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Browns Cafe Bar, Coventry

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user reviews of Browns Cafe Bar, Coventry

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For some reason, my previous update about this place has disappeared from BITE....
As of 19th December 2013 Browns has been under new ownership and management. The Brown family have no part in the running of this new business.
The new owners are the Higgs Trust and the name is now "Drapers".
paul_d102 - 7 Jul 2014 19:15
See the crappy bar has had to close on Armed Forces Day, pity it is not permanent.

Apparently the owner "is absolutely flabbergasted by the response" well it's a pity you choose to follow such a disgusting policy in the first place.
kevmac - 30 Jun 2012 16:57
I too agree with the boycott of this pub. Having worked for the MOD (albeit as a civilian) I have the utmost respect and admiration for all servicemen and women. It is disgusting and disgraceful that pubs refuse to serve people in uniform, especially given the circumstances involving the group who were refused hot drinks. I've not been in this pub, and never will use it, but am giving it a zero (it's a shame we can't do minuses if not I would have given it at least minus 10).
warrior_123 - 29 Jun 2012 19:03
Here like many others following the uniform ban. I decided to read reports prior to this dreadful event and I just can't work out how it scores 2!!

Have a zero matey!
LickeyEndBooze - 29 Jun 2012 17:56
Your treatment of a Squaddie, who only wanted a cup of tea is disgraceful. I hope your company goes bust as the "Hate Browns" campaign is flying around Twitter and Facebook. Armed Forces day on Saturday and you have started the week in style. The last pub that did this suffered financially for months and months the "military family" is a big family and never forget. Hope it a slow painful next few months for you.
BIGGIBBO - 28 Jun 2012 09:14
Whilst totally agreeing with all the recent posts about this shithole I last visited about 5 years or so ago, let us not forget that they have employed an aggressive and unashamedly transparent racist door policy for years. I have witnessed this. And also let us not forget this is not the only bar / pub that has a non uniform policy. Shame on them all.
Tuna - 28 Jun 2012 00:04
Not a pleasant pub.

Turned away a lad because he was in uniform - he was a pallbearer at his brother's funeral. This isn't the first time they have told solider to sling their hook - just the first time it ended up being televised.

It used to be a public lavatory years ago - but now if it is just the attitude that stinks.
MarkTib - 27 Jun 2012 22:39
So you think your above not serving people in uniform, utter joke.

One British squaddie is worth a thousand times more than some squalid boozer which bans them.

Avoid avoid avoid.
kevmac - 27 Jun 2012 18:14
Never been to this pub but heardabout it on the news so I thought I would find out what people think of it on BITE.
Amazing, must be one of the worst pubs ever and the owner, Jo Brown or whatever hes called sounds like a complete shit. No wonder hes called brown
I hear there is a campaign to boycot the place. Good luck to them
cellarbuoy - 27 Jun 2012 18:00
Utter sh*thole. Total gang of bellends who wok there too.
cliffjb - 27 Jun 2012 15:36
Rascist, filthy, unfriendly, drinks and food not to be served to starving pigs. Your clothes, forget it squaddies, walkers, hikers, tourists, security personnel, just ignore this place. There is nothing worth crossing the threshold for.
tcvarlh - 27 Jun 2012 14:41
The dearth of decent pubs in central Coventry means that the chances of people unwittingly stumbling on this place are increased. In many other cities, it probably wouldn't even get a look in.
It lives in a by-gone era when pub-goers expected to be scowled at by (and justify their choice of clothing / footwear to), a tormented doorman.
Treat this place as a working museum-piece of urban-pub history, and view it from the street, but do not get too close.
Once you've done this, head off in either direction as there are some genuine welcoming pubs serving good beer (ale or lager to suit) to people of all persuasions.
Lehumpt - 26 Aug 2011 13:59
I visited this place on two occasions. Once in the evening where I found the beer to be overpriced and poorly cared for. And once during the daytime where I sampled possibly the worst food I have ever been served.

