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BITE user comments - Ade.The.Raider

Comments by Ade.The.Raider

The Kings Head, Tooting

If you want beautifully etched interior glass then look no further!

However, for me, that's where it ends!

Lots of the pale punk style beer on and a scruffy ginger bloke behind the bar who just about managed to top a beer up when asked! At £10 for two drinks, take your custom elsewhere!

11 Apr 2017 23:07

The Wheatsheaf, Tooting Bec

Been in two or three times recently and I really liked it.

A decent selection of real ale on, from light to dark and a decent menu too.

This is way way better than the Kings Head up the road!

11 Apr 2017 22:44

The Red Lion Inn, Shoreham by Sea

I notice it's more than a year since the last entry and longer since mine.

Seems to have gone down hill a bit, lesser choice of beer, food not as good as it was.

With the re-vamped Amsterdam across the road, The Red Lion needs to up its game!

11 Apr 2017 22:34

The Brewers Arms, Martinstown

I wandered in on the off chance when in the area, although this had been recommended by friends who live in Dorchester.

What a lovely pub, a very nice menu, I'd recommend the haddock and horseradish fish cakes! I would recommend booking as it did get busy on a Thursday lunchtime!

Also, Cerne Abbas brewery Tiger Tom straight from the barrel! A lovely dark more'ish beer! Plus Palmers Copper.

I'll certainly call in again when I'm back in the area!

5 Apr 2017 22:42

The Heron on the Lake, Fleet

I enjoyed a very nice lunch today with some work colleagues. Great menu, so give it a go.

McMullens are a decent brewer, I opted for the Country, and found it to be in excellent condition!

My first visit, may not be the last!

23 Nov 2016 21:45

The Alehouse, Reading

Not sure why I've never reported on this one before!

I popped in for a couple on Saturday evening, a Chocolate Orange Porter followed by a West Berkshire Stout, both were lovely but the stout just about won!

A variety of beers on and so nice to be out of the "golden beer" time of year!

Also, several real ciders on too!

As a previous poster says, the problem with this pub is that it stops you from trying others in the town.

Keep up the good work!

23 Nov 2016 21:42

The Argyll, Henley-On-Thames

Not a bad little pub, I had a pint of Midsomer Murders, 3.9%, it's Hardy and Hanson's Best Bitter badged for the pub. Barnaby and Det Sgt Jones once visited.

However, like most of Henley-on-Thames, not exactly a hot bed of quality real ale!

23 Nov 2016 21:36

The Catherine Wheel, Henley-On-Thames

There are some decent Wetherspoons around, this however isn't one of them!

First called in a couple of years back, without buying a beer! This time, we got to the bar, all ordinary beers on hand pump, so opted for a bottle of USA Porter, 330 ml at £2.99 not cheap, the barman said it's £3.29, we haven't changed the signage! Sorry mate, see you later!

So, still yet to have a beer there!

23 Nov 2016 21:28

The Anchor, Henley-On-Thames

I visited this pub ahead of Worthing RFC's match at Henley.

Firstly, an excellent lunch menu, I opted for Cassoulet with doorstep bread, at only £10, great value!

However, the beer is a little more pricey! I had a Brakspear Top Notch @ 4.3% and my mate a Symonds Cider, £8.60! I should have doubled up on the Cassoulet!

A nice pub however with friendly staff!

23 Nov 2016 21:22

The Plough Inn, Taunton

I've been in a few times over the last few years, usually when Worthing RFC are away at Taunton, but on other odd occassions too.

You absolutely know what you are going to get here, a variety of local ciders, I tried a couple on the way back from the game, and as they have a variety there's something for everyone, sweet, medium, dry plus fizzies too if you aren't keen on the real thing.

On my way to the game, I opted for ale, one from the Otter stable, you can't go wrong there!

As previous posters have intimated, this is a little gem in a town where good pubs are a little thin on the ground. Also, very handy for the station.

A special mention for the curly haired bar man on Saturday who kept everyone entertained with his own brand of humour!

Finally, to those more local than me, who is Cellarboy? Is he ever happy?

11 Nov 2016 13:52

Ring of Bells, Taunton

I visited the pub last Saturday (05/11) at lunch time, as it's situated off of the main road it was never going to be busy at that time of day.

