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Milan Bar, Croydon

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user reviews of Milan Bar, Croydon

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Two level pub. Very busy as on the high street, same building as the Vue Cinema.
Wetherspoons, but younger crowd than normal, and a lot more bright.
I had By the Horns, One Armed Bandit which was £2.29 (all draft ales were). Tasty enough.
southlondonbeero - 5 Feb 2017 11:01
The Milan Bar is on the site of the old Grants department store. Its beer is always quite good as it is a Lloyds bar. There is also a downstairs bar. It is one of my favorite pubs in the area.
mick1234 - 13 Jul 2016 20:33
A very dark pub/bar , the journey to the bar is made far more exciting than necessary by crutches, zimmer frames,shopping trolleys etc. Scattered around to snare the unwary thus increasing the need for crutches etc. The fact that the toilets are on the same level probably accounts for the popularity of this place with people less mobile, the proximity of the Central Post Office adds to the appeal.If only 'spoons did bingo books the clientele would be completely at home.
slerpy - 3 Jun 2014 11:36
Some of the clientele from the Ship of Fools now frequent these premises. In the day time it is a hardened drinkers hangout, buy early evening it has the usual Croydon filth. For me it's a one pint and I'm of type place.
Masterpint47 - 5 Jan 2014 23:58
The 'spoons festival is currently taking place and the ales are �1.89 in here,the ale is in decent condition, they have five hanpumps but only three were on at the time of my visit.The place itself is as a Lloyds #1 a late night music venue, consequently it is as dark as a tunnel, clearly the increase in leccy bills is not a problem as they don't ******* use any.Whoever runs this place please put the lights on during the day, I couldn't tell wether I was handing over a ten or a twenty! 7/10.
slerpy - 18 Oct 2011 19:09
During the day Lloyds is a passable cheap pint location. The ales are cheaper than in other JDW outlets in Croydon but everything else is more expensive, especially since they dropped the SUnday-Tuesday Tuborg deal. Generally speaking the ales are not as well kept as in the George, which is only 2mins walk away, although they have had Pride as a guest which recently which has tasted amazing - and just as good as from the Spread Eagle or the Royal Standard nearby.

Still - Abbott at �1.99 is hard to resist and you can't taste any problems after the first one :-)
Canarywharf - 19 May 2011 15:44
Not much choice of ale here had a pint of abbot it was cheap but not good. I would rather pay more and get a good pint, i waited a while to get served even though the pub was not busy.
mdoc62 - 1 Aug 2010 10:27
I quite like this as a JDW, and as the reviewer below me has said, its the only Llyods bar in Croydon, although there isn't much difference between them and normal Spoons these days.
I used to come here regularly in my night-life days, used to do the Thursday nights til 2pm when it was really packed. I can honestly say if I still enjoyed doing that, this would be the place id come, although I think its pretty dead now on those 'clubbing evenings' where everyone else goes to Yates or Reflex, or the way over-rated Tiger Tiger, but just goes to show you im not with the crowd anymore.
Its got a nice area downstairs with extra bar and dancefloor, and comfortable large area upstairs.
For me, it suits all occasions, Breakfast and afternoon beers, and evening gatherings.
the_original_rawnsleys - 12 Mar 2010 09:57
it really is most annoying to see the comments below. This is a Lloyds Bar and is part of the JDW chain, there are 3 other JDW pubs in croydon to get a great range of ale, a brighter drinking area, no door staff at 7pm etc etc. There is a pub for all tastes within croydon and slating the one that is not your cup of tea is just wrong.
vicnnobody - 10 Mar 2010 19:51
Can't really add much to the previous comments from Grailhunter and Millay, but at least the Pedigree tasted fine and it was early enough in the day for no door staff to be in evidence. It is badly lit and really not very nice, but overall it's probably a better bet than the Yates's across the road. Just.
rpadam - 24 Aug 2009 23:36
Very bland, uninspiring place. Limited choice of real ales which for a large JDW establishment is a disappointment. Managed to get served straightaway, but that was more because the place was practically empty, which at 8.30 on a thursday evening was a bit of a surprise. There again I figure it was because everyone else knew where the better pubs were and being a stranger in town I didn't.
Grailhunter - 16 Jun 2009 14:54
When you approach the bar here most of the barstaff disappear, maybe they were taught to do this in their training. Cheap beer/lager and food is popular espeacially at weekends. Bar staff do regually check ID's which is good as alot of kids try it on. My friends and i call it CHAV CENTRAL. Some of the bar staff do try hard most of the time. The assistant manager is worthy of better things, polite, proffesional and astute.
stellafellor - 1 Apr 2009 15:14
I posted regarding this pub in November,. It has had a really boring range of real ales since.The cheap prices are an attraction but it is soooo dingy I might as well be in one of those rather forlorn tunnels created by Dr. Beeching !
slerpy - 30 Mar 2009 18:29
its getting really great in here again, excellant drinks prices, friendly staff and welcoming door staff.... the party nights are a laugh too... keep it up
vicnnobody - 6 Mar 2009 11:28
The atmosphere has really improved in this place over the past year, excellent value for money and great music in the evening.
sam1103 - 4 Mar 2009 17:20
Best pint of the day. Springhead's Rupert's Ruin. I must spend more time here , the beer is in really top nick and cheap!
slerpy - 26 Nov 2008 20:59
I've never entered the place before but the enticement of three real ales at �1.69 was too good to miss, I chose the Titannic Last Orders it was really superb, the place itself was a bit dingy. The service was top notch.Overall a very happy visit.
slerpy - 8 Nov 2008 19:44
Not bad for beers and service. If you sit outside and smoke you will find your friendly arseholes from croydon trying to ponce a fag all the time. Otherwise not bad, with some nice looking women on occasions.
stellafellor - 21 Oct 2008 17:09
i went there last week with my partner after having a meal in Wagamuma. at first i was very hesitant to go in thinking it would be very busy and have loads of intimidating bouncers at the door.

