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Inn At Kew, Kew

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A pub that has sadly gone down hill in recent years. Went there yesterday. Had a disgusting pint served by a borderline surly barman. No loo rolls in toilet! Frankly the place is worth avoiding. There are better places nearby.
simontheeditor - 10 Nov 2021 21:12
It must be said the regularity that there is nobody at all behind the bar is quite astonishing
slacker - 14 Oct 2014 12:27
Walked in, waited at the bar for 10 minutes whilst the barmaid chatted to a couple who had no drinks. The pub was almost empty. She continued to ignore us even when I asked if anyone was serving. A man came and did something behind the bar, ignored us, then left. We had decided this was going to be our last visit if the service had not improved but it seems their knack of employing contemptuous staff has continued. Never again. Their are much better places nearby.
bertiebark - 11 Oct 2014 13:06
Kiddie situation has gone beyond a joke now. Can't get a babysitter? Just bring them down here to annoy the f*ck out of everyone else!
slacker - 2 Mar 2014 05:12
Avoid this place at all costs if you hate toddlers or babies or KIDS. If you like noise, this is the best place for you.
Dynekery - 2 Feb 2014 13:09
Was looking forward to a good old afternoon of rugby in here today......unfortunately the volume of the screaming toddlers drove us to move to Richmond.....shame, that will be it for quite a few during the 6 Nations I'd imagine.
bodger2 - 1 Feb 2014 14:43
The life/atmosphere seems to have been sucked out of this place, what a shame
slacker - 23 Dec 2013 00:15
I'm not sure what was going on last night but 30+ primary school kids in a pub does not make for a happy clientele - adults were leaving in their droves...
slacker - 18 Dec 2013 11:56
Has now reopened after being shut for 6 weeks for a refurb. Thankfully it hasn't changed too drastically and still feels like the same place it was before. Thumbs up from me.
slacker - 16 Nov 2013 11:07
please re-open the kgh so you can have your yummy mummies and screaming children back ;o)
slacker - 15 Oct 2013 08:59
Please reopen The Railway so you can have your drunks back.....
bodger2 - 8 Sep 2013 15:44
And we're not talking Sarah !!!
mcstrop - 23 Aug 2013 16:06
Funny how the whole of Kew knows who you're talking about !!!
mcstrop - 23 Aug 2013 15:43
Incredibly arrogant Kiwi barmaid. The service industry suggests you actually serve people - drop the aloof attitude, you're a barmaid !!!
thames1 - 19 Aug 2013 14:47
Shut again today for private function...
slacker - 6 Jul 2013 17:32
Sunday evening - Just enjoyed a beer on the Green in the Greyhound followed by a pint in the Coach and Horses.

Against our better judgement, thought we'd try a pint in the Kew Inn on the way home. Our better judgement was correct - closed for a wedding.

Shambolic for a local.....
kewlocal - 23 Jun 2013 20:53
Errr look at Facebook or serve customers ???? Look at Facebook.
thames1 - 17 Jun 2013 11:49
must be reading reviews on BITE :-)
riddz - 30 May 2013 17:59
There must be something powerfully perverted on that computer at the end of the bar. Even if you were booking rooms by the hour you couldn't spend that much time on it oblivious to waiting customers......
mcstrop - 23 May 2013 11:24
Why, when people bring their screaming toddlers in for lunch, do the oblivious parents choose the table that will ensure the whole pub will be annoyed by their racket !!!! Go to the restaurant bit at the back you selfish twats ! Driven out by the noise Saturday lunchtime - headed to the Coach, much more civilized......
thames1 - 13 May 2013 11:44
Having just 'survived' the Railway, we made our way over here. Totally different atmosphere and set up. Good selection of Ales, clean and tidy, and service pretty OK. Decided to eat - good but pricey....
Only downside comment - quite surprised to see toddlers in here in the evening, but reading other comments it seems this is the norm......
If visiting Kew again, this would be my pub of choice.
bodger2 - 7 Apr 2013 09:20
At their child's birthday party. A picture of responsibility.
slacker - 30 Mar 2013 12:53
Well there are two answers, either they aren't, or they're thinking they want to get drunk
slacker - 30 Mar 2013 12:36
There was a wee kiddies party in here on Friday night starting at 6pm.......what are the parents of the assorted 3 year olds thinking ?????
thames1 - 17 Mar 2013 12:06
Seems to have a chronic problem with serving customers at the moment. Loads of staff but none that seem to want to serve anyone!
slacker - 13 Mar 2013 17:38
It's not just weekends, and there are often kids in there after 6pm!!
slacker - 28 Feb 2013 15:08
The main problem is Ixion, is that the management have targets to meet so literally the more the merrier and if that includes most of the kids in Kew, so be it and sod the normal pub customer. Locals learnt a while back that this place is to be avoided at all costs at weekends before about 6pm.
thames1 - 25 Feb 2013 09:05
Walked-in here as my wife and I had some time to kill. As I couldn't hear my wife speaking due to the amount of children screaming, I decided to look-up the pub in the guide. On seeing the comment below I thought that it summed-up how I felt almost exactly. On reading further it seems that the majority of comments tend to agree that there are too many children in the place. It was also very cold as it was one of the coldest days of the year and the radiator next to us was off. The fireplace adjacent was unserviceable. I certainly won't be bothering to come in again, as with most of the pubs in Kew, it is full of smug middle-class families who don't give a fig about who they annoy.
ixion - 24 Feb 2013 17:20
I simply find it sad that the draw of alcohol is too much for some people when taking their children out for the day. If you feel that a public house is a suitable place for children to be, then so be it. Personally I do not, but that is just my opinion........
mcstrop - 8 Oct 2012 12:14
yes randolf, knob and plank are misguided. it is up to a pub's owner/management to allow in (or not) who they wish. the same legal principle applies to your home - again, no reasons have to be given.

my local won't serve 'under 21's'
wealdman - 7 Oct 2012 13:24
Knob and Plank have no more points to make, only pointless insults. The correct view that it is ENTIRELY up to pub owners whether to allow children in, or not - is lost on them. As someone typed here before - 'why won't McDonalds sell kebabs?'......answer, because they don't wish to!
randolf7 - 7 Oct 2012 11:22

mcstrop - 5 Oct 2012 18:19
Oh dear a little girly hissy fit there oaktreedog.

