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The Fernandes Brewery Tap and Bier Keller, Wakefield

Just reopened after an extensive refurb looks fine plenty of cask choice

24 Sep 2021 23:15

The Raven, Bath

A magnificent landlord who despite being assaulted by Marxist thugs kicked Starmer out of his pub

20 Apr 2021 10:07

The Graziers, Wakefield

Another goner !

12 Apr 2021 10:22

The Sekforde Arms, Clerkenwell


19 Sep 2020 15:36

The White Hart, City Of London


19 Sep 2020 15:28

The Jockey, Wakefield

Been closed for years

6 Jul 2020 12:41

The Black Swan, Wakefield

A weekend only chav 'venue' not for adults

6 Jul 2020 12:40

The Black Rock, Wakefield

Let us hope that this one at least survives the government virus panic

29 Jun 2020 11:41

The Strafford Arms, Wakefield

The usual offering of ice cold lager, fizzy john smiths near freezing Guinness and ribena flavoured cider , one for the masses ….avoid

29 Jun 2020 11:38

The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer, Bristol

By all accounts they cancelled a booking for a BREXIT celebration party .

31 Jan 2020 19:32

The Hop, Wakefield

Too many blonde beers that look and taste the same .

23 Aug 2019 19:12

Boons, Horbury

Another Horbury pub with a good choice of beers , pleasant in winter with a real fire .

11 Apr 2019 05:59

Cricketers Arms, Horbury

A well kept pub with a good choice of real ales, excellent.

11 Apr 2019 05:56

McGlynns, Kings Cross

I remember it from the days when it was the Wellington .

11 Apr 2019 05:44

Wakefield Beer Exchange, Wakefield

Now gone despite its seeming success.

5 Apr 2019 01:33

The Harewood Arms, Wakefield

Unreliable source of real ale sometimes they have it but more often than not they don't

30 Jan 2019 12:03

The Olde Cross, Alnwick

Why was the old historic name removed

9 Aug 2018 23:02

The Snickleway Inn, York

A little touristy but that can be said for most of the pubs in York , but pleasant enough with well conditioned beer

25 May 2018 09:21

The Town Hall Tavern, Leeds

A good pub handy for those on Jury service

6 Mar 2018 13:23

Whitelocks, Leeds

A great old pub with a good ale selection ,but near London prices.

21 Feb 2018 14:23

The Rugby Tavern, Clerkenwell

it is NOT in bloody Clerkenwell

6 Feb 2018 07:53

The Crown, Devizes

I remember this pub as The Old Crown a great old real pub with a stone floor log fires bar Billiards, the gents was outside in the yard there was also an out building with a function room .
A wanton act of destruction by Wadsworth who normally take pains to conserve their estate !

30 Jan 2018 13:14

The Albion Inn, Wakefield

No cask ale but a clean quite friendly pub worth a visit.

28 Jan 2018 19:31

Harrys Bar, Wakefield

Great pub , but they persist on having live music which takes up half the pub leaving it difficult to get served and cramming everybody in small area .

28 Jan 2018 19:29

The Redoubt, Wakefield

A beautifully maintained traditional pub , but sadly in the wrong place .

28 Jan 2018 14:15

The Elephant and Castle, Wakefield

It keeps opening and closing down ,it's currently open ,it opened just before Christmas , but for how long this time is anyones guess !

28 Jan 2018 14:12

Moodys, Wakefield

Moody's has now re opened as a pub after the Tree House debacle and standing empty for some time .
The new management are doing a good job, the pub is lively, friendly and there are always three or four cask ales on, always in good condition , they do food from a limited but sensible menu ,bar snacks and are open for breakfast .
They also have SKY sports , a decent place .

27 Jan 2018 19:19

The Jugged Hare, City of London

It was once quite an ordinary pleasant place, handy for a pint after work (i worked around the corner about 12 years ago) but is no an overpriced pretentious money trap designed to separate the unwary from their dosh .

27 Jan 2018 19:06

Wakefield Beer Exchange, Wakefield

Been opened a couple of years now and seems to be doing quite well always a good choice of beers, well ran

3 Sep 2017 16:02

The College, Wakefield

Needs a refurb looking tatty but decent beer well kept

3 Sep 2017 15:57

The York Street Hotel, Wakefield


12 Jul 2017 19:39

The Snooty Fox, Wakefield


12 Jul 2017 19:37

The Smith Arms, Wakefield

Another goner

12 Jul 2017 19:34

The Smith Arms, Wakefield

Another goner , now a vacuum cleaner shop

12 Jul 2017 19:34

The Graziers, Wakefield


25 Jun 2017 05:59

The Hain Line, St Ives

Good steak well cooked as ordered with crispy chips and onion rings friendly staff well kept good choice of beer

5 May 2017 22:46

Queens Hotel, St Ives

Quite a large room , the accent seems to be on food , but the beer was in good condition
quite a decent place

5 May 2017 22:43

The Carpenters Arms, Kings Cross

Another one bites the dust sold by greedy developers ,one of the last pubs in the ares .