There was just one small quiet woman at the door who said nothing as i politely said 'hello'. this was Thursday evening and the place used to be very pupular and busy but it was shockingly quiet here. you could easily get a table as there were loads to choose from. this is surprising considering how popular this place was. i had a lovely pint of ale and a very relaxing time. the bar was completely empty as we left. very pleasant if it stays like this.
TheDaleks - 14 Sep 2008 14:38
lunch time visit to this dingy dimly lit pub, no atmosphere reflected by the low morale of the of a very poor standard and small quantity.never again.
anonymous - 27 Aug 2008 18:26
Used to be the place to be on a Saturday night but is now empty every week!?

Busiest place in town midweek though probably because of the prices, although this does attract some wierdos from time to time!
croydondrinker1980 - 22 Aug 2008 04:41
Popular and pleasant. Nearly didn't bother going in having to brave the hordes of shrieking drinkers roped in like cattle on the pavement. Inside all was tranquil. The beer choice was reasonable and pleasant. Not a bad 'spoons (or Lloyds) all in all.
chick - 14 Aug 2008 09:35
went in yesterday for lunch, most tables upstairs taken but a great , cool room downstairs to eat a nice lunch with friends. good music, not too loud, will definately be back
vicnnobody - 26 Jun 2008 13:38
I got asked for ID also .....and i'm 67!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MrKennedy - 5 Jun 2008 11:09
What can i say about this pub??? Well for start i got I.D at the age of 25 and to add insult there were little girls coming out of there that looked about 15!.The d.j in there is so stuck up and loves himself as for the manager i think he needs to get classes if he thinks i'm under age and the young girls from high school he has going in there are'nt.
booplove1978 - 15 Jul 2007 15:49
Got ID'd trying to get in here on Wednesday.

ID'd!! I'm 27!!

