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Wheatsheaf, Vauxhall

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user reviews of the Wheatsheaf, Vauxhall

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lovesong - 30 Jan 2014 15:10
Hmm, my last comment seems to have been removed so I'll repeat: It is now a Brazillian restaurant, not a pub.
popalug - 3 Jun 2011 13:08
Went in there last week and no ale or near comparison. Decided on G&T instead, but no tonic......decided to leave!

Did not look nice inside at all, sorry.
weezer - 6 Feb 2011 00:52
I walk past this pub every week day night & occasionally I poped in for a pint. Stoped using it in the last month when no real ale became the regular response from the bar staff.

Since last week there's been a sign in the window 'Closed for Refurbishment' - absolutely no sign of refurbishment work - just tables and chairs stacked against a wall .... my guess is it's closed for the forseeable future...have to say, no great loss in it's last incarnation..Go to the Vauxhall Griffin around the corner, much nicer pub
osmosis - 22 Oct 2010 14:18
The outside of The Wheatsheaf is now a glossy dog-parp brown.

I'll pass.
potatojammin - 12 Oct 2010 17:34
Don't go here if you want to be sure of getting real ale.

Although they advertise real ale, in 4 out of my last 5 visits both draft bitters were unavailable, thought they offered bottled bitter instead. Otherwise you get standard draft lagers.

The food can be good but I am just fed up with no proper beer. We have been going there for over 12 years through several ownership changes. Despite some rocky times they always managed to have proper beer until about a year ago. It is a shame they can't get their act together sicne when it had been pot luck.
ursuline - 28 Sep 2010 12:23
I visited The Wheatsheaf on Thurs 5th August for a quite beer after finishing work in the area. I had previously stayed away from there as I had been quite happy with my previous local, however made the call to change scenery and was pleasantly surprised. They have a lovely interior that had a rustic but warm feel with small candles placed throughout, one side of the pub had a restaurant area layout with tables set and the other a more traditional pub area. There was also a lovely beer garden out the back which was great as it was a sunny evening. They had 2 different ales and a draught cider on and they were served with smile by the young lass behind the bar (which is a nice change for the area) I was also informed they were doing a quiz night which I didn't take part in but there were plenty of others there getting involved in the fun. I didn't eat on my visit but saw the meals going out and they did look quite large and well presented. I think I have found myself new local!
in2beer - 9 Aug 2010 17:12
I had dinner in the wheatsheaf on monday night (02/08/10). It was not my first time eating in the whatsheaf however it was my first time on a monday night and was pleasantly suprised to find that they offer half priced meals on a monday between 6pm and 9pm. The food was great, i had chicken breast stuffed with goats cheese and sweet basil wrapped in parma ham and my partner a steak. rare. cooked to perfection were his words.

I commented to the young waiter about the presentation, that it was a bit different to before and he explained a new chef started had started that morning. After reading the previous comment im extremely glad to have found this out! the chef did wander out during our meal and was not old or have greasy hair. he was young and chubby! the plates were presen ted beautifully with lovely garnish and pepper decorating the rim. it nice to see some one doing something a little different and showing some pride in their work

bottle of house red was under £13, the place was busy with a nice atmosphere and candles out as it got dark.

all in all i would recommend this place and not only on half priced mondays!
dylboy - 3 Aug 2010 19:07
1st Aug 2010. I went to lunch at the Wheatsheaf with a friend today, it was 1pm and fairly quiet.

We ordered a Gin & Tonic and a Vodka & Tonic. Single shots were served in long glasses filled to the brim with ice and tonic, the spirits were inperceptible.

We both ordered roast beef which was advertised as served rare with potaotes roasted on goose fat. Yum! The whole meal was dreadful; the beef was tough, grey and chewy, the yorkshire pudding, thick and glutonous (although strangely tasty), the tiny strips of carrot were cold, the beans floppy and the potatoes raw, really raw, inedible raw. We complained and with much apologies were offered 2 bits of flabby hot potato as a substitute. I cannot believe these were cooked in goose fat.

The parsnip puree was excellent but there was only about a teasponful. There was more horseradish sauce than parsnip puree.

After lunch we went in to the garden to see the chef in a filthy chefs' jacket chain smoking, nipping back to the kitchen not washing his hands ( I watched him through an opren window) serving up food and then coming back to the garden to continue smoking and to talk to his mate. The chef also continually ran his fingers through his greasy long grey hair.

Meanwhile, the denim hotpants, yellow tights wearing kitchen asstistant was also chain smoking in the garden between serving courses and clearing plates.

What really finished it for me was someone in the kitchen putting his hands into piles of cooked meat ( left uncovered by an open window - in this heat) putting the meat into his mouth and then putting his fingers in the bowl of meat again. I stood and watched for a while through this open window until he noticed me. We were 5 feet apart.