On both occasions I found the staff (who I have since been informed are in fact the management) were downright rude and unwelcoming. Unfortunately I can't even recommend it on novelty value. This place has no redeeming features whatsoever.
currysoup - 28 Jul 2011 23:21
What can you say about this place? The worst food imaginable if you gain entry past a self hating racist Asian bouncer who allows no black people in; a po faced manager/owner who would turn your beer sour if he looked at it and a woman, (apprently the owners daughter), who is so angry and ugly she would bar herself if she tried to enter the place. This place is regarded as a laughing stock by the people of Coventry who know about its racist/chauvanistic polices and avaoid it at all costs.
topman40 - 29 Apr 2011 16:02
After reading the reviews, and work took me to Coventry, I just had to try this place. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
proboozer - 19 Apr 2011 14:56
Browns is by far the worst place to eat in Coventry.
The refusal to give reasons for nonentry seem to be standard there and it was Not the bald white guy who stopped me, after being rather cross it was pointed out that i being a larger lady of 40 do not fit in with the clientel them being skinny and young........ (this was told to be by the small asian bouncer) so if u are over 25 and aver a size 16 u are not getting in in the evening....

in the daytime however thay are quite happy to take your money......beware people .
This 'cafe-bar' should be called Greys not is the only place i have eaten where practically all of the food including the carrots was grey......infact the only thing more dismal than the staff, bouncers and food is the art on the walls.....
dont waste your time or cash here there are far better places in coventry.

cant rate this as the scale does not go into the negative numbers
bubbles1968 - 5 Jul 2009 22:04
This is a Pub which I would never go again to , doorman are so rude.
Considering the place is called browns!!! , they refuse to let in brown people. .
I never get refused to go into pubs, this was an insult to me and my friends.
The other thing that pisses me off , they do not need to give a reason. Assholes. The worst thing is I was sober, its not like I was drunk...!!!

People who wann go to this pub, dont waste your time.......... spend your money else where....... Plenty of other good pubs in town....

beerman123 - 22 Jun 2009 09:49
Possibly the worst public establishment in the world! Being a teetolar, I was looking forward to a nice meal with my friends on the Christmas eve. And one of the doorman, for no apparent reason, said "we don't give reasons", I said, "for what?, and he said "for refusing entry"! Pretty obvious that he was a racis, as he allowed atlest 7-10 absolutely drunk white people ahead of us, and just abruptly stopped us! That was the most ridiculous thing ever! I tried phoning in and the other staff member was even more rude, saying that it was busy and she was trying to get over with the night! totally unprofessional and pathetic customer service.
vladtepes - 25 Dec 2008 00:07
We were staying in Coventry 4 of us business men as at the NEC standing an exhibiton and we walked into Browns i had been before for lunch with customers and had no problem and never read this site.
we were approached on Wednesday the 1st Oct 2008 when we entered the bar only to be approached by one of the seven dwarfs who lacked effection from snow white so turned to steroids " you wont get serviced to night" why i replied " we dont give reasons" and the reason is if they did we could sue them for what ever sick reason they have for stop honest decent tax payers that just want a drink and meal. they are doing Coventry a dis-service. but he comes our revenge we are salesmen visiting 20 people a week times by 4 off us 80 a week in the area so we will until i stop breathing tell everyone to avoid this crap hole under it goes bust as it deserves thats 16000 people approx in 1 year we will tell
to the moose behind the bar shove it
sadwatch - 3 Oct 2008 13:53
browns would be nice place if it wasnt ran by nobheads served warm beer and served decent food
bobbones - 8 Sep 2008 17:34
The problem with Browns is their door policy, you have probably the same chance of being stopped from entering this "bar" regardless of whether you are taking your parents for a meal/drink OR if you are a drunk lout with vomit all over your clothes.

I've actually been allowed in the same number of times I've not been allowed in ...It's really NOT worth the hassle of going to BROWNS as there are so many nice pubs/bars/cafes in the area that will gladly take your custom.