Four real ales on, Poppy Otter, my choice as I really rate the brewery and definitely an "Otter" beer in taste. My second choice would have been Quantock Plastered Pheasant, had a little taste and very nice too.

Two other pale beers, both local but not to my taste.

Friendly barman who was happy to chat about cricket and rugby etc and friendly local who was also off to the Tauntons v Raiders match.

If you are in Taunton and like a real ale, make sure you call in here, infinitely better than most of the other places in the town!

11 Nov 2016 13:09

The Pennsylvanian, Rickmansworth

OK, it's a Wetherspoons, some are better than others....

I popped in for a quick beer whilst waiting for the other half. A decent choice of ales on and I opted for an Italian named porter brewed by Shepherd Neame, very nice at £1.99, say a 7 out of 10.

However, then we come to the staff, the chap behind the bar looked like a cheap and nasty extra from Buffy, someone should have told him Halloween was the day before.

Two from three of the barmaids were about as disinterested as they could be in serving their customers, even those who were actually trying to be pleasant to them!

Not one to rush back to!

3 Nov 2016 15:10

Rolle Quay Inn, Barnstaple

A long time since my last visit when I thought the place looked a little jaded.

Bright and cheery inside, fairly lively too for a Saturday lunchtime, however footfall increased I'm sure as Barnstaple RFC were playing at home around the corner.

A decent pint of Tribute, a pub to certainly visit if you are in the area.

3 Nov 2016 14:25

Marshals, Barnstaple

I've popped in a few times over the last few years, a while I grant you since my last visit. Much brighter and cleaner following a makeover but it mercifully hasn't lost its "proper" pub feel.

Very good ales on tap, Otter Ale is one of my favorites so I stuck to three of those, however Bass and Dartmoor Jail Ale also on.

May be it could do with a real cider too to add a little more...

3 Nov 2016 14:17

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

I have visited here before as an away rugby fans, Worthing Raiders, and had to head back as the beer was excellent before. It's still excellent, 20 pumps on, light to dark, local to national. Red Squirrel Porter is superb.

Very polite bar staff too, keep up the good work guys!

2 Apr 2016 12:42

Cock, St Albans

Not all hand pumps on, Tribute, Doom and G K IPA and a Golden Hook Norton... A wide variety of bottled ales, I tried the Cornish HSD, not bad but not as good as the hand pumped version!

2 Apr 2016 12:37

Duke's Head, Crawley Down

Two hand pumps on, Harvey's Best in good order and the now obligatory Doom Bar!

This is a very nicely decorated "foodey" pub, with polite and not overbearing staff.

I've been a few times and the quality of the food is always excellent..... But beware the muddled portion sizes! Bread and olives, £5.95, for 4 x Rubic Cube chunks of bread with really just oil as the balsamic part doesn't want to come out of the jug isn't bad value to share. However £10.95 for the Croxton Cheese Soufle with celeriac and spiced pear salad. The Soufle tasted wonderful, but was starter sized, may be a table spoon of shredded celeriac and at the very most half a pear with a meagre sprinkling of salad leaves.

That said, given the quality of the food I will be back...

31 Mar 2016 01:02

The Black Rabbit, Offham

If you scored this pub purely on location then 10 from 10 easily!

Hall and Woodhouse beers are reasonably ok, but it's spring and the beers are turning paler, not my taste but they have Blandford Flyer and Poachers Choice in bottles, so somewhat rescued.

Two meals ordered, and delivered quite quickly even though we had been advised 30 to 40 min wait, the Salmon pie according to my friend was amazing, however my roasted veg pasta with chicken had NO chicken with it with soggy veg, hmmm!!

Hands up, I forgot the cutlery when ordering at the bar and apologised to the waitress who bought the food, she did go and get some for me but no napkins or salt and pepper provided.

It seems as other posters have said, hit and miss food, with rackem and stackem service. The Goffs Park Manor in Crawley of the same chain is way ahead of this one in terms of service.

16 Mar 2016 22:53

Pebbles Bar, Watchet

Me again as I was the last poster!

I popped in hoping for an Otter, either Ale or Head from the barrel, unfortunately only some Amber stuff and London bl88dy pride were on! However, they do several Otter beers in bottles, opted for Ale at £2.50, so not too bad.