You don't have to read my posts, LIVE with that!!

kevmac - 5 Oct 2012 17:51
Ok, I object to music pubs - so, I don't go in them and can't see the point in complaining about them. I hated smoking in pubs and wrote to my MP; partly, as a result, the law was changed.

If you feel so hard done by, kev (on the presence of kids in pubs), why not conact your MP or The Inn's management - instead of boring everyone on here. The fact is pubs can operate as they see fit - within the law. LIVE with that!
oaktreedog - 5 Oct 2012 16:03
Sussexfox "beer and skittles" might be your world but it is not mine.

I actually don't have an issue with Wetherspoons policies on kids simply because most of them are new venues adding to the choice available. I hasten to add that with only a few exceptions I tend to give them a miss as the pile it high sell it cheap is not my bag, but that's a personal view.

I am not sure what the most profitable group has got to do with it, that's like saying the Sun is a great news paper because it sells by the bucketload.

Of course I go to kid free pubs but I object to having my choice reduced by the year simply to allow bad parents to ruin what had previously been a good pub with their boorish manners. It's not the kids that are the issue, it's the parents.
kevmac - 5 Oct 2012 14:51
Kev, you and strop live in a 'beer and skittles' world which is why British pubs are closing at a rate of 2 a day. As pointed out, the Wetherspoon (not my preference) method has shown the way - the most profitable pub group ever!

I just can't see why - like me - you just don't go into childfree pubs, instead of telling operators how to run their buinesses. I like kebabs, but my local McDonalds have refused to sell them. And, there's kids running all over.
sussexfox - 5 Oct 2012 12:36
Blackgander if you want to sit in a crap hole of a kindergarten overrun by screaming kids with parents who couldn't give a shit about anybody but themselves, then good luck to you.

I prefer a damn sight more civilized environment to have a few bevvies and a meal.

It's just a pity so many pubs are happy to pander to the lowest common denominator.
kevmac - 5 Oct 2012 11:40
Pubs are for adults? Tell that to the largest pub group in the country. With about 900 outlets, an excellent share price and a turnover of over £1.1 billion - JDW must be doing something right! All in only 30 years. Open from 8am to 1am - they are taking the dated UK pub game for a ride.

As oak said, most pubs open at noon. I think he also said - if you don't like the rules of a pub (like Spoons), don't go in. I don't - but their profile in the industry is unprecedented. Remember, blokes were saying not long ago - food was wrong in pubs, go to a restaurant! Food's high GP keeps most pubs alive now. Come into the real/business/competition/ world - unlike, say, CAMRA who want a friendly face, to talk about beers and to live in the past.

Go to Brighton/holiday seafront pubs; service is excellent, because time is money and bonuses are paid on turnover - and the smiley bar persons don't give a monkies.

Just like your friendly/failed bank....
blackgander - 4 Oct 2012 22:05
Oaktreedog it is really not difficult to understand,

Pubs are for adults end of.

There are a millions of places for parents to take their off spring where they can annoy like minded people. All that is happening is the great British pub is being killed by alowing ill mannered parents to inflict their ill behaved kids on adults out looking for a quiet pint.
kevmac - 4 Oct 2012 17:48
You're missing the point completely and boring me now. A couples 3 kids are quite capable of annoying the majority of drinkers in a pub.....
mcstrop - 4 Oct 2012 16:54
I avoid spoons 'cause of their children policy. They don't mind and I don't try to change them. Easy to find a child free local - with TV sport, pool and music.
brewmason - 4 Oct 2012 10:14
You call the Inn your local, strop - yet continue to moan about how its run? Why not find another pub that fits your criteria? There are 10,000's - waiting for your custom!

Or, is it that - because you live near a particular pub - it must conform to your preferences? No wonder the Brtish Pub Industry has failed because of an unwillingness to change.

In my town, 9 out of the 11 pubs open at noon; the JDW (not to your taste, I'd guess!) at 8am. Its called moving with the times in a competitive market. Catering for families is part of that......

oaktreedog - 4 Oct 2012 10:00
The whole point is Dog, this is my local, so I do find it annoying to have to suffer the behaviour of children whose parents cannot survive a day out with them without alcohol......

Come on, bring on the argument that alcohol consumption when children are in your care is a good thing........

A local lap dancing club in Hammersmith has a very good 'business model' and is open most of the day, a good half-term treat ?????
mcstrop - 4 Oct 2012 08:54
I have opined on the subject of children in pubs on a number of times as a search of my grumpy git posts will show. Certainly the publican makes the rules but many are poor at so doing.

Hoping not to find myself in any of 'oaktreedog's' places anytime soon.

No pip.
on_the_brightside - 3 Oct 2012 22:14
I run three pubs in Surrey. Children are not allowed - at any time - in one; in the second, they are welcomed almost all the time. And, in the third - at management discretion (clearly set out).

Vic is correct; go wherever suits you - but don't insist on what YOU prefer. Just let us publicans/business people make a living in our own way; that which we have invest ed in - in a dying market. Strop, we don't come to posters like you for advice!!

