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Red Lion, Egham

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The least interesting pub on an Egham 'crawl'. Short walk from station, right in the middle of the pedestrianised town centre, short and boring food menu, and a selection of mainly run-of-the-mill ales. Sport on all the TVs, and very poor quality toilets.
Trev - 6 May 2016 18:49
It seems this pubs management needs serious appraisal of which way it intends to market. Either it wants to be a sports pub or offer top end pub catering. If catering is their priority then please employ staff not dressed in dirty jeans and t shirts serving food between screens showing various football games.
The high street desperately needs a good pub so please do not get it wrong.
wanderin_star - 12 Jul 2014 21:39
Pub has been renovated well . Bar staff friendly. Need to control rowdy guys who think they own the place, saw 6 people walk out last Friday because of them.
Calcium - 12 Jun 2014 10:55
At last the High street has got a decent pub back, after shambles of last management. Have visited only a few times since re-opening and overall impressed. Very friendly staff and good selection of beers and lagers.
My only complaint is the claustrophobic feeling because of low ceilings and rather cramped area away from bar.
Another feature of the pub, proudly announced, it would not be a sports pub - football would be shown but with no volume. Last week when I entered, football was being shown with full volume - I hope they have not reversed on that decision so soon.
Overall full compliments to the present management and will continue to support the pub and wish it all success.
wanderin_star - 5 Apr 2014 21:27
This place is having a huge refurb, should be open mid-march according to their twitter page (@redlionegham). 6 rotating cask ales and a range of craft beers/ciders. That along with a fresh food menu, I'm excited by this as I've just moved to the area and the other pubs locally are not for me. Poor ale choice and food from a packet are not my idea of good quality.

New management has a lot to live up to. Good luck, I'll report back once I've sampled their wares!
publoiterer - 15 Feb 2014 09:22
Thevicar - 8 Feb 2013 20:40
Visited a friend in Egham and tried this pub. There were three hand-pumps on the bar, all of them out of action. The only beer (if you can actually call it beer) available, was John Smiths, so had no choice but to try another pub.
Won't be going here again.
Perry - 11 Jan 2013 15:16
walked in for a drink was ignored for 10 mins left and went down the road to the white lion. got served straight away. not a gr8 pub but better than the red
neeeiiil - 17 Feb 2012 13:45
Had the dis-pleasure of watching the landlord of this establish start a brawl last week. Apparently, someone called his landlady "treacle" and then proceded to try and instigate a fight with him....... Very odd place, very odd people managing it and pretty grubby standards of service and cleanliness.

Avoid at all costs.
Bluenosemally - 12 Feb 2012 22:04
wealdman - 4 Nov 2011 21:35
as kev says (scroll down) 'loooooooool'

this pub is run by lazy idiots
tempest - 3 Nov 2011 22:13
What is this pub really like is it worth a drive from Redhill ?
No rating given
Nuffsaid - 2 Nov 2011 17:36
Wow. I can honestly say I have never, ever paid for poorer food and service in my life. But I am getting ahead of myself.

From the outside, this looks a charming, village centre real ale pub. how wrong that impression is. The decor looks to be around 20 years old. Despite boards advertising a number of real ales, there was but one session ale (at 3.8%) on, and nothing else. When I asked, no apology was given. The ale was in decent condition, but was nothing special.

The woman behind the bar appeared uninterested, and the bloke wearing cooks' checks actually scowled when I misread a sign (thinking both rice and potatoes came with a meal). They do a lunchtime special - 7.95 for two meals. The meals wouldn't have been worth 7.95p. The Chicken Cacciatori I had was vivid red, came with rice but not the promised veg, and, worst of all, was cold in parts. It had been microwaved...badly. The chicken was dry, and the sauce bland. I ate some of the rice, and maybe three bites of the chicken, and couldn't stomach any more. I, however, was lucky. My friend got the beef pie. The beef resembled dog food more than it did meat from an actual named animal (it even appeared slightly green). The pastry was just bunged on top, and again, it was imperfectly heated.

The service was more than surly, it was rude. Bringing our food over, she just pointed randomly to a corner, where we were told we could fetch our cutlery. We had not been told this when ordering. When the barmaid came to take our plates, she did not enquire how the meal was, even though both plates were nearly as full when she took them away as they were when she brought them.