Went back the next day and had a Black Rat fizzy cider, very nice too!

16 Mar 2016 22:41

The Queens Head Hotel, Minehead

Back in Minehead again and headed straight for this pub! A decent selection of beers on, Sharps Atlantic, Tribute, Bass, an Exmoor one and Otter Ale, one of my favourite beers!

I was quite looking forward to lunch there having eaten there in the evening before, but there appeared to be no action in the kitchen on a Thursday lunch time.

Still, a great choice of beers on!

16 Mar 2016 22:35

The Queens Head Hotel, Minehead

Back in Minehead again and headed straight for this pub! A decent selection of beers on, Sharps Atlantic, Tribute, Bass, an Exmoor one and Otter Ale, one of my favourite beers!

I was quite looking forward to lunch there having eaten there in the evening before, but there appeared to be no action in the kitchen on a Thursday lunch time.

Still, a great choice of beers on!

16 Mar 2016 22:34

The Wyndham Arms, Williton

This pub still remains a firm favourite of mine when visiting the area.

The beers available were Exmoor Antler at only £2.50 a pint, very drinkable, Tribute and that very very pale EPA. Two real ciders too, Orchard Pig's Philosopher and the infamous Cheddar Valley!

But, the food is still the highlight! Excellent pub food, at reasonable prices served in very generous portions!

Richard, Mandy and Tash, keep up the good work!

16 Mar 2016 22:29

The Cross Keys, Thame

I visited the pub on Saturday 5th March, before heading off to the rugby ground.

As an away fan, my friends and I know this to be the best real ale pub in Thame.... But with eight or so hand pumps available, why have five "very pale hoppy spring beers" on? Two Amber and just one dark option, a 3.7% Mild. Surely enough space for one more dark option and a "best bitter" styled one too?

Handily, there are a few real ciders to choose from too which rescued the situation as none of the four of us are spring beer fans!

8 Mar 2016 14:46

The Castle, Bodiam

Visited last Sunday, taking in what I suspect most visitors do, both the Castle and the K & E S R.

Hands up, I avoided the beer as I'm not a fan of the pale summer ales, so opted for a Thatcher's Gold, you can't go wrong with that!

An excellent menu, with a wide variety, I tried the crab macaroni cheese, different but very nice!

Even had the added bonus of Morris Dancers performing in the beer garden!

8 Oct 2015 12:26

The Lansdown Arms, Lewes

7.1 / 10 at the time of writing... Surprising as I found this to be just an ordinary pub, nothing wrong with it, but nothing special either.

I stopped for one on a late Friday afternoon, had the obligatory Harvey's Best, which when perfect is an excellent best bitter! But, the beer was just like the pub, not great, but nothing really wrong with it either.

There are far better pubs in Lewes however.......

2 Apr 2015 15:37

The Snowdrop, Lewes

I agree with lezford below!

A great pint of Bristol Milk Stout, make that three! My mate also had the same so I can't comment on the other beers available.

The food is excellent, although my first choice was unfortunately un-available.

When back in Lewes, I would definitely return.

2 Apr 2015 15:32

The Queens Head Hotel, Minehead

I've visited this pub several times when staying locally.

It does it's best to cater for all, a quieter saloon bar, tabled area for food (which is good) and a games area, pool etc.

A very good selection of real ales, nicely kept, my preference will always be the Otter Ale (the red clip), which is usually on.

Always found the staff to be friendly too.

Avoid the Hairy Dog walking up the hill, and turn right before you get to Wetherspoons! Try this one first!

1 Apr 2015 16:26

Pebbles Bar, Watchet

Watchet, in Hertfordshire, I think not!

Had a couple of visits last week whilst staying locally. I enjoy a pint of rough cider so thought I'd best get to Pebbles........ Oh dear, they also had Otter Head on, straight from the barrel, well the cider went out of the window on the first visit. O.H. is my favourite (non-seasonal) beer and it was in fantastic condition!

Back on Friday to sample a cider, Mad Apple dry, and oooh yes it's dry!

Several beers, real and fizzy ciders on!

If you are in Watchet, definitely try it! Friendly locals and knowledgable staff about their beers and ciders.

It doesn't sell food, but allows you to bring in fish and chips from next door!