We decided against pudding.

£50.00 for 2
no wine but 1 large G&T and 2 large V&T, small bottle of mineral water
TessaC - 1 Aug 2010 17:05
I thought this pub was closed at first. Unlike most pubs, none of the front doors was open depite the heat. The temperature inside was fairly cool. So presumably they were keeping the doors closed to make the air conditioning more effective. Nevertheless, the second door I tried opened and I walked into what looked like a fairly trendy pub given a slight makeover, whilst still retaining some of the original features. The wooden bar with its etched glass mirrors are attractive. The bar itself serves 2 separate drinking areas. The other appeared closed. A collection of 8 soda siphons was an unusual addition. Seating is on chairs and sofas around large tables. Food was being served, but only a couple of the handfull of punters were taking advantage of this. The TV was showing World Cup football with volume on, whilst there was also music playing. I find it most annoying to have both on at the same time. A fairly chilled out place, that is not quite as bad as some of the reviewers on here state. Two real ales were available - Tribute and Cocker Hoop, with a 3rd pump unclipped. Westons Organic cider is available in bottles.
blue_scrumpy - 27 Jun 2010 11:58
Very friendly staff and decent atmosphere when we went, someone was going around handing out free food samples. Fresh oysters on the menu seemed a bit over the top though.
fancyanother - 13 Feb 2010 12:27
Place was dead when we came in; waited ages for service. Not sure whether they want to run this as a pub or restaurant?
Gingerqueerboy - 11 Jan 2010 00:44
The previous guy obviously was bought a pint to write what he said. Wheatsheff is a terrible place, especially so with the beer. People with taste and a sense of pleasure go to the Griffin instead. It's clean, the place is packed with a goodly cross section of punters and age groups and friendly.
You simply can't treat the customer as a fool when it comes to watering beer down as is done at the Wheatsheff and expect proper beer drinkers not to notice.
WinnieSChurchill - 3 Jan 2010 01:01
I'm a relatively new customer to this pub, (I was a regular at the Canton Arms a bit down the road) and I always thought the Wheatsheaf looked a bit shoddy. But, after a word from an old mate I have to say that unlike other posters here, I have been very pleasently surprised by the warm friendly and very generous atmosphere of the pub and its staff!

I had my new years eve celebration here. And the manager and staff were brilliant and made for a great way to see in the new year! Would highly recommend it. Oh, and the beer and food are great too!

ps: And just in passing, I am NOT a member of staff!


corndoolio - 2 Jan 2010 18:52
Tourist trap for those who can't complain about watered down beer.
BoggieJim - 30 Dec 2009 17:32
Beer watered down! Trading on tourists from across the road hotel, who can't comment. Go to the Griffin in Wyvill road instead. Good beer, packed with people, most of locals who used the Wheatsheaf for years, but aren't mugs on beer and poor, expensive service.
AlecaDiamondGeezer - 16 Dec 2009 21:11
Since its change of ownership and re-opening, one very important thing has changed. The cask beer is now properly kept and is excellent.
AbeC - 13 Dec 2009 12:49
Expensive for what it is,full of passing punters from the hotel across the road.
Fulse leather armchair in front of pub a mess and needed straigtening up and floor needed a sweep when I was in. Not really sold on this place,best jump a bus or cab and find a pub with friendly,welcoming atmosphere.
DEPTFORDDUTCH - 15 Aug 2009 09:42
Expensive for what it is,full of passing punters from the hotel across the road.
Fulse leather armchair in front of pub a mess and needed straigtening up and floor needed a sweep when I was in. Not really sold on this place,best jump a bus or cab and find a pub with friendly,welcoming atmosphere.
DEPTFORDDUTCH - 15 Aug 2009 09:42
Dear fellow drinkers! Ignore the last post by NBM (Self praise is no praise); listed by a member of staff. The only Ales are Pedigree and Courages. A cronic, over priced pub. Walk to the Griffen instead, cheaper, wll servered, lively.
Princemonolulu - 30 Jun 2009 10:05
nice to see places getting some TLC from owners. some friends took me out in vauxhall and we fell upon the wheatsheaf. nice and busy and it seems a bit to offer. as a real ale drinker i was concerned about the comments made in previous reports on this website but i must say that the only thing that got watered that night was me...............none stop! found the staff welcoming and happy which is always nice when partaking in the odd beverage or TWO. i shall return for more ales..well done guys
NBM - 22 Jun 2009 14:38
I very much enjoyed my beer (which was not watered-down that I could tell) in the pleasant sunny beer-garden. Although I tried to enjoy my burger, which was ok pub fare, the experience was tempered by the excessive food prices – this is not a “gastro pub” and if there’s any justice it will ultimately lose out by overcharging.
vazoid - 26 May 2009 21:52
It's true! Water in the beer! Avoid!
Princemonolulu - 14 May 2009 16:57
This is a very pleasant pub by it's apperence, now clean and welcoming than it was sadly of late under previous miss management. However, a shame that it's still more run towards being a restuarant, catering towards short break holiday visitors using the Comfort Inn Hotel across the way. The prices are steep for what's on offer it has to be said. Only three Bitters at the bar on draught; Pedigree, Courage and Adnams, but Lager selection aimed towards the passing white beer crowd from over seas. What with the rate of exchange, one wouldn't expect them to complain in that direction. Or to the quality of the draught beer; being a foriegn taste, they wouldn't really know the difference either.
On that score, I must say that this pub has great potential and attraction as a long lost beer bar curio for those too young to know and those old enough in the teeth to visit for a welcome laugh. The beer appears to have been left out in the rain? "Water, water every where and not a drop to drink.... " I recall the poem from school went? Pedigree taste of cold tea. And the Amstells, you could holiday your pet Goldfish in and it would think it had stayed in a Temprance hotel. So if you prefer beer at its proper strength, taste and value, go to the Griffin around the corner, or the Canton up the road. The only thing they water there are the Pub plants.
anonymous - 26 Apr 2009 13:17
Finally being done up again by the brewery and due to open once the gas is reconnected! Let's trust it's put in safe hands this time?
Princemonolulu - 19 Feb 2009 11:41
Generally agree with SOUTHLONDONLION below. Sadly, the Wheatsheaf is no more. The jazz/live music nights were good and packed, but they didnt address the fundamental failings of the pub. Hopefully it will be reincarnated as a decent community pub by people who know how to take it in hand.
jimmyblues - 28 Jan 2009 17:02
Dee Byrne / Marcus Hill / Dematiga Qrt. jazz sets (inc. guests) has been on here 8/8.30pm Tues nights, haven't been for a few weeks so might be best to check with the pub before making a trip in case this turns out to be another victim of the Jazz cull sweeping London's pubs in the current economic downturn...

