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The Brinsop Country Inn, Westhoughton

Went into the Brinsop last Sunday, having driven past it twice a day every week for the last god knows how many years, I think the last time I went in must have been 2000?
Anyway, I'll be visiting more often in future. Food was enjoyed by all, lovely cosy atmosphere and an interesting selection of beers including a few proper belgian beers which practically guarantees the place a gold star from me.
Don't be put off by the exterior which appears to be in the process of being redone, the inside is spot on.

10 Dec 2012 12:44

Lostock Arms, Lostock

Locky arms!
Strange mix of clientele, strange mix of decor. I always found it quite nice, with the added bonus of not being in Horwich.

22 Dec 2006 20:18

The Old Three Crowns, Bolton

Argh! what have they done to this place?
Anyone been in since the refurb care to enlighten us to it's current state?

12 Dec 2006 16:04

Sam's Bar, Horwich

Well, it's certainly a drinker's pub. Think of it as a petrol station for alcohol and you won't go far wrong.
Always the second stop on the traditional Horwich pub crawl, get tanked up on cheap beer and doubles and toddle off on your wobbly way towards the Original Bay Horse..

12 Dec 2006 15:48

Original Bay Horse, Horwich

Go in here during December - it's best Christmas pub you'll ever find in Horwich at any rate, always feels festive and cozy.
Has a low idiot ratio usually, which as any Horwich local knows is a major factor in choosing where to drink!

12 Dec 2006 15:42

Bridge Inn, Horwich

Has long needed the extractor fans fixing, although probably my most visited pub in Horwich, weekends and evenings (especially football days) required a respirator due to all the bloody smoke.
Landlord Dave always happy to dish out some friendly verbal abuse, but they don't put up with idiots much in there, and for this reason, although it has it's faults it's still probably the best pub in Horwich.
(No, I haven't been asked to post here by the staff, I don't live in Horwich anymore sadly)

12 Dec 2006 15:29

Blundell Arms, Horwich

I miss lunches at the Blundell since moving south.. one of the places I'll make sure to go when I come back to visit!

12 Dec 2006 15:25

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