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Comments by AnchormanMike

The Luttrell Arms, Dunster

Not one for the lads, a bit too posh for us, that said it has a great selection of ales and the ones we had were well kept. If you are 60 years old and taking your wife out for a quiet meal this place will hit the spot, if your on a session with the boys, I suggest you walk (or get a Cab) into Minehead

16 Feb 2016 17:00

Stones, Minehead

Modern and clean, but if you are looking for cheap beer then stay away form this one, it was nearly double the price for the same round as it was in the Wetherspoons down the road. Look, this is a lovely place to take the wife, but if you are out with the lads then maybe somewhere like the Queens would be better (certainly cheaper). All that said, we did stay there for a couple of hours and the beer was well kept and a decent selection

16 Feb 2016 16:58

The Quay, Minehead

This pub certainly is not closed now, it is very much open and what a great pub it is, we loved it, we ended up spending all afternoon playing pool here. Okay it was a bit quiet but it was in February, the beer is kept well, it is certainly worth walking straight past the hobby horse to get to this, just on your way to the Old Ship Aground!

16 Feb 2016 16:52

Old Ship Aground, Minehead

Just had one of our jollies in Minehead, we missed this pub last time so headed straight for it when we arrived and boy are we glad we did, this is a great pub and worth the short walk to from the town centre, friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere, not the best selection of beers, but enough to keep us there for a few hours

16 Feb 2016 16:48

The Royal Clarence Hotel, Burnham on Sea

Oh dear, oh dear, if you are familiar with the saying "don't go back to the Well" I am afraid it applies here. They have converted this into a hotel and only had a small bar for the public around the back, which looked very temporary - what a shame. This was back in November 15 and I think they had just done the alterations, I believe it may have improved slightly since then, I am going back in March so will have a look. Sadly this is no longer the best pub in Burnham, there are plenty of better ones like the railway or the Victoria

16 Feb 2016 16:29

The Old Pier Tavern, Burnham on Sea

What has happened to this place, loved it a couple of years ago, went there late in 2015 and it is like a different pub, the only real ale they had was in bottles, the John Smiths tasted off, we drank our beer and swiftly moved on to another pub

16 Feb 2016 16:18

The Queens Head Hotel, Minehead

Bigger than it looks from the outside, large games area with pool tables, they serve a decent pint, I will be back next time in Minehead

18 Dec 2015 15:22

Hobby Horse Inn, Minehead

In my opinion this is not the best pub in town, it seemed to lack any atmosphere, felt more like a bland church hall than a pub, only stayed for the one as my pint was not that good, sorry guys, I am a pub lover and respect and appreciate anyone who keeps our pubs going, I am not that fussy but this one was just not for me

18 Dec 2015 15:16

The Hairy Dog, Minehead

Not sure why last post gave only 2 out of 10 purely on the basis the kitchen was closed. We loved this pub, very clean, the staff friendly and it had a pool table that put most others to shame, the beer was good too. I guess if you are hungry and it is late in the day then this one may not be for you, if you want a decent pint in a nice pub, then give it a visit

18 Dec 2015 15:11

The Duke of Wellington, Minehead

Its a Wetherspoons, what more can I say, the beer is cheap, the place was clean the staff friendly, beats being at work, happy days

18 Dec 2015 15:05

Britannia In, Minehead

Great little pub tucked away up a side street, well worth hunting it down, very friendly landlord, nice garden and beer was great. A bit quiet but that's not a bad thing and it was a Thursday morning. Going back to Minehead in February and intend to spend some time in this boozer

18 Dec 2015 15:02

The Queens Head, Stratford Upon Avon

On our annual boys jolly to Stratford in July 2015, we spent a lot of time in this pub, good old fashion landlord who kept his beers in good condition and made us very welcome. We will be back for more next year

6 Aug 2015 16:50

The White Hart, Weymouth

Liked this pub, beer was good and reasonably priced, friendly enough staff, was fairly busy when we called so I assume this is a popular pub

