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White Lion, Streatham

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One of the best in Streatham. Certainly not a "fantastic pub" as others have said, but if you fancy a couple in a warm, decent boozer, you can't go far wrong.
Tourmalet - 24 Mar 2015 13:52
James445, a good music pub is very rare, even in a city of 8 million! People come from miles around to this venue. Do you moan about the constant traffic on Streatham High Road? It makes loads of noise, too. A large % of which is unnecessary car journeys of people who could use other transport. That's as voluntary from them as the noise chosen to be made by the venue's music (which objectively sounds better, too). Why not moan at the drivers? They're a much more pervasive target than one of the only open-minded music venues in the whole of South London!
Oh, it it because someone indoctrinated you that one thing that annoys you is OK to target because it's some 'hippy musicians' or whatever, but that people HAVE TO drive (even for vanity and fun on one of the heaviest-used roads in the capital)? That's bollocks mate, be fair. If this venue is exceptionally inconsiderate, then they deserve criticism, but compared to traffic and other noise pollution, it brings more pleasure to people than yet another moaning resident who's happy to pay too much to his landlord to live too close to a known music venue, work too hard for his pay and then pick on the only targets he can get away with complaining to - rather than the real stresses in his life. I'm assuming all that here, for the purposes of argument. You're not alone though (there'd be a lot less fights on Friday nights if people could get directly angry with those who cause them stress rather than displace their anger).
It would be better if the idiot planning department in the council didn't allow building so close together, but they can likely be bought by developers backhanders, whilst slowly making the concrete jungle ever more dense and life worse for everyone in it. Target them and you'll have a quieter life - stop picking on the organisation doing something special.
Groovehound - 29 Mar 2011 18:18
There is never a dull moment in this pub... one of my favorites. Friendly, interesting people with stories to tell. Live music for charity, and relaxed atmosphere!

A refreshingly different pub. Easily the best in the area!
talk2stu - 26 Dec 2010 16:58
The change of the place is amazing hated it before it was full of drunks and rude people..... all the staff smile and dance it is so fresh to see.

james445 have you ever actually been in the place ???? doesn't sound like it!! : )
hayley0 - 16 Sep 2010 22:35
Fantastic pub! Friendly staff, friendly regulars, there's always good music going on and they're doing a brilliant job trying to create something for the community. All the bands that play do it for free and they do loads of fundraising stuff.
I think it's a brilliant idea - you can drink, listen to music, and know it's for a good cause.
Workshop space out the back sounds like it'll be really good and they're planning eco gardens on the roof and a radio station!
helenasaurus - 13 Sep 2010 14:05
Run but deluded self indulgent musos who have no understanding of what a live music license is.

Seem to think , possibly because of their charitable status, that's it's ok to have loud live music than disturbs neighboring flats, blaring out past midnight mid week.

However as the place is usually empty, hopefully they'll won't be around much longer. Harsh? Maybe but despite many polite requests from their annoyed locals, they've yet to realise that Streatham on a tuesday night is not Glastonbury. It's hardly surprising that their clientele is largely made up for hostel guests and friends of whatever band is playing, when they treat the local community with such distain.

James445 - 22 Jun 2010 23:13
Popped in there on Thursday night and had a hoot! Beer line cleaning night so the doors got shut and the beer was pulled off,Oz came round and said to put some money in a charity pot and help yourself to the beer.Great night.Pub is run for a charity for which all the profits go to some dissadvantaged youngsters,great artwork on the wall by Mau Mau.All the staff are volunteers and they are extremely friendly too.
sweeties1975 - 26 Sep 2009 10:20
Closed (at least temporarily as of about a week ago) after a big fight which included police. Really. You're across from the cop shop almost, on a road which has a poice car never more than three minutes from driving past with lights flashing, and you want to start a fight? Been in there a couple of times, never liked it much anyway. Leigham is a good nearby option for a real boozer or Five Bells (with a weekly guest ale plus others on tap)or Taylors ten mins walk towards Streatham HIll Station or Bedford Park five mins walk towards Streatham Station.
mfawkner - 3 Dec 2008 13:41
gawd bless em they try at the white lion, but its always DEAD in there, regulars seem to have gone elsewhere due to the revamp but i cant seem to attract new people. no people = no atmosphere, a pub i always walk past unfortunately as it feels like drinking in a museum.
millsie99 - 24 Jul 2007 16:26
a joke of a pub that got capital radio down there for the opening england match claiming how much the pub loves football but throughout the season your not allowed the sound on. Great beer though always clean.
anonymous - 27 Jul 2006 16:18
I went to the White Lion last Sunday and I have to say that I spent the most wonderful afternoon I could have wished for! The bar lady was lovely and to then chill out in beer garden to the sounds of Throb and Moochin was fantastic. I would (and have been) recommend this pub to anyone to relax at on any sunny afternoon! Try it out and enjoy!

wheelerk - 7 Jul 2006 11:54
Nuala?? said:

"No.....scary people."

I protest! I want to be scary! Can I just be a little scary? Grrrr!
Claz - 27 Jun 2006 12:06
It's certainly very different to what it used to be. Knackered boozer feel has been replaced by younger, trendier crowd with more live music and DJs. Very different. Same nice landlady is there though. Always kind of liked this place though not on a regular basis. No real ale but then not many pubs in Streatham do.
thehonesttruth - 27 Feb 2006 23:59
this pub is cack, couple of nice staff, too good for this dive, anyone for the wetherspoons?
anonymous - 4 Jul 2005 00:51
please note they don't do real ale here any more. it used to be abbot ale which was nice. the guinness isn't that great. Taylors, up the high road, direction streatham hill is much better for this particular tipple. For real ale (that isn't JDW) a short walk down the road in the direction of the 'Big" sainsburys to the Pied Bull great pint, staff, local atmosphere.
tase - 27 May 2005 12:45
As the last commentor (maggot74) said on the same night. "Didn't stay too long as the football was on and we were on a mission to play pool. The screen is directly above the pool table so kind of discourages you from playing while a game is on as you kind of feel like you're getting in the way."
But good table football table and I think a competitive Pool pub ill be back!
howard - 14 Feb 2005 22:54
Didn't stay too long as the football was on and we were on a mission to play pool. The screen is directly above the pool table so kind of discourages you from playing while a game is on as you kind of feel like you're getting in the way.
maggot74 - 2 Feb 2005 14:11

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