I have never been quite so grateful to leave a pub. I recommend you avoid this pub at pretty much all costs. Don't eat there, and don't drink there unless someone is holding a gun to your head.

mattygroves - 23 Jul 2009 19:10
Went at a quiet time (mid-afternoon) and had a reasonable pint of Brakspeare Bitter, served in the correct glass too. The only odd thing about the place was the curious vibration coming through the floor in the far corner at the front of the bar (presumably some piece of noisy equipment in a cellar below).
rpadam - 26 Nov 2008 20:48
Excellent food at very reasonable prices. Nice atmosphere and friendly service. Will definitely visit again
kazscott - 26 Oct 2008 20:16
I walked passed the White Lion last night. It was absolutely packed - no wonder, a pint of John Smith smooth bitter is only 2.00 a pint and a pint of Fosters 2.10 a pint. There is no other pub in Egham that can match that, I'll make sure I'll go back again. The staff were nice and friendly with a good mixture of customers - young and old.
bushtucker - 19 Jul 2008 19:03
Your continual silly comments blackfingernail voids anything sensible your might have said. I made my comment because didnt want Matt and his fine band of staff being dragged into this. Have clicked on most your comments for removal.
surrey_drinker - 3 Jul 2008 16:22
Fantastic food, great bar staff, loads of different real ales always changing, sunday lunch is 10/10 friendly locals, horse racing on TV in one side of the bar, great atmosphere, even got a couple of tips off the locals and had a winner, and a great pub dog too !!! Much better than the Crown.
eghamlocal - 15 May 2008 19:25
Visited the pub, in the evening, with my partner recently and noticed definite imporovement in the atmosphere. Then I realised the Big screen sports coverage TV had dissapeared and unobtrusive music was being played. I really hope the manager has taken notice of previous posts and this is permanent. We have enough pubs with continuous sports coverage so lets welcome a pub as it should be.
wanderin_star - 23 Nov 2007 22:59
students yes, went once at lunchtime for a quick snifter between work, generally forgettable
unclesam - 9 Oct 2007 18:58
Have eaten there once and thought food was quite good. Reasonable selection of beers. Just wish they would cut out the sports coverage and market the pub as a traditional olde world pub for genuine pub/beerlovers. Lunchtimes are okay - it seems that evenings they not sure which market to aim for.
anonymous - 6 Oct 2007 22:44
well what to say,we went in at lunchtime,sat in the patio area,asked for one of the big umbrellas to be put up and it was straight away,ordered two ploughmans,a pepsi for me, a pint of waggledance for my husband.probally the best ploughmans we have ever eaten and my husband said that the beer was fantastic,we would normally gone to the crown but decided to give the lion a go,well done to the new landlady.
anonymous - 23 May 2007 15:46
ticked all the boxes for us last night,really good doomsbar,l.pride and spitfire we had just missed the summer lightning,but was assured it would be back on over the weekend.very friendly team behind the bar headed up by katie,service was good and fast but it needed to be (it was fairly busy )will almost definatly go back next weekend. one complaint was that it was a bit smokey,katie said that a lot of the regulars and all of the staff are looking foreward to the ban on the 1st.
anonymous - 12 May 2007 07:38
good visit,summer lightning,london pride and abbott on sale,tried the lightning and the pride all in good condition,service very attentive by a barmaid called lucy,but very smokey and full of students,seems to be a food house at lunchtime as posted earlier this house will benefit from the no smoking regs.
theguv1 - 4 May 2007 16:34
i know the site is not really about food but,i was in lunchtime today with my wife and mother in law,and we had the most fantastic rabbit pies with cheesy mash and fresh vegetables,service was a bit slow,but it was very busy,LOADS OF STUDENTS,was driking youngs/wells waggledance very good condition,will almost certainly return,recomend to all my friends as well.
anonymous - 2 May 2007 16:16
cant remember a lot,band called yellowhouse playing,packed to the rafters,and far to many ice cold stellas,good friendly pub,good service and the stella was ice cold,did i mention that the stella was ice cold,going in again soon.
anonymous - 22 Apr 2007 14:56
not been in for a couple of months,doom bar t.t.landlord and l.pride had the landlord and doom bar all in good condition,now serving food in the evenings,friendly bar staff and customers,enjoyed my visit will return soon.
theguv1 - 6 Apr 2007 11:57
The first pub on our Sat lunch crawl, and a very good start. Can't remember the ale selections but the Pride was probably the best I have ever tasted and a wall poster suggested that Doom Bar bitter from the excellent cornish brewer Sharp's would be serving soon. The friendly Landlord offered to call us a cab to our furthest targetted pub but one of the attractive young barmaids had already given us a taxi#. The guv then went upstairs and printed the BITE page for the Fox & Hounds for us! Two plasmas and a small tv were all showing the match but without being intrusively loud. When we returned later, somewhat the worse for wear, there was live music in the shape of a young lad on base & an older Gorton bloke on guitar & vocals. They may not appeal to everyone but I thought they were very entertaining. Missed the train, oh dear, more beer. Good pub, will return.
trainman - 2 Apr 2007 13:24
very friendly pub,just had a most marvelous roast lamb dinner (7.45)washed down by two pints of top rate doomsbar bitter,service was very good,but what a smoky atmosphere inside,roll on the 1st.
anonymous - 1 Apr 2007 15:10
went in friday evening,quite busy,but the service was very good,tried broadside and the abbot both in very good condition,the landlord tells me that doom bar was on its way in,all in all a very plesant visit,but so smoky,this pub i think will benefit from the ban when it comes in,oh by the way no chavs.
anonymous - 24 Mar 2007 07:06
was in last night (friday)very busy,spotted two of the camra brigade quaffing the ale,tried the spitfire was in very good nick,but the main thing was NOT A CHAV IN SIGHT,well done to the new landlord.
anonymous - 10 Mar 2007 10:41
was in last night, packed (black elvis )what a great pub,never seen such friendly bar staff,stella (ice cold)spitfire,broadside.abbot,what more can and his wife want
theguv1 - 25 Feb 2007 17:24
Friendly enough pub, reasonable choice of ales.
Can be full of Students in term time, that's the only real down side to it
richardhoward - 20 Feb 2007 12:41
Footy quizzer gone, gutted I won my popperdom money on that before hitting the local curry house.