If we did, JDW wouldn't exist; but then you are not comfortable with that sucessful business model? Kids allowed, strictly on their terms - those of the owners (as Vic says - if you don't like them - go elsewhere)............
oaktreedog - 3 Oct 2012 22:03
The most ridiculous argument ever put forward for kids in pubs....the legal age for drinking is 18, so all the clues are there. Most strip clubs have an age limit of 21 etc etc, please do not excuse bone idle parents who can't be arsed to give their children a decent day out and think that their offspring running round the pub will do........
mcstrop - 3 Oct 2012 18:47
We are clearly not going to agree on this so there is little point us boring the rest of the posters.
kevmac - 2 Oct 2012 12:38
There are (still) over 40,000 pubs in the UK. I don't like those with loud music, TV sport, pool, strippers, unhygienic toilets etc. I just avoid them - why don't you (kev) - just stay out of those that cater for kids?

A pub is an outlet which trades on a business model - no entry after 11pm; no trainers; no groups. Some allow children; some - as typed already - do not. Darts are for 'oldies' - should I ask my local to get rid of the board and ban dogs and OAP's ('cause EYE don't like them) ?

tradervic - 1 Oct 2012 22:23
I certainly do, I have walked out of many pubs before ordering because of screaming brats running riot.

I do object though to having the numbers of pubs available to me restricted because of selfish parents who couldn't give a monkeys about anybody so long as they can inflict their ill behaved off spring on to everybody else whilst trowing booze down their necks.
kevmac - 1 Oct 2012 17:09
Some pubs allow children in; some don't. Spoons pubs do - with certain conditions. Pub owners make the rules; if you don't like them - why not go somewhere else? Simples.

tempest - 1 Oct 2012 16:23
Pubs who do this sort of thing should be boycotted, with any luck they will go out of business.

To the selfish self centered parents, go to a wacky warehouse or a cafe. Leave pubs to the adults.

kevmac - 1 Oct 2012 15:09
Another party for babies on to be illegal on licensed premises surely ???
mcstrop - 1 Oct 2012 13:50
Ah yes, so we should be limited to just going in the evenings. Great argument...
slacker - 19 Jul 2012 14:12
Great community pub with good beer and excellent value food. The pub is well designed with separate eating and drinking areas and even a restaurant areas. Certainly I have never encountered small children here in the evenings, so perhaps this is when the child adverse should visit. This is perhaps the best pub (and busiest) in Kew.
simontheeditor - 13 Jul 2012 21:18
It's an increasing problem...
slacker - 13 Jul 2012 10:35
Driven out again today by noisy toddlers...
mcstrop - 30 Jun 2012 18:27
Unfortunately still seems to think its a bit 'special'. To be avoided weekend lunchtimes due to it being more like a kids playground.....Shame could be good, just isn't.
mcstrop - 2 Jun 2012 11:46
Could also do with a sign saying 'no food served between 3 & 6pm' it would save the staff a lot of time and stop people from asking all the effing time!
slacker - 10 Mar 2012 16:30
Has an extremely annoying policy of dimming all of the lights at 5:30pm to such an extent it becomes practically impossible to read, not to mention that you just feel like going to sleep. God knows where they get these ideas!
slacker - 20 Feb 2012 17:52
Closed all day today for a private function - a christening perhaps !
millreef - 9 Dec 2011 14:35
Letters care of Greene King - address available on website.....complaints to bar management only leads to barrings......
millreef - 27 Nov 2011 09:17
What a joke, they were still there at 8:30pm, the child didn't seem to know what was going on. @kevmac you are completely right - I'm sick of selfish inconsiderate parents inflicting their annoyances on those of us who want to have a quiet pint. I don't blame the kids as they don't know any better, but the parents need to fix up. gits.

slacker - 26 Nov 2011 23:16
It's very very simple.

Pubs are for adults, end of.

If you want to take your screaming, shitty, noisy little brat somewhere I suggest you go for a cafe, or a "Wacky Warehouse" type hell hole.

Just leave the pubs for adults, simples.
kevmac - 26 Nov 2011 18:51
I kid you not - half the bar was given over today to a 1 year olds birthday party !! WTF is going on ?? Are Greene King aware of this bizarre use of one of their licensed premises - more to the point, does their occupiers liability insurance cover organized indoor events for babes in arms ?? Unbelievable....
millreef - 26 Nov 2011 17:13
If the pub caters for kids during the day, pumpkin carving etc, why can't we have football and lap dancing in the evening ?? The crowds both would attract would make equally as much noise.....
millreef - 31 Oct 2011 09:17
Agree, Sundays are particularly bad for kids - they should make it so kids can only go in the restaurant area, would make far more sense. Other than the noise/annoyance they bring its dangerous to have kids running around at knee height when hot food/drinks are being served, you're just asking for an accident to happen.
slacker - 20 Oct 2011 08:35
Another good roast, but please can you create a seperate childrens area - hard to talk at times - actually some aren't children, barely out of the womb and straight down the boozer !! I blame no smoking laws - a good lung full of 2nd hand B&H and 6mnth old Rupert would soon be taken home....
millreef - 17 Oct 2011 17:29
Beer festival here this weekend...
slacker - 15 Sep 2011 12:56
A very fine roast yesterday and gravy on tap - excellent !!!
millreef - 15 Aug 2011 07:44
RIP the Pork will be so missed by all....

millreef - 24 Jul 2011 08:02
Greene King.....await for Oranjeboom to be the first choice lager......good grief !!!
millreef - 21 Jul 2011 10:10
Bought by Greene King.
riddz - 19 Jul 2011 12:03
Currently visiting a pub on every station on the London Overground. Did this one for Kew Gardens. Very nice pub, does feel a bit like a hotel bar but has good real ales. We knocked over one of our pints by accident and the bar staff cleaned it up immediately and also replaced the pint for free! Food looked nice but didn't eat in here.
hillzy - 13 Jul 2011 20:02
Very jolly evening in here pre and post Blondie last night....
millreef - 12 Jul 2011 14:32
I like this pub