Based on the experiences of my visits every 3-4 weeks in the last 5 months or so I don't particularly agree with the comment about the place being sad, dirty etc etc. Beer seemed to have been kept OK too, haven't tried the food.
_grobag_ - 22 Dec 2008 12:46
Cosy enough and feels like a proper local. Courage Best was allright but no more than. I can imagine that the events and what have you are good, but as people have said the atmosphere isn't all that.
rainlight - 26 Aug 2008 20:05
I've never risked the ales (I notice they have Landlord now though), but service is friendly and efficient. The food really is excellent. The photocopied menu of standards might lead you to expect normal microwave fare, but everything I have tried has been really nicely done.
PSKI - 22 Jan 2008 12:26
This is a nice pub - some of the Victorian bits remain. All carpet gone, so a little noisy. Not too busy, nice jazz music not too loud.
What the ale commentators below say is, unfortunately, pretty much true.
It's Pride or Courage, and although they're not off, they are, well, tepid. Some prefer that, but I'm in the "cellar temparature" gang, and I think the beer survives better kept like that too.
AbeC - 9 Jan 2007 23:07
Since it's all subjective fartingghost, I take your point. However, your comments are entirely subjective too - there's more to a pub than just the serving of ale (although I am inclined to agree with your assesment here). Having visited a few more times recently, it does appear that the ale isn't being kept very well, which is a real shame.

But, on balance, I think that the refurbishment was neccessary, and, like ChrisF, am pleased that my girlfriend and her mates will now enter the place! Hopefully the new owners will sort out the ale situation, as it is a real let down.
insekt - 27 Nov 2006 17:59
I too can offer a before-and-after perspective on the new Wheatsheaf.

Plus points: The new pub frontage is a huge improvement and was badly needed. Despite living very locally I could never persuade my girlfriend into a pub which she couldn't see into. You've only got to think of the Vauxhall Tavern or, even worse, the Queen Anne, both just up the road, to imagine the sort of things that lurk behind pubs which you can't see into.
Food is also much better than it was, although not fantastic. I find it to be over-priced.

Minus points:
The quality pool table has gone.
I feel that also the soul of what was a traditional London pub has ebbed away.

If I can be self-indulgent enough to suggest what I would have liked for the re-furbed Wheatsheaf (they would have made a fair few quid out of me):
Food midway between the old and new, a quality home-made burger, a lasagne with a fresh salad, a bangers-and-mash made from good quality sausages, Caesar salad, that sort of thing; I'd like to be able to have a game of pool and preferably darts too (the pub is probably big enough for both); Most important of all, I would like to have a decent pint of beer. I haven't mentioned the beer until now, but I feel the refurb would have been a great opportunity to sort it out. There might have been a slight improvement, but if they could have just had on one good session beer (maybe Deuchars IPA? Harveys Sussex?), one good strong beer (Broadside? Tanglefoot?), one seasonal/guest ale, and actually kept them all in good condition, the place might have become my second home.

