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Lord Nelson, Brentford

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user reviews of the Lord Nelson, Brentford

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Pleasant backstreet Fullers house, that clearly has an orientation towards meals. Beers on were London Pride, Bengal Lancer, Red Fox & Seafarers. Aspalls was the cider. There are still plenty of TVs dotted around, along with a pinball machine and plenty of pub games in one corner.
blue_scrumpy - 22 Oct 2012 21:18
Big screen gone - number of larger flat screens in place.
Match day service sometimes not quite up with demand...
Thevicar - 14 Sep 2011 14:57
Do you like a secret garden? This pub has got just that. Met friends here recently and the garden is superb with a huge eucalyptus in the middle of it.

A great range of Fullers Ales too
ken1000 - 30 May 2010 20:08
Revisited last week as the Landlord was celebrating 1 year at the Nelson. What a night, packed with a Gospel Choir and great food courtesy of the famous (well famous if you watch the F Word) Mamma Cheri. An evening of great food and entertaiment!
favsis - 26 Nov 2009 10:58
Beer expensive (where is it cheap in Brentford though).
Seems to have been dropped as a home fans pre-match haunt at the moment.
Appears this has been noted and there are some meal deals on match days ... perhaps this will drag a few back once they find out...
Thevicar - 6 Oct 2009 13:10
What a fantastic little pub. I have now been a few times and eaten twice. The food is excellent and they pride themselves on it. Very friendly landlord, yes landlord not a manager. You don't hear that very often. Very cosy and great for a meal for 'two'.
stefanchybowski - 22 Sep 2009 23:07
Great pub, I was recommended it and came down last weekend for the 'British Summer' the garden was lovely (bit of a suntrap). Food was good, staff attentive and everyone was friendly. PS try the chocolate indulgence.
brentfordian - 1 Jun 2009 19:59
tried this pub for an anniversary meal as a friend recommended it the food was wonderful new landlord great had a great time
penrog - 26 May 2009 14:27
What a gem of a place! Lived in Ealing for a long time and had never heard of the Lord Nelson. It was recommended and I visited just before Christmas with the family and was really pleasantly surprised. A Warm welcome, good honest food at very reasonable prices. Have been back a few times and the service, quality and friendliness are all consistant. I wish I was near enough to call it my local. A destination pub without having to travel very far at all!
favsis - 4 Mar 2009 21:34
When I first moved to the area a couple of years ago The Lord Nelson was the lesser of evils as a local. My first experience involved abuse from bar staff, cloudy beer in dirty glasses and cold roast beef covered in cat hair. Hygiene seemed to be optional as well telling from the state of the place.

Well, I vowed never to go back there until last Sunday when I saw the Nelson packed out and with a spanking new refurb. New management, bright and friendly staff, fab food and a pub quiz! Sadly I came too late to join in but apparently there's another one pretty soon and I'll be bringing friends for the first time. No longer will the staff in Tescos think I'm a wino every time I stock up, as before I was too embarrassed to take my friends there if I ran out of booze.
A local we can all be proud of- Well done!
manorborn - 30 Jan 2009 00:42
Unfortunately this pub has changed since I used to frequent it and not for the better. they have had a complete refurb which seems to have made the place a bit soulless. don't get me wrong, it's still a pleasant enough pub, but it looks and feels like a gastropub with a TV in it. What a shame.
scousemouse - 28 Jan 2009 14:12
Well my 15 years association with this once great back street local is fast coming to an end, no atmosphere, Diane, the locals are leaving faster than lewis hamilton fron the prices have increased 40% (for Sunday lunch).. as you may well have guessed its under NEW MANAGEMENT...with a pretence to be something other than a once great backstreet local....

Only last week i was walking down enfield road to the "nelson" to watch the England v NZ game only to be confronted by what seemed like 4 second row Kiwis travelling all the way from Shepherds Bush for the once legendary "Craic" on match day at the Nelson...NEW MANAGEMENT rugby, no sky, no Di.... save your travel cards boys........... O'Riordans looks like a better bet.
old_edwardian - 6 Dec 2008 05:52
It's under new management ...
Thevicar - 22 Nov 2008 22:05
This pub really disappoints. The set up promises so much (great looking building in and out and a quaint beer garden) but gives so little. Hand on heart, I can say that this is my worst experience of London Pride. The barman I've encountered there seems more interested in texting and talking to his friends on his mobile phone than doing what he's paid to and also, has no appreciation of health and hygiene (he ate a meal behind the bar in between serving). This was all topped off by a cat sitting on the counter. Until it's under new management, I won't be back
Hanwale - 13 Oct 2008 13:17
Good location, beer is above average, as is the food. But the pub can appear a bit cliquey and the landlady and staff aren't particularly friendly. Has a dartboard though, and a good beer garden
tim_the_bin - 2 Oct 2008 23:46
My local of the last six years, and I'm proud of it! Hidden down a quiet residential side street not far from the popular Globe it is well worth seeking out if you fancy a quieter pint. Being my local may make this next comment sound biased but believe me its not - friends have confirmed it time and time again: I HAVE YET TO ENCOUNTER A BETTER TASTING PINT OF LONDON PRIDE. I don't know what Diane's (the long-serving landlady) secret is but it tastes subtly sweeter than anywhere else. That said ALL the beers are well kept; my wife favours the Chiswick Best.
The interior is cosey, particularly if you can grab the sofas. For the most part is a quiet but on a couple of our recent visits jukebox has been a bit intrusive. Garden is attractive though like many has now been hijacked by the smokers. Good lunchtime food, but have yet to try the evening menu.
If you meet Bubbles the resident dog don't be disconcerted if you can't tell his which end is which - he tends to have one connected to the other most of the time!
Tends to offer seasonal beers when Fullers run these.
drambo - 3 Jun 2008 22:31
This Fuller’s pub has the usual lagers available along with Chiswick, Discovery and Pride, which are served by a very friendly barmaid. There is a big screen and projector and a few television sets dotted about the pub, but as said before this is a traditional boozer and not a sports bar of any description. There is also a dart board and a signed Brentford FC shirt takes pride of place in a display case up on the wall, UP THE BEES!!!