28 Jan 2015 17:38

The Ship Inn, Weymouth

A bit fancy for my liking, beer fairly expensive. That said, clean and friendly and will certainly pop back again

28 Jan 2015 17:23

The Market House, Weymouth

We really liked this pub, beer well kept, friendly staff, quite simply a pleasure to spend time in. Did not notice an issue with smoke wafting in, but we were playing pool only stopping between frames to smoke by the door

28 Jan 2015 17:21

The Kings Arms, Weymouth

Went to this pub in Oct 14, on a road trip and stopped in Weymouth for a pub crawl. This was second pub we did and was not good. I am certainly not OCD but this pub was not clean, the seats smelt dank. The beer was a bit flat, there are loads of pubs in this town, and no reason I can see to use this one

28 Jan 2015 17:16

The Spinning Wheel Inn, Paignton

Bit surprised at the last few reviews, I thought this was a pretty decent pub, I certainly did not see any drug taking, conversely there where a few families in there when I went. The beer was good as was the service. Position is good, I will be back in February when I am in the area again

21 Jan 2015 12:36

Lime Tree, Paignton

Bit of a spit and sawdust type pub, pretty empty and being so big felt like we ere the only ones in there. Staff friendly enough but the few customers in there did look a bit rough (as did we possible), we only stayed for the 1 pint, but the pint I had was good

21 Jan 2015 12:33

The Windmill, Stratford Upon Avon

This is a great pub, if you like to start early you can get a beer and cooked breakfast for about £3.50, nice little garden area and the friendliest staff in Stratford, Landlady (or I assume she was) happily let us sample a couple of the beers before we bought one. We go to Stratford every July and do every pub, we spent more time in this one than any other (July 14) and I suspect will do so again in July 15. Is this the best pub in town? Possibly

15 Jan 2015 13:41

The Rose And Crown, Stratford Upon Avon

Been to Stratford every July for past many years, always spent a lot of time in this pub as pretty good for watching sport, used to play pool in the outbuildings in the garden but they have shut them now. Still always call in for a couple but we now prefer some of the other pubs in town, we did eat in here once, don't think would do that again, waited about an hour and when it arrived it was cold. Friendly enough staff and beer always been okay, it's just not great

15 Jan 2015 13:36

The Red Lion, Stratford Upon Avon

I thought the beer was pretty good, but then I love Tetley's, last comment is spot on, it feels like a pub chain, I have been a few times, and it is pleasant enough, one big plus is it does have a very large garden, so if the sun is shining it's a pretty good place to be

15 Jan 2015 13:29

The Bicton Inn, Exmouth

Well worth a visit, a little bit off the beaten track, we stumbled upon this at the latter end of a pub crawl, they had a folk night which was excellent. Great atmosphere, nice people both customers and staff, will be back next time we are in Exmouth

31 Dec 2014 10:44

The Grove, Exmouth

Have to agree this is an expensive pub for a pint and I was not that impressed with the selection of beers, had the Guinness as didn't have anything else I like, but I am a bit fussy as I don't like Larger or real ales, so limited to the fizzy beers like John Smiths, Tetley, Worthington's etc... That said it was a nice pub, somewhere you can take the wife and it does have a very nice outside seating area. Maybe just a bit upmarket for my taste, but if you want a pleasant pub with no louts and no trouble, this would be ideal.

31 Dec 2014 10:39

Bath House, Exmouth

This is a very good pub, no issues with the beer, indeed I thought it was great, I love an IPA. Nice clean pub with a good outside seating area opposite the beach, I have drunk in virtually every pub in Exmouth and this is as good as any, and certainly better than some

31 Dec 2014 10:33

The New Bulls Head, Stratford Upon Avon

Went to this pub in July 14 on our annual visit to stratford. We make a point of going to every pub, in truth it is all we do, basically just a boys jolly, we loved this pub, a bit off the beaten track but worth hunting it out. I have met friendlier bar staff, and we were asked to stop playing pool, as the World Cup was being shown, bit rude as only 2 people watching this match and we did not block tv. That said we went back the next morning,

