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Most viewed pubs of the month

The Most Viewed Pubs of the Month are calculated at the end of each month and are the pubs with the most unique visitors to them from the following month. The positions are calculated based on where they were in the Top 20 the month before.

Top 20 for April 2011

Position Pub Name Location Rating Ranking
1 John Snow Soho, London 5.2/10 Up
2 The Dolphin Plymouth, Devon 7.7/10 Stayed the same
3 The Chandos Trafalgar Square, London 6.7/10 Up
4 The Kings Arms Waterloo, London 7.2/10 Down
5 The Harp Covent Garden, London 7.3/10 Down
6 The George London Bridge, London 6.1/10 Up
7 The Old Thameside Inn London Bridge, London 4.8/10 New entry
8 The Cittie of Yorke Holborn, London 7.0/10 Down
9 The Captain Kidd Wapping, London 7.1/10 New entry
10 Ye Olde Mitre Holborn, London 7.3/10 Down
11 The Maple Leaf Covent Garden, London 5.1/10 Up
12 The Princess Louise Holborn, London 7.2/10 Down
13 The Porterhouse Covent Garden, London 6.4/10 Down
14 The Punch and Judy Covent Garden, London 2.9/10 New entry
15 The Banker Cannon Street, London 6.6/10 New entry
16 The Ship and Shovell Charing Cross, London 7.1/10 Stayed the same
17 The Horniman at Hays Southwark, London 4.4/10 New entry
18 The Blue Posts Piccadilly, London 7.2/10 New entry
19 The Anglesea Arms Chelsea, London 6.8/10 New entry
20 De Hems Soho, London 7.0/10 Down