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Broomwood, Timperley

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vicgod47 - 14 Sep 2006 21:19
Broomwood Pub has been bought up at last: Enterprise Inns have sold it to a new owner, we havn't had a chance to meet him yet, we gather that there are as yet no plans regarding the pub which had suffered extreme damage from hordes of (up to twenty) very young children climbing into the building and shattering everything in sight when the security shutters had been removed. TMBC responsible for Health and Safety issues; Building Services, a Village Ward Councillor, Altrincham Area Services, Transco and all other relevant utility operating companies have now instituted temporary security measures to restore community security.
BCA - 9 Jun 2006 11:32
I grew up on the Broomwood Estate before I join the British Forces in 1972. The Broomwood was my first watering hole and where practically the whole community had a farewell party for me before leaving to join up (I guess they were making sure I was really going). Anyway during my twenty two years in the forces when ever I had the chance I would always go back to the pub to see old school and work mates. The last time I was home was in 1990 as I now live in Belize Central America since 1994. Anyway I found this site and was saddened to hear how everything has deteriated, I was in fact thinking of coming home to see my old stomping grounds, however after the comments I ve just read I might be better off staying where I am.
anonymous - 15 Apr 2006 16:00
security seems to have worked-now boarded up-dont know whats happening to this pub
vicgod47 - 6 Nov 2005 21:04
very good family pub run now under new management, found it friendly and the security is well up to standard, large beer garden with swings for the children, nice and clean very friendly
anonymous - 1 Sep 2005 13:57
this pub has is now being run in the order it should be, a good variety of camerera are installed for your safety, clean, and has good beer, could this be getting like the old broomwood year ago, when it was a fafily pub, as it has now good entertainment, this is due to the new management keep it up.
a customer - 27 Aug 2005 13:38
If the NEW Management are reading this....SECURITY needs to be your main issue. I always feel intimidated just walking past the pub, let alone going inside it! Better links with the Police. More Cameras and things. The Moss Trooper in Timperley, used to be a right dive, it is now a really nice/and safe place to go...a complete difference. It's still in the same area....Lets see the Broomwood turn around, and go back to its great glory days! Lets see the Broomwood join the other pubs in Timperley, where standards are higher, pubs are safer and the atmosphere is one you want to be a part of. If pubs only 10 - 15 min walk away can be of a high standard, and a pleasure to drink in, surely the Broomwood can be the same! All we can do is wait and see! GOOD LUCK TO THE NEW MANAGEMENT. ALL THE BEST. LETS HOPE YOU CAN TURN THIS PUB AROUND!
anonymous - 13 May 2005 14:25
Lets hope So!I too remember the days that the Broomwood pub was a decent local. The other pubs in Timperley have done well in terms of improvements, and Timperley on the whole is a good place to have a day/night out in. Having lived on the Broomwood for 20 odd years, i can honestly say i havn't stepped foot back inside the pub for almost 6 years now. It really did used to be a great local boozer. Brilliant for the Kids on the regualr 'Family Fun days' Hardly much trouble (only on occasions) No wonder the kids on the estate hang around from a VERY young age getting upto no good and smoking pot! 10-20 years ago, the kids were running aroung playing 'Manhunt' and 'Tig' and playing on the bouncy castle in the pub garden. The Broomwood pub is really the ONLY social entertainment on the estate. However, people like myself have felt intimidated by the place in recent years. LETS HOPE THE NEW MANAGEMENT REALLY CAN SORT THIS ONCE GREAT PUB (which a would of rated 9/10 10-20 year ago) OUT AND BRING BACK THE GREAT BROOMWOOD COMMUNITY SPIRIT! AND THE GREAT BROOMWOOD COMMUNITY PUB!AT THE MOMENT I HAVE RATED IT AS A 0! HOPEFULLY THIS TIME NEXT YEAR I CAN COME BACK AND RATE ALOT HIGHER!
anonymous - 13 May 2005 14:18
The new owners of The Broomwood hae announced that they are to re-open on Friday 20th May 2005 at 19:00 hrs.

After an extensive refurbishment and improvement the Broomwood Community are looking forward to once again enjoying a well kept pint or two in friendly and secure surroundings, much as it was a few years ago.

Though it will be run as a family pub, it will be the only key adult social venue within a one kilometre radius. It is hoped to be able to rate it at seven or higher soon
anonymous - 13 May 2005 13:23
so i believe this pub is opening on the 20th of may under new management lets hope it goes to back to the old friendly popular pub it once was :)
ladysmudge - 8 May 2005 21:50
last time i went in there a lad came in branding a baseball bat and doing his best to kill everyone in sight!! full of young muppets and the old people are living in the past thinking they are all it. rough as f***. knock it down

franky - 11 Mar 2005 20:36
Pull down this pub (along with the rest of the estate) and start again!! Used to live on there many moons ago-and the 'Broomwood' wasn't a bad local boozer.A place i had many good nights/days and memories of. What the hell happened! Went in the other week for the first time in years. After getting through the army of Scallies (inc. Scallies in their 40's!) (Probably the 'Broomwood Crew!') Or the mam and dads of the local so-called notorious 'YBC' (Young Broomwood Crew-i think!) that were gathered outside, i went to the bar ordered a pint- and sat down. There was a mixture of old folk who have been on the Estate for years, and every scumbag in the immediate/local area! I got nothing but filthy looks-constantly-all i was doing was attempting to drink a pint while reading my paper. I ended up leaving half of my pint and leaving the pub (never to return again!) The whole area has gone completely down hill since the days i lived there.The Broomwood estate used to be one of the best estates in Manchester-and the pub wasn't that bad either. Now all facillities and shops have gone, more and more uncontrolled kids/drug dealers and general scum run the estate-the pub should just be torn down,rebuilt and sorted out with more security patrols to bring some order and decency back-so the remaining 'decent' residents have local facilities and a pub they can actually drink and eat in! C'mon bring the 'Old Broomwood' back!
anonymous - 25 Feb 2005 19:41
ERICLOVESBEER - 23 Feb 2005 15:58
Used to be a GREAT community pub. Brought the Broomwood Estate community together with it's brilliant family fun days. A good sized pub...brilliant beer garden with bouncy castle. A vault and lounge with games room. Sky. Was a great day/night out for local residents....
NOW...IT'S SIMPLY A SH*T HOLE!!Should be pulled down. It's now used as a meeting place for druggies and dealers, and organising crime and all things illegal! Not forgetting a great place for all the scrouts to fuel themselves with beer for a night of aggravated assault and other anti-social behavior!
Used to be a REALLY GOOD PUB...only dodgy screggs of society entertain the Bronxwood pub. Intimidation galore awaits inside. Should be pulled down or sorted out (Like the Moss trooper in Timperley) It continually brings the Broomwood estate down.
anonymous - 23 Nov 2004 19:10
this was a good pub now its gone downhill
scott dickinson - 14 Oct 2004 19:11
This used to be a very good pub it has gone downhill over the last few years, now populated by the baseball cap brigade.

James - 12 Aug 2003 14:58

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