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Samuel Pepys, Mansion House

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user reviews of the Samuel Pepys, Mansion House

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Open on Saturday afternoons (but not on Sundays) - was very quiet though when I popped in one Saturday recently. Still, had the balcony to myself and the beer was good. The dining area has recently been refurbished.
dpaajones - 29 Jan 2011 12:06
Great views over the river, especially from the small balcony. Serve a decent pint and had a pizza which was good. Recommended if you are anywhere near St Pauls or Mansion House.
jimbo2 - 17 Oct 2010 01:11
Great pub on the river.. Cracking pint of Taylors Landlord.
Leebo - 7 May 2010 21:57
this is a traditional pub that has one of the best river views in london. Felt like we were stepping back 300 years nice the way things were. Proper pub
beerinthedaytimeand - 12 Mar 2010 15:42
Fantastic view from the balcony.
dpaajones - 16 Aug 2009 12:03
Went to the Samuel Pepys today for lunch, the food was awful. I had fishcakes which were meant to be in a beurre blanc sauce, the sauce was vinegary water and filled most of the dish. The fishcakes were soggy and tasted of fishy mash. The salad on my friend's food had obviously gone off and the chips were undercooked and un-seasoned. All this and it was still over-priced. There wasn't much of an atmosphere but it was quite empty (unsurprisingly).
The only good thing about this place is that the staff are nice. Would highly recommend going elsewhere to eat.
roman1 - 10 Jun 2009 22:39
craigpoker - 29 Oct 2008 10:48
quite possibly the best pub i have ever been to!!
have you ever had teh steak?!! the price and taste compliment one another greatly!

The staff are amazing too, even when it is busy!

Lawrence (Sir Drop-a-lot) is a legend
all2regular - 13 Aug 2008 16:41
With such an historical name, why would you want to call the place 'TSP', complete with bland & ugly pub sign of that lettering? Here's 3 more for the pub: 'WTF'? I entered, despite gnashing of teeth, to find a fairly predictable lounge-bar stylee upstairs beyond which was a dining area and, from this section, a view of the river which laps directly below. To be fair, the barmaid/waitress approached with a smile but seemed slightly nonplussed by my asking if it was just Deuchars they had on draught (2pumps,1 clipped) - it's not my fav, and neither was TSP, I thanked her and did one...
trainman - 14 Feb 2008 11:29
I came across this pub purely by chance last year after moving into the area and fell in love with it. I've been on numerous occasions since, and it was the obvious choice for my birthday party last weekend.
It goes without saying that the views are amazing - the Tate and the Globe are opposite; the Millennium Bridge runs alongside and the river is in all directions, and is particularly picturesque at night -the food is great and I can't fault the selection of beers, wines or spirits. Prices are what you would expect for central London, and the staff are helpful. There are few pubs and bars in London that manage this superb mixture of laid-back atmosphere and exclusive location (one of it's advantages is that it's hard to find!) quite so well.

Everyone who came to the party thoroughly enjoyed themselves (and the food!), and I know a number of them were already planning return visits by the end of the evening. The only disadvantage is that I want to keep it all for myself!
jcadlam - 21 Jan 2008 22:30
I went to The Samuel Pepys on there Tuesday nights which they have poker there every week and can I say it was an amazing night, great atmosphere, table service and some great poker played in one of the best locations in London, love it!
craigpoker - 15 Dec 2007 22:42
Having looked at this place on the internet, we decided to make it the venue for a joint birthday party. All I can say is don't bother. Apart from dratic overstaffing, the wonderful view didn't make up for the disgraceful conduct and slow service behind the bar. Ontop of that, the price of the same round changed throughout the evening, depending on who served you. (we are not talking pence here. The same drinks started off costing 18 quid, then rose to 32, only to then drop to 25) This suggested someone was not being honest. We weren't suits with company money to spend. This was a saturday evening where we, normal people, had put good faith in the staff,wanting to enjoy the evening and have a few pints, only to be ripped off. And not very subtley. We were then hauled into the office at 9 pm to be told we needed to spend more money or we would have to make the difference up ourelves at the end and close earlier than agreed. We understood where they were coming from....after having a copy of the signed contract waved in our faces, but being told how much had been spent (taking into account we were being over charged regularly) I knew what two fathers and two boyfriends, just between them, had spent more than they were telling us the total was.For a fact. A lot more than they were claiming had been put over the bar.
Some kind of negotiation was made, not in our favour, but kept us from being kicked out. I have worked in the pub industry for eight years and I have never seen such blatant fiddling and we felt very let down. If anyone decides to organise a function here, make sure you read what you sign, keep a copy, get till reciepts and monitor how much things cost otherwise risk parting with a lot of hard earned cash, which is going straight into someones pocket. And not being counted in the til.So when it comes to the contract and the amount you have to reach by a certain time, you're out on your ear.You have been warned.
DirtyPanda - 22 Jun 2007 15:23
Well, what can I say, this pub is a gem. Proper food and real ales overlooking the thames and millenium bridge. Balcony for summer will be great and staff are always on top form. Lost a mark only because balcony gets a bit crowded.
RTGreen - 1 May 2007 22:46
Cask marqued now - TT's Landlord on fine form this lunchtime. An excellent compromise between a proper men's city drinking pub and somewhere that'll keep your femal colleagues happy.
MrLash - 20 Apr 2007 14:38
Stumbled accross this bar late summer '06' and couldnt believe that i had not heard of it before.
The views and the food are reason enough to venture here, so when my partner and I decided to hold a party, this was the logical place.
On organising the event, we found the management helpful, understanding and creative. They were able to comprimise with our requests (live music, DJ, vegetarian and meat buffet, bar stock etc) and even suggested great ideas like chocolate fountains for fresh fruit, and personalised cocktails.
By the end of the night they agreed to extend opening and when we finally finished up, people left saying it was one of the best nights they had had in a quite a while.
Thankyou TSP!
TommyGunn - 15 Apr 2007 12:31
My husband and I found this pub one day while taking a walk along the river. As soon as we walked up the staircase and saw the amazing views of the city we fell in love with the place and decided to make it the venue for our wedding reception.