Good selection of ales, and good food too.
secret_lemonade_drinker - 13 Jun 2011 10:59
Have now got to create a childrens area - had to leave Saturday lunchtime due to the noise......absurd !!! Didn't bother with Sunday as thats normally worse....
millreef - 21 Mar 2011 07:37
Not putting Cheltenham on....might attract more than their usual 3 afternoon customers with babes in arms, therefore meaning the staff might have to do some work rather than huddle around the computer....apparently the serving of drinking punters during this period is unacceptable.....
millreef - 15 Mar 2011 13:21
Went in to watch France v Italy......why advertise rugby if you're not going to put the sound on....always seems to work OK for England games - left and watched it over the game so far !!!
millreef - 13 Mar 2011 09:11
Continually holding the door open for Starbucks mummys with a pushchair/pram is getting very tiresome.....
millreef - 11 Mar 2011 11:26
A creche with added wi-fi and beer.
riddz - 3 Mar 2011 16:02
Weekdays would appear to be the under 2s club and weekends, especially Sunday, average age about 5......
millreef - 22 Feb 2011 15:44
Turning into an expensive Macdonalds !!!!!
millreef - 21 Feb 2011 11:50
Seems to do childrens parties now, oh joy.
slacker - 19 Feb 2011 16:49
OK, I give in, best of a bad choice, but could be a lot better....
millreef - 28 Jan 2011 11:17
agreed northrenbloke - this place should have a higher rating than it does I think
slacker - 27 Jan 2011 10:58
I think most of the comments about this pub are too harsh and don't give a fair impression of the place. Most of the current bar staff are friendly and efficient (especially the young, shaven headed chap). The ales are pretty well kept and the food - including the breakfasts - is good. All in all The Inn is definitely in the top quartile of pubs.
NorthernBloke - 22 Jan 2011 10:11
Agreed slacker
millreef - 13 Jan 2011 12:34
you can pay upawards £4 for a pint in almost any pub in London nowadays, its just a sign of the times I'm afraid, most pubs have a tap which is more pricey whether it be some fancy cider or peroni or whatever. There are plenty of other drinks that aren't that expensive, but I admit this place is a bit steep compared to the railway, however its also a lot better in my opinion and I'm prepared to pay a little bit extra for the better quality beer and nicer atmosphere!
slacker - 13 Jan 2011 11:38
Went to a pub in Hammersmith instead. Train fare + pint = considerably less than the Inn at Kew.


Totally overrated, staff are slow, uninterested (and uninteresting). Place smells of the bourgeoise.

Also, £4.50 for a pint? Feck off.

Total sh*tbox.
shittington - 10 Jan 2011 22:09
This could have been such a great local, £4:50 for a pint of Westons Cider though!!! service is always poor too. I would happily travel further than come back to this place and have offically given up on 'the Inn'.
aberblue - 9 Jan 2011 23:30
£3.90 for Heineken !!! Having a laugh or what - must be paying for all that shopping the girls do on the end of bar computer !!!!! £4.00 a pint here we come.......could pay for some bog paper in the gents if we're lucky !!!
millreef - 15 Dec 2010 11:34
Guiness has just gone up 15p a pint to 'pre-emt' the VAT rise, to £3.75 a pint. What a load of rubbish - we all know they'll stuff the VAT increase on when it happens - beginning to take the piss....Railway now looking an alternative again. Shame the service hasn't risen with the prices....all in all bloody annoying from the 'Smug Pub Company' !!! Will now have to downgrade my rating and increase my supply of Tesco cheap hooch at home !!!!
millreef - 2 Dec 2010 09:50
Wish I knew what was so fascinating on that computer at the end of the bar that glues people to it and prevents them from serving regardless of punters waiting.....
millreef - 15 Nov 2010 09:20
Showing up after a tough morning at Starbucks - don't think pubs are allowed to organize post natal clinics !!! But I think if the Inn could make a buck out of it they would !!!!
millreef - 5 Nov 2010 11:17
I meant is it actually a pub organised thing or are they just showing up of their own accord
slacker - 5 Nov 2010 09:42
These were babies mate, not kids.....
millreef - 5 Nov 2010 09:23
haha seriously? Or are you just saying there are a lot of kids in there again...?
slacker - 5 Nov 2010 09:15
An extraordinary lunchtime development - post natal clinics !! Kew mums with screaming new borns guzzling wine - the Mums that is...Unacceptable, someone has to get a grip of this, or open a sound proof area for this particular niche market !!!
millreef - 5 Nov 2010 08:27
Agreed Slacker - on a Friday evening its a nonsense....parents seemed totally oblivious to the filthy looks being cast from the Bar - they must be tired after a hard day sitting outside Starbucks !!!
millreef - 21 Oct 2010 10:11
It has been a bit too child friendly of late - I think its ok if its during the day or on a Sunday afternoon but they shouldn't be in the pub in the evenings. Its a shame really because I like everything else about this pub!
slacker - 19 Oct 2010 10:54
Like a creche in here last night - screaming kids on a Friday night - finished my pint and left - awful !! Needs sorting out - some sort of curfew - especially on a Friday when people are trying to wind down....
millreef - 16 Oct 2010 09:21
RIP CP we will miss you, R + J
ruggel - 27 Sep 2010 13:23
I'm afraid Chris passed away on Sunday - a great loss to Kew.
millreef - 27 Sep 2010 12:57
as an old local - can you be more specific? Has Chris Parker passed away? if so, i share your sentiment.
CRAYSCRAY - 27 Sep 2010 12:54
Agreed Millreef... :o(
slacker - 27 Sep 2010 11:42
CP R.I.P.....
millreef - 27 Sep 2010 08:21
went to the Kew Inn on Friday and had a great the Greyhound. The Kew Inn was closed for a private party....still gave all the locals a chance to see how much the Botanist and the Greyhound have improved over the last few weeks - both packed, with free champagne and food at the Greyhound to launch their refit.
kewlocal - 26 Sep 2010 14:53
Much busier than it used to be - a lot of locals have taken this place as their new second home over the railway...
slacker - 22 Sep 2010 09:06
Tuaca is brutal!
slacker - 5 Jul 2010 10:50
Got the wrong side of Tuaca on Saturday - an error - avoid !!!!
dancingbrave - 5 Jul 2010 07:35
Far superior beer to what is offered at the railway, however it is also considerably more expensive.

