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Comments by Arbitarily_down_the_pan

The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

Twice ? To wit ?

28 Oct 2012 16:08

The George and Pilgrim, Glastonbury

What about the singing landlady?! STUNNING. Top girl! More karaoke asap!

2 Jul 2012 14:00

The Riflemans Arms, Glastonbury

Hello legspin, I always like and trust your reviews. I think you a very polite sort of person. What I think is that the recession certainly doesn't help, but the staff and management are incredibly useless, rude, bone idle and as usual these days, absent. That's the main reason it's empty. Don't worry, I expect they will be gone soon enough.

26 Dec 2011 10:58

The King's Head, Wells

The_Heavy_Fandango, Fine_Ale_Arbiter etc etc etc etc etc is (not are) so quiet...How about if I prod him by pointing out that he has spelled potholer...poholer ?

3 Dec 2011 16:38

The Riflemans Arms, Glastonbury

Useless, ruined in record time! Next!

17 Nov 2011 11:31

The King William Inn, Glastonbury

Hey It's Heavy Malcom again !

18 Aug 2011 12:04

The George and Pilgrim, Glastonbury

Yes Malcom.

19 Jul 2011 22:13

The George and Pilgrim, Glastonbury

Yes, libelous yob. How could I forget your extraordinary literacy ? Remember readers, you will now see Fine_Ale_Arbiter and ReinnCarnation mysteriously agreeing with each other, always liking the King William, and slagging off nearly everywhere else...Just like The_Final_Arbiter and Dr_Pangloss did. PS, it was not me that requested your removal last time, (it really wasn't) although I certainly thought about it a lot and enjoyed it when you were "both "struck off. You're about 70 aren't you ? Aren't you a bit old for all this trouble making you seemed to be obsessed with ?

12 Jul 2011 13:07

The George and Pilgrim, Glastonbury

I get the feeling that Fine_Ale_Arbiter, ReinnCarnation are just the same old slanderous yob again.....The bitters are not particularly cold.

11 Jul 2011 17:36

The Crown Inn, Churchill

Quite, crowed on a Sunday luntime must be awful !

31 May 2011 17:01

The George and Pilgrim, Glastonbury

Groan, I wondered if that was him back from the dead.....but who is this GodLover who thinks all pubs are great ? That's not you as well is it !?

30 May 2011 14:34

The Unity Club, Street

"no" should have been No and "its" should have been It's.....

30 May 2011 13:04

The Royal Oak, Walton

"Their" should be "there", and a few commas here and there would be nice.....

30 May 2011 13:03

The Who'd A Thought It, Glastonbury

Idoits and wasterers A ? Thats should be that's.....Well done !

30 May 2011 13:00

The George and Pilgrim, Glastonbury

Why does Relaxinnz consistently take the nearest monkeys off the street to run the George and Pilgrim ? Lisa so far has been the only one to do it properly, and these geniuses got rid of her.

26 May 2011 11:27

The King William Inn, Glastonbury

What a great day for great beer, and FRESH AIR !

17 Apr 2011 11:34

The Masons Arms, Warminster

Whenever I'm anywhere near Warminster, will definitely visit this pub.

17 Apr 2011 07:47

The King William Inn, Glastonbury

Yep, this pub is definitely OK, better than ever !

17 Apr 2011 07:44

The King William Inn, Glastonbury

Well good thanks. I can breathe

16 Apr 2011 23:44

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