1 Apr 2015 16:19

The Wyndham Arms, Williton

OK, so I was the previous poster too!

Great to see everyone still there, the same family working away to please their customers.

Recently visited on a Thursday and Friday night whilst staying locally, hadn't had much to eat either day since breakfast, bravely took on a main course plus dessert! Half of Thursday's cheeseboard came home with me!

The pub was busy with Skittles, Quiz Nigt, regular drinkers and plenty eating too!

If you are in the area, you have to try this real local pub!

Beers on were Dartmoor Jail Ale (very nice), St Austell's Tribute and Exmoor Antler, which I tried having not had it, not a bad session beer. Also Cheddar Valley and Philosipher's Pig on too!

1 Apr 2015 16:12

The Star, Haywards Heath

A great post by Chimpboy!

I popped in last Thursday for a quick beer, not my home town so hadn't been in for a while, it used to be my "work" pub but that was prior to the Greene King makeover, bring back the Flowers Original!

Anyway, Greene King IPA and Darkstar Hophead were on. I do like my beer darker, so poor old Hophead is about as far away from beer as I want to be, but cater for all. Then there was Abbot, playing for a cricket club sponsored by GK I can try that regularly anyway.

So, I was left with Timothy Taylor's Landlord, never been a favourite but that said, nothing wrong with it either.... BUT, hang on, this looks rather pale, could it be their Golden Ale with the wrong clip? What's the point of that and Hophead both being on...? Then the most miserable barmaid just about mumbled £3.85, if you are asking that for it, at least have the good grace to smile!

Haywards Heath has stacks of bars, but not many good pubs, this used to be my choice of them all, I would certainly now choose the improved Burrell over this one!

17 Mar 2015 15:56

Orange Square, Haywards Heath

Prior to my posting, the score was 2.8 / 10, hmmm!

On Thursday evening I made only second visit to this establishment in many years of it being open. It is a bar, not a pub, but fair play, that's how it markets itself, but £4.20 for a bottle of Newcastle Brown, get a grip, it's hardly the latest alcopop joint on the Haywards Heath strip.

Only popped in to have a quick catch up with some friends, hmmmm, will be going somewhere else next time, £4.20 indeed!

17 Mar 2015 15:44

The Burrell Arms, Haywards Heath

Firstly, I'd agree with some of the previous posts about the hostile reception / atmosphere, however that was a while a go now! I've visited a handful of times over the last year or so and it's much improved.

Three hand pumps on at my last visit, my mate ordered an Adnams Broadside which he said was very good, and my Otter Bitter (the green clip) was also very good and great to see it in this neck of the woods too!

Don't be put off, pop in and give it a go, it's way better than it used to be!

17 Mar 2015 15:37

London and County, Eastbourne

Popped in last Friday for a couple after work, the Adnams Broadside, one of my favourites, was in absolutely first class condition and at £2.75 not expensive either!

Yes, there are some nicer real ale pubs within walking distance, but you will undoubtedly pay £1 more for something similar!

The pub can get extremely busy.....but hang on, if it's too quiet there's either something wrong with it or it's about to be closed down.

17 Mar 2015 15:32

The Wine Vaults, Southsea

My first visit to this place last Frifday night, obviously busy, but still served fairly quickly. Yes, it's a Fullers pub, so you know what you are going to get, but the landlord still has to keep it properly!

10/10 for the Gales HSB, very nice, a little bit more pricey than some other places, but actually served in quite nice surroundings!

12 Mar 2015 15:53

Ivy House, Chalfont St Giles

I recently stayed at the Ivy House, a very comfortable room, although it certainly looked more spacious in the pictures.

Three hand pumps, 1 x something spring time and zesty, not to my taste and 2 x London Prides...? Why not have something else on instead? I was rescued by the bottled ESB in the fridge.

A decent wine list.

Now we come to the food, this for me is where the pub scored most highly, great quality, not too highly priced and a fully booked restaurant for the evening, which tells its own story.

Friendly bar staff and landlord Alfie was very welcoming.

11 Mar 2015 15:22

The Festing Hotel, Southsea

As you will see, the previous review was left three years ago!

I visited on a Friday evening, one nameless "house bitter" pump and one Greene King IPA, hardly a beer officianados paradise.