18 Dec 2016 20:28

Six Chimneys, Wakefield

Keep away from this dreary excuse for a 'pub' ,it is staffed by impertinent petulant children who run a competition amongst themselves as to who can bar the most customers , the tables are usually left in a filthy condition with paper menus stuck in puddles of stale beer, the lavatories stink like cattle sheds ,it must be the only pub in the country where you wipe your feet on the way out !

18 Nov 2016 20:25

The Egerton Arms, Salford

A survivor, all pubs in Salford were once like this, there were hundreds of them, sadly now mostly gone.

5 Oct 2016 18:41

Woolly Sheep Inn, Skipton

Rarely do you see all the Timothy Taylor beers in one place

18 Sep 2016 05:20

The Castle Inn, Skipton

A bit of a tourist trap ,£4 20 for a pint of shandy is somewhat excessive.

15 Sep 2016 07:43

The Somerstown Coffee House, Euston

Really now a restaurant

1 Jul 2016 17:04

The Black Horse Vaults, Whitby

The best pub in Whitby ,small, friendly and unpretentious ,the layout seems to automatically include everyone in the conversation .

3 May 2016 17:59

The Big Angel, Whitby

WETHERSPOONS reopened a derelict eyesore in Whitby a good selection of real ales and the usual decent quality food what's not to like

3 May 2016 17:55

The Bree Louise, Euston

This pub is not what it used to be ,I think it is under threat from the HS2 railway
so why would the owners risk spend any money on it.

9 Sep 2015 13:38

The Horse and Jockey Inn, Ossett

A friendly unpretentious place, largely patronised by pensioners , the
usual Sam Smiths offerings in good condition ,quite busy on market day .

19 May 2015 14:32

The Fernandes Brewery Tap and Bier Keller, Wakefield

A great pub spoiled by its location down a scruffy litter strewn back alley full of overflowing wheelie bins, rubbish, and semi derelict buildings .

6 May 2015 07:00

The Labour Club (Red Shed), Wakefield

Full of socialist bores banging on ,was expecting Stalin to walk through the door ,avoid like the plague

5 May 2015 17:57

The Admiral Duncan, Wakefield

A decent pub with a good selection of real ales

5 May 2015 17:54

Talbot and Falcon, Wakefield

Sad to see what was once a historical pub turned into a bog !

5 May 2015 15:03

Moodys, Wakefield

An old pub going to waste needs extensive restoration ,this place could be
a real pub again ,the lavatories stink to high heaven ,the whole place has an atmosphere of decay

5 May 2015 15:01

The Black Rock, Wakefield

One of the few surviving traditional pubs in the city centre that hasn't been given over to
Kareoke , blaring music and ice cold lager,always a good choice of real ales in good condition.

5 May 2015 14:54

The Black Horse, Wakefield

Recently re opened after extensive re furbishment Theakstons Bitter
and Old Peculier ,expensive for Wakefield but a good refuge from some of the
City Centre pubs with their wall to wall Lager and John Smiths Extra smooth.
The food Menu if a bit corporate seems reasonable.

5 May 2015 14:48

The Lamplighter, St Helier

the first port of call in St hellier ,great pub

24 Apr 2015 20:54

The Eagle and Child, Whitefield

One of the last survivors in Whitefield a place once known for it's many good pubs ,most of which have been demolished, turned into offices ,cake shops ,restaurants , or lager bars .
The Holts beers are always in good nick ,and like all of their pubs clean and in good order

20 Apr 2015 15:33

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

The beer quality did not survive the demise of Young'.s despite the best efforts of the staff

20 Apr 2015 15:23

The Lord John Russell, Russell Square

I have been using this pub for about 20 years, I can't imagine any of the bar staff trying to pull a stunt like that with a ready poured flat pint , the landlord would never allow it !!!

20 Apr 2015 15:17

The Horseshoe, Clerkenwell

A good unpretentious pub in an area where smart arsed lager bars are becoming a trend

20 Apr 2015 15:12

The Three Kings, Clerkenwell

Don't blame the Pub for their prices blame the local business taxes

20 Apr 2015 15:09

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