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Kings Arms Royal Hotel, Godalming

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user reviews of the Kings Arms Royal Hotel, Godalming

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Currently on the market, for £1.5 million - freehold.
tradervic - 25 Apr 2020 07:41
his place seems to be getting progressively worse every time I visit. I can't comment on the quality of the accommodation, although if the food is anything to go by, give it a miss.
The lad serving behind the bar was friendly and on the ball, but that's where the niceties ended. I thought I'd chance it with a beef roast, which with a pint of Foster's came to just over ten pounds. I live in London and would pay roughly twice that for the same meal, so make of that what you will about the quality vs price. What arrived was a tiny portion with tired, wilted veg, poor quality meat and a watery, lukewarm gravy (served with sprouts, I mean who the hell eats sprouts these days??). I briefly contemplated sending it back ut couldn't see the point if the replacement was likely to have been of the same dreadful standard.
It's a real shame because there was over a million pounds invested in this building a few years ago, yet the place just seems tired and burdensome, the managers seem to change at roughly the same rate I change my underpants, which may have a lot to do with it.
It was cold in the bar as well. Avoid.
BeerMonster1983 - 26 Dec 2013 20:47
First and last time stay at this Hotel. Superior Room what a joke would like to see a standard room. Carpet badly stained and dirty, cobwebs on walls, handles missing from chest of draws, floor dirty in bathroom, hair clips and clothes from previous occupant, noise when flushing toilet like jet engine starting up. Breakfast not worth talking about. Receptionist could do with training session on how to greet guests and how to smile. I have had my say and have put it down to experience and have learnt that once was enough.
dogrough - 26 Aug 2013 13:43
Atmosphere is none, beer is poor at best and when booking a double room I was given a twin. When showing the confirmation to the girl on the front desk, she said there was nothing she could do - no manager available to talk to. Later on I complained to the firm through which I made the reservation, they agreed with me but the one and only email received from the hotel said I had not booked a double and a refund was not possible - NEVER STAYED HERE SINCE. The Manor hotel 10 mins up the road is a so much better in everyway, there is not enough space here to detail it.
As long as I need to stay in the Godalming area, I will not step foot in this building again.
Bernie5 - 24 Dec 2012 09:16
Stayed in hotel... Small car park but stadd helped with alternative parking... Room ok.... Two types of cornish ale on.... Doombar was good. Not a bad experience all told.
Mappiman - 3 Jul 2012 20:36
This used to be a nice pub, once run by a great couple until they moved to the south coast a couple of years ago. Now, sadly, the bar can only be described as bad.

I've visited a few times in the last few months hoping things will improve each time. I was mistaken. Half the beers are never available, there is no atmosphere, and it just isn't a relaxing place. Quite tacky now too.

TrustMeOK - 25 Sep 2011 00:39
Not impressed with this place one's been nearly three years since a massive refurb took place and yet I still can't see what it is their trying to achieve, went in today for the roast (only because No.5 Wharf St had their kitchen closed) and it was just passable but certainly not anywhere near value for money at 7.95, just above lukewarm and stingey portions, which wasn't the case a couple of years ago.

The faux-colonial decor seems to aspire to something...but what I don't know, the pub itself has plenty of history but none of linked to 19th century India - any one have any idea?
BeerMonster1983 - 13 Sep 2010 01:03
Is this a hotel or a pub!
Bar full of Thai brides & builders.

If I was to book a room at a hotel I would expect a better bar with less of the swearing
nonameshown - 6 Aug 2010 02:42
Update since last visit - Ale back on with London Pride (�2.90) and Flowers available. Menu has changed for the better, but prices up as a result - most meals are arount the �13 mark and a Sunday roast is �7.95. Roast lamb was tasty and portions are large
triumph - 21 Feb 2010 19:01
Oh dear....the management has changed again and the new lot have a hard act to follow. Visited for a Sunday roast and an ale with my folks - not one Real Ale on and meals up by a quid. The normal menu now caters for the "chips with everything" brigade and not inspiring one bit.

