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Ladbroke Arms, Notting Hill

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user reviews of the Ladbroke Arms, Notting Hill

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Definitely in the top ten pubs in London - it is still a pub - despite a fab restaurant - and have for many years popped into this as my local, for a pint and some peace and have always been made welcome. And so has my dog.
Bestdogdash - 12 May 2012 21:30
We popped in here for a drink earlier and couldn't have been made to feel less welcome. We sat in the 'bar', but because we didn't want to eat were made to feel like we really shouldn't be there. Sorry, but it looked like a pub from the outside!
LordoftheSword - 14 Apr 2011 01:30
I visited this pub earlier this week and found the service to be first rate and the beer well kept if a little expensive. However it needs to decide whether its a pub or a restaurant
asprilla69 - 29 Jan 2011 15:50
I agree that the atmosphere of the pub is quite nice. Went there for the first time yesterday. Unfortunately the nice atmosphere was ruined by the rude and terrible service. Maybe they should take a hint and read some reviews which say similiar things! We were approached by an extremely rude waiter who got annoyed and impatient jsut because we had told him that some people from our group had gone to order food from the bar with their drinks. He just stormed off after saying 'Well, they can't!' Only to return a couple of minutes later to say 'Well....where are they?' when he discovered that the rest of the group had not yet returned to the table. Definately not going back there again, and people who are not interested in the service industry should just consider a career change.

rmiller1 - 17 Aug 2010 23:25
Never been less welcome in a pub in my life! Bar staff have obviously worked on being unfriendly as a team, so you'll be lucky to get a smile from them, never mind anything other than a skulk. Its otherwise quite a nice cosy pub, but its a shame that the staff can't make the effort.
Was there last night with friends and it seemed like they couldn't wait to kick us out. Have to say the point of discussion with other customers was how rude the staff were, and many people left that place irritated by the service. Will try not to come again, unless the staff changes or if its a nice sunny day to sit out at the front.
One other thing to add is that the lager is terrible - flat and warm. The reaction to my bringing this to their attention was for the whole team to gather round, tutt and scowl, then audibly grumble 'fussy git'. After 5 minutes inspection of the festering liquid they begrudgingly poured another sloppy pint that was just as bad - but it wasn't worth the hassle facing the staff to ask for another one.
Ales are fine though, and there's a good selection of malts as well. Shame about the staff, because otherwise this is quite a nice pub!...
LordLevy - 7 Aug 2009 01:16
Food was ok but service was absolutely terrible. We were rushed the whole evening even if the service was slow. We had an argument regarding the bill as they charged too much drinks. Instead of apologizing, the manager was rude.
We wont go there again for sure!
Michel_10 - 4 Jul 2009 11:14
Being a recluse now it is good to come to a place like this as its the last place I probably would have come before. Its very simply 'nice'. The beer is ok, but I haven't gone in detail on the wine so you will ahve to work that out yourself. I have as yet to try the food, but what I have seen and smelt seems worth further research. I did note some dishes more recently were not visually to my liking, and a bad haddocky smell once, but I can be critical at times, so watch out for the upcoming food review. The atmosphere is on the sloaney side, but not terribly so. As with most bars that have the benefit of outside space, it comes into its own in the Summer, and there's always full tables outside in the front beer garden in the day time. Overall, its a well maintained, safe pub (it is right opposite the local police station) with a not too restrained atmophere. It is more focused towards dining at times, but the casual drinker can be accomodated seems equally welcome. I would say its a nice place for groups of women to come as the average male clientele there seem to have a bit more decorum that other places nearby. I'll give you an update on this when I've eatne there though, and so my rating doesn't take this into considersation.
sacredriver - 23 Apr 2009 12:58
Been there on a couple of occasions on early-ish afternoons, as the niceness of the place and its smallish dimension easily force to go to the "Mitre" instead.

Small terrace outside is very pleasant, particularly in summer, and therefore often full to the brim.

Expensive meals (more on the expensive side of an expensive gastropub, "The Mitre" offers good food at far more reasonable prices) means I never ate there. Beer choice and beer quality good, salted nuts available as well as free newspaper, pleasant atmosphere on the inside as well.

This place makes his job properly, at least to have a nice pint now and then, but I cannot comment on the food.

ebenezerscrooge - 14 Apr 2009 17:49
a nice pub, it is quite expensive to eat in but the food is very good. We were too late for lunch yesterday after our dreadful time at the Windsor castle. However the staff rustled up a plate of cheese and we had a couple of bottles of wine which cheered us up no end. I think it is a great place for a drink, it looks lovely and the staff are friendly.
davidginsberg - 6 Apr 2009 16:38
A customer of 25 years, I continue to visit periodically and my last (mixed) review was made about three years ago. I've had staggeringly good meals as recently as December 2008 and, in the last two weeks, a couple of mediocre meals. I've shrugged off the changes in clientele and the re-figured layout that makes it difficult to move about, but if the food continues to take a dive I will regrettably write this place off. I think someone is cutting back on either kitchen talent or ingredients, probably blaming the economy. Sorry to have to write this.
jjjudy - 26 Mar 2009 18:36
Their website says that it is children friendly. We tried to book at 14:30 a Saturday but were asked to get there one hour earlier to find place instead.

