. It's the 'land of the living dead' and they gravitate to this 'watering' hole for the cheap booze and food. 5 real ales. If I don't paint a lovely picture of this pub, I can't ". Where do they find them?????

23 Dec 2010 17:09

The King Alfred, Winchester

I'd forgoten this one. Located in the very popular leafy residential area of Hyde, it offers, Tourist Board awarded 4-star en suite guest accommodation in a great location ten minutes walk alongside the river (and the ducks!) from the City centre. They've done it up a bit from when I was last in a good few years ago from the classic back street boozer it was into a bit of a standard fake victoriana place with lots of wood and modern etched glass, which is surprising considering it was already 'mint'. A better bet is the Hyde Tavern just above if your looking for a more 'authentic' bozzer.

23 Dec 2010 16:59

The Black Boy, Winchester

Tucked away on Wharf Hill, off Chesil Street in Winchester, The Black Boy is still faithful to its origins. Although recognised in most of the well known beer and pub guides, it is still a traditional back-street boozer. The pub has 5 locally brewed real ales and a small selection of good French wines. Good 'pub grub' is available from Tuesday evenings through to Sunday lunch. During the winter months roasts are served on Sundays with lighter lunches being offered during the summer. On the off-chance there is a summer, there is a sheltered rustic garden with heaters. Three standard ales Ringwood Best, Cheriton Pots, Hopback Brewery Summer Lightening. They also have 2 other real ales on, normally from The Itchen Valley Brewery, The Triple FFF Brewery, The Hampshire Brewery or one of the other small local breweries. A stuffed Donkey, collections of fire buckets says it all. A true classic you must visit.

23 Dec 2010 16:49

The Wykeham Arms, Winchester

What a great pub! Walk through the Cathedral close and there it is on the corner. Open the weird doors and your into a bozzer that shows it's allegiance to the City's academical leanings, even the tables are old school desks with ink wells. Beers are Fullers/Gales in good nick. I understand it was recently awarded the Hampshire Dining pub of the year award, if that means anything and I've always found the food to be good. This is a pub where you can explore and find another little nook or cranny and it's a bit like you've wondered into an edition of the 'Antiques Roadshow'. Always packed, which says a lot about this fine establishment.' I must visit again as other reviewers seem to be seeing it through different 'goggles'.

23 Dec 2010 16:44

St James Tavern, Winchester

Wedged on the corner of Romsey Road and Mews Lane It's a stiff walk up from the City centre and a great selection of beer awaits you to slake your thirst. Wadworths 6x, IPA (2.50), Bishop's Tipple and Horizon, which I'd never had before and is light in colour, but full flavoured and a bit like 'Summer lightning'. The new knowledgable landlord has fought hard for a 'guest ale'and has got Wells Bombardier. The pub has few levels to it, which is not surprising considering the slope it's built on and a small beer garden at the rear. The menu has changed towards British Standards since the old landlord & Lady left and looked good. Tuesday there's a FREE pub quiz and Sundays sees live acoustic sessions in the afternoon 4pm - 7pm. I'd say after 'The Black boy' the next must visit pub in the City.'

23 Dec 2010 16:40

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Supposedly the oldest and smallest pub in the city, it is reputed to be haunted by a ghost that pulls the bed clothes off visitors. The ghost is blamed on a woman who is supposed to have died from cold and hunger in the one of the rooms centuries ago. Don't let that put you off as this is the sort of pub Americans dream off. Every things in place, low ceilings, sloping wooden floors and a 'hidden' lower garden. It is at the lower end of Hyde Street - a comfortable 10 to 15 minute walk from the center of town. Hogs Back TEA, Ringwood Best Bitter and Ballard's, Midhurst Mild on handpump, while Bowman's Quiver and Flowerpots Bitter were on stillage behind the bar. Yes a bozzer from a time past and I love it!'