triumph - 31 Jan 2010 20:05
Has Harveys Best on when I visited, good price for Godalming. Is nice and open inside.
petergoesrock - 5 Aug 2009 16:04
Visited a few weeks ago and I liked the feel of the place. Staff were friendly, beers were cheap, less than �3 a pint and well looked after (T/T Landlord) the food was good too. Took my folks there for Sunday lunch over Easter and the Manager had changed along with the Chef.
The staff, beers and food, however were equally as good.
I would say give it a try.
triumph - 18 Apr 2009 00:52
I hadn't been in this place for several years so I was gobsmacked to see the change when I popped in a couple of weeks ago. I think the refurb looks excellent. The Harveys Sussex ale was excellent, and the price was very competitive, I think it was around �2.70ish, which considering some of the other pubs around this is very cheap.
kitcat - 22 Jan 2009 13:08
Beersupper, I had a Sunday roast beef lunch here recently. Very mediocre. The place has a strange atmosphere - or maybe none !
simwilliams - 31 Dec 2008 16:43
With the money spent on this lovely old building over the last couple of years it should be so much more than it is,had a pint which was alright would not think of eatting here, does not feel relaxing.
Beersupper - 31 Dec 2008 16:38
Interestingly set within the hotel (as the name suggests) it is however properly a pub. Not a great range of beer and Flowers IPA was off despite the pump clip being forward; the Harveys Sussex on the other hand was on despite the pump clip having fallen off. Staff seemed ok.
rainlight - 8 Oct 2008 07:50
If the staff would just stop bickering with each other....! Please, GROW UP...
derekthesheep - 2 Oct 2008 19:09
Is it really haunted. To be honest I didnt visit because of the ghosts. It may be nice inside.
TheSurreyPubMan - 8 Jul 2008 19:04
I would go with thommois comment as he uses other places not just this one.Makes you think huh
ThePilgrim - 22 Jun 2008 13:58
This pub has recently been taken over and had masssive renovation done and a new chef. The Sunday lunch was �5.95 and it was superb - lovely big chunks of meat, 2 yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, new potatoes and vegetables. Lots of it and hot. It was excellent and I would highly receommend it.
croydoncrawl - 27 May 2008 19:32
How this place has been voted as one of the best pubs in England God only knows was Robert Mugabe in charge of the ballot papers?
Yes they have spent a wedge of money on the place but the service is poor, beer average and we would not think of eating here.
Other than that it`s fantastic.
stroller - 11 Apr 2008 19:38
I had Sunday Lunch here, never again!
Chef needs to go on a cookery course and learn how to prepare and cook meat, carve meat, and how to present it. Bland!
The Manager needs to employ proper waiting staff and not children...bless them, they did their best, but if the management is under the illusion they're raising the standards in this establishment then they need to go on a course with the chef as well.

thommoi - 8 Apr 2008 07:55
Basically the bar of a hotel, but large and reasonable choice of beers. Often very quiet, and indifferent service.
SheffieldMickey - 2 Mar 2008 22:41
Had a very disapointing time here - we were clamped whilst parking out the back in the pub 'car park' and it cost us �120 to be released. In our opinion there is no legal parking in the pub car park.
VASS123 - 9 Feb 2008 17:11
Went in the other day and it`s refurb has turned out very well.It`s now worth giving it a try.
As it`s the only hotel in Godalming town centre this has been well over due.
Beersupper - 20 Dec 2007 18:41
I moved to the area 2 months ago and stayed in the hotel, whilst finding somewhere to live. The rooms are wonderful, the staff are very professional and friendly. I felt really welcome. I now have my own place but eat regularly in there. The food is wonderful, I would recommend it to anyone.
jand - 16 Dec 2007 20:45
Whilst open still needs a serious blank cheque refurb, typical rural market town centre needs more than tins of paint
anonymous - 27 Nov 2007 09:16
It is closed temp. for referb.big big place but has been tierd for years & years.

And years.
giveusabeer - 2 Nov 2007 10:31
I'd heard there was Harveys on pump so I popped in recently, no Harveys but�

Theakstons beer, not a bad pint.

What has become a scrappy establishment is getting a major spring clean.

Not confirmed, by I was told it's now a Freehouse.
petergoesrock - 10 Aug 2007 14:29
Visited this pub a few weeks back. I was curious by the advertising outside of "new management" and "beer garden" and various activities on different nights ie Poker, DJ etc. We went on a random night and was disappointed. Agree with previous comments. Decor and atmosphere could be so much better. Not to the extreme of taking away the pub/ historic building charm though.
Dicky - 28 Jun 2006 13:04
I agree with the previous comments, went there once for a beer and to watch some footy, this was about 6 months ago, would not set foot in the place again. Tables filthy, lager warm and tasted bad. Barman grunted but no other conversation and the other drinkers were more than a bit scary looking. I wouldn't want to go in there on my own. The football match obviously wasn't one that the staff wanted to watch, so they muted it and stuck some music on instead, even though the football was advertised as being on.

It's such a shame as this is a lovely building and could be such a nice place if a bit of money was spent on a refurb!