Also sells tuaca which I recommend staying away from if you want to remember anything the next morning!
secret_lemonade_drinker - 20 May 2010 14:12
Agreed - far to many young uns charging about unsupervised by their lunching parents. Bound to end in tears......
dancingbrave - 12 Apr 2010 09:02
Has a tendancy to pull in the young parent crowd, which I guess is good if you're one of them but not so much if the thing you're trying to escape from is screaming kids!
slacker - 2 Apr 2010 13:55
ok food, ok beer, just... ok. wouldn't make a special effort to go here.
troopoo - 19 Dec 2009 15:06
Yeah, railway regulars are going here more now, makes it a bit more varied!
slacker - 7 Dec 2009 11:32
Beginning to attract more of the Railway crowd which is no bad thing - bit more atmosphere . Decent beer and grub along with pretty good service puts the recent performance in the Railway in the shade......
dancingbrave - 1 Dec 2009 12:10
On Sundays they are now doing spit roast hog in the back garden

slacker - 22 Jun 2009 15:38
Visited on a Tuesday afternoon so fairly quiet. £3.50 for a pint of Heineken. Sat in the small beer garden round the back. Food seemed on the pricey side Not from round the area so don't know the history of the place but would pop in for a pint if in the locality.
Lyncroft - 5 May 2009 16:52
Surprisingly successful locals pub with separate areas for drinkers and diners, so the two don't over lap, plus small chill-out room up a flight of spiral stairs. Food is usually good, especially the house burger. Beer quality does vary, but is rarely bad, but also rarely brilliant. The Twickenham brewery beer is worth trying if it is available, otherwise the a range of real ales from the usual regional brewers.
simontheeditor - 19 Apr 2009 18:47
Large pub with plenty of seating. A pleasant place in which to spend an afternoon/evening. There were 4 real ales on offer, as well as Aspalls Cider.
blue_scrumpy - 19 Dec 2008 20:22
Don't know if they have recently got a new cook but the food in here is excellent - have recently had the sirloin steak and the sunday roast and both were superb. Beer is starting to get a bit pricey, but I guess thats the same everywhere in the area...
slacker - 5 Dec 2008 09:26
I liked the layout of this pub with a proper pub area at the front and an eating area at the back the leads to a patio garden. There is a spiral staircase at the rear of the pub leading up to some more dining tables. The barman was friendly, but he served me a pint instead of the half that I asked for although it was the correct drink so 50% for that one.

Lagers on offer were Kronenburg, Fosters, San Miguel, Bitburger and ales on offer were Doombar, Pride, Broadside and Twickenham Original.

I donít think that I would have any complaints if this was my local pub.
Strongers - 2 May 2008 09:13
the owners have made a real effort with this place but - for me - it doesnt really work. don't like the bizarre mishmash of furniture or side cubicles.
mozzzzzz - 16 Apr 2008 12:04
Someone need to fix the bloody cd player in here - they just leave it on even though it is contantly skipping, very annoying once you notice it!!!
slacker - 3 Mar 2008 15:38
Always had good service in here. The food is excellent especially the burgers and they have a good range of beers on tap.
riddz - 31 Oct 2007 18:49
Have to agree with lots of other comments about this place. I visited on Saturday and even though there was hardly anyone in the bar it took about five minutes to get served despite three barstaff. All were wandering around, ignoring waiting customers, polishing glasses, emptying the glass washer. Not good enough. When I did get served, the girl seemed totally disinterested, sullen and completely clueless about the drinks she was serving.
Oolybel - 16 Jul 2007 09:37
Bank Holiday Monday. Lunchtime. A smattering of customers. Three staff behind bar. I stood there for five minutes. Even though there was no one else waiting to be served, in those five minutes there was no acknowledgement, no greeting, no recognition of my existence. Well, screw you, I'll take my forty quid somewhere else!
OK, so staff were doing other things, but for goodness sake, if you're in the hospitality business, at least make some pretence at it.
Having read so many accolades about this place, the bottom line is that if you're trying to compete for the premium pound, scruffy, disdainful and inhospitable front-line staff simply wn't cut it.
norbitonpaul - 8 May 2007 09:14
Takes absolutely ages to get served if at all busy - they need more staff!
slacker - 5 May 2007 10:26
Pretentious pub, arrogant bar staff; Adnams and Hogs back TEA barely drinkable.
stevet37 - 29 Apr 2007 19:48
Characterless, pretentious and over priced. Awful company, awful pub.
scoaf1 - 27 Apr 2007 13:51
On the Capital Pub Groups website(they own the KGH)they advertise the cricket World Cup......the KGH has dispensed with Sky Sports as it doesn't want to attract that sort of customer . Sort of sums this place up really........Will be very interesting to see how they handle the influx from the Railways refurb !!!!
anonymous - 11 Apr 2007 16:31
Went here on Saturday with some mates for the Six Nations marathon . Excellent selection of beers and what looked like good but pricey food . Everything going swimmingly until 15 minutes before the first game when the landlord/manager announced that the sound on the TV was broken therefore no commentary . Mass exodus up the road to The Railway followed . I later heard from a mate who popped in that the sound had miraculously been fixed for the England game .Rather sums this place up I'm afraid - really thinks its something its not , smug self appreciation for no reason . This is the KGH not Claridges !!!
anonymous - 26 Feb 2007 07:47
I went here with a few friends after ice skating at Kew Gardens. Upon entering i thought, "Great, here's a nice warm relaxing pub, perfect for a Sunday evening." When we arrived we were told wasn't availble until 6pm. Fine, no problem we thought. We'll order at 6pm. So, we did, thinking we'd get our food by about half six or quarter to seven at the latest, it was after all a quiet Sunday evening. How wrong we could be. The chef rocked in at 6 and cooked all the 'easy' meals first giving no regard to who had a placed an order when. We were still waiting (no complaints to staff yet) at seven o'clock. That's an hour waiting. We enquired about our meals to which we were greeted with an irate chef screaming about how he had started work at six and required time to 'fire up the grill'. Now correct me if I'm wrong but if I owned a pub and advertised serving food at six, I would get my chef in half an hour earlier. It's called 'prep' I do believe, and having worked in the business for 5 years in a popular american (awful) chain at least we could open on time. So, cut to us asking where our food was after an hour and a quarter and seeing over 6 steaks fly out of the kitchen. Obviously that grill took a while to fire up (I'd ordered Scallops, go figure). We spoke to the manager (I think that's who it was as he was the only one taking any responsibility) and basically got to the crux of the matter, i.e he'd get our food out asap. Only then he didn't offer ANYTHING in recompense. Finally got my bloody scallops with no parma ham as advertised. Finally got two bottle of wine and some free deserts off said manager, the least he could done after we had waited over 1 hour and 20 mins when we were the first to order. If you're going to open on a Sunday evening get some staff in who can do the job. Please! No more excuses, Sunday is a busy day, if you can't cope with more than twenty covers then get out of the business. Appalled, outraged and bitterly dissapointed. Oh, and my scallops were undercooked. Avoid like the plague, infact the plague would be more fun than eating at the Inn at Kew.
simoncrossley - 10 Dec 2006 21:12
Who gives a sh*t about Magners anyway? It's just a modern version of what we all drank in the park aged 14.