Sky Sports News on the various tv's with pretty loud music playing in the background, very much a younger persons place.... I'm the advanced age of 45!

I would hazard a guess that there has been a change of manager / direction since the previous postings!

11 Mar 2015 15:14

The Fox Goes Free, Charlton

Visited with friends after takingg part in a local walk, and what a lovely find!

This feels like a real pub, the food is good, if perhaps a pound or two overly priced. For me, any pub that serves Otter Ale (the red clip) is already a winner and it was in great condition! Budweiser, King of Beers, I think not!

And for those anoraks amongst you, cast your minds back to Tom Baker's Dr Who battling the Zygons near Loch Ness, well this is the pub that was used for the Brigadier's base!

6 Mar 2015 13:41

The Port Jackson, Bishops Stortford

Visited after a rugby away day! Not a bad Wetherspoons, very clean with several hand pumps on, a little too much "Spring / Hoppy" beer for my taste but Exmoor Beast came to my rescue.

Having seen the reviews of some of the other pubs in the town and indeed having visited The Black Lion, definitely head to the Wetherspoons!

6 Mar 2015 13:33

The Miners Arms, Whitecroft

Visited the pub at lunchtime on Saturday 13/10/2014. Five real ales on ranging from incredibly pale, the local HPA to fairly dark brown.

I sampled two of them, Sharps Own which was very good, like Doombar only tastier and then a darker beer from Banks, both in excellent condition.

Two draught ciders, Addlestones Cloudy and Jack Ratt, which according to my friend was also very good.

Reasonably busy at lunch time and did overhear the barman turning someone down for a table in the evening as they were fully booked, which is obviously a good sign! The food has a Med / Cypriot slant, with a few usuals, all that was ordered was of very good quality!

As the previous poster indicated, this is a pub that you would like to be your local.

13 Oct 2014 13:56

The Red Lion Inn, Shoreham by Sea

I usually visit the Red Lion 2 or 3 three times each rugby season on the way to watch Worthing play.

Fantastic food as they offer a tapas style "any 4 starters for £10" deal, this is seriously good value!

The beers seem to revolve round with Harvey Best being a regular. Last Saturday there was an amazing porter on from the relatively local Bedlam brewery based in Albourne.

Already looking forward to the next visit!

24 Sep 2014 12:29

The Downsman, Southgate

Noted that the last review is some three years ago....

Way cleaner and way nicer than it used to be, still very much a locals pub but now trouble free, which is a credit to the Indian guys who are now running it.

The beer is well looked after, Directors or Hobgoblin are the best choices and a Symonds cider tap too!

The curry menu has now been extended, the food being of really good quality and at a reasonable price.

As a previous poster noted, the chilli wang wangs are nice (hot wings) but you get 10 for a starter, best to share! Also, the starters do have have a habit of arriving with the main courses, but hey, it's a pub not a proper indian restaurant, bit the food is as good as a restaurant!

18 Sep 2014 13:15

The Fox and Goose Inn, Parracombe

Regrettably I live about 220 miles from what is one of my favourite pubs, so I do my best to visit whenever I'm in the area! Several friends on cricket tour ask me each year, "are we going to that pub again?"

Exmoor, Cotleigh and Otter beers are the usuals, try choosing between them as they are all good! Some good ciders too, draught or bottled

The food, always excellent it seems whatever you have from starters through to the desserts! By the way, if you like rice pudding, try it here, drop the jam and add a scoop of ice cream in the middle, Masterchef don't have things that taste that good!

And the staff are always friendly too!

Leave the car at home or at your hotel as the bus stop is right outside running between Lynton and Barnstaple every hour!

17 Sep 2014 13:08

The Roundstone, East Preston

This has been a regular pub for a few of us Worthing Rugby fans for a few seasons now so this is an overall observational post, not just a one off visit.

1) NEVER anything short of happy and very polite young waitresses or waiters, if they don't get everything right it's only down to a lack of experience.

2) The food is good value, it's most certainly not over priced and there often special offers from the Table Table chain. Although I must admit there are times when this or that is "off at the moment."

3) Usually a couple of real ales on, yes they are kept a little cool but this is an all round pub trying to cater for everyone, not a "Good Beer Guide" proper boozer with 10 hand pumps and bearded locals!