The place hasn't gotten any better unfortunately.
steve5312 - 23 Apr 2007 19:31
Agree with privious comments. Ok before a certain hour, any of my friends who go here always seem to get involved in a fight for no reason. Any time they go always say its their last.
garrybear - 27 Dec 2006 16:46
Just had a full english breakfast in here for lunch. Altough the food wasn't too bad the fact it was seved on filthy dirty plates really put me off. Hate to think what the kitchen looked like. Would of complained but they were so understaffed it would of taken me 20 minutes or so to get served. There are far far better pubs in Croydon, and also lots of bad pubs that are better than this.
anonymous - 14 Dec 2006 12:54
Had lunch in here once. Didn't like the place really.
edrok666 - 10 Dec 2006 11:26
Very poor service. Offering the best choice of beers in Croydon, shame half of them not available. Kept waiting at bar whilst staff, and what looked like manager discussed plans for that evening. Was not surprised that the place was almost empty, will not be going back.
anonymous - 1 Nov 2006 10:52
If you're in Croydon, this place is worth a visit over a Thursday/Friday/Saturday night. Can get quite packed on a Friday/Saturday night late on though, but I have always enjoyed the music played here complimented by the video jukebox. I agree the dance floor is a bit on the small side, but I have always experienced a lively atmosphere here compared to nearby Yates' or Edwards for instance. Of course, being a Lloyds you can enjoy the cheaper drinks. There is usually younger female talent always on show, although at times some may appear to be "up there own @rse" if you know what I mean. I've never eaten in here or experienced the Central London "girls and mixed couples only" entry policy, so can't really comment on this, but this place is worth a couple of drinks at least before say going into Tiger Tiger. Anyway, The Lloyds bar in Chichester is far better if you're ever in that part of the World!
Searching_for_H_Files - 2 Aug 2006 13:13
Awful, awful, awful.
I've been living in croydon for 8 months now. I have been disappointed with the choice of nightclubs and bars here but the Milan bar has to be the worst.
The bouncers don't know the meaning of hospitality.
They also don't have any idea about licensing laws!
When the bar staff are allowed to serve you alcohol until 1am, then surely the bouncers should not be kicking you out 3 minutes later.
The downstairs area is grubby, full of chavs and teenage girls sh*gging on the dancefloor.
Will. never. again. step. foot. in. the. place.
anonymous - 21 Jul 2006 00:30
The attitude in this place is appalling. The bouncers are extremely rude, the last time I went one guy was so busy letting 20 of his mates jump the queue that he didn't bother to ID any of the 15 year olds who were in front of me (I know they were 15 as they are friends with my little sister!), then wouldn't let my 22-year-old friend in as she only had her student card with her. Once inside, the place is full of blokes who are only out because they want to fight and girls who feel overdressed in anything other than their underwear. My mate who had the dubious pleasure of going to the gent's toilets found two blokes doing lines in there - nice. Granted, the drinks are cheap but after 10pm you can't get the near the bar anyway so it doesn't make much difference. The music is good but if you visit more than once you realise that they play the same songs in the same order every week. Horrible, horrible, horrible - if you are a nice, normal person (i.e. not a chav/wannabe gangster/coke head) then avoid at all costs.
lovelylady - 26 Jun 2006 16:06
THe bouncers are clever here. I tried getting in with black socks over my trainers. he saw me coming a mile away.
thomascruisemapotherIV - 9 Jun 2006 15:02
There are good things in British life, this isn't one of them.
Full of chavs, chavettes, inbreads, wideboys, under age teenage girls and the occasional hoodie.
People who go here think it is a fly and happenning place, sorry to disappoint.....but its so not.
Born and raised in South London, i'm so glad I was fortunate to avoid this dire place growing up.
As I observed;
Dance area down stairs looks and sounds like a school disco. The good thing is there are no teachers, the bad thing is the groups of little boys who think they are pimps and got street cred. They are found lurking around the sticky dance floor, looking for that poor bloke who was conned going into the place.
The attendant in the toilet will try to block your path whilst you try to exit, he will demand money for doing F all, and he will call for the one track bouncers to assist in doing something to you. What a low life!
I feel sorry for that the aforementioned victims.
Compare this place to Central London, (If you are a Lloyds regular this may be extremely difficult, as you probably didn't know such a place existed!)you know the dirt on the soles of your shoe,its lower than that.

For your sense of worth, avoid!

GamerAsh - 10 May 2006 15:01
The last time I was here (March 06) I had to laugh. the bouncers are strict and I was asked for ID yet there were girls in there I knew for a fact were only about 17.
One group in particular were all dressed in hoodies jeans and timberlands walking around excessivly sniffing as if to say "I have just done a line" they stared everyone out that they walked passed even slowing down to look at people to start trouble. The place overall was full of bitchy under age girls and was overcrowded giving the teeny boppers more ammunition to say "who ya fink yer barging"
A definate no go area for respectable people who are out just for a good time and no trouble!
anonymous - 9 May 2006 14:29
The worst bouncers i have ever seen they must take steriods of some sort and look like they ready to fight with anyone, they are stricked like hell which is far enough but come on they want to act as if it's some celeb place in the westend and yet it's just a teeny bopper pub, used to like it but is full of young chavs (vicky pollard type)and the bouncers are too rough it's not worth the hassle.The music is ok on a scale of 1 to 10 i would give it a 5.
anonymous - 7 Apr 2006 16:35
Follows the cheapy trend of wetherspoons. Had some strange rule for a fri/sat night once. No guys unless in a couple. WEIRD! Don't know if it still applies. It's alrite music-wise for a boogie.... BEWARE of the sticky floors!
bubbles83 - 30 Mar 2006 22:28
Lloyds is a heavy place 2 go 4 great music n buff men (well sum of dem)...
The dj is really cool, the bouncers r wicked and strict but dats a gud ting 2 stop these minors tryin 2 get in!!! Prices 4 drinks r suitable, staff r ok 2!!! I rate dis place anyday!!! Fri n sat nites r da best though!!
han1985 - 13 Jan 2006 18:45
i came in here after work on new years eve / new years 2005 and oh my god!