Nice bar, awful wallpaper, and the seating and layout are just weird - doesn't make for a great atmosphere. However, the (bar) food is worth trying, and there's a reasonable range of beers.
burnsy - 19 Sep 2006 14:54
In addition - this place has free wireless internet as well
slacker - 18 Sep 2006 11:44
Thats not Kew though is it
slacker - 26 Jul 2006 14:03
If you go just north of the river to Brentford High Street the Magpie and Crown does real cider and real perry at all times...
anonymous - 26 Jul 2006 13:58
So Mr Anon , tell me a pub in Kew where I can get a real cider......thought not. Try actually reviewing the pub/venue rather than sniping at what people drink .
squatter - 20 Jul 2006 11:25
Why? Magners is a chemical-filled mass produced post-mix-cider? Try a real cider and tell me you still like magners
anonymous - 20 Jul 2006 11:12
Yes but you like the Pitcher and Piano therefore any opinion you have is to be ignored.......not a bad pub though , Magners on draught in the summer is always a result !!!
squatter - 18 Jul 2006 11:28
An addendum: had the food in here recently and was superb, the best steak this side of Texas. Don't be put off by the poncy descriptions on the menu, it's worth a go.
TV's are a bit crap though, perhaps need a quick tune-up, tried to watch the World Cup final in here but had to leave due to poor visual quality.
Strange bloke behind bar still there and still going strong.
Definitely the best boozer in Kew.
algis100 - 18 Jul 2006 11:07
This pub is what kew has been waiting for, best pub in the area.
kew1 - 15 Jul 2006 12:25
Watched game here on Saturday - excellent atmosphere and service . One point - when did women become so interested in football ?? Trying to get you to switch over to Match of the Day from Miss Marple in mid November is a virtual impossibility !! Stop taking up our space !!!
squatter - 3 Jul 2006 08:37
Posh Middle Agers, public school kids and rugger buggers are hardly a mix however are they?
slacker - 2 Jun 2006 11:17
Now come on, this pub is nice. In fact the nicest (of the vast selection) in Kew.
The decor is good, there's atmosphere at the weekends - posh middle-agers, public schoolkids, rugger buggers make for above all else an interesting mix. It's pikie/chav-free which is always a bonus.
Prices are no more shocking than any other "this side of London" boozer and the mezzanine level is a nice unique touch and it's comfortable up there.
Having to walk past a bunch of people eating their gastro-thing when going for a slash and/or sh*te is a bit odd though. But the bogs are in good nick for a comfortable release.
The hotel rooms upstairs are very well decorated and of utmost quality for a "pub wih rooms" setup.
There is one thing though: There's a bl**dy strange bloke behind the bar - skinny chap with dark hair, possibly Irish - pulls the wierdest expressions during the whole ordering/serving process. Not bad, quite amusing in fact but above all, odd.
Nice place. Go.
algis100 - 25 May 2006 15:57
While booting most of the clientelle out as quickly as possible at closing time , there seems to be a select crowd of staff and hangers on who ,shall we just say party , until the hearly hours . Its a shame such hospitality and supplies are not offered so generously to all........
anonymous - 20 Apr 2006 13:32
There are no locals in here - they are all in The Railway !!!
anonymous - 23 Mar 2006 09:30
The staff were very attentive to us when we came here for a drink, didn't try the food but i would definitely now, a nice pub/retaurant that you can go to for a chat and a drink, as a young female i felt unitimidated by locals in here.
hayleyn - 22 Mar 2006 15:59
I've heard that it might well be up for sale - fingers crossed !!
anonymous - 21 Feb 2006 15:38
The ones I've had have been ok...
slacker - 16 Feb 2006 15:52
Re the Sunday roasts - would be far improved if it was served hot or even warm - tepid doesn't cut it at these prices . May I suggest that next Sunday you try the Coach and Horses up the road or The Ship in Mortlake - far superior . The Inn is obviously aiming at a certain Kew clientel ie the weekend half pinters and glass of wine brigade , hence the total lack of weekday 'drinkers' - any atmosphere is therefore totally lacking . Whether their present punters will drink and eat enough to keep this place afloat (more staff than drinkers most days)is very doubtful .
anonymous - 15 Feb 2006 08:59
Pretentious & cliquey... so I've heard.
judas - 13 Feb 2006 18:37
After several visits I would say that the quality of the beer - the bitter that is - is definitely above average when compared with similar "Free Houses".
NorthernBloke - 13 Feb 2006 18:05
The Sunday roasts they do are very good, I haven't really explored the rest of the menu though...
slacker - 9 Feb 2006 13:33
Had the bad luck to eat here the other night - totally overpriced mediocre food served with an arrogance that would suggest a Michelin star !!There seems to be an attitude from some of the staff that this place is something special - seeing as it is neither now a pub or a decent restaurant this is quite surprising .Give us back our pub...even if it was a tip !!!
squatter - 6 Feb 2006 09:35
Do they sell the most expensive peanuts in London???

