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Name: Ker Street Social Club
Address: 122 Ker St Devonport, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 4EH
  • This is a social club not a pub. However the building is very interesting and grade...
photo available
Name: The Revenue Inn
Address: 32 Marlborough Street, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 4AH
  • Pub closed up like most of the pubs in Devonport. To think Devonport used to have...
  • The "Daz Sniffers" appear to have gone, and now that the pub across the road...
Name: Three Ferrets
Address: 38 Charlotte Street, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon, PL2 1RJ
  • A simply awful place. Quite possibly the worst pub i have ever been in. Was...
  • this pub has serously started going up hill since the new landlord took overhe is...
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