I'm also disappointed about the comments about 'raving homos' made by the first post, anon. All I can say is better a homo than a chav, which I'd say is what you are!
FuzzyKipper - 4 Jun 2006 21:01
This place is the pits. Needs a good clean. Cask ale is not very well kept due to lack knowledge by the management let alone the staff. The staff need to crawl back under a stone somewhere... And as for food DO NOT GO THERE!
Some contractors who were Hotel guests were told to go to Wetherspoons for breakfast because the "chef" could not be bothered to cook that day. THEY HAD A LUCKY ESCAPE!!!
Rated 1/10 for being there.... Sorry but the sheep speaks only the truth!
derekthesheep - 30 May 2006 18:49
Well, the visit was an exerience. The exterior of the pub looked interesting and historical, but this establishment proved somewhat of a trojan horse.

Reading earlier reviews, I can indeed confirm the fact that I would not like to leave my personals unattneded here.

It appears there is plenty of history to the place, including the general decor, that although old, does not some across as something that would be kept for authenticity, rather something left as a next best thing to sawdust.

There where a few ales on offer, however the quality (possibly line or cellar management) has a lot to be desired for, the worrying point that after trying one beer, finding it off and trying anoter.. was to find this also would be better suited to cod and chips as a vinegar substitute.

The bickering between the barstaff later in the evening failed to add to the already low customer service in this "establishment", although I'm sure entertaining if you enjoy a good soap / Jerry Springer.

Definatley one for the outdoors type or those who enjoy taking a walk on the wild side, not one to impress buisness, romantic interests, friends or even said local bench sleeps for a drink. One to avoid.
anonymous - 1 May 2006 21:33
Large and interesting multi-roomed pub with a neglected feel that adds to the genial charm, though the damp, musty smell is a bit off-putting. Claims to serve several cask ales from local breweries, but on our Sunday afternoon visit the pump clips were all turned round and the barmaid explained that the pipes needed washing but she was unable to do it. I'm intrigued enough to visit again.
SilkTork - 27 Mar 2006 19:57
Live music by Scratch & Jane Friday 24th March from 9pm - if you like Virgin Radio you'll love this.
ladyjaneg - 19 Mar 2006 15:52
oh dear! not a pub to visit alone. do not leave your handbag unattended & look out for broken cider bottles in brown bags left by local bench-sleepers.
anonymous - 15 Dec 2005 22:44
This is more of a hotel bar than a pub. Very basic, don't even think about eating here.
DoctorEvil - 5 Sep 2005 01:23
This used to be a great meeting place when it was run by Mick and Maggie. When they left, it deteriorated. The lighting was lowered so that it was almost impossible to read the newspaper at lunchtime, so the older people left, and then I heard that the builders who met there late afternoon, and spent a lot, left. I heard complaints from men about the lack of 'proper' beer, and then I was told that the house wine was to be changed to Chardonnay (yuk!). The place has always had great potential, and it is a hotel as well, but needed a good clean and cosmetic decoration, and a lot of TLC. I went in there last Friday lunchtime, and was appalled. The very smokey atmosphere hit as soon as I entered the dismal vestibule where it once was a pleasure to sit, the pool table is in what used to be the smoking room, and there was very loud music. The smoke extractors are so loud, and don;t seem to work, and there was a used nappy left by the basins in the ladies' loos. The white wine ran out, the fridge was empty, and I understand that there was a paucity of beer. All the nice little touches had gone. I have been told by Spirit that the new owner is Globe, and that the phone number is (01604) 669300. However, they have only recently taken over, so they appear to have bought this with their eyes open. Let's hope that they will restore the business and this beautiful building, with such great potential. I will phone, so perhaps all you erstwhile KA people will do so too.
Leone - 15 Mar 2005 13:13
Several cheap offers on lager, bitter etc, although soft drinks can be quiet expensive. Generally friendly staff (if a bit eccentric). Good grub. Overall, I like this one.
gge - 26 Mar 2004 11:23
Very historical pub.inn in Godalming alledgedly having had a number of Royal guests over the years.

An original coaching inn from the days of at least the 17th century and one of Godalming's original drinking houses. Was during the 19th century the site of many local property auctions.

It does little to trade on it's history and probably place too much emphasis on it's 'hotelling' rather than it's public house.

Se�n - 22 Oct 2003 23:37
I stay here on a very regular basis for work. Norrie and Sylvia are extremley friendly and accommadating landlords, and the staff are now (there has been a couple of changes in the last month) very helpful. the new menu works a treat, and I have never had any compaints as of yet and can't see that I will in the future.
Dave Butler - 4 Aug 2003 10:26
Slept here with wife for 2 nights..NO problems...NO hassle...and yes u can tell gays work there....but i had nothing forced upon me...and im sure 100's of others wont in the future..
Pete - 4 Jun 2003 23:37
New management took over in May 2003 and our experience was satsfactory--
Nothing amazing but for the price it's fine.
Mike - 3 Jun 2003 17:14
pub has had a management change on november 18th, great place now.
new menu quiz nights still got raving homos but interested in you spending money not your ass
anon - 4 Jan 2003 16:45

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