I actually think the doorstaff are doing you a favour when they stop you from coming in. The sooner this establishment either changes management or goes out of business the better for all concerned.
AnthonyJ - 7 Aug 2008 11:57
right wear to start with this horrible place it was my first ever time to cov came down to my girlfreind on a very hot august day been in cov for only an hour and decied to go to browns as soon as i orded are drinks a fat freak dressed in an head scarf came from knowere demanding that i leave or she would call the police i was shocked i can look back now and laugh but i was told by locals nobody like her so her loss of custom x
huddersfield - 2 Aug 2008 00:11
I went in for a qucik pint with my mate about two years ago, got all the way to the bar and then this imbecile of a bouncer said "you won't get served". He he. "Why not?", "Don't give reasons.". I reckon I had been in there about 100 times at that point but I was getting seriously bored of it, so he did us a favour.
It really is boring. I only ever went in there for one on the way to somewhere decent like the cross.
And as for the bizarre collection of people who own/run the place (you know who you are!)....
Anyway, go somewhere else in town. Mbargo is decent.
boy_coventry - 17 Jul 2008 15:14
To read these reveiws fills me with great delight!
After visiting many cities in Britain and their various bars I cannot beleive that someone could have such a backward/insulting door policy as this place.
To bar people who might possibly be a pain in the arse is fair enough.But generally refusing people
indigineous to the local area is not on.
I hope the door policy is counter productive in the long term.
littlerich - 7 Jul 2008 19:06
The worst door policy in Coventry. Last week I would have posted a positive comment but being treated to Browns infamous door policy this weekend I will never go in this bar again. I came from a large city and was visiting Coventry for the weekend. We'd enjoyed meals at Browns in the past and were looking forward to spending an evening in the bar. I have never been refused entry to a bar but the bouncer at Browns decided that we were not welcome and would not give a reason. I think it is a disgusting way to treat visitors to the city and potential customers. To make a snap decision on our appearance and not give a reason smells of discrimination.
We went else where and had a great night, I suggest that you do the same.
lisaaselby - 17 Mar 2008 08:20
I always call into Browns when I'm in Coventry, as it's the best modern bar in town. The architecture and design is fantastic and picks up on all the 1950's architecture that Coventry is known for. There's a great selection of drinks and I've always found the bar-staff really friendly, so I'm puzzled by all the negative comments. I'm going there today, so it'll be interesting to see if I get stopped at the door.
Mancini - 23 Feb 2008 13:16
Blame the owner!!

No one I know from Cov would drink here, and I think they're told to keep local people out. Gives a false impression to all the new students and their mummies and daddies when they visit Cov. If you like Browns you'll love the Tin Angel also; and you are probably a vegan/yoghurt knitting/sandal wearing luvvie.

By the way this pub is built on above an old public lavatory: 'nuff said!!

hawkwinder - 21 Jan 2008 03:18
The kind of place patronising students go to read poetry. And yes, the door men have a strange door policy letting in who they feel like. Apparently if you don't look 'alternative' they won't let you in. But thats hardly a guarantee either. Still, you won't be missing much.
Sam_Przyborowski - 20 Nov 2007 22:24
This place is a total joke.

I have always detested the place but over the years I've been in probably about 10 times. Two months ago I went in with a friend of mine, we were both blasted, totally trashed, we were quite loud and my friend knocked his glass of the table and they replaced his beer! All in all we were terrible customers, and were treated well.

Last week, totally sober and smart I strolled up with a more respectable friend. There is no way they recognised me, but like a lot of decent people I got the 'I don't have to give a reason' speech from some short, fat, unshaven hobbit creature on the door with his two boyfriends. What a tallywacker! This place is definately operating an ageist, rascist, heterophobic policy aimed at keeping students safe, sodomy in, and sense out. These slack-jawed apes running the door need a lesson in manners and taste. This place needs a picket.
BolshevikBoozer - 23 Jul 2007 10:23
NIce looking from the outside, haven't been in yet, they turn me away every time. No reason given, always quiet, no surprise there then!!
anonymous - 7 May 2007 13:52
I ask myself how this establishment makes a profit.
It must be based on it's lunchtime sales. Over the past few years I've had several decent meals in the day at Browns and was looking forward to joining my colleagues this evening at a leaving do. Arriving alone smartly dressed I was told I wouldn't be served, I don't have to give a reason. I wasn't badly dressed inebriated or offensive in any way, as a 45yr old professional nurse, I have never been refused entry ever! to any bar or club! I can only assume they are operating an ageist policy. A real shame as I shall be advising my nursing colleagues of their shabby behaviour, It'll probably loose them a few more of their small ELITE customer base.