26 Dec 2014 11:12

The Dirty Duck, Stratford Upon Avon

We go to stratford every July, have always given this pub a miss as We expected it to be a bit poncey for us, but don't be fooled, this is a great little pub, the beer was really well kept, service was excellent, not sure I can find any faults, will be back again next July,

26 Dec 2014 11:04

The Cross Keys, Stratford Upon Avon

Went there July 2013. Nice enough boozer, not somewhere I would take the wife, the beer was not great, I had the John Smiths it was just about okay, there are a lot of better pubs to choose from in town, We go every July to Stratford for 4 days of drinking worked around the British Grand Prix, I suspect we will end up here at some point next year, but only for one or two

26 Dec 2014 10:58

The New Inn, Kewstoke

WOW, loved this pub, came across it by accident as saw it from the bus when returning to campsite after a day of drinking in Weston, luckily the bus stopped outside so we got off and went in the pub. This is a locals pub but we were made to feel welcome, the beer was great ended up staying until fairly late. Sadly got lost in the country lanes afterwards, walked around for hours in the pitch dark, but that's another story

23 Dec 2014 11:35

Victoria Hotel, Burnham on Sea

Surprised there are no reviews on this pub, it is a cracking little boozer, has two separate bars, will certainly go back next time in Burnham

22 Dec 2014 10:20

The Nelson Hotel, Littlehampton

On a recent visit with my drinking buddy to Littlehampton, we went to all the pubs we could find, sadly does not seem to be that many left open, of all the pubs we went to this was by far our least favourite, potentially the worst we have been to for a long time. Ordered 2 pints of Guinness, which cost nearly 8 quid, and it tasted like sour battery acid, we went back to the bar to change it but the barmaid seemed to have vanished. We waited a good few minutes and then just walked out. Certainly won't be going back again.

19 Dec 2014 12:39

Exmouth Arms, Exmouth

On a recent visit to Exmouth with my drinking buddy, we tried to do all the pubs in town, although didn't quite manage them all. This is a great pub, everything you want from a boozer, nor sure I would take my wife there, but for a few beers with your mates there is not much better around. Taking the motor home out for a road trip early next year and have Exmouth as one of our stops, I will certainly be back to this pub.

19 Dec 2014 12:14

The Railway Inn, Burnham on Sea

On a recent visit to Burnham with my drinking buddy we did all the pubs in town, really liked this one, the beer was very cheap and the staff very friendly, even though it was early afternoon there were a fair few people in there and the atmosphere was good. All round a decent little pub, we will be back

19 Dec 2014 12:10

The Rosewood, Burnham on Sea

On a recent visit to Burnham with my drinking buddy we did all the pubs in town, this one is Just a little bit outside of the centre and is a hungry horse pub. The pub itself is pleasant. Granted it was fairly early in the day, but when we arrived there was only 1 young lad behind the bar and he was on the phone. Had to wait for a few minutes whilst he finished his call. I asked if he had pulled any John Smiths yet that morning and he confirmed he had not, I asked if he could but was told it was company policy that he was not allowed.. Not a good answer, most pubs more than happy to pull through the first pint of the day. That said the pint did taste fine and the pub was very comfortable, although we did not stay for a second.

19 Dec 2014 12:08

The Royal Clarence Hotel, Burnham on Sea

Having done all the pubs in Burnham on a recent visit with me drinking buddy, we liked this one the best, the beer was very cheap and we played pool for free as they were doing some sort of mid-week promotion. Although it was early in the day, there were a few people the pub, the bar staff were very friendly and eager to please. It may be a little rough around the edges for some, but we loved it, will certainly be back next time in Burnham

19 Dec 2014 12:00

The Dunstan House Inn, Burnham on Sea

Visited Burnham recently with my drinking buddy and did all the pubs, found this one to be pretty good, although it was early in the day and fairly empty, so no real atmosphere, I very much liked the Eagle Bitter on draught, and despite being on a pub crawl did stay for a 2nd. Overall a nice clean and comfortable pub

19 Dec 2014 11:55

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