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Royal Oak Hotel, Didsbury

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user reviews of the Royal Oak Hotel, Didsbury

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When I visited Didsbury I would say that this was one of two favourite pubs (the station being the other). The place has a bar which serves all 4 sides of the pub. I sat in snug on the right hand side when you walk in. It was quite cosy but very nice. This pub has a proper feel to it. Only legitimate complaint might be that it has an unimaginative beer selection. We went for two pints of pedigree marathon at 5.50 and they were both kept well and tasted nice so I couldn't complain. Definitely worth a look in.
Wezzielad - 2 Nov 2017 12:33
The Royal Oak has been a mixed bag over the years, various landlords/ladies coming and going have affected quality of ale, but I'm pleased to say that in it's current incarnation the beer is top notch and a wide selection (for this size of pub) of ale is on offer. The staff are efficient and knowledgable, punters respectful and well manners, and the beer is well priced, especially for the area. Tremendous.
macboswell - 3 Dec 2015 16:23
NEW MANAGEMENT have taken over, what a great night we had in here. great selection of cask ales, value for money on all drinks, the cheese and pate lunches are really good and would recommended to anybody. they now have a dart board and seems to be steady/ busy most of the time. why not get down there and give it a go yourself.

kooldanny - 10 Jan 2014 23:19
Seemed a friendly enough local, decent beer.
alexw - 6 Jul 2012 13:13
I visited on Sunday afternoon. New to the area. Popped in for a pint. A bit quiet but it was early. Lady behind the bar seemed nice enough. Got a pint and went for a quick go on the quiz machine. Pressed the wrong button and roulette game came up so played that instead. Won about a hundred quid! The landlady - when I told her I'd never played before told me "that's a lot of shite" and her and the landlord then proceeded to tell me about having another winner "removed" because obviously he'd been "cheating" too!!
And it was also pointed out that I was "new" implying I'm a professional trawling around pubs who don't know my and my "special skill" (I'm a Scot)

Rude, insulting, ignorant pikey bumpkins.
Daily Mail readers will love it.
Here's hoping they reap what they sow.

glastonburysong - 5 Jul 2011 16:12
This is an ichabod pub - the glory hath departed.

I was a regular in the days of the legendary Arthur Gosling, when it was arguably the best pub in Manchester, and one that I should not have been ashamed to put up against any pub, anywhere. Don't get me wrong, it isn't a bad pub now, it's perfectly tolerable, but the management have a lot of work to do to bring back the glory days. The last few pints I have had here were OK, but nothing more.
TheGuiltyOne - 22 Sep 2009 17:28
This is an ichabod pub - the glory hath departed.