They only get a rating of 2 based on past visits, there will be no more.
Paul56 - 23 Mar 2007 19:28
You can gain entry to anywhere in Coventry city centre with no problems at all. Yet as soon as you come's a different story. It does not matter how smart you may be in appearance or how law abiding you are. If they don't like the look of you, they will soon let you know. I have been turned away for no reason at all and very rudely too.
A friend of mine was called 'scum' by them and asked to leave, despite the fact that he has never been in any trouble in his entire life.
How they have aurvived as a business never fails to amaze me. If you want to have your day ruined and be insulted, then go here.
rayray - 26 Dec 2006 13:06
"I don't need to give a reason" was the response from the doorman after I queried his decision not to let one of my number into this half-empty pithy bar.
I guess he must have tried the beer in there and was politely advising us against it.
londinieres - 24 Sep 2006 23:00
Seriously - Are you joking?! I've never experienced anything like all these crazy things people are saying! I love Browns and the people who work there are all really friendly and nice.
milly_moo - 13 Sep 2006 09:55
Didn't actually end up going to Browns in the as we couldnt be bothered with the "will we wont we" situation which could have turned out to be a waste of time...and money.

Shame really. But I wonder how many other people think this too before going?

I've never seen a que outside Browns come to think of it...maybe this is the reason.?

Dan_uk - 21 Aug 2006 12:03
If this site means anything shouldn't the licensing authority (Weights and measures) get off their arses and close this disgrave to Coventry down.
johnsad - 20 Aug 2006 14:20
I moved away from Coventry about 12 months ago now and I am planning on returning this weekend to catch up with friends and family.

I used to frequent Browns on a regular basis, and have only ever had 1 encounter with Jenny Brown some years ago now. I think you just have to catch her in a good mood. As with the door staff too I think.

I intend to make a return to Browns this weekend and show my other half what Browns is all about. I have a real sinking feeling however that we will not make it through the doors Which will be a big shame if this actually happens.

Wish me look...

Dan_uk - 18 Aug 2006 14:29
what a disgrace to Coventry. These people have a public licence but operate an arbitrary door policy.

The council should revoke the licence as they are likely to cause a breach of the peace.
anonymous - 10 Aug 2006 03:05
Nasty place, Nasty doormen.... I am a journalist writing for a popular music mag. I won't hold back when commenting on my recent trip to Coventry to review one of its local bands and happening upon this glory hole for a pre gig drink - NOT!
anonymous - 19 Jul 2006 08:26
Oh & by the way BROWNS is a GREAT bar it realy is a nightmare getting into it....the barmen there ALSO have a job to do meaning any CHAVS aint gunna get in so go away however still there is the 99% that are feel good people so i suppose there should be chilled should the barmen there as i used to know a member of the family that owned the bar & things WAS cool so its realy about if your face fits fellas/girls
keithgoddard - 8 Jul 2006 00:32
Myself and a friend have now started to play a little game with the doorman at Browns - make it look as though you are walking up to enter the bar then walk away at the last minute - the look of horror on the doormans face is a sight to behold
jonnyg - 16 May 2006 10:27
I got into this pub for the first time in my 21 year history the other day. It had been my lifetime ambition to get into Browns after having been turned away a few times in the past for reasons that the doorman wasnt willing to share with me.
So i got in...BUT...and there is a but.

