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Tribeca / Bed, Manchester

Too pricey for beers... BUT apart from that, it's one of the best bars in Manc... something for everyone and the music's usually OK!! Great location and a buzzin friendly crowd....... great place to meet - or end up. I go there at least once a week... oh and they do �5 house bottles of wine in happy hour!! See ya there...

28 Sep 2006 00:39

Kro 2, Manchester

Fashion police?? I work at KRO2 and we have a very relaxed door policy [i.e. jeans, trainers, T shirts are fine!!]. I'm biased cos I work there BUT the place is pretty much spot on. Huge selection of lagers on tap, usually 3-5 bitters and loads of bottles beers. The wine list is regularly refreshed and there's a huge choice of spirits.
Food... the vast majority of dishes are home made and good quality. I eat there a lot when not even working, as do plenty of my mates. The food is far better than most bars, good value and is served til 10pm every night. There is also a very tasty restaurant menu and the new head chef has recently added some delicious new dishes.

Try it out... beers / coffess / cakes / 3 course meals ... you can even sit outside when it's p*ssing down cos of the outside heaters...

28 Sep 2006 00:35

Atlas Bar, Deansgate

NO ONE has mentioned the amazing terrace at the back... it's a proper cool retreat with loads of cool plants and stuff! The music is WICKED and there are less Deansgate Locks tossers there, even though it's almost opposite the Locks. Great to chill or meet or as a pre-club bar... [bad points - beer choice on tap is expensive and crap; go to the Knott Bar for better beer and the food is OK but well pricey...]. Over all though a mint location for a warm afternoon or evening...

28 Sep 2006 00:20

Dukes 92, Castlefield

Sept 2006: I can say that this is one of my top bars in Manc - but let me tell you the bad points first: service could be more professional [but who cares once you've got ya beer]; it's crap when it's quiet; beer and soft drinks are far too expensive; bread and cheese is great but not now it's �5.50...

PLUS POINTS: no kidding, the best lemonade in Manc [great for hangovers on a hot day!!]. Canalside location in a pretty peaceful bit of Castlefield. Massive terrace with loads of tables [get there B4 1pm on a hot day]. The new pizza menu is ace - try sharing a huge pizza board with a mate!! Yum!!! The bar itself and building have got tons of character - not like the places on Deansgate Locks!! Great for people watching [i.e. laughing at overly trendy types with stupid hair and bad clothes]. Pop down on a warm day next year and see for yourself.

28 Sep 2006 00:16

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