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The Watermans Arms, Brentford

£7.90 for two pints of Green King IPA.

There are better, less expensive pubs nearby.Magpie & Crown for example.

22 Oct 2014 10:06

The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

I must admit I preferred it when it was Gods Waiting Room and did not open on Saturday until 6pm.

Bass was cheaper for a start. You could also see what other ales were available in the main bar. Now the chalk board advertises some very expensive "Keg beers".

Antelope, surbiton is fine but I never took to The Sussex in Twickenham.


13 Oct 2014 12:08

The Union Rooms, Newcastle

On three levels with different ales on each. Clean and good value.

Near train station so better bet than The Centurion in my opinion.

13 Oct 2014 11:57

Woodrow Wilsons, Carlisle

Had a beautiful steak and pint of Guinness for just £7.35 on the Tuesday night.
Great choice of ales.
Also had breakfast here as I was staying across the road at the Ibis.
Best pub in Carlisle.

12 Oct 2014 11:50

The Kings Head Inn, Carlisle

Still being refurbished. More ales than Howard though.

12 Oct 2014 11:47

The Howard Arms, Carlisle

Couple of ale choices. OK but not outstanding.

12 Oct 2014 11:45

The Quayside, Newcastle

Had Erdinger on draught which I have not seen before in a wetherspoon. Ales were not so interesting though. Not as good as the Wetherspoon in Westergate on the beer choice.
Maybe a 6.5 ?

12 Oct 2014 11:42

The Centurion, Newcastle

Grandly decorated place with lovely tiling.

However music detracted from the ambience. OK for a pint before a train though nearby Wetherspoons would be the better choice.

12 Oct 2014 11:38

Market Tavern, Durham

Nice busy pub with good beers and a discount for CAMRA members.

12 Oct 2014 11:34

The Shakespeare Tavern, Durham

Rather quiet when I went in just after noon. Decent pint of Deuchars but a swift pint was sufficient.

12 Oct 2014 11:31

The Half Moon, Durham

Nice pint of draught Bass for only £2.60. I paid £3.80 for Bass in the Express Tavern in Kew.

Good pub.

12 Oct 2014 11:29

Dun Cow, Durham

Nice, friendly place with decent ales. Home made corned beef pie was tasty.

12 Oct 2014 11:20

The Steamboat, South Shields

Fine selection of ales. Either full of character or a bit scruffy depending on your point of view.

Takes a bit of finding if you do not know the area. Head for custom house.

12 Oct 2014 11:17

Alum Ale House, South Shields

Handy for ferry and decent ales.

12 Oct 2014 11:14

The Newcastle Arms, Newcastle

Few customers on a Thursday lunch time - Spanish tourists and two other locals - so lacking atmosphere.

12 Oct 2014 11:06

The Half Moon, Stepney Green

Gents toilets were perfectly sound on my visit too. Clean and not smelly.

28 Jul 2014 18:08

The Half Moon, Stepney Green


Nobody at the bar if you come in the proper entrance; but customers soon point you towards the back bar.

Decent pint of Adnams at £2.60. Not as cheap as some suburban Wetherspoons but better than the City. Also had Thatchers cider - part of their cider festival.

Customers seemed to be proper old school Brits, which was different to the prevailing "teetotal" ethnicity on the streets.

28 Jul 2014 18:04

Hogsmill Tavern, Worcester Park

Very nice carvery meals. Carvery very popular on weekends. Great meal for not much money.

Pride and Youngs Ordinary for less than £3 a pint.

7 Jul 2014 12:24

Corryvreckan, Oban

New in January 2014 apparently. A cavernous Wetherspoon in a prominent position by the ferry pier.

Always busy, but with a lot of people eating food and tables reserved for that purpose. Nice pint of Deuchars when I visited. They also had Ardbeg 10 year old @ £1.99.

Also handy if you are killing time waiting for a train from the nearby Oban station.

1 Jul 2014 10:05

Edward Wylie, Glasgow

Handy for the city centre. Had a couple of fine Isle of Skye ales while en route to catch a train from Glasgow Central.

19 Jun 2014 10:13

The State Bar, Glasgow

Nice old style pub with a good selection of ales.