I was with my friend, who gets in regularly, so after he had pretty much dressed me, as he had to approve all the clothes i wore so as to give the doorman as little excuse to turn me away as possible, we went straight in, the doorman wasnt at the door, but stood at the bar. He saw us and came bounding toward us with a look of mayhem on his angry little face, he then noticed my friend and changed his mind and let us be. However after that, i never felt comfortable and was weary of ordering an alcoholic drink incase that prompted the doorman to chuck me out for being a p*sshead.
Im of the opinion that People shouldnt have the right to make others feel that uncomfortable when all you are doing is coming into their establishment for a drink and a chat with your mates. If Browns insist upon turning away more people than they are gonna let in, they are shooting themselves in the foot.

Also if any of you want to know what you need to look like to get in there, it is thus:-

YOU NEED TO LOOK LIKE A STUDENT: i.e you need to look like you need a good wash, a shave and a haircut, holding some sort of bag also helps and wearing baggy clothes that dont fit properly and that most other places would turn you away if you were wearing them. So now you know.
Jay_coventry - 5 May 2006 00:15
Strange place - went in for a quick drink after work, ordered a beer, was told to 'get away from the bar' by the manageress while I was waiting for it to be poured. How's that work then? That was one of the few times I've been let in - have been turned away for being too smart, too scruffy, and for causing trouble in another pub round the corner - having just got off the bus outside. I have to say, it's really entertaining to see what the staff say as you're turned away - almost part of a night out, and you get a bit disappointed if nothing happens.
herman - 20 Jan 2006 11:20
Steer clear of Brown's - the fat bird with the big hair is nuts!

We went there at around 1pm last sunday for some lunch expecting to just go in, order and everything to be easy. I've not been in there before so when this woman starting insisting that she new me and that she'd upset me at some point in my life it felt wierd.

She got over it for a split second and started taking our order. Half way through taking the order she threw her pad on the bar and said 'I'm not serving you' ?!?

She walked off down the other end of the bar and we stood there all confused as to exactly what the problem was. I walked down the bar and asked her and she said 'put it down to her' - she didn't ask me to leave but it was really wierd so we did

They might have nice decor but she is a complete nutter!

I'm not bothered whether they want me in there or not, being the first time i've ever been refused to be served just annoyed me a little especially as she was obviously just in a bad mood that day

aditoal - 19 Dec 2005 13:55
I've been going to Browns for a few years. The food used to be very good but meals I've had there this year were dry & reheated - even at peak times. I think the menu has grown too big.

The current doorman can be quite rude and indiscriminate when exercising the infamous door policy during the day. Nobody wants to made to feel like a 2nd class citizen or intimidated when trying to buy a coffee! Nasty.

That all said, it is a well run, trouble-free venue. The Brown family are good people.
zx10000 - 12 Dec 2005 18:59
I like Browns. Yes it's expensive and yes, the door policy can be a tad over enthusiastic but i've never been refused entry. I have been told i was barred, this was a misunderstanding and I received an apology. One thing to the previous posters. I doubt the management will change. It is an idependantley run bar owned by Mr Brown, he has been running it since I can remember (it has changed site)and he probably wont let it leave the family.
johnnydepth - 23 Nov 2005 17:04
Very poor and recommend not to visit. Rude and unpleasant man who I took to be an employee and was drinking with companions said to me I could not expect to be served. This was 11.00 am and unlike him I wanted coffee.
johnsad - 16 Nov 2005 17:09
The lady with the big hair is very nice and friendly, and she's been there since the days of being in the precinct. The door staff however have got some major issues going on, and refuse entry for....well..I guess they have to asert themselves and their authority somehow.
Drink is a bit pricey, but ok, best of sticking to the vino. Food is excellent, and at <�6 for a plated meal with more veg than you can shake a bizarre door policy at, its worth a visit.

