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BITE user comments - AndrewC

Comments by AndrewC

Saracens Head, Lymm

The food here is shocking. It is �5 for a starter, main or dessert. We just had a main course each, I had fish and chips. The chips weren't cooked properly, the fish was tasteless and the mushy peas tasted powdery. My son had fish fingers that looked like they had been under a 100 watt bulb for a few hours, some very perculiar looking mash that was very dry and illuminous green peas that for some reason were solid when cut in half - like they were made of solid plastic. He is 16 months old and normally eats anything but even he wouldn't touch his food. My wife had a burger and chips and the burger looked very odd. We didn't finish our food and it was starting to make me feel sick. The interior is quite tatty and the outdoor play area is OK for kids but could do with tidying up. My wife complained about the food and the manager robustly defended the quality of the food but we just weren't convinced and on spekaing to some people outside they thought the same about the low quality. We won't be recommending it or going back.

31 Mar 2009 15:55

The Village, Altrincham

Now shut - re-opened as Opulence. Apparently "the only bar outside London to offer Cristal and Krug by the glass". Seemed a bit cramped and cheesy to me.

17 May 2007 17:15

The Victoria, Altrincham

Was funny to go in after it just opened to find a couple of scallies in there complete with baseball cap and tracksuits! I don't think they realised that it is only the Victoria in name now, which is odd as it will have to try to remove that old reputation.

It's aiming to be more of an upmarket-ish restaurant I think although there is a bar seating area still to the right as you go in. The decor is nice and the food is good, can't remember the prices but I remember the menu was a bit limited in terms of the basic english dishes. Very good friendly service. Unfortunately I am a smoker so won't be going back as it has a *no smoking* policy.

Recommended for non smokers. The tables outside look a bit Tesco Value.

18 Aug 2006 15:32

Manhattan Bar and Grill, Altrincham

The food here is terrible, the service is good though. I used to come here quite often when it was Clarins and had just opened, the piano playing and live music at the weekends was fantastic, as a restaurant it was really good value in that it served up really good food. It's such a shame they have decided to turn it into a burger joint - it used to be such a nice bar/restaurant with proper food, not this frozen tasteless rubbish. The floor looked like it hadn't seen a mop for a while.

18 Aug 2006 15:12

Barracuda Bar, Altrincham

It's nicely furnished inside, just a shame that it's a magnet for the scallies and ne'er do wells.

Had some food in here on the afternoon of Sunday 6 August 2006. The food itself was OK, but the young lad serving us was coughing openly, there was only one person on, and he wasn't polite either. We managed to get a table in the corner away from the scallies (adult and young). The table was sticky - usual moan here about not cleaning or clearing tables. Then a group of young men came in and sat in a corner, why do people thinking it's acceptable to yelp and holler randomly in a pub? We left and won't go back here again.

18 Aug 2006 15:08

The George and Dragon, Altrincham

(I know I shouldn't smoke) I find it annoying that I now have to sit in the crappy end where there are about 5 tables crammed in, it isn't comfortable sitting there, the dart board is a waste of space, you could get a few more tables in there. There seems to have been a reduction in seats throughout - consider the amount of space taken by the pool table and dart board. The service hasn't improved much. Nice refurb though and the restaurant looks nice.

3 Aug 2006 11:26

Oasis Bar, Castlemilk

Set in this truly God forsaken town of high unemployment crime and whatever is bad in society, an extraordinary place. If you are an alcoholic it truly is an Oasis. The clientelle would not even know what a PC is and have probably never heard of the internet, so my comments are safe and that the regulars would never have the opportunity to read this.

I had the fortune to vist this place twice when visiting a relative. As the only watering hole in walking distance of Castlemilk that I know of. I am English and I could not make a word of what anyone was saying apart from "f*ck" and "c*nt", which was heard quite often.

A real dive, ash trays are not used as the tables serve as ash trays and take on a walnut appearance due to the large number of fag burns on them. The barmaid saw that we were not local and gave us special treatment so cleaned our seats by using a broom to sweep them, then swept the table, then the floor.

