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Sun and 13 Cantons, Soho

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user reviews of the Sun and 13 Cantons, Soho

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Throw back to the bad old days of the 1970's - the only beer on offer is keg.
Doob - 13 Jul 2017 09:22
A refreshing change! Great thai food and reasonably friendly staff

However, I read a few of the reviews of this bar before I went to this pub which were a little negative, mainly centred around a lack of real ale. I think they have been reading the posts as I had a delicious ale by the name of Black Isle, the owner said it was the first of many?

Either way, i'm now a seasoned regular (3 times a week), mainly for such an amazing ale. worth a try!
Chrislocal - 25 Oct 2011 07:43
Slightly surprised by the poor reviews below as I've always found this to be a pretty good bet in Soho, fairly good selection of lagers and a good interior and all-round generally upbeat atmosphere.
oldjg1 - 30 Jun 2011 01:34
Another bar I have mixed feelings about. It is a regular haunt, being just round the corner from work and I have never experienced any of the unpleasantness others below have evidently experienced but I can see why people do not like it, especially after office hours as it is a bit 'City boy in Soho' which is never a good thing. Or that welcoming if , like me, you aren't cut of that cloth.
Firky1 - 19 Mar 2011 20:54
Horrible rude staff. Spent a Saturday night here in December and were harassed from start to early finish by rude 'bouncer'. Truely unbelievable that a pub in this part of town thinks they can get away with treating customers like this. I don't normally post but felt I should do as this was so awful. Looks pretty but avoid!
IssyM - 18 Dec 2010 23:54
poor........very poor!
Shame on you Mr Manager, i can not believe that you don't know a bitter glass from a lager glass,
you WILL NOT get any bubbles when you pour your expensive Peroni into a glass with no widgit as it is not supposed to happen.
please listern to you customers when they tell you that the beer is FLAT!
"Peroni is supposed to be served flat"..... what a silly lie,
and i can't believe the excuse that your supplier dosen't sell tulip headkeepers!!
loupylou - 19 Oct 2010 18:49
A 'stealth' Fullers house with no obvious branding until you spot the keg Pride and Honey Dew (expensive at 3.65, but probably the best bet given that there is no real ale). Thai bar food menu. Nothing very special about the part-modernised main bar, but the mirrored side room (somewhat reminiscent of an upmarket French brasserie) is worth a look. Regular DJ events in the basement bar.
rpadam - 29 Mar 2010 23:25
Fantastic food, friendly staff (thai!!) and reasonable prices. I have been to this restaurant three times and it never fails to impress me!
bubble25 - 28 Nov 2009 16:04
simple Advice: Come out of here turn left and go to the Old Coffehouse. - Much much better pub.
InterMeLocal_1980 - 8 Oct 2009 15:29
Went to visit this pub on Friday (24th July) and found that it had been shut by Westminster council due to a cockroach infestation. Not sure if it's planning to open again?
LONDONBEER09 - 27 Jul 2009 13:55
Busy busy busy media media media busy busy yah yah yah media.
Average pub, but gets so so busy on Thursday and Friday nights. Food (a year or so ago) was very average (when it was Thai) and not sure now. Quite pricey compared to other pubs that are similar.
Young crowd, mainly media daahlings, but can be fun.
londonanon - 7 Oct 2008 22:59
bit of a dive, watch out for the bouncers.

loads of choice around soho, take a walk and find somewhere better.
DavidWaspnest - 4 Sep 2008 17:00
We hired the basement bar last Saturday (05/04/08) for our party. Pascal the boss was friendly, amusing and very chilled out. The bar staff were attentive, smiling and having a good laugh with our guests.

They alloows us to put tea lights around and fairy lights and play our own music.

In short, it was a great night, all my friends enjoyed themselves and I am very impressed.

Thanks again!
PaperDoylie - 8 Apr 2008 14:01
I popped into the Sun and 13 Cantons on Friday 2nd November. The staff were friendly and we were served quickly, but the London Pride I ordered was really poor.

My ladyfriend ordered half a Star, but that was of very poor quality too. It had a strong unnatural aftertaste to it which made it undrinkable.

I offered to take her Star to the bar to get it exchanged. To be fair, the staff changed it immediately and whilst the new one was a little better, unfortunately it was still very poor.

In the end we had to leave our drinks because they were so bad and we went elsewhere.
gatomalo - 18 Nov 2007 19:09
I don't think I've ever met staff as rude as the manager of this bar.

I held my birthday party downstairs here. When I realised my friends were going to the bar upstairs to be served because they found no staff on the bar in the room I'd hired, or the bar too busy, I panicked a little about meeting the minimum spend. So i asked twice about an hour and half an hour before closing... my thinking being that I would rather treat all my friends to shots or champagne than give the bar 100, or I could encourage my 40-plus guests to drink more!

However I was refused each time - they just wouldn't tell me if I was near my minimum spend.

They then told me at closing that I was just over 100 off so they were keeping my deposit. They refused flatly to let me buy more drinks.

And it's not just that they did this it's the way they spoke to me. The manager was downright rude and really upset me and ruined my birthday. And believe me I am far too nice a person to have caused him to act like that. He was just nasty from the off.