We found the staff to be extremely helpful. The food that was prepared specially for our tastes and was amazing. And the atmosphere that was provided was perfect. They even developed a drink and named it after me for our guests to try.

My husband and I would strongly recomend this pub to anyone who is looking to have a beautiful, reasonably priced, excellently catered, and friendly atmosphere for their wedding reception.

Thank you again TSP!!!
Mrs.Pugh - 12 Apr 2007 12:08
"I just need this one more,...12 down, word,..6 letters,..clue is Samuel Pepys,..rhymes with Fidel Castro,.............?"

Don't come much more "Thesedays" than this,..leather sofas, light wood, chalk boards and exotic lagers. Its one saving grace i guess, is the fact that its in a modern office block type gaff, it never woulda had a previous (better) incarnation.
kmcs - 28 Mar 2006 13:49
Very nice atmosphere, great staff, good food.
markdjdavies - 18 Feb 2006 20:03
Now been upgraded - very smart and river views still the best available. Food very good although old menu included Full English breakfast which no longer available!
beefyb01 - 10 Feb 2006 11:01
Climbing up the stairs, you're not sure whether you're about to walk into a casino or a top London ballroom, but what you get is a great chilled out gastro pub, probably the best in quite a large radius. Floor to ceiling views of the Thames make the window seats the best in the place. Nicely tucked away from other City haunts, so unlikely to be discovered on those late afternoon lunches...
tom.breaker - 11 Jan 2006 18:45
Wow, what a difference a day makes. Bolly, iberico cured ham, a great view out of the window and accross the bar(!) - this is my kind of way to spend the afternoon. Would rather it does not get discovered by the oiks as its so discreet at the moment and recommend that all those of discernable taste get there before they do. I'll be at the end of the bar - bring a glass over why dont you?!
diamondskylucy - 2 Dec 2005 01:45
This pub has recently been reopened November 05 and I must say what a delight - huge windows with amazing river views. Lots of great beers including Fruli a strawberry wheat beer. Excellent food and at very reasonable prices which can be eaten in the very relaxed bar area or in the seperate dining room again with Thameside seats. Really atmospheric music and NO televisions Hooray!! We had the large plate between two which consisted of cheeses, meats and even THISTLES - similar to artichokes YUMMY.
stynan - 29 Nov 2005 11:54
Been drinking here on and off for 5 years. Returned here after a break last night and was heartily disappointed. Three of the lagers were definately off, the fridges containing the bottled beer stock were almost empty, the tables were dirty etc etc. Looks like they are running the place down. Great shame as its a lovely bar with fantastic views over the Thames. Regret to say i wont be returning
Bushwhacker - 9 Jun 2005 14:54
not a bad spot, ale selection ok, but no SkyTV and food service usually slow.
roganjosh - 22 Dec 2004 12:22
great views over the river, but some dubious musical taste which the barstaff have no control over. Also Huge TV screen always on!
Mike - 8 Nov 2004 15:56
Been drinking here for quite a while (work locally) and this bar has gone through many changes of management and staff. Its always been a pleasent place to go and recently, they have reduced the beer prices and introduced a new menu at much more realistic prices. In addition, they have installed a number of TV's (but dont have a license to show Sky so may be a bit pointless?).

They are trying hard to attract new custom and i hope their efforts are rewarded - the only problem is that its tucked down the end of an alley way and not easy to find!

To be recommended!
Andy - 2 Jun 2004 12:04
Disagree re 'no ale'. I regularly drink London Pride and Adnams there. If the ale is off try the bottled Duvel at an amazing 8.5% it will send you back to the office refreshed for the afternoon.
Rodders - 12 Mar 2004 14:56
In early September 1666, Samuel Pepys fled to the south side of the river to "a little alehouse on Bankside", The Anchor, where he "watched the fire grow". He would have been looking in horror at the site of his namesake pub, The Samuel Pepys in Stew Lane, which was ablaze on the first day of the Great Fire of London.

The atmosphere has cooled somewhat since 1666. The Samuel Pepys is a relaxing hideaway known only to people who work nearby. Its best feature is the view - stunning views of the Thames, littered with all of the historic London landmarks that such a location entails (see map). Add to that Ikea deco, comfy sofas, soothing music: it's a City Girl's paradise.

There's a good range of drink on offer (but no 'ale'), posh bar snacks (good, but at city prices), and a roped-off restaurant area that I have not yet had the pleasure of affording.

A soothing experience, worth visiting just for the view.
Loz - [email protected] - 12 Mar 2004 14:29

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