Just dont look at the chap on the door wrong.
Scarey_biscuits - 18 Aug 2005 17:00
Browns is definitely a place I would not want to visit again. First of all the ridiculous door policy!!!!!! Having arranged to meet up with a couple of friends from work in the latter part of the afternoon I entered the establishment. Upon greeting my friends I decide to approach the bar and order a drink�Unfortunately I was intercepted by one of the bouncers who inform me that I may not be able to get served at the bar. How kind of him to tell me that. Well needless to say I am escorted out of the building. As I walk 10 meters or so down the road, the bouncer runs up towards me and says it was a mistake. I wonder �a mistake? As I walk back to meet my friends I see the woman with big hair having a chat with my friends, apparently she is apologising to them. Shouldn�t she have been apologising to me?

Well not that I�m the only one who has been refused entry, some of my friends and acquaintances are apparently not worthy of entry into Browns either. Being a lecturer I really don�t think I am going to cause a disturbance in there! The same is true for my colleagues who work in the NHS and also in schools (also refused entry). It is a shame that they are discriminatory. Though I can�t understand how they can turn people away who are dressed sensibly when the caf� bar is filled up with 5 other customers. The sooner the management is replaced the better. I agree with earlier comments with regards to Browns giving a bad impression of Coventry to both tourists and those who live in the area. It is really a shame that Browns can refuses entry to people looking to sample some pub grub in the afternoon!

Just stay away from it. There are plenty of alternatives around. There is one positive element of Browns�����. If you do need to catch a bus from the bus stop outside at night, you should be able to do so in safety as it is in public view.
lilith - 4 Jul 2005 11:55
Myself and a friend of mine (both very sober, very well dressed and in our thirties) have been turned away from here on more than one occasion for absolutely no apparent reason. Maybe it was because my friend shaves his head (due to thinning hair) ? What an insulting way to treat the public. Any business that treats its (potential) clientelle like this deserves to fail. The sooner this place goes, or gets a change of management, the better.
jonnyg - 9 Jun 2005 16:57
Browns is GREAT! the only thing that would make it better would be a beer garden - the terrace is ok, but it's too small. The only people who are turned away from there are townies - you just have to no wear checked shirts or white trainers! To be honest, there's not that many places where you can get away from scallies! No, but seriously, it's nice in there and there's never any trouble.
milly_moo - 18 Mar 2005 13:38
I really like Browns. I have only been in for no idea about the door policy. The mix and match food idea is great for me. Ideal for veggies!
Really like the art installations they have and the music. Nice and trendy which is what Cov needs really. There are enough dodgy smelly pubs already. Good for Browns.
amumd - 10 Feb 2005 15:20
i think i have to agree with the previous comment. I was turned away from browns when i tried to buy a coffee - no reason was given - but they didn't have a problem serving me 15 mins before hand!
mcnaughty - 23 Jan 2005 10:38
It really is sad that a central bar so close to the tourist area of Coventry has to adopt this pathetic door policy. Two friends of mine decided to come down for a shopping trip and after my recomendation headed off to Browns for Lunch - they almost made it to the bar when this bouncer told them to leave, escorted them out and wouldn't give them a reason! Of course they were very upset and embarrased. I think Coventry is trying very hard to establish itself as a good place visit and go out. It can do without Browns and some of the comments on here hit the nail on the head - a place that thinks its too cool for its own good. Well I wont be visiting or recommending Browns again and think the place should be boycotted until they change.
anonymous - 7 Dec 2004 21:23
I don't think its the bouncers that have the problem! Even during the day my friends get turned away and thats after we've all queued deciding what we want only for the 'manageress' with the big hair to say with the dirtiest look possible that they wont get served and she wont even give an explanation!! I've only ever eaten there once and I wont do it again not just out of principle, but because it was rank. It must have been from the day before and reheated several times over because it was disgusting!
Sarah - 17 Nov 2004 15:31
I've been turned away from Browns before-and I do not dress like a townie, and nor do I 'strut a macho image.' I just had the clearly offensive idea of wearing a shirt when I went out, and was refused. But then, of course, they were 'doing me a favour' by turning me away, but I'm obviously not intelligent enough to appreciate the sheer sophistication of Browns, and therefore 'wouldn't have liked the place anyway' can only assume the earlier writer is a better class of person who would...