The bottom line is this: if you are life long ambition is to pickle your liver and are looking for other like minded people who swear a lot and have never been sober then come here. Worth a visit for the circus factor - but very scary if you went in on your own - remember that scene from trainspotting when the american tourist got a kicking? Well that was a posh place by comparison! (Rated only for tourist circus value)

6 May 2005 17:50

The Place, Altrincham

Avoid. Scruffy place that's well past it, caters mainly for those who 'bus it in' to Alty at the weekend - if you know what I mean. I cannot see why anyone would want to go there, scally or gentleman.

6 May 2005 13:46

Belgian Bar, Altrincham

A pub you have to book a seat in advance for. What's all that about? Is OK if you like that sort of thing - is more of a beer tasting place than anything because of the fact you need to book a table in advance. I don't mind in a restaurant but not a pub.

6 May 2005 13:43

The Victoria, Altrincham

Inevitably has closed down and now boarded up.

6 May 2005 13:39

The George and Dragon, Altrincham

Smoking policy changed and it's like old times.

15 Apr 2005 11:12

The George and Dragon, Altrincham

I considered myself a regular in this place (3+ visits a week and 50 seconds from my house) - see previous comment from me - not any more.

I find it funny that while it was shut for those three weeks we went to other pubs a bit further away and found them to be better. So moved our custom.

Not worth going to anymore, even for a cheeky mid-week drink. Go to the Orange Tree or Wheatsheaf across the road instead, far nicer.

The 'refurbishment' that took three weeks consisted of a slight change to the bar, and brighter light bulbs throughout. The problem with this is that it now shows all the dirt and wear I couldn't see before. The whole pub needed gutting it really is looking quite tatty now.

Also they have made half the pub non-smoking. So the smoking side is now a grungy bit where the pool table used to be, I'm not sitting there.

2 Dec 2004 13:09

Manhattan Bar and Grill, Altrincham

The fixed price menu in here is good, so take the missus out for a decent meal and you'll end up spending less than �16 each including drinks - until 7pm if memory serves. Still wouldn't go here just for a drink though after my last experience of paying with switch, see below.

2 Dec 2004 12:44

Jamfish, Altrincham

After my compaint about the fiver for entry we decided to visit again, it is free entry before 10pm.

Even so I received RUBBISH service. I took the missus here on the evening of Friday 26th November. I set up a tab and we sat in the window - they have redone the bar area so at least you can sit down in comfort and have a drink now.

I went to get another round in but the dopey barmaids were so useless at spotting me at the end of the bar waving my hands to get their attention (it wasn't busy). After 8 minutes I managed to get the attention of one of them so took this opportunity to pay and leave. I dare say I shall not be returning soon. Well done Jamfish for turning away a customer - it's you that's losing out not me.

2 Dec 2004 12:39

The Malt Shovells, Altrincham

Well worth a visit for a quiet drink in a proper pub - clean and well maintained.

Took the missus here on the evening of Saturday 27th November. Was a nice pleasant drink. All the drinks are Samuel Smith's own brand and I went for Ayingerbrau, pint for me and a half for her. �1.55 a pint! I wouldn't used the word 'cheap' - I would say 'good value'. It was a really nice lager, the pub was very clean and pleasant. It's not rowdy and I was made welcome. 'Market Dave' (those who live in Alty will know who I'm on about) tried to sell me a watch! The first time I had spoken to him.

2 Dec 2004 12:22

The Slug and Lettuce, Altrincham

I was in here on the evening of Friday 26 Nov 2004, I ordered a pint of Fosters and a glass of medium white wine. �6.40!!! Absoutely disgusting, I asked the barmaid if she had put it through the till correctly.

Having paid this amount of money I would have expected a clean table and clean ashtray, but instead after I had finished my pint, the pot lad came past and swiped it away as soon as I had put it down, while the ash tray was left full and an old glass was on the table for the duration of our visit.

Never going there again, there is no draw and especially at those prices - who do they think their market base is with those prices and poor surroundings/service. My advice is ***AVOID*** until someone sorts out the pricing policy and service.

2 Dec 2004 12:14

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