ChrisF - 15 Nov 2006 13:31
Quiz is back on which is awesome and seems to be doing pretty well.

Food may have got better but the bar snacks still suck. They need to get bigger bowls for them!
the_sarah_day_fan_club - 15 Nov 2006 12:53
Having read the previous comments with regards to this place; how can it be balanced? Who ever wrote this tosh, certainly knows nothing of proper Pubs. The main concern should be to the serving of a good, clean and colourful pint of drought beer. Hardly evident, sadly at the newly refurbished Wheatsheaf.
The food may be good, it may be worth the money; but it's a pub first and foremost. Otherwise call it a Restaurant. It used to serve good, well presented pints of draught Ale here; it doesn't now.
anonymous - 12 Nov 2006 03:52
Having witnessed the 'before and after' of this pub, I hope that I can try to give some sort of balanced viewpoint.

In its old incarnation, it was a grotty, sticky floored, unimaginative, dark and smoky boozer that while having its own charm, was clearly only going to appeal to a specific type of drinker. That being largely male, approaching middle age, who only eats for sustanance rather than enjoyment. The blaring TV's, nicotine stained decor and obscured Victorian grandeur of this pub was actually a relic of the past.

The new owners have done things sensibly and effectively. Yes, the pool table and TV have gone, as have the cheapo sandwiches, but in has come something that looks like it belongs to this decade. The changes have been simple and, I would suggest, neccessary: the stinking, swirling 70's nightmare of a carpet has gone, the dark oppressive colours on the ceilings and the walls are light and bright shades, and the bar itself has been opened up to reveal some exqusite Victorian cast iron work, that was previously covered with chipboard(!). The main change has been the opening up of the front windows by changing the paines of glass - you can now see in. This makes the world of difference, and makes it an appealing prospect for the many, rather than the few.

Yes, the food is relatively pricey - but it's damn good and the restaurant atmosphere is wonderful. If you want cheap sandwiches, there's a ton of options near by, or Sainsbury's down the road. Service is generally prompt and friendly, and they keep a good ale. Music is excletic and mercifully not overpoweringly loud and intrusive.

Yep, I like the changes, and will not mourn the departure of the old, because there was really nothing to romanticise about. If the new owners had ripped the heart out of the place, there would be justification to complain; they haven't, they have attempted to ressurect a grand old pub with style.
insekt - 8 Nov 2006 20:11
Recently re-furbed and gastro-ed pub at the wrong end of South Lambeth Road (assuming that South Lambeth Road has a "right" end). Not much to look at from the outside, but inside the new owners have done an amazing job. They have managed to move the place way up market without it feeling like an identi-kit "How to build a Gastropub" place.

The real bonus, though, is the food. It isn't cheap, but words cannot describe how good it is. I've eaten worse meals in Michelin starred restaurants.
waziotter - 7 Nov 2006 12:17
Hi Folks

The Wheatsheaf had a music night last Saturday - a great female jazz singer and her equally accomplished keyboard man playing some wonderful jazz classics (including one of my personal favourites ' The Girl from Ipanema ') as well as a young duo on guitar and tambourine working their way through all kinds of great stuff - rock ballads, funky tunes and so on.

The place was rocking and the atmosphere was

Music (of all different sorts) will be a feature in the coming months so watch this space for details !

In the meantime the Quiz will be starting in earnest this Sunday at 6pm

The format will be the same as before (4 seperate rounds, 2 of which will be "general knowledge" while the other two will vary from picture rounds to special rounds on subject like 'Crime and Punishment', and, in the very near future, Music rounds)...

Prizes, for the winner of each round will include cash, drinks and each week there will be an over-all winning prize.

This Sunday's overall prize will be a meal for two (including wine).

Here's hoping to see you all on Sunday then.
This week's specail rounds will be on 'Food and Drink' and 'The Americas'.

pubquizmaster - 28 Sep 2006 21:54
Hi Alph

Thanks for you recent postings

I do apologise for misinterpreting you intial comments...anyway you will be more than welcome to a free pint when you manage to get to the quiz !

I am sure you will enjoy it and I will enjoy have a chat with you about how Celtic are the greatest team ever and other important and topical issues

All the Best
pubquizmaster - 28 Sep 2006 02:33
Dear Quizmaster: just one last quick comment about my use of the word (not a phrase!) "gaff"

["gaff" - a phrase beloved of mockneys and other pretentious types." as you wrote.]

I thought you'd like to read the OED entry. Might be useful for a quiz later...

