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Intrepid Fox, Soho

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I visited London back in 1989 (I'm from Los Angeles) and I happened to pass the Intrepid Fox. It was like the 70's had never ended; every one had spikey rooster hair and "Never Fallen in Love" by the Buzzcocks was playing. Definitely punk, not heavy metal atmosphere and
one of my good memories of that trip. It's sad that it seems to have changed. Is it open now and if so does it attract the same sort of crowd?
jab3785 - 4 Jul 2010 06:57
Now Byron at The Intrepid Fox - a burger bar.
zorrodp - 1 Mar 2010 16:21
Ok as it goes, was in here Sunday.
Friendly enough Brstaff, Guinness want the best, but not the worst....
Closing at 10:30 ??? FFS, this is the west end, this is London, arguebly the party city of the world!! And the pub shuts at 10:30,it was like going back 20 years.
Only fault i can find,to be fair.
tottenhamsean - 11 Mar 2009 16:46
The Old Intrepid is up for lease again but only the ground floor and cellar. I think upstairs will be the flat developments.
Clivers - 8 Jan 2007 22:11
I agree with Sean. I was sceptical when I heard they were going to resurrect "The Intrepid Fox" somewhere else (like when they tried to resurrect "The Marquee" in Islington), but wow - it's bigger, louder, and angrier than the original. Plus you can get to the bar, and sit down now! I love it - a genius move to take over The Conservatory.
topdog_andy - 29 Dec 2006 11:54
15, St. Giles High St, London, WC2H 8LN
eio - 28 Dec 2006 00:35
where is the new 1 sited as i like the old one in soho.i go to london weekends and love this place so id like address so i can go back plz
thunder367 - 27 Dec 2006 22:49
Went to the "new" Intrepid Fox on Friday night and it was just fine - same old rubbish choice of lagers though (When will an alternative/rock pub in London realise that we'd like some VARIETY!!!). Apart from that a good little venue - bigger and cleaner than the old Fox. No problems with any door staff - we just walked in and not all of us were wearing black!!

Running out of JD half way through an old skool metal night wasn't the best but hey they had vodka so I could keep drinking! The upstairs bar is v.nice and I can imagine sitting there in Summer watching the world wander by!
ickleprincess - 26 Dec 2006 19:47
After walking past the old Intrepid fox on wardour st the other day, we noticed a "For Lease" sign in the window. This presumably means in will re-open again as a pub and not as flats (as previously thought) right? Perhaps the brewery just wanted to get rid of the management there

anonymous - 12 Dec 2006 09:55
Well, the Fox re-opened at the old Conservatory bar. But unfortunately they now employ a much more Fascist dress-code. So no matter how much you like Metal, Goth or Punk - and no matter if you are wearing a Black Metal t-shirt with a pentagram on it, or a Punk Rock shirt with an anarchy symbol on it, if you are wearing anything else that ISN'T black, the w*nker at the door won't let you in.

RIP the Old Fox - you will still be missed. F*ck the New Fox - you will be forgotten about. Long Live the Crobar - the only rock bar left in Soho!
edrok666 - 10 Dec 2006 09:37
Re-opening on Denmark St. apparently. Will have a new manager also - thank frick!! Maybe the new guy wont tolerate useless staff that spend more time posing than they do serving
anonymous - 7 Nov 2006 15:13
The Fox is irreplaceable, but if you're looking for a substitute in Central London - The Cro-Bar is acceptable. The decor's less impressive, but it does have a decent jukebox and a three page bourbon list. The beer selection is better too (try the Dixie dark), although they have NOTHING on draught.

