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Station, Altrincham

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What a boozer. It's so good we went twice yesterday. The regulars as so dedicated to making it work. Everytime you go to the toilet there's guys in the cubicles with terrible colds. But they still turn out and support the pub. I think most people that sup in here have 12 toes but if you can see past that you'll have a great time. Lovely staff too.
nico83 - 12 Dec 2016 10:17
Agreed. This is the most unreliable pub i have ever seen. It might be open, it might not. Today there was a sign on the window saying open at 2pm. Ridiculous way to run a pub. The cafe/coffee shop extension lasted about a month and now seems to be closed.
Dannythepubcritic - 11 Apr 2013 20:22
I never know if this pub will be open or not. I don't see how anyone can run a business like that.
eio - 20 Mar 2012 18:03
Currently under temporary management, with new owners taking over in a week.
djm256 - 18 Apr 2010 19:24
is it still run by a cocain addict ????
that has a very bad attitude towards customers
the beer is not upto standards as a few people have said ... if there is any
wheter it is upstairs or downstairs

belive the pub stinks of dog waste upstairs in the function room i am not going in there for food think i will give it a miss

jamesbond - 16 Nov 2009 23:24
a cracking pub with live music at weekends but for some reason whenever i seem to go in it never seems that busy which is a shame, that said it is a very big pub to fill, nice friendly staff.
old_timer_90 - 4 Nov 2009 14:22
All this Pub needs now is more customers. There is a decent range of beers and lagers including two cask ales, which are usually from a local brewery.
It has suffered from a legacy of poor managers but Janet is now beginning to turn it around. A big plus is that this is the one venue in Altrincham which has live music on a Friday.
knowsgreypaul - 13 Aug 2009 20:58
I hear footy is making a return...Saw a new big screen going in
jakekelly - 11 Aug 2009 16:49
Better now with Janet in charge ,unsure what went on at the Old Market but she is full of energy (despite the foot injury ) ,note Dunham beer as regular ,like to see more people in there ,clientelle completely changed ,no rubbish ,Janet deserves a chance ,perhaps one or two more casks would help ,was in there last week all the shirts were there ?
FrankieMan - 23 Jun 2009 15:07
Declined recently. No football on the telly and all the shirts have gone. The poster in the window advertising John Smiths for 2.40 seems a bit odd considering there are at least three pubs in the same street selling it for less.
weeleasewodderwick - 20 Apr 2009 18:02
Got to agree, The Station is back on the up! Get in there - Real Ales, Good Food, reasonable prices, friendly staff, live music - Whatr more do you want????
coasterbloke - 27 Feb 2009 12:26
New Manageress (Janet ex Market Tavern), She's cleaned the place up, No chavs now, Live Blues and acoustic nights, Real Ales!!! Food, and a good atmosphere, if a little quiet, though it is early days for her... If passing call in, Give her your support drinkers of Altincham!
jakekelly - 16 Jan 2009 16:25
Yep, absolutely dead the other Saturday night when we went in for our traditional "one for the road" heading back to the tram.

Shame as this was always a decent pub although I guess the change in licensing laws and the extra pubs in Alty make competition fierce, hence the demise of Kelly's and the building now becoming a take away in the future.

Reasonable pint of boddies though
boddies_drinker - 30 Jun 2008 13:42
What happened I went away came back and it changed so much no footy no cheap beer no chips ...........
jojo12 - 17 May 2008 22:04
This pub is the prime example of "not what it used to be" I used to go in here when i was first "legally" allowed to drink. We would watch a united match with both the upstairs and downstairs absolutely rammed, you would get a proper nice scran at half, on the ouse! Now they dont even bother to open the upstairs, the beers gone up, the staff are miserable.

However i did just use this place as a meeting point or a football pub, so if your a girl and you dont like football its probably still ok
whitedog - 26 Mar 2007 07:04
Really good for watching the footy and a good old late drink at the weekends, pool table not bad but a bit of a rip-off at 1 a pop, some fit girlies behind the bar to keep you interested enough to stay for another pint or two.
anonymous - 27 Feb 2007 15:07
This is now called The Station. The lager has improved and it's being done up. Stick a few more screens in there and it'll be class!
Redmeister - 2 May 2006 12:55
was in yesterday watching the utd match and they are refurbishing this place and making it a sports bar and also a better restaraunt , the kitchen is shut till 1st April and was told that alot more TV's are coming in

only problem was my partner was complaining about the smell of paint which they were doing while the match was on