My usage was 2: possibly with hints of 3a, but I assure you, not 3b!

GAFF: n.4 slang.
[Of unknown origin.]
1. A fair.
1753 J. Poulter Discov. 31 The first Thing they do at a Gaff is to look for a Room clear of Company.
1811 Lex. Balatron. s.v., The drop coves maced the joskins at the Gaff; the ring-droppers cheated the countryman at the fair.
1821 D. Haggart Life 22 We stopped at this place two days, waiting to attend the Gaff.
2. Any public place of amusement. Hence the term has passed into the literary vocabulary as the name for the low class of theatre or music-hall to which it is most frequently applied by slang speakers. Also penny-gaff.
1812 J. H. Vaux Flash Dict. s.v., Any public place of amusement is liable to be called the gaff, when spoken of in flash company.
1856 Chamb. Jrnl. 11 Oct. 228/1 Would you root out the Penny Gaff, and compel the penny-paying find amusement elsewhere?
1861 Mayhew Lond. Labour III. 144 When a professional goes to a gaff to get an engagement, they in general inquire whether he is a good ballet performer.
1863 Q. Rev. July CXIV. 264 He knows them all..from the chief the humblest gaffs (as we believe they would be called in London).
1864 Sat. Rev. 30 Apr. 516 A piece of histrionics rather below the mark of a penny gaff.
1887 Contemp. Rev. Mar. 400, I had always wanted to see a Penny Gaff since I first read my Dickens.
3. a. A house, shop, or other building.
1932 G. S. Moncrieff Café Bar viii. 73 He went back to his gaff and broke into the gas meter.
1936 J. Curtis Gilt Kid ii. 20, I had it off last week.., not a big job, just a little snout gaff.
1938 G. Greene Brighton Rock iii. iii. 125 The barred and battlemented Salvation Army gaff.
Ibid. v. i. 188 It’s the best road-house this side of London... You can’t pick ’em [sc. girls] up in this gaff.
1961 J. MacLaren-Ross Doomsday Book i. viii. 86, I was keeping an eye on the gaff–seen you going in.
1971 Fremdsprachen XV. 63 Two new words..for a flat or dwelling are ‘pad’ and ‘gaff’.
b. spec. A brothel; a prostitute’s room.
1947 New Statesman 10 May 330/3 In most cases the girls do not live where they work (they call this their ‘gaff’).
1959 Streetwalker i. 14 Take a cab for the five minutes drive back to your gaff, or flat.

Alph_river - 24 Sep 2006 15:49
Ahh!! Just read DD's review to which you allude!! All becomes clear. No I've nothing whatsoever to do with him (or her). It's coincidence I used the same word "puffing". Probably due to spending too much time browsing 18th century theatre criticism...

Hope the quiz goes well, and you have some stinkers secreted up your sleeve to bamboozle them with tonight.
Alph_river - 24 Sep 2006 14:04
Dearest Pubquizmaster,

a) Never heard of Double Dutch or whoever or read his review. All I meant was that you were being HONEST! Advertising your own local, gaff, boozer, public house, tavern, gin palace, sports bar or what you will, and being open about it, unlike some sly boots who write glowingly in praise of their own hopelessly decrepit or unimaginitively restored drinking dens populated by the direst dregs of unreconstructed humanity.
And they do it PRETENDING to be punters!
YOU didn't. It matters not one whit that you have nothing to do with owning or managing the Wheatsheaf. You are advertising your pub, and it's "your" pub in the sense you drink there or run the quiz! And make a fine job of it too, nae doot.

b)You only used one "superbly inventive adverb" [brilliantly]!

c)Whitever gives ye the impression I "have an aversion to the Wheatsheaf"? Nothin' I said, if you read carefully! I'd never comment on a pub I had not visited.

d) Didnae Celtic dae well yesturday? I was cheering them on, rest assured.

e) Canny make it the nicht. But Ah'll be there someday...

f) PRETENTIOUS? MOI?? Whit aboot you pal!
"...The main bar is decorated with the same Oxford Blue and off-white walls and the restored wooden floor has come up beautifully (as has the floor in the other bar) and the furniture is of the mixed wooden variety - old church seats and so on.." Sounds like thon long-haired TV presenter :-)

g) No offence meant - just persiflage, as you know!