23 Dec 2010 16:37

The Welington Arms, Marlborough

Marlborough is the the kind of town that the recession does not seem to have hit. An archetypical English market town a place where coins were minted in Norman times, Tudor kings hunted for deer and where coaches heading west from London stopped to feed and water their horses. Most towns have a claim to fame and here it's reputed to have the second widest high-street in Britain. It's a great town to wander round and you're spoilt for pubs with great architecture. The 'Wellington' is no exception. White painted with bay windows, it's set on two levels with a small beer garden (5 bench's) surrounded by old buildings. Large flat screen telly in the main bar and 'background music. It's been tastefully refurbished showing exposed beams and wooden floors. Jovial bar staff add to the warm feeling. Wadworths 6x and Bass Premium was on hand pump and I tried the local 'Ramsbury Gold' a golden smooth 4.5%ABV beer which is also used in a local sausage. On the menu, weekly specials are Wednesday Bangers & mash 5.95- Friday Fish & chips 5.95- Saturday Rump steak 7.95. The weekly specials board was extensive! Sundays is 'pub quiz' night. A 'pub crawl' round this town would leave you 'leg less' and I enjoyed my short stay. '

22 Dec 2010 16:34

The Green Dragon, Marlborough

'I love the 'smell of money' (as I have none) and this town, where even the Queen laughs at some of the accents, has 'riches' in terms of it's pubs. The 'Green Dragon' has a brick fronted facade with two lower bay windows, with a street level bar and a lower level with pool table and flag stone flooring and a separate seating area called the 'Dungeon'. The large beer garden which wanders past the old outhouses and on through the back of the cottages in Alma Place to a lower level is worth a visit. This is a 'Wadworth's' pub serving their 6x and 'Swordfish' (a unique blend of Wadworth 6X & Pussers Rum) and a Mild guest ale from the 'Pint Size brewery', which is a micro-plant for Wadworths who use the small-scale facilities to develop ales. When I was in it was mainly full with 'ladies who lunch' dining from the Lunch menu served Mon- Sat 12-2, Sun 12-3. Evenings 6-9, not Sunday. Live music. It says something about the town that it has a town crier and beadle (Alf Johnson) who seems to award his 'fit to drink in' certificate to this boozer each year. The toilets are interesting and are billed as a 'recycling unit' with urinals labeled 'larger' and 'real ale' and I choose the later, which was well served by the excellent ales of this fine establishment. '

22 Dec 2010 16:32

Queens Hotel, Gosport

'At one time there were some 200 pubs in Gosport with it's own large brewery (S & T N Blake & Co Ltd. which closed in 1941 and is only celebrated by the Oakleaf micro brewery's 'Blakes Gosport bitter'). Today that number has dwindled to around 40 and the cream has not risen to the top. An exception is the 'Queens Hotel' Set in the back streets of Gosport this is a large three storey Victorian building on the corner of Queens Road and Kings Road. it's interesting to note the King and Queen 'gargoyles' on the facade were allegedly put in before the streets were named and are in the wrong way round. On the night I went along with the 'Crofton Crew' of beer connoisseurs it was the October Beer Festival which was celebrating Sue the Landlady's 27th year at the Queens. Besides the festival bar they had Ascot Ales 'Anastasia Stout', Burton Bridge 'Burton Porter', Black Dog Brewery 'Black Dog', Howard Town Brewery 'Wren's Nest', Isle of Purbeck 'Solar Power', Newton Brewery 'Warrior' plus three Cider's from Westons as the Main bar ales and this is the standard number of beers with a rotation of ales from other brewery's. All the beverages were in top condition. There are three areas and a great log fire with an impressive carved fireplace and the decor is much as I remembered it some 30 years ago when I last visited, which is no bad thing. The juke box reflects the age of cliental (40+) with it being stuck in a 'time warp' of the 60's - 80's. A concession to the modern era is a large flat screen telly. sensibly placed darts. children are welcome in the daytime. There is a small beer garden at the rear. The staff are really friendly and local punters love this classic 'bare boards' pub and if you do manage to end up on this peninsula which is famous for being the largest town in Britain without an operational railway station, you need look no further that this multi award winning bozzer.'

22 Dec 2010 16:26

The Bridge, Southampton

'What can you say about this place! The 'beer festival' that never happens. You'll see a pump clip showing fortyniner but the barmaid will tell you it's not on. Pedigree ..... same answer! Now supposedly it's illegal to advertise wares that are not for sale (by not turning the pump clips around) and she informed me that the company didn't allow them to turn them around when the beer was off. The 2 pumps ARE next to a small blackboard proclaiming "Make Sure It's Cask"! WHY BOTHER!!!!!!. Woolston will never win Hampshire's top town and if you happen to have the misfortune to be there then get out as soon as possible. If you want a pub with loads of 'fizz' beers, TV screens etc. etc. this is the place for you. For reasons of libel I won't comment on the 'infamous' landlady, but you can visit other sites to get a flavour of her style. I don't know who owns this, but do pub chains never read reviews on websites? '

22 Dec 2010 16:24

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

'This is the 'flag ship'bozzer of Hall & Woodhouse which is apt as it sits on the Hamble (Yes Howard's way). For me it's best in the Winter when the crowds die down and you can get to the bar. Park in the Station and take a walk to save yourself the pain of finding a parking space. I always drink the HB Premium larger here but their real ales are first class. Not a 'locals' pub. The food is slightly expensive but I suppose you are paying for the great views of the marina. The lads and I like this place as it attracts some of the best looking women in the area and you can dream of what it would be like to have the money the 'yellow welly' crowd have.'

