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BITE user comments - Alain

Comments by Alain

Royal Saracens Head, Beaconsfield

*****NOW CLOSED DOWN****** (Thank God!)

12 Jan 2007 10:00

The Bee, Burnham

A bad pint in here, and although quickly changed, didn't instill confidence. I will try again next time I am over this way and see how we fare.

30 Dec 2006 18:14

The Blackwood Arms, Littleworth Common

Had lunch here recently, and although Pricey, it couldn't be faulted. The Old Hookey was also in perfect condition, and whilst the Pub was a bit quiet, the Owners were chatty enough and have some good ideas moving forward. This Pub deserves to be a success, and I sincerely hope that they can make it just that.

30 Dec 2006 18:13

The Royal Standard, Wooburn Common

I just called in here this afternoon following a long walk, and am pleased to report that the place is still marvellous, both in terms of the atmosphere and the Beer. Simply great, and makes coming out of London an absolute pleasure.

30 Dec 2006 18:11

The White Horse, Hedgerley

What a funny place?! The Barman couldn't tell me anything about the Beer that was available, so I rather feel that there was not a lot of point in employing him in the first place!! Not a good experience.

30 Dec 2006 18:09

The Greyhound, Chalfont St Peter

This Pub is expensive, but this is deliberate. Its simply to keep the Chav element away, which is fair enough, as I would gladly pay up to �5 a Pint to be able to have one without idiots kicking off when they have a Stella too many. Its a pleasant enough place, so can't agree on some of the other reviews that have been added. It sounds like Sour Grapes to me!

30 Dec 2006 18:07

The Fox and Hounds, Chalfont St Giles

I rather like this Pub, and recommend everyone gives it a try.

30 Dec 2006 18:04

The Greyhound Bar, Beaconsfield

I agree, the place looks brilliant, and the Owner seems to have his finger on the pulse. Interstingly, they have kept the Real Ale alongside the more contemporary drinks and fittings, so they appear to be catering for all sorts of people.
I sincerely hope that they manage to keep the throwbacks from the Swan and Saracens firmly out of the place, as once they have invaded, the reviews can become very very different.

30 Dec 2006 18:02

The Charles Dickens, Beaconsfield

I too noticed that back in the Autumn when I called in there, it could desperately do with a lick of paint. The beer, however,was up to its usual good standard, and thats all that counts as far as I'm concerned.

30 Dec 2006 17:57

The Greyhound Bar, Beaconsfield

I agree with has become a disgusting hovel. If only Jamie Godrich could see it now!!! What a terrible terrible shame...

5 Oct 2006 18:55

The Red Lion, Wooburn Green

Simply awful. Nothing else can be added to make it any better, except perhaps the local Chav's could be asked for ID, instead of serving them anything when they are clearly only 14/15. 0/10

17 Jul 2006 12:16

The Charles Dickens, Beaconsfield

I was somewhat disappointed with the London Pride on my recent visit, as it was nowhere near as good as I remember it. It might have been a bad barrel, but the Barmaid seemed to take offence when I pointed it out to her, which in turn caused me offence.

This was soon forotten about after a few Speckled Hen's, which did the job I have to admit. I hope that they can sort out the London Pride, and encourage the staff to smile a bit more. At nearly �3 a pint, they should be positively beaming!!

17 Jul 2006 12:14

Horse and Jockey, Tylers Green

Average, but adequate.

17 Jul 2006 12:11

The Old Queens Head, Penn

Spent a very pleasant Friday night in here, nice ambience, polite staff, nicely done out etc etc. The only thing missing was some proper Real Ale, but it was encouraging to note that they didn't serve Alcopops, thus reducing the chance of an invasion of Chav's.

17 Jul 2006 12:10

The Royal Standard, Wooburn Common

A gem of a Pub, real beer, real food and real Barstaff that know their Product. I defy you to find better in South Bucks if you like Real Ale.

17 Jul 2006 12:08

The Old White Swan, Beaconsfield

I am going to give this Pub one more chance later this week, as I am staying again in Beaconsfield for another 4 weeks.

I will post my findings on here once I have completed my visit, and lets hope that the Staff and Management have improved from when I was last over here.

Watch this space.

17 Jul 2006 12:06

The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield

Great Food, a large selection of reasonably well kept beer, and a few unusual ones to boot!

This weekend's visit was marred only by the surly Brazillian chap who really didn't want to serve anyone with anything. I am pleased to report however that the remainder of the Staff there are a damn sight more polite than he was, but then again - we all have our off days don't we?

Other than that, can't really fault the place. Worth a look.

17 Jul 2006 12:03

The Castle, Battersea

On a sweltering day today of circa 30 degrees, I couldn't help but pop in here for a nice pint of Youngs, and fantastic Sausage n Mash!! Give it a go - it aint as bad as people make out.

9 Jun 2006 21:30

The Old White Swan, Beaconsfield

An awful experience. Rude staff, and bad Management. A bad reflection of an English Pub. I have spoken to many locals about this Pub during my stay in Beaconsfield over the last 5 weeks, and most of them I concur with. A pity, as the building has character.

30 Nov 2005 21:26

Hit or Miss, Amersham

Great Pub - highly recommended!!

7 Nov 2005 19:26

The Red Lion, Wooburn Green

Full of Chav's - avoid!!

7 Nov 2005 19:25

The Falcon, Wooburn Green

Super Pub, friendly staff, tidy beer. Need I say more?

7 Nov 2005 19:24

The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield

Beautiful Pub, highly recommended. I advise anyone who strays off teh beaten track to give this a go...Magnifique!!!

7 Nov 2005 19:23

The Charles Dickens, Beaconsfield

Nice English Pub, just what I was looking for after a difficult and most dreadful experience at its neighbour, the Swan.
I recommend this Pub to anyone looking for traditional Beer and warm hospitality, as it restored my faith in the English immediately. The other Caf� could learn a lot from this establishment.

7 Nov 2005 19:18

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