The earlier comment sums up Browns and it's clientele perfectly; a place that thinks it's just too cool for it's own good. Which is a crying shame, as it is, at least in terms of decor and music, easily the best bar in Coventry-and therein lies the problem.
Coventry very much needs alternatives to the Yates' and Wetherspoons plastic pub phenomenon, and many have sprung up-Whitefriars, Five Monkeys, Prague, and even the Jailhouse, for alternative and less mainstream bars, but Browns spoils itself by being so pretentious and maintaining a crazy, inconsistent door policy-which is laughable in Coventry; this ain't London, guys-which unfortunately makes the regulars even more pompous as they see themselves as 'special'. Bottom line, if you want to drink with in a relaxed atmosphere where people just like to be themselves-ironically, which Browns' owners seem to think it is-then don't drink in Browns. If you want to give yourself a slap on the back for being cooler than cool and surround yourself with people doing likewise, Browns is your choice.
But if you're turned away, don't forget-you wouldn't like it anyway...
Luke - 9 Nov 2004 14:43
i love browns, it has an easy going atmosphere, great food and friendly staff.
Monica - 18 Oct 2004 19:06
I used to love the old Browns when it was down in the lower precinct - I used to be in there alost every night of the week if I could.
I was in there for a stay back with the owner Ken and his family and the staff on the night it closed and I was in the new one the night it opened.
The door policy at Browns has always been odd - I have been turned away a few times, but probably only when I've been drunk or looked a bit too "townie" - but hey it works, never seen any trouble in there.
It's still a nice bar, but just betware the doormen are frustratingly fickle - especially since the council put a bus stop right by the front door!
nelliep - 27 Sep 2004 23:26
Well, as non white employee I can definately tell you all its nothing to do with race. The skinhead bouncer has poor judgement sometimes thats all. Its just townies or guys strutting a macho image that get turned away. If you get turned away from Browns, look at it as a favour...cause you probably wouldn't have liked the place anyway.
B.W. - 27 Sep 2004 19:08
I have to admit straight out that I haven't been here since leaving Coventry in the late 90s but find the comments about skin colour ridiculous. The bar manager was Asian and there were plenty of "ethnic" staff. I'm not saying the door policy here ever made any sense, but I very much doubt its a race issue.

That aside this was always the best bar in town if only for the fact that the door policy also kept out all the trouble that used to infest every other pub. I came back to Coventry in 2000 and saw fights in 4 of the 5 pubs I visited in one evening - guess which one I didn't see a fight in?

(and they used to play better music than most)

Ciar�n - 26 Aug 2004 17:09
I went to browns with My dad as was waiting for my Mum who was shoping and we got turn away by a skinheaded doorman I have being there lots of times before for something to eat in the day time and do not look dodgy but would not go back there again Also have never got turned away from a cafe bar before .Sad as my Family was just on a visit to coverty and does not look good for tourists
John - 19 Jul 2004 12:04
a group of about 20 of us planned to go to Browns before the universtiy summer ball, and were all let in except for one person desipte the fact that he was wearing a suit and tie and there was no reason not to let him in at all. Basically, avoid. Especially if you're non-white, or look like you might actually enjoy yourself, in which case you won't be let in.
anonymous - 13 Jun 2004 23:29
One of the best pubs in Coventry, located in a stylish modern building with a great open plan layout. Independently owned and so has an unusual range of drinks including some relatively uncommon draught lagers. Can be expensive, but I reckon this is one pub where you get what you pay for. You can save money on the food, which is reasonably priced and not the usual run of the mill fayre. Seen by some as pretentious, but that's nonsense. The atmosphere is great and suitable for all types of pubgoer, and they don't let in anyone who looks remotely dodgy, so you'll never get any trouble. (That means don't turn up in large group all wearing baseball caps otherwise you'll be turned away.) Also seems popular with disabled drinkers, probably because it's a new building and therefore readily accessible by wheelchairs.
Ceri - 28 Apr 2004 15:27

got anything to say about this pub?

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