Alph_river - 24 Sep 2006 13:23
Dear Alpha
You seem to have made the same mistake as DoubleDutch or whatever he called himself (I can't even be arsed to scroll up and check).
The Pubquizmaster is a long time drinker in the Wheatsheaf and has produced a Pub Quiz there for a period of roughly 16 months .
I (the pubquizmaster) am NOT an owner, part-owner or even employee of the "gaff" - a phrase beloved of mockneys and other pretentious types.
I am pleased you were "impressed" by my "huge range of positive adjectives" (did you really think I was going to use negative ones ?)but what about those superbly inventive adverbs ?
Since you clearly have an aversion to the Wheatsheaf, why, one wonders, do you wish to "come a- drinking" there again anyway ?
Whatever, you will be welcome to a free pint if you turn up this Sunday - the money will come straight out of my own pocket...but I should say the the fact your mum lives next to Steve Chalmers doesn't actually prove you are a Celitic fan now does it
PS Are/were you stationed at sme place as DoubleTrouble ?

pubquizmaster - 23 Sep 2006 02:41
At least "Pubquizmaster" is honest about puffing up his own gaff on this website!

I'm definitely impressed by the huge range of positive adjectives he uses, and almost I am almost persuaded to visit. Can't do it this weekend, but I'll be there soon to match his proudly-crafted perception to the actuality.

Pubs are about beer, and it's unclear from any of the reviews Ive glanced at what beer is served. I mean of course proper English cask-conditioned beer, as befits a pub which has a long history. Too many pubs are revamped and rebranded into transient theme bars with decor which will be out of date in a year or two, and serve drinks to match. I hope I'll find this is not the case when I come a-drinking...

BTW: I know Steve Chalmers, one of "The Lisbon Lions" who scored the winning goal for Celtic against Inter Milan in the European Cup in 1967. He's my mum's neighbour. Do I get a free pint?

Alph_river - 21 Sep 2006 09:23
Hi All

The Wheatsheaf is holding a party night this Saturday (September 23rd)!

The main attraction will be a fabulous female jazz singer and there will also be other entertainment, a brilliantly eclectic range of delicious food (cooked by Celine and Miguel) and plenty of drink (well, it is a pub) including an excellent selection of wines and beers served by Nick, Saul, Patricia and Tom.

The pub will open as normal at 12 midday and closing time will be 1am (as it is every Friday and Saturday).

There is also a secluded patio for those who wish to enjoy the last of the recent "Indian" summer, and those who want to enjoy a smoke-free atmosphere can drink or dine in the restaurant area.

As if your week-end couldn't get any better...I am pleased to announce that the famous Wheatsheaf Pub Quiz is starting again !

It will take place on Sunday 24th September and, while the original format will be the same, the prizes will be different and there will be a more international flavour to the rounds. There will be an emphasis on food and drink...but don't worry sports fans, I can twist a foodie question into one about footie at the drop of a hat !

Anyway folks, do come and enjoy the atmosphere of one of the finest and oldest established public houses in South London.

Oh...and if you come in on Sunday and you can prove you are a Celtic fan, I will buy you a drink !
pubquizmaster - 21 Sep 2006 05:16

I went had dinner and a drink at this pub recently and it was FABULOUS - possible that it was the best pub meal I have ever had -

Will now be my local!!
aussie77 - 5 Sep 2006 16:09
Whilst I agree that people are entitled to share their opinions about the merits or demerits of the Wheatsheaf and its pub quiz, and whilst I also wish to avoid being drawn into an on-line slagging match, I feel I must point out that DeptfordDutch is factually incorrect on at least two counts (see posting on 24 Aug 2006).
First of all he clearly implies that the pubquizmaster, wrote the 3 previous posiive reviews about the quiz.
I did not - neither did I have any prior knowledge of them. They were written by three different customers, entirely of their own volition.

Secondly, his assertion that the "other bar" was "always packed on the quiz night" is, to say the least, misleading. If the "other bar" was packed then it was generally the case that both bars were packed.

OK Enough of that.

As I said in the previous posting the pub quiz will be starting again in the next few weeks.

The refurbishment of the pub is now complete.

The pool bar is now a no-smoking restaurant area with bigger floorspace than before. It has an intimate atmospehere, especially in the evenings.

The main bar is decorated with the same Oxford Blue and off-white walls and the restored wooden floor has come up beautifully (as has the floor in the other bar) and the furniture is of the mixed wooden variety - old church seats and so on.

Now to the food ( a subject of some debate ). The quality is high - on a par with Sandra's, although since the dishes on offer are quite different, direct comparisons are maybe a bit irrelevant.

The range of beers is good and they are well looked after and there is now a large wine list to choose from.

One of the changes which have taken place since the pub changed hands early in the year is that it has become truly international - locals mingle with Brasilians, French,Spanish, Swedish, Polish (and that's just the bar staff - seriously ! as well as Ukrainians, the odd Portugese and others. So whatever language you speak, the chances are somebody will understand you.