If you're looking for somewhere to hire for a party I really would not recommend this place at all unless you want to be ripped off, treated like dirt and have your night ruined.

I would go for the Old Crown up on New Oxford Street. Now there's a bar with nice friendly helpful staff and a lovely room to hire.
anonymous - 15 Oct 2007 16:32
Was in this pub with a mate about 16 years ago.I now send my sincere apologies to the landlord who politely thanked us for our custom as we left,not realising that as i leaned down to pick my bag up i had deposited about 8 pints of lager and half that amount of burger kings all over the floor by the bar.How no one noticed was one of lifes mysteries.Sorry mate.
anonymous - 3 Jun 2006 22:39
Rather full but the tunes were excellent.

And a million thanks to the bar staff for returning my Oystercard which I dropped there this evening (and indeed to any punter who may have handed it in).
rathowen - 19 May 2006 22:42
It isnt a Fullers. Hop over to the Old Coffee House if you prefer a real beer in more laid back surroundings.
anonymous - 13 Apr 2006 17:05
Since when has this been a Fullers pub? If it has been for a while I think I reviewed the wrong pub...
anonymous - 11 Apr 2006 19:18
I came down from the provinces last week to meet a mate at the Sun before going to see Primal Scream, which was damn good for those of you too poorly organised to get tickets. I didn't go there for a CAMRA style ale orgy, so the bog standard but perfectly palatable draught selection did me quite nicely.

While there were a few utter wazzocks there, where isn't there in Soho, or indeed anywhere? At least 'braying media types' are largely harmless and often faintly amusing. The crowd was predominantly just out to have a good time and people kept themselves to themselves, so I can only assume the negative reviews below are by people with serious self esteem issues and/or unfulfilling careers.

The staff were superb, particularly a young skinheaded lad from Lincoln who looked after us very well indeed. The only thing which marred the evening was an unfortunate comment Eddie had made about one of the barmen, which is best left unrepeated. Eye eye
redshot - 11 Apr 2006 16:19
Went here once. Yes, its full of Nathan Barleys. But worst of all I had a KEG London Pride in here (no real ale and nothing nice on tap at all so I chanced it). Disgusting. What are Fuller's doing?

0/10 due to the rubbish beer and rubbish patrons alone.
anonymous - 13 Feb 2006 17:44
This place isn't THAT bad... it's in SOHO, for gawd's sake. Which pub or bar isn't full of self-regarding bubbleheads? Having said that... I don't really like it. The staff don't keep the tables clear of empties and it's expensive.
Albert_Campion - 2 Dec 2005 17:21
Ghastly. If you like this sort of thing then you really should be living in Hoxton. On the other hand the existence of the Sun & 13 C*ntons does at least serve to keep the more tiresome types out of the Old Coffee House. For which we should all be gratefull.
flat3 - 23 Nov 2005 10:05
Ignore these other comments. This pub is my local and there isn't a mullet in sight. If it was such a bad pub, how come it's always full of people?! If you have a chip on your shoulder about media types - don't take it out on this pub! This place does fab Thai food, the staff are friendly & it's a simple London pub. Not at all pretentious, otherwise i personally wouldn't spend so much time & money in there!
LLG - 31 Oct 2005 11:32
I had a drink in here once and they were playing The Clash which was nice. Good sheperds pie as well. Just ignore the mullets.
shw500 - 16 Oct 2005 17:52
Full of poncey media types with silly retro mullett hair styles, lousy expensive beer, loud music, takes an age to get served. If in the area, best go to the nearby John Snow or Coffee House.
darloexile - 14 Apr 2005 15:44
Awful, awful pub. Packed on a Thursday and Friday evening - pavement outside as well as pub itself. Takes ages to get served, 3 a pint, full of tossers. If u don't want to meet Nathan Barley types don't go there under any circumstances!
ovalyellow - 8 Apr 2005 16:37
mwa mwa,...airkiss my arse you cnuts,...only time i went in here there was a power cut when i was in the bogs,....took the opportunity to nudge a coupla geezers into the urinals,....Nathan Barley would drink in here
kmcs - 31 Mar 2005 15:07
jesus...where to start on this sh1tsack? nothing wrong with the gaff per se, but my god the people... it's rammed with the most vile, self-regarding soho c0cks. you know the sort -- the kind of people that would be much improved with death.
tanderson7 - 31 Mar 2005 15:05
Possibly the best pub in Soho, unfortunately the legend landlord has left, but the top quality bar staff and good fun punters are still there.
Nice Thai kitchen, the jungle curry will blow your socks off!
shane1 - 12 Jan 2005 15:13
Agree with the comment about it being very "meeja". Still, not too bad and is nice enough inside.
Jack Knight - 24 Aug 2004 11:58
One of the more 'meeja' pubs in Soho, so lots of men in dark-rimmed specs talking loudly about nothing. Friendly bar staff though, decent pints, and a bunch of plasma screens showing seemingly random stuff. Recently refurbed, now has DJs downstairs at the weekends
creatif - 3 Jun 2004 15:19

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