I was a regular in the days of the legendary Arthur Gosling, when it was arguably the best pub in Manchester, and one that I should not have been ashamed to put up against any pub, anywhere. Don't get me wrong, it isn't a bad pub now, it's perfectly tolerable, but the management have a lot of work to do to bring back the glory days. The last few pints I have had here were OK, but nothing more.
TheGuiltyOne - 22 Sep 2009 17:28
i have just read the comment above my own from several months ago now, i find it quite amusing that people think i'm a mole of some kind at the royal oak!
i dont even know the landlord, i just wrote a review because i thought the place had changed for the better.
every opinion counts, i personally think its a nice pub. sorry if you thought it was a false review. i'm not sure the landlord even knows how to work the internet, he doesnt look like the type! lol
monroe1984 - 1 Sep 2009 23:43
Well after reading the previous review I smell a rat which is exactly what I smelt when I was in the Royal Oak on Saturday, could it be that the new couple have put a fictitious review on here to advertise their takeover (surely not). The gents toilets still have a terrible smell which drifts across the entire pub and the bar is still manned by twenty - somethings that provide service with attitude. It is so sad to see the demise of this great pub over the last 12 months. I still use this pub regularly purely out of loyalty to the great history that it has that was created by the inimitable legend that was Arthur Gosling.
I do hope that they manage to turn the pub back to the great times but this should be done with hard work and love for the pub. I wonder whether they will be returning to the popular late opening times at weekends - this would show that they were giving the regulars what they want. I wait with baited breath.
alelover18 - 28 Jul 2009 21:50
We used to go into this pub weekly until about 6 months ago, when it (in my opinion) 'went down hill'- the bar seemed to be run by twenty year old kids and didnt have the usual friendly atmosphere i had always known at the royal oak!
The mens toilets smelt out the whole pub and it put me off my gin and tonic!
Not being a lady to hold a grudge, I decided to give it another go last friday evening when passing with my friends. Straight away walking into the pub, i was met with a fragrant smell of lemons and beer.....not urine!!
The bar was full with a range of punters, from students to middle aged couples enjoying the music from the juke box, this was quiet enough to have a decent conversation, but loud enough to enjoy the party atmosphere.
when being served at the bar, i was greeted by a lovely lady with a yorkshire accent. She even helped my friends and i enjoy our night, by advising that we purchased a whole bottle of white wine, rather than induvidual glasses- as it would be cheaper! which i thought was lovely and genuine of her!
By chatting to the lady, i learned that she had recently taken the pub over with her husband/partner and were hoping to turn it back into a lovely ale house again!
From what i've seen so far, i think they will be very succesful; as they have the mature experience and willing to give the punters exactly what they require!
I will definately be going back into the royal oak on a regular basis again, especially if they have the georgeous apple pate and home made pickles on the menu!! crackin!!!
monroe1984 - 18 Jul 2009 00:10
Watch out if you're paying with a �20 note at the bar in this place. Went in here a couple of weeks ago & handed over a twenty but got change for a tenner. After pointing this out immediately to the barmaid she had a word with the lad in charge who said he'd have to do a 'till check'. 10 minutes later he came back & told me the till was correct & had been so for the last 3 months (not sure what relevence that was) so I was lying. As I only had a twenty note in my wallet when I walked in, I assured him I wasn't but it fell on deaf ears & that was that. Be warned.
BlueMoon - 25 Jun 2009 13:58
Always enjoyed a pint here previously. However, went in last Friday at 9pm when bar staffed by three twenty-somethings. Not a problem in itself if service is good, except that whilst I stood by the bar, wanting to buy a round, one staff member went collecting galsses, one stood there texting his mates, the third went to some effort to ignore me. When I asked the young lady in question if I could get a drink she accused me quite agressively, of being rude to her. For the nxt two rounds her coleague was very polite, but fair haired girl clearly needs retraining. Won't be rushing back, will go to Fletcher Moss and D&P instead for better service.
lancscp1 - 24 Mar 2009 16:14
Nice pint of Pedigree in here, they normally have a guest on too. Cosy little place. If you're around and about during the day have a pate and cheese lunch - they're huge. Choose your cheese and pate from the wide selection on offer and they'll cut you a slab big enough to keep you in sandwiches for month.
Chubbyduck - 8 Feb 2009 20:38
Not bad, definitely not the best pub in Didsbury but it was a decent local pub, i'd go again.
reallifeperson - 9 Aug 2008 01:07
Excellent, proper pub. Good mix of people, good bar staff, cracking atmosphere. Best pub in Didsbury.
Sebo - 2 Jan 2008 19:22
Very good quality bitter and pedigree seems a good local.
bellevueace - 4 Dec 2006 20:58
By the crikeys. A tremendous Marstons pub with a pint of 'top form' Pedigree on offer. The clientele can be somewhat 'toffy' but the prices are good and the ale is well kept however, steer clear of the 'Cockle Warmer'. At a mere 6.5 abv this beast not only packs a punch but is so sweet you could mistake it for cooking materials. Happy quaffing.
macboswell - 3 Feb 2006 14:06
Beer's perfect, as is the food. Great pub.
ginomendozauk - 27 Dec 2005 11:06
Good atmosphere, and very well kept beers. Just how a local pub should be! Good stuff.
anonymous - 10 Sep 2005 22:08
Best during the day...You`ve got the famous cheese lunches...but also a whole host of `Characters`..the like of which I`ve only met in the French House Soho.....Everyones got a story & they`re usually bloody entertaining...Excellent Marstons,Pedigree & guest beers (The Owd Roger was spot on)
kierandinan - 19 Feb 2005 00:47
i love it you can go there and chill after hard work Not its to loud.
Tehmour - [email protected] - 8 Dec 2003 20:14
the lanlord is a great friend to talk to
andrew - 29 Apr 2003 19:38
Try the Ploughmans Lunch the biggest I have ever seen
terry - 27 Mar 2003 22:49

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