Stopped by for a pint and some peanuts while waiting for friend. The barman asked for £4.20! Apparently they charge a whopping £1.50 for a small saucer of peanuts. Apart from high prices, the pub has had a good refit, reasonable range of beers, has a good ambiance and despite the slow service is worth a visit.
corblast - 9 Nov 2005 12:26
For someone (MandM) to describe a refit as a 'new incarnation' and then to imply that the oh so complex term 'three constituent parts' is purple prose is just a wee bit hypocritical. If you like sitting in a dining area that the drinkers are constantly marching through in order to have a jimmy riddle than this is the place for you. The quality of food varies enormously and almost all people i know think it is overpriced and poor. Essentially the menu is too ambitious/pretentious for the limited skills of the kitchen staff. Anyone who thinks the food is good obviously never goes to decent restaurants (or even McDonalds).

As for judas, methinks somebody has a ickle bit of a chip on their shoulder. Did we not go to university? Did mummy and daddy kick you out of the family home on your sixteenth birthday? Diddums. Get over it. As for the squatters, not all were in full time employment and of those that were i don't think income tax and national insurance contributions were a major concern. They certainly weren't paying rent (and it wasn't mummy and daddy's house) or coucil tax. If you think living in and vandalising someone else's property, even if it was not in use, and then being paid to leave is o.k. you should spend less time in the pub and more time selling the Socialist Worker or some other marxist nonsense.
nickynickynicknick - 5 Sep 2005 15:47
I think the new incarnation is lovely. My husband and I have enjoyed several meals, lazy Saturday afternoons, Sundays and mid-week without any complaint. Yes, sometimes service is slow but not any more so than most places.

The food we have tried has always been tasty and cooked to perfection. The clientele is mixed and I think this is a good sign that it's a good pub/restaurant for all.

It is what it is and does it quite well. Forget about the 'three constituent parts' - nice use of your vocabulary, but please?!!
MandM - 30 Aug 2005 11:27
Oh, please "judas", don't give us that crap. You're not the defender of the weak. So you think that the place is pretentious but reasonable. That is all we need to know. Spare us the diatribe.

Food, and food pricing needs sorting. Interior too dark to be welcoming.
AQB - 5 Aug 2005 00:39
It's a delight to see that the majority of you feel the need to pick faults in you fellow Kew inhabitants. What's the deal with some of the comments about the squatters???? As far as I know everyone in that house had a full-time job - tax dodging hey?! Many of the frequenters are probably students - not paying taxes, living at home with mummy and daddy in the holidays. It's lovely to know that mummy & daddy can afford to ensure their offspring don't ever have to struggle. Enough bitchiness. Don't want to stoop. As for the Inn - well, it is certainly cleaner & has a vastly different environment, but it's lost it's character. When was the last time you saw anyone truely enjoying themselves? The staff are varied - some chatty (often amongst one another) , some incompident. Everything is slightly over-priced. In order to charge higher rates, surely the service & quality of consumables should be at an equally high quality. Still, regardless of the pretensiousness, it's a reasonable pub. Good luck to them.
judas - 28 Jul 2005 17:56
Very strange place now its settled down from its re-opening . Really wants to be a restaurant,but unfortunately the food isn't as good as they think it is.The emphasis on food tends to make the service at the bar very slow.Strangely they seem determined to bar anyone who lives within 2 miles of the place so it should be pretty deserted come the winter.......
squatter - 5 Jul 2005 14:25
anonymous - 20 Apr 2005 15:38
The only decent pub near the station. Although a bit pricey at least you won't catch scabbies from the crusties that squat up the road anymore. Gordon's welcome to my tax money Bobdagod, your not! Get a job!
anonymous - 20 Apr 2005 15:13
I support the previous comment. At last we have a decent bar in Kew Village. Have been a couple of times since it opened. The decor and layout are perfect (especially love the booths), a good wine list and well priced menu. Had different food and wine on both occasions and both have been up to scratch. Yes, they need to get staffing levels right on the bar(they are advertising for experienced staff)but give it a chance. I never went in the place when it was the KGH but will be happy now to make it my local.
anonymous - 19 Apr 2005 14:41
I am very pleased that there is now a good quality pub in Kew.

The bars are comfortable and they look great. The bar configurations are interesting: the main area with the lounge in corner, adjacent booths and high tables and the mezannine lounge (which very much welcomes a lingering pint).

The number of serving staff behind the bar does need attention, because it can be slow to get a beer in the evening (although I've only been once since re-opening - I didn't ever go near the place when it was the KGH - so it may just have been a bad night).