It is just across from Henglers Circus which is a very good Wetherspoons. So it must be difficult to compete on price when Wetherspoons have real ales at £2.35. State has comedy and music though and many just prefer a proper pub anyway.

19 Jun 2014 09:58

Tennents Bar, Glasgow

Good selection of well kept real ales at reasonable prices. I stuck to the Scottish ones. Good service. Roomy pub in a prominent corner site in The West End.

One of my favourites, along with the Pot Still in the city centre. Better than Babbity Bowster Bon Accord and The State for comparison.

19 Jun 2014 09:51

The Bon Accord, Glasgow

Deuchars £3.50 a pint. Maybe I was a bit harsh on Babbity Bowster pricing.

£3.50 would not raise an eyebrow in London but we know there are far cheaper options in the city of Glasgow.

16 Jun 2014 00:37

The Society Rooms, Glasgow

Telly too loud on a Saturday night.

Also ale selection limited.

16 Jun 2014 00:31

Sir John Moore, Glasgow

If I was the manager I would sack the dark haired teenage barmaid with the pony tail/ Croydon facelift. Manners are important and bad attitude are a complete no no. Sunday
June 15th.

Taller glass collector with the brown pony tail/ Croydon facelift removed a half pint in the few minutes I was in the toilet. At least she did not speak - not even to offer an apology.

Older blonde barmaid and other staff were fine. Alloa beers were very good too.

16 Jun 2014 00:29

Sir John Moore, Glasgow

If I was the manager I would sack the dark haired teenage barmaid with the pony tail/ Croydon facelift. Manners are important and bad attitude are a complete no no. Sunday
June 15th.

Taller glass collector with the brown pony tail/ Croydon facelift removed a half pint in the few minutes I was in the toilet. At least she did not speak - not even to offer an apology.

Older blonde barmaid and other staff were fine. Alloa beers were very good too.

16 Jun 2014 00:29

Counting House, Glasgow

Good big Scottish breakfast. Though I could not eat all the Lorne sausage. Good staff.

Nice interior in the pub too.

16 Jun 2014 00:20

Hengler's Circus, Glasgow

The best of the four Glasgow Wetherspoons I tried.

Probably all down to staff and ambience.

Despite being in Sauchiehall Street it was not impersonal. Bar staff were very good. Beer was well kept.

16 Jun 2014 00:16

The Pot Still, Glasgow

IPA @ £2.50. Lots of whiskies. Characterful pub. Well worth a visit.

15 Jun 2014 18:33

The Babbity Bowster, Glasgow

Pricy for Glasgow I thought. £3.55 for a pint of Deuchars which was admittedly well kept. Lots of Glasgow pubs are cheaper £2.50 a pint of IPA in the Pot Still for example.

Might be good craic at the right time but I thought it was a bit average

15 Jun 2014 18:22

The Cap in Hand, Hook

Good range of well kept local ales from £2.15 a pint. Clean. Good staff. Fairly easy to get served - even when busy. One of the better Wetherspoons.

12 Nov 2013 13:53

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

I remember this place in earlier decades, when I used to dash across from the City for a lunchtime away from the bustle. Always had interesting ales and good doorstep sandwiches. A fine old school boozer.

Now it is just another venue in trendy Borough Market. Youngs Ordinary £3.76 a pint, a packet of crisps £2. No dartboard but a new drinking area to one side of the pub.

12 Nov 2013 13:38

The Windsor Castle, Carshalton

A lively pub. There was a beer festival on and a band in the evening. Lovely garden area up some steps. I would return.

26 May 2013 12:18

The Hope, Carshalton

A splendid pub. Great ales. Surprisingly good cooked meals for under £6 and plenty of space at the back of the pub when they have a beer festival.

I also love the fact that it is a cooperatively owned pub in the age of pubcos.

26 May 2013 12:10

The Fox, Hanwell

Barman tried to give me change for a tenner not £20. No apology when I challenged him.

Packed because of the bank holiday beer festival and cold weather.

However, the pub is in an interesting little area and warrants a return visit.

30 Mar 2013 13:43

The Whistle and Flute, Putney

Has sport on TV and music in the background. A younger person's pub. Also has Fuller's ales. Would not be my first choiceof pub in Putney but it is OK.