these places claim to have such a high standard, but i think for that to happen, everything must follow suit!
The doorman are strict - which is understandable, but if a D.J. plays a song (that one that goes oops up side yer head, op up side yer head - or something like that) where for the dance you sit on the floor in a line (no the one i mean?)
any way, the D.J. played it, and obviously a group of people enjoying themselves(pissed or not enjoying themselves)decided to conform, and the doorman comes storming down in a bully boy way demanding them to get up! Okay, i can understand that to a certain extent, but come on! you play a song like that and what do you expect!? Personally, i'm surprised no one got a shard of glass stuck in there backside!! absolutely EVERYWHERE glass! the toilets! even worse! there was sick on the floor and guess what, more glass! i can understand being busy, but i'm sure if some unfortunate person had been hospitalised that night and needed glass removed from there backside, Lloyd's would have been the first to turn a blind eye!

Don't get me wrong, it is a nice place, and i go in there whenever i am out in Croydon, but it was a joke that night.
anonymous - 3 Jan 2006 21:34
I really enjoy going to Lloyds when I am back from uni, music is good as well as the atmosphere.
angelaxx - 30 Dec 2005 16:05
The Bouncer's at this bar are about as likeable as a foreskin tear. They also charge you to get in. As if Croydon is the heart of Chelsea. Avoid it like the plague.
pedro1982 - 8 Nov 2005 19:33
Definitely a pub for typical Croydon chavs. Play "spot the Ben Sherman shirts and identically gelled hairstyles" from the comfort of your chair. You might as well, because the obscene level of music won't allow for a conversation. The downstairs area has got a few low-slung chairs and tables, although I suspect on weekend nights it becomes a heaving mass of badly-dressed women and intoxicated men desperately trying to dance. Usual beer selection, although they could quite easily whittle the choices down to Fosters and watermelon Breezers and the punters wouldn't even notice. The people who enjoy this place are the sort of people who embody everything I hate about Croydon: utterly tasteless and a little bit thick.
anonymous - 30 Oct 2005 15:32
Went there last Septemper - and found no real ale. Disappointing. Cheap food. No pub feeling.
Finn - 26 Oct 2005 19:39
What a great place - atmos is great and the music is very good. Only thing is it does get a bit hot in there but your guaranteed a top night
lucieloo - 19 Aug 2005 14:38
had a gd night here drinks are cheap and if you go on a weekday then no probs with fights ect and still pacs out to a gd standad.
Dance floor is a bit small i agree but thats the only thing that lets it down i feel.
over all gd.
skiman - 19 Jul 2005 11:26
Full of pikeys and riff raff-typical croydon people. Now we know why croydon has a bad rep! Alright for a lunchtime and afterwork drink but then later its full of girls that try and look like Kat Slater and blokes that r looking for a fight-Ok if thats your sorta thing!
notthatmuchofanangel - 4 Jun 2005 15:27
Lloyds is definately the best place to go in Croydon! gd lookin white boyz in there, wkd music and gd price drinks. i have had so many gd nites in this place! x x
anonymous - 19 Feb 2005 16:52
I had a wicked night last night! And there are some sexy bar staff now. that new girl with the boobs is fit and served us lot well. Us 3 blokes got in no hassle so I suppose depends what bouncers u get.
Mikey - 14 Nov 2004 15:34
Used to love this place when I was 18. 3 years on its embarrasing to say I used to go. Worth having a look but seeing as Tiger Tiger and Walkabout are less that 2 mins away, not worth staying the night ........
Mr.E - 7 Nov 2004 17:47
cheao drinks, nice mans, gud music small dance floor but still gud..
maureen - 2 Nov 2004 22:34
An embarrassment to Wetherspoons!!!