4) Noted the comment from one poster about the red wine not being allowed to breathe, well hang on, it will have been a bottle of Ernst & Gallo or similar (forgive any spelling errors) for between £8 to £10 pounds, not an aged Claret in a dusty bottle from an outstanding cellar!

5) It's not often that our group is accompanied by small children, however when it has been, the staff can't do enough to help, providing a high chair, childrens size meals etc.

So, unless you are a pretencious red wine officianado, I'd recommend The Roundstone for a good value lunch or evening meal in very pleasant surroundings!

16 Sep 2014 13:27

The Lamb Inn, Nomansland

I'm pleased to say that I agree with the previous poster, "Saffrons."

I called in after a walk in the New Forest to be met with a view of 4 hand pumps, including Palmers Copper and Gales HSB, problem here choosing I thought to myself!

That problem was further exacerbated when I spotted that Thatcher's Old Rascal and Thatcher's Dry (makes a change from Gold) were available! I opted for the Rascal as there's no chnace of me getting that at home in West Sussex on draught.

Very pleasant barman who I think was the landord and a very cheerful local chap sat at the bar.

Very well looked after flower garden at the the rear of the pub too!

If you are out in a group, make sure the lager drinker is the nominated driver, then those who prefer the real drinks can fully enjoy what's on offer!

16 Sep 2014 13:01

The George, Fordingbridge

The major selling point of the pub is obviously the lovely riverside location, which is also reflected it the wet sales prices.

A while since mt previous visit I must admit, the once much admired (by myself) 6X tap had turned in to Old Speckled Hen and Golden Hen, neither being, in my opinion, being any better than a standard beer.

I oped for an Aspalls cider instead, which like any fizzt cider if kept cool should always been in a decent condition.

I wasn't eating, but did scan the menu, which looked to have some good choices but a little pricey.... some starters around the £8 mark, remember this is a riverside pub in Fordingbride not a restaurant in Henley-upon-Thames!

16 Sep 2014 12:50

Windmill Inn, Weald

Recently visited this pub again for the first time in a while, the last time it was still a tied Green King house, with the usual array of OK but unspectacular ales. The food, I recall was OK and some of the clientele a notch or two below that!!!

However, what a transformation! Now a free house with a great range of beers, in terms of strengths, colours (i.e. light to dark) and breweries, also add to that a variety of local ciders.

An excellent menu with many choices available in starter and main course portions, I opted for the Field Mushroom Rarebit to start and the Smoked Mackerel with Potato Terrine as the main, very very good!

Well done the current owners, you've done a great job!

11 Sep 2014 12:51

Humble Plum, Bitterne

Noted some of the comments below about the price of the beer, it's not just London, try pubs on Crawley High Street or in Eastbourne where I work, all very similar!

My first visit to the pub, and very impressed, several Wadworth's beers on and guests too, I tried a Swordfish and a 6X straight from the barrel which was in fantastic condition!

I will be back again, and I'm sure the guest list will provide some excellent darker beers in the winter months, everything is a little too "blonde" for my taste at this time of year.

I didn't eay but the aroma of a curry ordered by another patron was that of a restaurant dish, not a standard pub one!

8 Sep 2014 13:18

The Loders Arms, Loders

My first visit back for acouple of years, and with a new owner since then. Always a favourite pub of minee when in the area and the new ownder still provide a very warm welcome.

Tried a Palmers Best and a Copper, both in excellent condition, a shame no 200 on though.

The foods was very good and reasonably priced, however the chef was unable to deal with some of the orders for fried items, e.g. steaks, duck breast, gammon due to the size of the hob. However, don't let that put you off, this is a lovely pub in a lovely part of the world, enjoy it!

8 Sep 2014 13:08

The Cornubia, Bristol

Very nice little pub, 12 pumps on with the barman apologising for the lack of choice on Saturday (2nd March) as he only had 8 on! Including a very very good "Mud Stout" at 6.6% from the Black Country!

Two real ciders on too, had a small taste of both, both very nice too!

Food is limited to pies, pasties and crisps, so definitely a drinkers pub!

Now, for all of you beer drinkers who have lager drinking friend who turn their nose up at such pubs, get them along too as they have several different yellow fizzies on too!

