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Kings Arms (Hungry Horse), Bagshot

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user reviews of the Kings Arms (Hungry Horse), Bagshot

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sunday afternoon vist had a ipa beer. when asked for abbot beer. warm day but only a few other customers in the got straight away.ok pub for first pub vist to bagshot
forestwood - 23 Jul 2012 21:58
flipper2000 - 15 Feb 2012 11:15
Aggressive pub manager and bad food. I went here for lunch with my folks. They had chicken that was like rubber and coated in some wierd spice that tasted of chemicals. We weren't going to say anything, but were asked by a watress if we were enjoying our meal. So we said that to be honest we weren't and couldn't eat it. We were then confronted by Miranda the pub manager who very aggressively "told us" repeatedly that the chicken came pre-spiced in a packet that they just heat, so it couldn't be something they'd done to it. In the age of celebrity chefs on TV showing that even cheap food should meet a minimum standard, it is amazing she could think this an acceptable response. But really it was her aggressive approach to what as a very mild complaint from a family that was most distressing.
dw7017 - 30 May 2011 16:22
I agree; a total hole of a pub.
Used to be a safe place 5 years ago................
Change of management during refurbishment meant that all the standards left when they did.
Great place to buy non legal highs, as obviously used by the current clients
xpubboss - 21 Aug 2010 22:05
OMG.....what a hole, filthy tables, dirty glasses, sticky floor! Pleasant young lady behind the bar trying her best but not even her friendly smile could put the warmth into this place.

As is always the case with these chains it had its 'happy hour' corner full of unwashed pissed old blokes shouting incoherently and waving their tobacco stained fingers in a variety of gestures at anyone they considered to be raising the standards.......don't you just wish they would change their trousers more often, greasy combovers are one thing but urine stains on beige's not a good look boys!

The younger generation of drinkers in here, who's wardrobes consist of shell suits and leggings and whose main income judging by the plethora of buggies and nappy sacks in the beer garden are their children, are surly and seem to think that if they speak with what they consider to be a 'black' accent then everyone will give them 'RESPEC' are just too ill educated to insult and would be killed as runts if they were any other mammal than homo-sapien!

The food was indescribably bad served with a galvanised bucket of 'condiments' all of which seemed to be either tomato sauce, brown sauce or mayo, the steak was cooked to within an inch of being perfect to make a pair of shoes with even though I asked for medium rare, does the well done arrive at the table on fire I wonder?

Awful place, awful food, horrendous regulars, staff trying their best but as the old adage goes, you can't polish a turd!

As for the beer, not bad at all...if you don't mind a semi-clean glass and if you sit outside at the front it can all seem as if the inside doesn't exist.

All in all, avoid the place, if you can't then hope it's a nice day and sit out the front!
Thebeernecesseties - 17 Jun 2010 10:40
Bad food, bad atmosphere and very bad management. Will never go back, and will never recommend to people.
foxie - 18 May 2010 18:23
Under new management and a great improvement!!! Well done

doza - 28 Jul 2009 19:32
reading the reviews i was once going to pop in when i was in Bagshot but never did, now reading the comments below i never will, thanks for the warnings!!
unclesam - 11 Oct 2007 17:51
Fancy a pint!!!!!! Go elsewhere then. Full of drugged up muppets. Was re-furbed but now ran by couple who could not care less about anything but income. Needs stronger management (it used to have a good couple in charge !) to sort out staff, service and customers who seem to run the pub. Toilets are drug haven. Go at your peril
anonymous - 22 Sep 2007 08:47
I had the pleasure of visiting this interesting venue a couple of weeks back, purely because they were the only place in town that had the footy on.

Anyway, never again. Now considering it was only 1pm on a Sunday, I found it really quite disturbing that the pub was packed wall to wall with teenagers who all appeared to be completely off their heads.

Going on the amount of gurning, sweating and how everyone was talking at 100mph, not to mention the things I witnessed in the toilets, I'd say these kids weren't drunk, but instead under the influence of other things.

I tried to watch the football, but after a while the constant interruptions by gurning chavs with dinner-plate sized pupils got the better of me and I left before half-time.

All good if you like cheap larger and chemicals. Not good if you like real ale and a calm atmosphere.

Frimley_tax_payer - 24 Apr 2007 13:59
We use to go to this pub (a Hungry Horse outlet) quite often a few years back when it was under the old management, with friendly staff and good food and service we visited at least once or twice a week.

Now, it's a complete 'hole of a place. It looked OK with the revamp, but the staffing is terrible, with a high turn over of young kids who aren't there long enough to care and a few of the 'old timer' who think because they've served you before they are now either your best friend, or think you are fair game to throw sarcastic comments at. I'm all for friendly banter with the staff, but at the end of the day you are a paying customer and you don't expect the members of staff to come to harrass you, sit at your table without invitations and butt in private conversations.

Service is very bad. For all the times we visited there was always something to go wrong with food orders, from under cooked, burnt food, forgetting sides or bringing the wrong food or even forgetting cutlery.

The tables, even though cleared pretty quickly were always sticky, as were the menus. Bar service for drinks was usually quick and efficient. Food ordering was somewhat hit and miss later on in the evenings, with staff making up their own times for last orders. Sometimes 9pm, other times, 8pm... we were caught out a far few times even though we had been served later the previous week!

Toilets were OK. Loo roll for the ladies was often reported as run out, no soap for the sinks in either mens or ladies. Cleaniness was nothing to spectacular in either.

If you are unfortunatly enough to experience their pub quiz night or bingo, your concentration will be broken by the gentleman on the mic would make sure you, and the buildings across the road would hear the questions. One night was particularly bad with the C word dropped in every sentance of the bingo calling that we left in disgust.

I would have said that a year ago it was OK for a cheap, quick meal out to avoid the washing up and a good place for meeting with friends. However the staffing and the rapidly falling standard of the food has turned me against this once lovely place. It's now not value for money anymore sadily. It had got to the point that we avoid like the plague now, not before we would only go the night when certain members of staff were off (three inparticular). There have been a number of complains made to Hungry Horse about this pub but with no response back from the company which suggests they no longer care. I did have a bad experience with a frozen kids chicken burger in a Essex branch of this which I considered a one off, but it seems like it's a country wide problem.

If you are in the area I suggest you go to the Hungry Horse in Hawley Lane, same company, but just a better standard of food and customer service. This one hasn't gone down hill just yet!
anonymous - 2 Apr 2007 18:37
Not for a real ale person. Chilled Abbots is the best they can do. For a refurb pub, it's grim, saved only by the pleasant young lady who served the sandwich. Can't rate better than 3.
boozyoldgit - 30 Sep 2006 21:59
under new management and decorated like a wine bar, better ran by previous managers Dave and Lynn who ran up to 5 ales
anonymous - 17 May 2006 09:28
rubbish food, horrible inside, horrible outside
good for kids
anonymous - 13 Dec 2005 10:48
Difficult to say much about this pub to be honest
aleman - 22 Jul 2005 01:15

got anything to say about this pub?

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