24 Feb 2013 19:22

The Cat's Back, Wandsworth

Newish Harvey's venture in an area given over to new upmarket flats and commercial premises. Busy on a cold Friday night but we got a seat OK. Friendly service. Beer quality could be better but may improve over time.

Clientele were young well-heeled types - apart from us! No CAMRA beardies.

Handy for Princess Adelaide and another pub (Hop Pole?)if you wanted to visit several pubs. Would definitely return.

23 Feb 2013 01:30

The City Retreat, Holborn

Boarded up.

Last Resort next door also closed but that seems to be reopening in February. No notice regarding City Retreat though and every bit was fully boarded up.

9 Jan 2013 16:10

The Crosse Keys, Bank

Splendidly finished Wetherspoon with lots of ales choices. Great if you visit during working hours when it is not too crowded.

6 Dec 2012 14:28

The New Moon, Bank

Cellar bar for private functions is very good. Prefer to have ales other than Greene King though

6 Dec 2012 14:23

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Always has good ales on and festivals are very good. Live music from time to time and well run. Yes I would agree that it is the best of Kingston's pubs though you will need to walk the back streets to get to it.

6 Dec 2012 14:20

The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

Bass is fine in this pub. Pub itself is clean and not too busy when I have visited. Make your own atmosphere. A proper pub though.

6 Dec 2012 14:15

The Ape and Apple, Manchester

Large central pub with cheap and excellent quality Holt's ales. Visited on two lunch times over the bank holiday. Quiet and customers were older gents. One sat in the same spot reading his newspaper did not even say a word to get another pint in. Scotsman in a wheelchair in the same spot too. Another old chancer was selling cheap cigarettes from a large holdall. Trade was not brisk though.

I would use this pub if I lived locally. Excellent quality beer for the price.

30 Aug 2012 15:34

The Rocket , Putney

I do not understand the comments on here.

The Rocket is nicely furnished with a great view onto the river from the dining area.

It always has a good selection of ales. The food is fine if you are a bit peckish and they bring you beers to your table if you are eating in the dining area.

Clientele is OK too. The alkies do not use this Wetherspoon for whatever reason.

I have always found the staff pretty helpful too.

11 Jul 2012 12:23

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

One of the good Wetherspoons.

Very clean, good prices, good service, customers well behaved even on Derby weekend.

Some of us remember the days when you could not get in to a pub in Epsom on Derby Day; they all closed for 'private parties'.

For Wetherspoon to sell very good quality ales for �3 a pint on Derby Day they deserve praise.

3 Jun 2012 07:38

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Not been in since the old guvnor left. I had feared the worst.

However, I am happy to report it still has a fine selection of ales in good condition. Good service. Also a bit tidier than it used to be.

Definitely worth the effort to seek it out.

19 Dec 2011 14:30

The Brewery Tap, Brentford

OK pub. Fullers in good condition.

For a place that is not particularly busy, service is on the slow side.

Magpie and Crown is a better bet.

19 Dec 2011 14:24

The Bonesgate, Chessington

This pub is now called the Sir William Bourne.

On a sunny Derby weekend visit it was fairly busy.

Drinks were inexpensive. Food offers looked good. Close to Wetherspoons on cost but much cleaner than a Wetherspoon. Outdoor garden well kept. Good for kids.

There is darts and pool and a big TV at one end inside.

Customers? Proles - close cut hair, gold chains etc. but not belligerent or aggressive.

OK for a drink though not a place I would seek out.

4 Jun 2011 18:55

The Crown Inn, Oxford

I liked this place. Brakspear was in very good condition and it was nice refuge from Cornmarket crowds.

16 Apr 2011 13:26

The Kings Arms, Oxford

Youngs Ordinary was fine. Not very lively late afternoon though. I prefer the Turf.

16 Apr 2011 13:23

The White Horse, Oxford

I prefer other pubs in the area. Problems with beer pumps when I was in.

16 Apr 2011 13:22

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

Pleasant. Busier and better prices than Eagle and Child across the road.

16 Apr 2011 13:20

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

One of the best central pubs in Oxford. Their house brew Summer ale was in good condition and garden was pleasant if you could get a table.