Last I heard the manager of The Fox was looking to set up somewhere else in London, so best of luck.
topdog_andy - 16 Oct 2006 09:01
The Fox Rocked
The_Inspector - 16 Oct 2006 02:54
I've heard that a property developer has bought the Fox and is making it into fancy apartments along with around 50 or so other pubs - such a shame!
Hucks - 15 Oct 2006 12:45
There are no rock pubs left in London anymore. I am still mourning the death of the Hawley Arms in Camden. Now the bastards are killing the Intrepid Fox. Disgraceful.
eio - 14 Oct 2006 00:44
The pub is now closed.
acebyte - 9 Oct 2006 11:52
SINCRADDLE - 29 Sep 2006 22:12
Back in the late 80's when I wore black alot and my hair was spikey, a gang of us frequented the Fox for the odd snakebite or four and to rub shoulders with like-minded punters. Back then it was already a legend. The original Marquee rock club used to just along the road at 90 Wardour Street, and many now-legendary rock stars enjoyed a few pints in the Fox in-between sets at the club. It was in this very boozer that Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart very nearly came to blows over Keith Richards defection from the Faces to the Stones. Not only is this an old pub, it is part of London's Rock history. The Marquee was demolished to make way for "much needed" luxury apartments and now the Intrepid Fox is to suffer the same fate.
I am writing this in Wardour Street, opposite the pub which is now boarded up and empty! It's a disaster.
mhewson6 - 22 Sep 2006 11:04
First CBGB's and now the Fox !!! what is the world coming too!!! :o(
savethefox - 8 Sep 2006 10:26
I am also in disbelief that this pub will be closing its doors and so soon!

The pub has great character and is amazing in its interior design, no ties policy and general ambience. I think it will be a great shame if this pub were to close its doors and become flats. Not only are we losing the Astoria and Mean Fiddler to developers, now we are losing the Fox.

Please sign the petition if you read this so hopefully we can stop the pub from closing!
london_fox - 7 Sep 2006 15:00
Petition signed... Can't believe they're going to kill the 'fox.
blue - 7 Sep 2006 13:04
Save the fox.
The_Inspector - 2 Sep 2006 03:47
It is a Pup / Bar for young and crazy people , they play punk , hardrock metall and rock there . You can go by walk from Piccadilly , you need nearly 15 minutes .
Kirsten Tenbergen - [email protected] - 8 Jul 2006 10:16
Great. Next time I go I'll have to wear black. Service was friendly, music was good, and the ppl were ok. Sorry for spilling your drink S!!!! Oh, and I met Capn' Jack Sparrow in there too, well, a lookalike.
mad_mullah - 2 Jul 2006 10:58
Awesome pub in Soho. Great music and decor to match.

Always a great crowd in there and the weekends it's pumping. The service isn't thar great, but then I don't have a mohawk or sleeve tattoo's so they probably didn't notice me.

One for the rockers!!!!!!
bungle_bodyjar - 14 Jun 2006 18:18
Gothic/rock decor, lots of seating... bit grim though. By the way the barmaid reacted, you'd think she'd never been asked to put a lime in a G&T before. She wasn't happy. Music was too loud, clientele were quite mixed... I wouldn't go back, but then again I'm probably not the target clientele.
steve5312 - 21 May 2006 17:11
Great atmosphere if you love Rock music and Horror movies (which I do!) :D

