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Nags Head, Rochester

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user reviews of the Nags Head, Rochester

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On last two visits ale has run out in the middle of the day. Lazy bar staff who prefer to chat with locals than do their jobs. Was ideal position if you'd just got off the train but now the station has moved you pass too many better run and cheaper places to drink on the high street.
anonymous - 22 Feb 2016 02:54
Excellent pub I thought. Now my local
Really friendly atmosphere
Ray83 - 22 Mar 2014 18:10
On Monday 03/03/2014, just before 7pm, I ordered two large gin and tonics with ice & lemon and the barmaid charged me £14.60...when she went off at around 7pm her replacement, an unusually dressed and pretty blonde, then charged me £11.80 for the same round...what's going on??

Shame, as my wife and I originally thought that the Pub was nice.
johnclement - 5 Mar 2014 05:12
Nice pub well laid out ales where main stream and fairly well kept a good juke box but seemed to get 1 in 5 of your song wrong (maybe because they all look like copied cds) that a side next time i am in the area i would use this pub again

Beers London Pride Foster Grolsh(bottlewith the popper lid )
drunkincharge - 14 Aug 2010 01:07
Nice little pub.A friendly welcome was afforded to me I had not been in ths pub before,the Spitfirewas very drinkable,at �3.10. which is cheaper than some Surrey and Outer London pubs.Overall first impressions good ,the young lady server was very attentive and chatty.there were no other customers in the bar.,early afternoon and a Tuesday.Would like to visit again with more people in the pub. The food menue looked very good Iwas told they cater for students as such the prices were competitive.
retiree - 23 Jun 2010 08:01
Not as good as it used to be but good pub. beer resonably good, good juke box, good crowd, and a pool table that has a dodgy cusion and the balls curve.

I have to say though that last time that i was there. there was a couple at the bar with a what looked like an 18 month old child, and they were giving the child lager to drink strait out of their pint glass. They did this repeatedly. bar maid looked disturbed but think she was new and quiet so tried to pretend she didnt see them doing it. They also seemed to be good friends with the landlady. I used to work in pubs for years, they should have been kicked out no matter who they were, apart from being HIGHLY ILLEGLE its dam stupid.

They could have lost there licence. and what kind of impression does it give out.

apart from that its a good place for a pint on a friday night.

because of what I saw that day I give them a 0.
beerrater - 8 Jun 2010 14:14
Lower bar at the front and up steps to higher level and pool table. Ambiguous toilet signs which seem to be designed to lure ladies in to the gents. Smoking area is a narrow strip not wide enough to be called a yard. Beer (London Pride - will I EVER learn!) a definite second rate. Gets marks for not being a trendy rathole and maybe for the pub sign (though the missus did not agree on that).
anonymous - 30 May 2010 21:12
A good little pub although seating an be limited. Beer is of high quality
phonak - 17 Jan 2010 16:53
A good friendly high street pub which luckily is on the opposite end of chave central high street zone so tend to avoid the lager louts i have been using this pub a good number of years without much complaint as i have made lots of good friends in here.a wide diverse clientele including students use the pub and they have bands on fridays and some sat nights and a quiz on sunday nights.not much seating space though and the prices are really too high especially when the beer is of not the best quality but its not rubbish and its always worth a look has something for most tastes and is relatively trouble free.
mintyfc - 7 Apr 2009 13:10
This pub is a really good little pub, every now and then they have a band playing and they're usually actually quite good. I saw a Ska band play in here not too long ago that were really good, and the crowd were having a great time there. The beer is always flowing, and it's usually busy in the evenings. During the day the atmosphere changes a bit, and I wouldn't really bother with it during the day as it seems quite boring in there.

The jukebox has a great selection of music, as stated before. Also, the new small "smoking area" out the back is very, very welcome! It's small but I've gotten involved in a few "smokers chats" out there.

Toilets are alright, nothing to shout about but clean! I tried food in the pub a few times during the day, and I must say it was actually quite good. The Pub sandwiches are worth it here. The pool table is not bad either, it's only 50p a game so I don't mind that the table is a little rough around the edges. Also, this pub has a nice welcome atmosphere, and I don't feel uncomfortable at all here.

Great pub!
xkasabianx - 5 Oct 2008 18:32
Just what is going on at The Nags Head? The prices are soaring and it�s getting ridiculous. A pint of Stella is �3.50 and Guinness is �3.10. The Real Ale has been �unavailable� on recent visits too. The music is still good (best jukebox in the Medway), yet I don�t understand the price hikes. It hasn�t seemed particularly less busy since the smoking ban last year, so surely it can�t be down to a lack of custom and there doesn�t appear to be a change in management.

I think I�ll be changing my allegiance to the excellent Britannia Caf� Bar down the road.

HTM69 - 18 May 2008 12:17
Ahhh the Nags head. I haven't visited in years. The overcooked vegetable pies are homely (that's not a criticism). I wonder what became of Angie who would shout 'Glasses please' in her own inimitable way each evening.

It was always the venue for people in bands or, as was more the case, people talking about becoming the next big band to take the world by storm.

It always felt sticky and had the feint smell of gorgonzola but nonetheless it was always very welcoming and fun to travel from the bottom to the top bar on a friday night.

A welcome respite from 'Fightclub' in the main high street.

May your beard never wither...

after8 - 7 Dec 2007 23:07
Our first visit to Rochester and our first port of call. A lovely welcome and a very well kept pint of Greene King IPA.
abbeypaul - 21 May 2007 23:42
TWO real ales on generally a bit shabby but friendly enough,and handy for the little theatre .
dogbolter - 18 Dec 2006 19:51
I've been going to the Nags Head on and off for what seem like years now.

It's a very scruffy and run-down pub, yet the good service and atmosphere makes up for this. The jukebox is indeed excellent.

Overall, it's a decent little pub, with the decor and shabbiness it's only downfall. Things like that have never particularly bothered me, so I'm more than happy in here.

Highly recommended

HTM69 - 22 Mar 2006 14:07
Altho quite small this pub comes in 2 sections, the pub is situated on a sloping hill with 2 entrances, the first is a street level entrance, it is quite small and cosy, generally I find the "older", "quieter crowd" sit here. Go up the stairs, or enter via the side door and the "youger crowd" can be found. Generally there is a really good atmosphere, you can shoot some pool, listen to some great tunes on the jukebox or jus chill out. Can get quite busy on Thurs, Fri and Sat nights. Well reccomended for all ages tho.
drumsmakenoise - 14 Aug 2005 08:57

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