I shall sign off here and say Hope to see you all sometime !

pubquizmaster - 30 Aug 2006 23:15
Hi Folks

The Pub Quiz will be starting again at the end of September or beginning of October - What this space for further deatails !
pubquizmaster - 25 Aug 2006 21:11
I hadn't visted this pub for month's, it used to be a hidden London Gem. A very busy, well run London local, run by Londoners. The food was fantastic and real value for money, especially at lunchtimes for workers from BT, Christies, Teavis Perkins and the Met Police; I should know having been stationed in Clapham Road for a few years. It was always well worth the treck there and back. It had a pool table too. The only downside if any where was the very boring quiz night on a Thursday night; over long and badly run. (Reading the previous comments, mine are objective and written as a customer and not it would seem as someone with a vested interest in puffing up his postion on this website for himself on a Thursday night,(Re:Quizmaster? Thank goodness for the other bar and the pool table, fruit machine and tv; that side of the pub was always packed on the quiz night.
That aside, how a Pub can change with different hosts! Granted the pub's been painted and re-arranged by the new owners, but where is everyone? It's only half the size it was; the pool table, fruit machine and tv are gone, along with the regulars. Having read the menu, no wonder. Whose going to pay those prices of a lunchtime. Not me. Thankfully I work in Victoria Street now, I don't think I could handle working in Clapham road still and be able to look forward to a welcome visit to the Wheatsheaf; that's all in the past.
And a ridiculaClean, wonderful serviced beers
anonymous - 24 Aug 2006 18:06
Unfortunately the pub quiz seems now to be on a hiatus of indefinite length. Here's to hoping that it will return. God knows why the new owners chose to get rid the main draw on a thursday evening!

The pub has now been re-decorated, at last!!! but now it looks just like every other pseudo gastro pub in London. That being said, the food still is pretty good, though not as good as Sandra's, but has now jumped in price so much that one has to question its value for money.

the_sarah_day_fan_club - 19 Aug 2006 14:48
Yes folks, the pub has recently changed hands and is now being run by Nick and Saoul. It will shortly be undergoing a refurbishment but, for the tie being at least, the Pub Quiz will continue to be held on Thursdays but at the earlier time of 7 pm. Thanks to sarah_day_fan_club ! you beet me to it mate
Anyway folks do come...and bring all your friends !!!
pubquizmaster - 18 Feb 2006 02:35
The pub quiz is now a little earlier, starting at 7pm from 23rd feb NOT 8pm
the_sarah_day_fan_club - 17 Feb 2006 17:54
popped in here one Friday night. about a half dozen people present. it felt very dead, decor a bit dated. can't fault it too much for a quiet pint but don't come here for atmosphere.
silverside - 22 Jan 2006 22:04
Hi folks
The Wheatsheaf is, as far as I know, the only pub in London (or anywhere, come to think of it)which is staffed entirely by people from London !
Apart from that (you could be up for some kind of award on that one Bry) this pub continues to be the best English boozer in the area ; the beer is top notch, the food is superb and the service excellent.
The Pub Quiz is also a feature - 8.30 pm every Thursday; which brings me on to...
Thanks to womble for your kind comments and to the sarah_day... (I know who u r and where u live)for ur very humorous comments (i'm sure u were being kind too, somewhere)
It was great to see some guys who came to the quiz via this COOL website.
Do come next week - and bring all your friends !

pubquizmaster - 21 Oct 2005 04:59
I'm not sure what you meant by pretty busy, but from all the times I've been in there recently, that would equate to about 30 people. Still, that's part of the reason I like this place - always guaranteed a seat.

The quiz itself is brilliant. I've done a few in my time but nothing quite tops this one, and a lot of this is down to the friendliness of the quiz master and general good humour of everyone in the place. Wouldn't recommend it for a night on the lash, but for a few quiet ones it's pretty good.
womble54321 - 20 Sep 2005 17:34
I like this pub. It's nice and spacious so its comfortable even when pretty busy, it's got a good selection of beers, lagers and spirits and very nice homemade food on a vary regularly changing menu at pretty resonable prices. A pool table provides further diversion and two big TVs which show all the football are well placed to incure a good view for all.

The best bit about the pub is Duncan's weekly pub quiz (thursday 8pm), at which i have had more fun than at any other quiz. It's based on a bingo format, dont worry he explains the rules every week - its easy - you have a sheet with five groups of five boxes numbered 1-25 randomly. Numbers are drawn at random and you put the answer to the question in the correct numbered box. First person to fill in a group of five correctly, shout 'OI' and have them checked by Duncan wins. Ties are decided by whoever is closest to the answer in the tie break question (eg How long is the British coastline?).

This means there is always an element of luck to it even if you know all the answers so that means there are no quiz hustlers present, just people out for an enjoyable evening. Look out for specialist rounds and picture rounds (occasionally colour photocopied at no extra charge).