Very smokey place, reasonable choice, not bad.
DeggyT - 6 Jan 2007 20:01
Only been in at lunchtimes but the food is varied and very nice, the staff are friendly, but the pub is really really smoky. Even the "non-smoking" area (which has a smoking table at the end!) gets hazy and you come out stinking of fag smoke.

Big TV's, fruities and a trivia machine all add to the atmosphere.
Blartman - 15 Dec 2006 13:15
Now has a real cider on (Addlestones) with a couple of ales too (usually a GK Abbot plus another random).

Quinno - 13 Dec 2006 23:23
once the bet pub in town, now just a pub in town (and there's a lot less to choose from)...
Do yourself a favour, go to the train station and head to Staines, Twickenham, Richmond, London or even Reading!
Thevicar - 26 Nov 2006 21:19
Getting better, small and slowly changing Real Ales, less chavs too.

Footy quizzer has gone though, boo!
Quinno - 12 Jul 2006 22:07
Greatly improved, friendly, decent food with reasonable prices, well done
anonymous - 6 Nov 2005 19:32
By day: nice little pub, good food a great quizzer (you can clean up on the footy game if you have a good knowledge of Bolton Wanderers reserves circa 1998) and nice atmosphere.

By night: Quality of drinker degenerates somewhat. Gets crowded. People shout a lot, especially fat men in 100% polyester Chelsea shirts. Occasional Chav appearence.

Abbott Ale beer of choice, tastes good. Just drink it before 8:30pm...
Quinno - 22 Aug 2005 16:32
Its the summer again and we welcome the official opening of the Red Lion's annual festival of chavs. Infesting the beer 'garden' these pillars of society amuse the local community with their nightly antics of screeching up to the pub in their chavmobiles that look like they crashed through Halfords window and everything stuck, shouting at each other even though sat 2 feet apart and offering helpful comments to members of the passing public unlucky enough to glance at them whilst passing. And the owners of the pub wonder why it doesn't generate more revenue. Hmm.....
anonymous - 23 Jun 2005 09:11
This pub is very old, built circa 1565 I believe, has a traditional old English pub name, mullioned windows and a prime location on the High Street. Shame it's so bloody crap then.
Cleversaz - 29 Apr 2005 15:46
Good local pub and cheaper than its competition up the road the Crown. Just applied for planning permission to fence off the beer garden.
MrG - 30 Mar 2005 11:00
Pleasant pub on a pedestrian street. Well kept real ale. Bit quiet when I visited early in the evening.
Mr.Matt - 19 Mar 2005 02:39
Used to be a bit dodgy (and I used to work in there on the bar!). Now seems nice, CHEAP drinks, good cheap food, especially nice for a daytime drink. Locals are a laugh. Entertainment on Saturday nights. Check it out.
Aaron - 9 Jan 2004 01:15

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