16 Apr 2011 13:18

The Four Candles, Oxford

Slow service late afternoon though lots of staff were around. Clean.

16 Apr 2011 13:16

The Bear, Oxford

Expensive pint of Chiswick.

16 Apr 2011 13:14

The Sir John Oldcastle, Farringdon

OK. Clean and you usually get served promptly.

However not particularly cheap compared to suburban Wetherspoon. Pint of London Pride �3.05.

16 Jan 2011 21:41

The Rocket , Putney

Great location. Clean. Good service. Prices a bit more expensive than other Wetherspoons but it is less hassle getting served and not at all scruffy. Low lifes do not come here to drink.
If you do not like the draught ales there is a good selection of bottled beers.

11 Nov 2010 18:02

The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

Big town centre Wetherspoon. So it gets a lot of trade and often there are not enough staff to cope. So it can mean waits for service at the bar and uncleared tables.

Once night time approaches it fills with youngsters having a drink before going to the night club across the road. Bouncers on the door, music etc.

You can see in through the windows and judge whether or not to pop in. There are better Wetherspoons though.

11 Nov 2010 13:27

The Coronation Hall, Surbiton

Very conveniently situated for rail and buses. Very high ceiling. Small upstairs area at the back. Clean.

Have a beer festival on at the moment, so more ales than usual; but they usually have a few decent beers. Food - fine inexpensive meals . Staff good too.

Far better than the Kingston Wetherspoon.

Atmosphere depends on what time and day you visit and where you sit.

11 Nov 2010 13:17

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

As someone who regularly uses the Bricklayers I would have to agree with the landlady about plastic glasses.

The pub is jam packed on match days. Despite that, most people are good natured and Fulham fans and away fans usually enjoy their drinks with no trouble.

If the poster had waited he would have noticed that glasses are used again later in the evening.

The Bricklayers is one of the great pubs in London.

26 Oct 2010 14:37

The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell

They care about their ales here and the food is good if you want a meal.

First bar and raised area are fine; but I am not too keen on the area at the back of the pub, it lacks atmosphere.

Seems a popular after work venue too.

26 Oct 2010 14:24

The Auld Triangle, Finsbury Park

Good, inexpensive pint of Guinness served.

Lively, traditional Irish music session on Sunday nights.

26 Oct 2010 14:15

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Sad news is it closed tonight due to rent increase.

One of the great pubs in London. Magnificent range of ales and beers.

27 Oct 2009 00:57

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

I am not too bothered about prices. The �3 pint is fairly commonplace now. Get used to it, or drink in Wetherspoons if you really object.

Bricklayers is still a unique little pub with great character.

Yorkshire beer fest was excellent. Seats were available on the Thursday. Glasses from Battersea beer fest were being used. Deposit was only �1 compared to �2 at Battersea and no entrance fee. So price-conscious types take note of that.

1 Mar 2009 13:05

The Masque Haunt, Old Street

Cheap prices considering proximity to The City.

Attracts all day drinkers from local estates.

When I worked nearby, there was a man in a wheelchair often seated outside with his pals drinking.and smoking. When I came out at lunchtime they were still there.

Artillery down the road is a better pub but a bit dearer.

1 Mar 2009 12:50

White Lion Of Mortimer, Finsbury Park

As Wetherspoons go, this is one of the best.

Usual range of beers and food.

It is not too difficult to get served. The customers are not the real hard case career drinkers and you can usually get a seat.

So, an inexpensive place to visit. It is not a great barn either and surroundings are pleasant.

They even had the rugby on TV during the Six Nations. You could watch or sit in a different area of the pub and not be disturbed. Not excessively busy after an Arsenal home game either - despite proximity to Finsbury Park tube station.

1 Mar 2009 12:40

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Cumbrian ale festival was very good indeed. Good cooperation between CAMRA and the pub.

So much nicer to be in a great pub like this, rather than some dreadful hall.

17 Sep 2008 14:00

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Great pub. Good beer festivals from time to time.

5 Jul 2008 19:19

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Best pub in Brentford. Great ales.

5 Jul 2008 19:16

The Blythe Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Huge garden at the back.

In full bloom with plenty of seating. No side access so people may not be aware of this.

Plenty of character - a proper pub.

5 Jul 2008 19:14

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