Please note: If you are new to the quiz please feel free to shout out 'OI' at any time especially if less than five questions have been asked. Wittier individuals may even like to try to beat Duncan to it by shouting 'OI' just as he is about to ask the first question.

Duncan's relaxed attitude means it's much more about an evening out with your friends than a serious quiz - though the questions are pretty taxing. Don't bother learning capital cities, but rudimentary knowledge of the career of Pete Doherty should see you through. Failing that, for any geography question answer with a place Duncan has lived in for a 1 in 3 chance of success, and you could walk away with over £50 and an armful of T-shirts by Kent-based designer Shepherd Neame.

Keeping with the relaxed attitude the quiz never starts at the advertised time (8.00pm) so dont worry about being late, and you get plenty of time for a nice drink which is all part of the fun. In fact, given the exponentially increasing delay each week as we, 'wait for a couple more people who are coming', current NASA research predicts the quiz scheduled for the third week of January will in fact start sometime in August 2416.
the_sarah_day_fan_club - 19 Sep 2005 17:33
Good traditional pub mainly populated by locals. Spacious and with a good pool table. Probably the best pub in the immediate area.
ChrisF - 28 Aug 2005 11:54
You never know until you've tried it... And I have tried it. It's everything you could want from a local pub - "including food and drink".

The Highlight: Thursday night pub quiz.
Reasons: Big Dunc and his "bingo-quiz", Big Dunc's Bingo machine, shouting "Oi", winning big money prizes and limited edition collectors t-shirts and more... Including a slim Frank Butcher look-a-like barman and the Queen Vic stylee decor.

You just have to be there. Nice.
Reginaldian - 29 Jul 2005 14:23
This is a great pub. Tasty, filling lunchtime food, a nice selection of wines and beers, and Dennis is a sweetheart. I don't work in Vauxhall any more and I really miss this little gem.
Amanda_Fuller - 14 Jun 2005 13:37
Hi All
Pub Quiz is now 3 weeks old - Jackpot will be £40 next week (17th March) - plus £10 per round (4 rounds)
Why not have a late lunch/dinner (excellent home-cooked food cooked by Sandra, served by Maria and Dennis) and then get sloshed while waiting for the pub quiz ? (food is served until 8pm - quiz starts at 8.10)

pubquizmaster - 11 Mar 2005 03:04
My new favourite local. I love this place. It has booths (hooray!), pool table and plenty of room. I have only been here twice now, but on my first night the lovely barman put cocktail umbrellas in my pint for me. Bless 'im. I will definitely check out the pub quiz - though I always seem to be busy on Thurs. nights. A 'proper' boozer.
roxy - 2 Mar 2005 12:20
The Wheatsheaf will be hosting it's inaugural PUB QUIZ this Thursday (24th February). It will be a quiz-with-a-difference ; 4 rounds with prize money of £10 per round PLUS the chance of winning a Jack-Pot Prize which will start at £20 and will rise each week until it is won...Dennis (a proper barman - ie he knows what a light and bitter is) and Brian (the 'guvnor')will attend to your drinking requirements while Duncan will ask you silly questions
pubquizmaster - 20 Feb 2005 02:12
By far the best in the area. Beers well looked after and the home-made food (served until 8pm) is excellent and very reasonably priced
anonymous - 17 Feb 2005 21:49
Tanya on wednesday nights is great barmaid - always on tha ball and friendly.

the pool table here is one of the BEST i've played on. always a great bunch of locals to challenge.

toilets clean & smell nice = top marks.

a quiet pub with no trouble. good food (so i'm told) and an excellent drop is poured.

pool = cheap = happy.

stronly recommend.
tingles - 17 Feb 2005 01:29
Great Pool table, welcoming staff, good service. A crowd of us had a realy fun night & improved takings considerably as it appears to be a lunch time pub. The food is cheap & better than most. Dont be put off by the lack of fanatical attention to detail in decoration. Well worth a visit.
howard - 14 Feb 2005 22:29
Definitely a locals pub, but friendly with it. Great pool table with lots of space.
maggot74 - 10 Feb 2005 14:18
My favourite pub, wish it was my local. Great Beer,Very pleasant staff. Even tho' Brian the Guv'nor supports Chelsea. Best value and nicest food in the area.
Gary - 27 Aug 2004 12:21
Quality boozer, the kind of pub you'd want as your local. Staff excellent, food - quality pub chow. Quaffed many an excellent pint of Stella of a lunchtime, the rest of the afternoon used to fly by!
John - 22 Jul 2004 09:30
A perfect local pub with well kept beer and enough cheap food on offer to feed a small army for a month. Plenty of room, unsullied decor and a pool table mean that there is always a convivial atmosphere, even if the giant TV screen is used mainly for watching wildlife documentaries or 1980s music videos.
Agnes - 6 Jul 2004 12:55

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