The pub has a few cosy areas and a more open plan space where the big screen is, which would be great for watching any football.

The beer garden is very nice with potted plants everywhere and a fenced of children’s area at the rear with a few climbing apparatus inside it. There is also a couple of tables near the rear entrance to the pub that have been designated no smoking.

This is a very nice back street boozer and probably my favourite of all the Brentford pubs I have frequented.
Strongers - 12 May 2008 16:55
Pleasantly surprised at how cheap drinks were, food was bought out (about 30 of us here for a work colleague's leaving do) & it was great - platters full of samosas, spring rolls, satay chicken..
The bar staff could do with a bit of cheering up by the looks of their sullen 'don't want to be here' faces, but it is a nice pub with a good beer garden & big screens showing the footy.
NWLondon_Girl - 3 Jun 2007 16:06
Nice local, trad feel and beer scores well. You do get Brentford fans in before & after home games, which is the only times I've been there.
Harlap - 16 Nov 2006 16:14
I mainly go here for lunch as the burgers are just fantastic. They keep a decent pint of Pride too
paxo - 15 Nov 2006 21:12
Went there before a Brentford game and found it to be an excellent pub with a lovely garden. Came back after the match and had some good value food as well. Child friendly too.
Paul666 - 8 Oct 2006 22:02
Difficult to find, its just down the side road virtually opposite The Globe, but well worth it. A pub that tries to cater for everyone - large TV screen for the locals ( enjoying West Ham v Middlesboro, Cup Semi Final yesterday ) and a restaurant section for the yuppies who unfortunately seem to be moving into Brentford now - and seems to be quite successful at it
JohnBonser - 24 Apr 2006 10:33
This pub is terrific. Excellent value on the food front (although I agree about the veggies - could be a bit more adventurous) nevertheless no real complaints on standard or price. Good selection of wines and very friendly staff and clientele. Has to be the best in Brentford.
jacinta - 7 Feb 2006 09:01
Absolutely lovely pub, one of the deciding factors in moving to the area!

The beer is good, the staff are friendly and the food is fantastic....although can be a bit limited on the veggie front.

I see from earlier comments someone noted that there was a smell of chip fat that eminated from it. I can only imagine it was coming from this person's hair as there has never been such a smell since I've lived round here.

The landlady is very friendly as are all the locals. You are definitely grateful that there are still a few pubs out there with a bit of individuality left.