22 Dec 2010 16:07

Windhover Manor (Beefeater), Bursledon

'What can you say, its a 'Harvester' in a mock Tudor building. Mon - Sun 11am -11pm. Bank Holidays 12pm - 11pm (10.30pm Good Friday ONLY). Christmas Day 11am -2pm. Food is Served: Mon - Sat 12pm - 10pm (9.30pm Good Friday, 6.30pm Christmas Day, 9pm Boxing Day). Sunday 11am -10pm. The service is variable and you should go on various web sites to see how it's going this month. I've always had a reasonable meal at a cheap price and what more can you expect. Not the place to go for a nights drinking but if your on a budget and need a bite then swing off the M27 at junction 8 and it's better than the non-existent Motor-way services. To try and make this review more interesting may I suggest visIting the Windmill in Windmill Lane which is the only working one in Hampshire and dates from 1814.'

22 Dec 2010 16:04

Fox and Hounds, Bursledon

'The front part of the pub is the 'Fox and hounds' and the building dates back to the 16th Century. To the back, the old Lone barn was actually moved from Winchester to its present position and dates from 1871. Very much to the Chef & Brewer style this pub should have a higher rating than it has but over the years the food has let it down but recent reviews seem to say it's on the up. I live locally but only visit this pub once in a blue moon as it's set up visitors and I've never noticed any 'locals'. You can't fault the surroundings and there's no trouble parking unlike some other bozzers in the area. Good choice of beers on with Courage Best,Fullers London Pride,Ringwood Fortyniner, and a guest ale from the Hogs Back Brewery. Worth a visit if you want to impress the girl friend with your knowledge of 'out of the way' pubs that everybody knows about.'

22 Dec 2010 16:01

Linden Tree, Lowford, Bursledon

'Transformed by the new landlord & lady. Good honest food only available at lunch time. Wadworth's real ale always in great condition. Try out the rear beer garden which is excellent for children and in the evening, wait for the fox's to arrive (true). Wednesday night is Quiz night and Thursday is Curry night cooked by a Rick Stein trained chef. This is what pubs should be like!'

22 Dec 2010 15:58

The Dolphin, St Denys

After being redecorated, it has a fresh feel to it. Situated on the other side of the tracks at St Deny's from the South Western Arms (probably the best pub in town) it makes for a great mini pub crawl. 4 real ales on, tried the Bowman & Triple fff which were both fine. Trying to regain business after years of neglect and letting people know 'we're open!'. Live music nights and a large beer garden add to great little bozzer and I wish it well for a continued future.'

22 Dec 2010 15:55

The South Western, St Denys

'A classic! This place has won so many awards I think they stopped putting them up. You can't get any closer to a railway line and you can sit in the beer garden and hear the trains as they go to London & Portsmouth past St Deny's. In the garden is an old pub sign for 'Nellies Nob' which gives the pub its local nick name. The selection of beer is almost unrivaled. There are 12 pumps, and at its peak, each one served a different beer, Now there are seven beers and if you go to one of their beer festivals you're in for a delight. Add to this an area upstairs with Pool and a TV and you're in pub 'heaven'. Very much the locals bozzer for this small area of Southampton, let the train take the strain and give yourself a treat.'

22 Dec 2010 15:46

The Vine, Bursledon

'Greene King IPA & Abbot straight from the cask, limited opening hours: 5.30-11 Mon-Sat, plus 12-2 Fri, and 12-4 & 7.30-10.30 Sun., B&B, 'phone: 02380 403836) As the sign on the pub wall says, "this is the village pub". Indeed it is: run by Ray & Margaret for the village. Whenever I have visited I have enjoyed the friendliness of both the Landlord and the customers. It has the atmosphere of a social club looking for new members. The beer is exceptional too, served straight from the 'wood'. Tuesday is Sid the Quiz night. Don't miss the Sunday meat draw when the locals bring their dogs along including the famous 'Blind Morris'. Occasional music nights and themed evenings are something to look out for. A true village pub! '

22 Dec 2010 15:43

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