The menu is interesting and has a broad range. Restaurnat service is fine (the conservatory section will be delightful for a summer evening meal). The wine list is not bad, but could be better (more French wines across all price points, but particularly in the £12 - £18 range).

Overall, I really welcome the new Inn and look forward to many evenings there.
AQB - 19 Apr 2005 13:29
Drinking and not paying tax doesn't work out. Of that 5 quid you're happily paying the KGH for your cherry flavoured brandy liqueur half of it goes straight into Gordon's pocket, going towards a few more bombs to drop on Iraqi civilians.


BobDaGod - 13 Apr 2005 18:36
You don't get it do you ! The idea is to attract the element in suits , rather than the soap dodging , non tax paying scumbags that used to frequent the place .Seeing graffiti as a feature just about covers it.......
anonymous - 13 Apr 2005 09:19
Very expensive and poncey! Bar Staff didn't seem to know what was going on? Nice decor, won't revist!
james1234 - 12 Apr 2005 20:59
OK, I'll give you the gents are in better shape but it's now even more expensive than it was (3 quid for a beer) and the pool tables are gone, replaced with a stupid spiral staircase designed such that only one person can get up/down at a time. Attractive, not really, pretentious, very, and it just serves to increase the time and difficulty in acquiring a fresh beverage, although perhaps they figure youíll only be able to afford the one in a night.

Decent TVs (I am assuming they only didnít turn the sound on for the footie because it was the opening night) which yes are better than the old silent projector with crumpled screen but the KGH was never the place to go to watch a game of football anyhow.

Cosmetically I canít argue itís improved just a little, no graffiti covered walls with large holes in, for example, but these were the sort of features that added to the rustic charm of the KG and for many they will be sorely missed.

It might turn out to be alright, there is hope for the place if the undesirable element who turned up on the opening night, mincing around in suits and sipping dry white wine, can be dissuaded from returning. I canít help but feel however that all that money would have been much better spent subsidising the beer to a pound a pint and the pool to ten pence a game.

BobDaGod - 7 Apr 2005 16:53
How amazing does this place look now!!!!
Wonderful job, 3 cheers for the new owners!!
The Kew Inn/Hotel is now the best pub in Kew to eat & drink!!

anonymous - 7 Apr 2005 13:34
Formerly the Kew Gardens Hotel, this pub has now reopened with a new name and is under new management. The change is really quite staggering, the bar area has been expanded to almost twice its size, and a new upstairs section has opened. Where once were pool tables there is now a restaurant area. The toilets have been completely redone too. I have a feeling this place will now attract a completely different crowd to which it did previously, it certainly won't attract the kids that frequented it before. I'm reserving judgement on this pub until I've spent a bit more time there, last night was the opening night and that was very busy...
slacker - 7 Apr 2005 12:36
Re-opening this week-looking good from the outside .Lets pray for a no kids policy !!!
anonymous - 5 Apr 2005 13:31
nope, i do not work in the kgh & never have... but i miss it! Bring on the reopening for all us scruffy regulars!
kghlover - 30 Nov 2004 15:05
This place has now shut, currently being refurbed.
slacker - 25 Nov 2004 15:01
Correction - The San Miguel is £2.60
slacker - 24 Oct 2004 11:09
Is the San Miguel really £2.50 and if so what am I still drinking Kronenbourg for then? The jukebox used to pump out some real garbage a few years back but things have improved considerably since and there's a lot less dross than you get in many pubs.

There are three pool tables which are in pretty good shape in an area pretty much bereft of the things and there's a projector/screen for the football.

The staff are very friendly (and will always adjust the volume of the juke box if asked to) as are the regulars.

Drinks are expensive but they are everywhere in London, plenty of places in the local area charge more than the KGH.
Robert - 22 Oct 2004 16:11
No, the music isn't played by the regulars, when I posted my original post (in april) it was always put on by the staff! I agree it has got a bit better in recent months, with less kids in there, and a window has now been fitted in the gents. Plus the addition of san miguel for £2.50 a pint is reasonable. I have to disagree about the pool cues however, I also think you will find that few people appreciate blaring music while playing pool, although granted, it isn't nearly as loud as it used to be.
Slacker - 20 Oct 2004 12:02
Do you work there Wayne ?????
squatter - 19 Oct 2004 08:10
I completely disagree with the negative reviews so far!!!! Firstly may I say that the regulars are no more scruffy than in your average local pub. The management is fantastic... and so welcoming that it's worth paying a little extra for the drinks. The pool tables do get resurfaced & there is decent stock of straight cues. The juke box is only loud on one side of the pub... in consideration of the customers that don't appreciate it. Yes, it has been known to play Bon Jovi & Bryan Adams... but not by the regulars! We have recently had new tunes added to the jukebox. I think you'll find this pub rather amusing & friendly!
wayne - 18 Oct 2004 18:16
Totally agree with other 2 reviews.Since the change of ownership this place has gone rapidly down hill.Scruufy,dirty,and overpriced.The gents is a walk in health hazard-flooded,broken window,no paper,no light but plenty of grafitti.Did not have the courage to try any food.Used to be a nice family pub but not any more......
squatter - 14 Apr 2004 10:12
A two minute walk from Kew Gardens station this pub has three pool tables. It is very scruffy, like its regulars. The pub has had a fair amount of vandalism inflicted on it by some of the younger (some of them seem very young indeed) drinkers, tagging being a favorite pass time. No attempt is ever made to rectify any damage caused. A lot of rubbish pours out of the unbelievably loud juke box (Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Guns n' Roses) and the lager can cost as much as £2.80 a pint. I can in all honesty say that this is the worst pub i know in south-west London.
nick - 16 Feb 2004 20:49

got anything to say about this pub?

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