A final plus point is the garden!
goldstar - 8 Oct 2005 13:52
Best pub I have come across in this area which is handy as it happens to be my local. good selection of beer, with occaisional Fuller's guest ales, as well as a good selection of wine and spirits. The Food is also excellent, a "Modern Eclectic" Gastro pub style menu, all home cooked. However unlike a gastro pub (for example the nearby Ealing Park Tavern) this place has a real atmosphere and is a proper locals pub. A bit off the beat and track (hidden away down a back street) but generally this is a god thing, meaning it attracts a loyal and regular crowd of all ages, though it can make it's location hard to describe to friends from outside the area. The pub also gets very busy on Brentford match days, though the crowd is always very genial, and is also good for watching sport on TV with sky and a big screen. The beer garden is also very nice when we get a nice day (which in Brentford admittedly is not often). All in all a class act.
scousemouse - 27 Sep 2005 14:03
This be border country, here. Down in the suburban no-man's land between Ealing and Brentford, recoiling slightly from the booming elevated M4, within sight of the Heathrow flight-path, and becoming cheery mayhem when the Bees are at home, this place has character and homeliness. Diminutive but self-confident landlady Di gave it a makeover a few years ago, so that at least some of the patterned carpet, brown varnish and nicotine was scraped away, surprisingly to reveal turquoise dado rail and stripped pine floor. The western extension is Chiswick gastro, the southern sofa-area Ealing frontroom, while the east wing retains much of its Ozzie/Kiwi robustness, sports-screens and at least some residue of an old nautical theme. The only really serious casualty of the turquoise revolution was the western gents, a Godsend to the bibulous and weak-bladdered, who must now orbit the bar in search of relief. Also probably gone are the humorous, maritime-themed plates on the loos' doors, which said (wait for it, now, folks) "Buoys" and "Gulls". Happy days. The bulldog burgers are worth a special trip even when you leave the neighbourhood. Di's Sunday lunchtime roast obviates the need for tea or supper. Speaking of dogs, the whole place is benignly ruled over by Bubbles, a minor rhapsody in fluff. Be careful which end you offer peanuts to. A drawback of Di's relaunch (in addition to the loss of those hilarious loo-signs!) is that the evening food menu is neither here nor there; we crept out and got a Chinese. The garden is garden-shaped with a fair bit of space, the obligatory decking, plastic children's equipment and a eucalyptus-tree whose leaves you can sniff but _not_ pick, thank you very much. Tubes are some way away and Brentford mainline station not much closer; some kind of E bus reputedly passes nearby. Behave yourself, eat at lunchtime rather than in the evenings, tickle Bubbles's tummy, and you and family can have a good time here. Look out for it from the starboard seats of planes on final westward approach to LHR, and give us a wave.
pauldanon - 10 Aug 2005 15:12
Cosy and very friendly pub, with good beers and not bad wine. The eclectic menu (that often seems at odds with the pub's local-ly feel and regulars) is always worth a try and often features dishes like kangaroo rump. Great little beer garden for the summer months. Can get a little busy on Saturdays if Brentford have a home game, but being away from the main routes to Griffin Park its only a handful of 'proper' fans.
monkeyDave - 5 May 2005 20:26
Fantastic pub - the best in Brentford. The burgers are home-made (literally - arrive early enough and watch them make it for you), the beer is good (a good range of Fullers ales including the seasonal varieties) and friendly service. Can get busy at lunchtimes with a crowd from the BBC just over the road.
posieflump - 13 Apr 2005 17:46
I have always enjoyed visits to the Nelson. Di is a firendly landlady and has worked hard to transform the pub over recent years. The bar food is excellent, and the beer garden a nice touch in the summer months. Can get a bit crowded on Saturdays if Brentford FC are playing at home, but seems to attract the friendlier, more intelligent end of the football fraternity.
anonymous - 31 Mar 2005 08:53
This establishment has some of the best food in the area at extremely good prices. The beer is well kept and in the good weather the garden is a pleasant relaxed enviroment. I'd recommend anyone to give it a try.
simononeofthree - 1 Mar 2005 17:07
I've recently moved to the area, and discovered this really great local by accident. [Always the best way] Food is very good and a cozy feel to the place. Beware of the dog though! He may be small and cute, but he's prone to growling if you try to sit on his sofa's!
Also, in defence of H Hodges remarks - I do agree, it definitely does smell of chip fat. It was the first thing I noticed, although I wouldnt say it's a put off to going there at all.

jingles - 21 Feb 2005 14:21
Di is a great landlady, beer and food are v.good and the staff are generally friwendly. Nice secluded beer garden for the Summer months too.

The only problem I have is with Rugby supporting idiots who come out of the woodwork for 6 weeks every year thinking it's fun to dance on the tables and drink each others urine. Very clever.
Thugby - 3 Feb 2005 16:39
Great little pub to have down the end of the street, never smelt anything resembling chip fat coming from the place. Bar staff are usuall friendly but for some reason I always end up with a Carling pint glass with a St Georges flag on it (I'm an aussie....).

Handy being able to pick up a copy of TNT from the Lord Nelson as well.
brodie - 15 Nov 2004 12:55
To the comment made by H Hodges, I think it amazing how you can make that remark as it clearly shows you have never been inside as you would find that it does not smell of chip fat !!! The food there is the best pub food i've had in a very long time !!!
D Sullivan - 4 Nov 2004 10:14
Always tempted by the blackboard outside promising organic roasts, but this pub stinks of chip fat! What's the point of homemade sushi and other upmarket menu items when the smell is evident even when passing the pub out in the street? It's a shame, especially as they probably don't even realise that this is a problem.
H Hodges - 1 Nov 2004 19:51
The Nelson is the perfect place for a Six Nations Saturday afternoon, big screen, jugs of Pride and decent pub grub, and not full of Ing-ger-lund knuckle-draggers. Beware Brentford FC halfwits in the football season though..
Dave - 1 Oct 2004 23:54
That´s a great pub, Diane is great! I´ve worked there, and I can say people is very friendly! Julia from Brazil.
Maria - 6 Jul 2004 04:04
Lovely little pub, used to be a regular Friday drinking hole. Been done up recently (perhaps 2 years ago). Great burgers, friendly staff. Shoddy heads on the guinness, though. Strong antipodean influence.
cjc - 28 Feb 2004 00:25

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