and also they seem to stick the drinks upslighly when a match is one a pint and half of fosters is 3.25 normally but 3.50 yesterday and when the derby match was on
RIP_BODDIES - 13 Mar 2006 13:01
half decent pub but the crowd in their late saturday is a bit suspect
RomperStomper - 16 Feb 2006 10:42
Like Altrincham in general this pub is going downhill. Expensive pool, expensive beer and expensive juke box. At times it can look very dirty and on some nights you could quite possibly be the only person in there
whitedog - 6 Feb 2006 22:07
can somebody please start a 'sarah' fanclub because i would really like to me a member of a club like that. By the way, the pubs alright and the chicken dish is hardcore!!
Redmeister - 27 Jan 2006 19:38
Beer not kept well. Poorly staffed and not friendly. Expensive pool table with 8 stripes and 6 spots. No real-ale. Don't bother with this one!
anonymous - 27 Dec 2005 10:00
this pub needs to stay open and sarah can't be made to leave. she's the best thing to happen to that pub since time began, lol xxx
anonymous - 5 Nov 2005 22:52
although not been in for a while, i always found the porterhouse a fine pub to sup my opinion one of the best in alty, far, far beter than the faulkners arms any day of the week. been all the better since sarah took over, and the vine gone downhill since she left
iain.s.1971 - 2 Nov 2005 19:05
As said before - good to watch the footie Blue or Red! Good upstairs screen for showing the games. Good chips!
anonymous - 21 Dec 2004 08:47
Its good to watch footy in here. Free chip butties and Pizza at half time. A few weirdo's in here though, especailly that fat beard loner. Get a life son.
Redmeister - 15 Nov 2004 11:39
It's alright but the pool table is too expensive and the music isn't the best!
Jessica - 1 Aug 2004 14:58
Getting refurbished in September so let's see what happens - the Downs reincarnated, another Wetherspoons/Hog's Head or a pub with it's own identity,decent beer and a venue you can still enjoy football in
boddies_drinker - 28 Jul 2004 15:51
Thought this pub was okay but it seems to kick off in there every now and again. After the portugal game, some fat bloke was (i think its the one Bow mentioned) was really leathered and he tried kicking off on a group of young lads. They werent actually scallies or anything and were good to have around as they started a great atmosphere and got the songs going. As is always fun to see, this pub bully (everyone has one, no life, no friends, trying to re live the fear he once commanded in the playground) ended up getting b*tch slapped into the next millenium or as it was described by one young gentleman "Reminded"
. The bar staff did manage to contain it but its a shame that they thought it wise to kick out the young lads and not the bully as incidents like this are going to continue while they let this waste of firewood continue to grace there otherwise great boozer!!
Harvey - 13 Jul 2004 16:10
This puppy has been smokin' for the recent england games with a very lively atmosphere. Damn shame we got knocked out. The beer has got much better and the food is top quality. Bonus fox behind bar. J'mour
Buford B Buford - 26 Jun 2004 16:12
Thanks to all the staff for letting us go mental after the switz game. They let us decorate the pub with as much crap as we could carry in their (including the ever lucky frying pan) and even joined in when we got songs and frying pan games rocking at the end. see you in there tonight for the croatia game.
Harvey - 21 Jun 2004 14:25
Good pub with quality beers, the barstaff are allways good for a laugh and its in a prime spot to either start the nite or pull an all dayer in!
Harvey - 20 Apr 2004 16:54
Welcome to the new Downs!! Thursday nights are a joke, doesnt get busy until about 12 when all the scruffs have fallen out of The Downs, only recently have they employed Doorstaff on a Thursday because it never fails to kick off, witnessed some poor bloke have his ear bitten off the other week. The prices are too high aswell but it is always good to go and watch the footie.
anonymous - 20 Apr 2004 15:31
The beer is absolutely crap in here. And there is always some fat goaty bearded loner of a man annoying everyone all the time. But its good for the footy and england matched, and 2 weeks ago they had the goonies on big screen. Thats class. 1 pound for a game of pool is a rip off.
Bow - 1 Mar 2004 13:38
the pub has agreat atmosphere and the friday night entertainments (live dj) are great fun!
bob - 17 Nov 2003 15:57
Well looked after hand pulled ales and the usual selection of lagers,bottled beers and alocopops.
On the up after being taken on by the former landlady of "The Vine" in Sale.
Big screens upstairs and downstairs for the footie,regular entertainment and decent food.
Right opposite the station for the first or last pub of the night on an Alty crawl
Chris - 8 Oct 2003 10:14

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