When we did, we were told that pushchairs aren't allowed because there was one there already and that we could leave ours outside...

No, thank you very much.
acuteaccent - 9 Mar 2008 13:26
A pleasant gastro pub, not cheap but excellent food and drink.Friendly helpful staff who realy made you feel welcome.
leggless - 28 Aug 2007 19:27
Disapointing.Visited here for the fist time in ages last week, and it was so sad to see what was once a lovely bar becoming yet another turgid 'gastropub'. Wall to wall suits & there 'feisty fillies', all of whome are unwilling to move to allow other people to pass - despite being asked very politely. If all you want is a drink, then you will probably have a long wait as the staff have obviously been told that food buying customers are the only customers who really count.
MavicChen - 17 Nov 2006 18:46
After my disappointing visit last year, I thought I would give it another go. Hmmm... not bad, I went at the right time this time. There were no suits in the place and it was more enjoyable. It reminded me more of the pub it used to be.

I might visit it again next year!
lagerciderdrinker - 15 Aug 2006 03:44
Love this place. Never had a bad night in here. Always full of feisty fillies too.
tanderson7 - 3 Jul 2006 10:52
Pricey cashews are always a big turn-off for me when it comes to choosing a pub. I don't mind bad service, bad beer, suspect clientele or dirty toilets.....but pricey cashews make my blood boil!!!

Apparently, it is 'National Inanity Day' today.
anonymous - 22 Jun 2006 13:26
It was quite nice, but the cashews were a bit pricey.
a_bancroftian - 22 Jun 2006 13:07
I'm afraid I have to agree with others about the changes this place has seen over the 20 years I've been visiting. Used to be full of interesting-looking people who apparently didn't have jobs to go to and now.......suits, suits, cellphones & foreign languages. So sorry.
jjjudy - 23 Jan 2006 03:14
I worked here in 1981-83 when Brain & Liz Short were the managers my name is Frank,I was there when we did a scene for The Love boat, Also we did a commercal for Fosters Larger.It was a very good pub it was used my the old bill across the road and lots of tv and film stars use it. Food was alwas good for such a small house
frankadams - 20 Dec 2005 15:18
This pub has great food, I had Roast Beef and it was very good and at 14.00 it should be. But we all know that it's not always the case.
The service was below average, very slow and this annoyed me. We were not offered any Condiments and you could not find anyone to ask. This pub would be better if they took some of the tables out, you feel so squashed. For 2 mains, 1 starter, 1 very small wine and 1 lemonade 39 excluding service. Good value? No, sorry. Would I go back? I reckon there are far better places to go than this. But the food did taste wicked!

anonymous - 20 Sep 2005 13:44
I was very disappointed the last time I visited this pub. During my time in W11 in the 80s this was a great little pub, you could relax over a nice pint and it had a good "local" atmosphere many pubs in London lack. Now it's upmarket but bland and boring and not a place I'd want to revisit. What a let down.
lagerciderdrinker - 27 Aug 2005 18:26
I work very close to this pub and have watched its sad decline over the last few years. What used to be a nice friendly bar is now an expensive,uncomfortable, crowded hell hole. If you don't mind being looked down on by those who think they are a cut above,then you will be fine.Otherwise walk towards the near by Notting Hill where you will find plenty of far friendlier places to enjoy a pint.
Mr.Raffles - 20 May 2005 18:42
Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Don't want to sound like an old fogey but I used to drink here regularly when it was an old fashioned boozer like the Uxbridge nearby - big horseshoe bar, comfy seats, great beer. Then it was gastrified. Actually it was one of the first in the area. They did silly things like move the front door to the middle of the frontage so in cold weather cold blasts of air routinely fill the whole pub instead of beoing contained at the side. A triumph of style over common sense. And an idiotic layout of table and chairs so that it only takes about two people to block off about 8 other seats. Expensive though apparently good food (but do you go to a pub for haute cuisine?!). Awful braying young professionals. I went in there at about 5.00 recently and some people were actually having a business meeting, rabbitting on about profit margins and the potential market for something or other in Russia or something. Classic yuppie pub now, very upper class. Good place for a date but not for social drinking with chums.
Ullage - 16 Feb 2005 16:39
A good range of ales, and comfortable enough if you can find a chair. Personally, I have difficulty enjoying a beer surrounded by extremely wealthy people scoffing huge plates of rich French cuisine. It's right opposite Ladgrove Grove police station, so they probably feel safe coming here.
foxski - 15 Jan 2005 18:25
Food good, nice, quiet place.
Aureo - 28 Jul 2004 16:53
A small, very comfortable, upmarket pub serving very good wine and the usual trendy beers. Food is excellent. Rather expensive, so attracts a wealthy clientele, as well as the occasional famous local. Located on a quiet residential street, with a small area out front with tables for drinking and eating.
Sam - 23 Jun 2004 17:16

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