Not worth going to if you want real ale
Jeff "Sandy" - 22 Oct 2004 01:01
as tony the tiger would say grrreat
Chris Codner - 18 Oct 2004 19:53
its bloody great! i love it! full of gd lookin boyz and oh yeh sexy girls like myself!
anonymous - 17 Oct 2004 21:15
The dance floor is too small, and theres attitude all the time..
anonymous - 11 Oct 2004 18:06
Lloyds bar upstairs good cheap drinks and nice atmosphere. Downstairs milan bar far too crowded and gets very hot-especially on small dance floor.
jane - 10 Oct 2004 21:07
cheap drinks, alrite music, gr8 nite had!! dont let ppl in if ya get there too late tho..
Amy - 28 Sep 2004 21:42
The queue can be anything from 45 mins if ur lucky on a friday. It is full of attitude and i went there on a tuesday and it was rammed with dirty old men trying it on with any girl nearby. People rudly stamping on your feet on the dancefloor. Stick to walkabout
Amy - 1 Sep 2004 23:12
true lloyds can be a good nite out but only because all there customers are sheep! the only reason people go there is because other people r. y do u all que up for up to an hour outside as when u get in you cant even move!! sort it out croydon peeps and choose a new venue for your friday and sat nites!!!
rachel - 23 Aug 2004 12:29
The music is wicked!!!The only thing is it is a bit crowded but the that makes the atomosphere so much better, it is also central to alot of other bars within croydon!
kristina - 3 Aug 2004 11:03
is there an itbox quiz machine there? that should be providing wireless internet access.
anne - 12 Jul 2004 14:30
There is no interent access, wireless or otherwise, in Lloyds. They have no idea where that idea came from.
Kimble J - 12 Jul 2004 14:07
had a great time in there, best place 2 go in croydon by far!!! big up da s, c and k
s,c, k - 2 Jul 2004 10:07
i hear what people saying bout the bouncers but they only doing what they told. they rejected me for not being with a girl and i just asked someone on the street. not a big problem at all. drinks are good and 'reasonable' price could be cheaper but im not complaining. alot of nice girls but ur gona have to fight since theres usualy bout 3x as many boys in there. music is okeyish not exactly to my liking. overall good place to chill out on when u aint looking for a 'active' nite just a chill out drink with ur mates.
tony c - 13 May 2004 18:17
Well the bouncers are complete a***holes, think they're really tough....what on �20 a night..? Great job!! Every girl in there is dressed the same as the next, the boys think there really cool, and it gets too crowed. But apart from that, the musics good (plays the same songs about 4 times a night tho), drinks are cheap, and if you want a laugh you're guaranteed to get one there.
Whatever - 22 Apr 2004 11:08
Well lets start from the top, you can not get in if there is a few of you, It is hotter than the tube in summer, you cant move and the girls wear more jewellery than the pikey selling burberry in the market. FIX UP CROYDON
Larry - 4 Apr 2004 13:47
really good night in is good old stuff is played so you can have a good boogie on dance floor. I've had some brilliant nights in there!!!
Sarah - 29 Mar 2004 11:49
Alright place if they would some lads in. I agree with Dan, most of my mates don't have girlfriends and we feel penalised, what a stupid rule!!!
GaryLager - 26 Mar 2004 14:59
Its GREAT in there. top class night. and the barstaff are brilliant! (Not 2 mention the cute guys in the kitchen!) If u dont get in straight away, try again later. If ur stuck outside when they only let in girls and couples, just ask a girl nicely if u can b a couple 2 get in, ive had 2 do it loads of times 2 help a guy out! x
Bubble - 24 Mar 2004 09:04
i agree with the comments on the site lads want a night out to and i have seen more girls fights in croydon the last month than boys so coool off to the bouncers
lw the instagator - 18 Mar 2004 09:46
lloyds is great an the drinks r gud. the boncers need 2 check them self i went there the other day adn they wont let an bois in, only couples and gals. thats true boys want to go out 2 on their own 2 check gals. LLYODS NEED 2 CHECK THEM SELF COZ THEY R LOSING CUSTOMERS.
MO - 9 Mar 2004 15:58
What can I say. I came here for lunch today. The service was diabolical.. Top class rudeness from the barstaff. The food even worse, even by Wetherspoon's standards.

Angel - 4 Mar 2004 14:00
I love it in here! if you can get in... they wont let any blokes in, in a group of 4 or bigger past 8.30! Good music, as its a sort of weatherspoons - drinks are reasonable!! But the bouncers suck - they need a reality check!! They need to be told not all blokes have girlfriends, and actually like goin out wiv 'the lads'!!!!!!!
Dan - 11 Feb 2004 09:26
part of weatherspoons group
anonymous - 22 Dec 2003 17:00

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