A bit awkward to find as Temple Street has been severed by a main road, however from Temple Meads, go past Tony Benn House (Unite Union) take the right hand Temple Street and follow it down, look left behind a fence opposite the Fire Station, it will be worth it!

As Arnie S once said, "I'll be back!"

4 Mar 2013 13:24

Plough, Great Shelford

My second visit to the pub as an away team rugby supporter. Whilst the Greene King range is never likely to excite you, the Old Speckled Hen was very nice and the landlord is also very hospitable. Please note, he's a Stoke City fan, Port Vale fans beware!

5 Nov 2012 13:57

The Square and Compasses, Great Shelford

My second visit to the pub, as an away rugby fan. I have to say, this is a friendly pub, both the staff and the local customers, which is more than can be said for the club up the road!

As a Greene King house, the choice will never be amazing, but there were a couple of seasonal beers on, Gangly Ghoul and Howell's Howl at the Moon, I had the latter and it was very good indeed.

The food menu has a reasonable choice and is also reasonable priced, my drinking comptratiate and I both had something different, no complaints for either meal.

Certainly worth visiting.

5 Nov 2012 13:53

The Marlipins Pub, Shoreham by Sea

I can see mine is the first comment for a little while, current rating for the pub 9.2 / 10.

Sorry, no where near that, a cloudy and vinergary Butcombe Best which admittedly was changed without a query, but the barman having said he'd check it out, didn't and left the clip facing outwards. The replacement Harvey's Sussex Best was drinkable but way short of being the lovely beer it should be!

When visiting on a Saturday, you'd expect the beer to be in better condition having surely had much pulled through the pipes on a Friday night.

29 Oct 2012 16:52

The Royal Sovereign, Shoreham by Sea

A nice little selection of real ales, with a perfectly acceptable Wadworth 6X my tipple with my lunch. Very nice Thai menu, full marks for the fish cake starter and the green curry main course.

Staff quite nice too.

29 Oct 2012 16:45

The Buckingham Arms, Shoreham by Sea

I can see that this is the first rating for a little while! Popped in to have a look before heading off to a rugby match.

Good selection of real ales on, mostly local'ish, sampled two pints of Arundel Old, in fantastic condition and tasted exactly like a Winter brew should.

29 Oct 2012 16:42

Fountain Inn, Gloucester

My second visit to the pub as an "away" rugby fan, 12 months between visits.

My friends and I found the staff to be polite, a reasonable selection of real ales, although nothing overly exciting. Both of the Hook Norton brews were in good condition, Mild and Old Hooky.

The four of us had different meals, with no complaints.

22 Oct 2012 16:24

Terminus Hotel, Eastbourne

I'll echo most of the comments below, but when the beer is good, it's very good. For the cider drinkers, there's also a hand pumed real one on too.

Also, the staff are always cheerful and you are made to feel very welcome.

12 Oct 2012 13:11

The White Hart, Crawley

I visit the pub on a reasonably regular basis, say 2 or 3 times a month. The beer quality can be a little bit hit and miss, but if one is on the turn the staff will change it.

However, don't expect a smile from many of the bar maids, one or two struggle with the please and thank you part too!

12 Oct 2012 13:08

The Star and Garter, Thame

I notice that my review is the most recent measured in years rather than months. This is hardly a pub anymore, it's a full blown indial restaurant! Still has four hand pumps, only one in use and on my visit the Morland Best was off anyway. However, polite waiters and nice food too.

Off of the main street, found it on the way to the rugby ground.

12 Oct 2012 13:00

The Cross Keys, Thame

In terms of choice of both real ale and cider, the pub has to score highly, if you like a pub with the beer clips for decor then it will score even more highly, however, I have to say that on my visit I found the host to be less than warm, hardly a smile and certainly didn't want to engage in any conversation!

11 Oct 2012 13:41

The Wyndham Arms, Williton

I have visited the pub several times and have happily recommended it to friends. There's usually a small range of real ales on and a real cider too. Excellent value meals, as another poster said, don't have a starter unless you are a seriously big eater. You can also see all of the family who own it working hard for their customers.

The one slight downer is the outside, which looks a little shabby, but can't be helped as it's on the main road from Taunton to Minehead so will always look a little grimey.

11 Oct 2012 13:35

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