One of the barstaff on duty was quite rude, preferring to return to his cigarette rather than serve me and chums. Other barman was good though. A so-so experience overall.
CheekyShepherd - 8 May 2006 15:34
I was visiting London from New York City last month with my brother, we happen to run across the place. I just loved it, great crowd, music was ok could have been a little more hard such as ( Cannibal Corpse) but I had a great time. If I am ever in London again I will have to go there again.
Samiam666x - 8 Apr 2006 15:30
I used to drink here quite a few years ago. It was so great there me and friends went there a few times every week! I stopped going because the patrons got younger and poncier and I couldnt cope wih the young bints pretend to be Courtney Love after a couple of drinks! Also, the older male clientele really were lecherous pervs! Id recommend it to young folk but not a group of women with any morals!! As a plus though, the floor isn't as sticky as it used to be!! Always a plus! Alright beer, expensive prices though - thats Soho for you!
leopard_lady - 28 Mar 2006 20:28
A rock pub for rock people, been drinking here since 87. Love it
PurpleRocker - 12 Mar 2006 10:45
If it had better beer, I'd never drink anywhere else.
topdog_andy - 22 Feb 2006 11:52
I used to consider this my local, even when I lived 30 miles away. The landlord Pat is an amiable fella who lets the madness swirl around him whilst keeping an ironic grin on his face. Some of the bar staff are a bit chilly, but expect any less in London and you are deluded, baby! Hold onto your skirt or trousers when you go to the lav, or else you'll end up showered in the most foul smelling effluent if they skim the floor. The music is usually pretty cool, as are a lot of the characters. I've had some of the best and weirdest nights of my life in here, but in the end the effected 'achingly-cool' ness of them all got a bit old. I still harbour fond memories and will no doubt stick my head through the door once a year for old times' sake.
kutiepie6662003 - 17 Feb 2006 23:23
Not so much as a pub but a Metalhead Mecca. The normal rules of the planet should be left outside. Here tatty, ugly and broken are seen as positive aspects. Any note taking beardo types looking for Real Ale here will have his head sliced off with a well aimed Korn CD. Here you will have the Sex Pistols and White Zombie overlooking your table but rather perversely I always find the music at a tolerable level - certainly enough level to have a decent conversation. Unless you have a wad of tattoos, a few piercings and haven�t washed your hair for a few weeks, you will feel decidedly out of place. It�s basic, it�s rough, it�s weird, it�s relatively cheap and it�s out of bounds to all but the most ardent metal fan. Do NOT wear a James Blunt T-Shirt in here. There are enough characters to write a book about and don�t expect great service if you look normal. As a pub it leaves a lot to be desired but it�s definitely an institution that must be visited at least once in your life for the experience.
RogerB - 27 Jan 2006 16:21
hard rock, soft rock but dodgy bouncers who won't let you in if your shirt is too small..

who knows how good it is?
beermonsta - 18 Jan 2006 09:37
Any time I manage to get to London this is the place I make sure I visit. For some reason, that I can't explain, I really enjoy spending a night in the Intrepid fox. You get to meet pretty cool people, mullet spotting is a great pass time and the barstaff are hot (especially the guy with the long dark curly hair!), the tunes are great and if you like metal i would definitely recommend going. As you've probably read though, the toilets suck. It gets to the stage you groan cause you have to go but have drunk enough beer you have no choice. Don't be fooled into visiting St Moritz down the street on a Saturday night when your drunk though...... metal my arse.
scotsgirl - 28 Dec 2005 18:39
The Intrepid Fox does indeed rule. I was in there only yesterday and heard no Oasis whatsoever - only cool stuff.
edrok666 - 27 Oct 2005 21:11
I want to say something to 'Travis'... dear, I suggest you stay home or stick to your ABBA nights.
You obviously have no taste or idea about music and I know for fact that OASIS has never been played at the Fox and the music that is played has had a wide selection of awesome rock music - courtesy of the coolest manager, Pat. And if you don't like, it well DON'T go there! Funnily enough very much admired people like Zakk Wylde, Lemmy, and countless bands have drunk there and have returned time and time again - but of course to you, these names don't mean anything...would they now?
By this you can see that in my opinion the INTREPID FOX RULES!!! no question about it!
Jbegent - 24 Oct 2005 13:37
I like this pub and I go in there as often as possible

A word of advice

Please DON'T pester the bikers, we're all used to the usual "what sort of bike have you got Mate/how have you been growin your hair/beard for/ er.. are you a Hells Angel?"

For God's sake guys the Fox is where we go to relax, its comfy, the wall have so many posters of bands we've actually seen, and the engine crucifix in the corner makes it seem like home, leve us alone growling quietly at the bar and don't pester us with questions - unless you're buying us a pint!
rock_bear - 10 Oct 2005 11:07
me and a friend were told this is THE place to come for metal and heavy rock in west london, we jumped on the first tube available and made our way down wardour street in eager anticipaction...........only to be told by the tw*t faced bouncer that it was 'regulars only night'. on a Saturday!!!!
we got the impression he only gave us this sh*t as he was surrounded by four of his moronic friends who thought he was some sort of god. would have loved to visit this place as it was highly recommended, but i guess if the door troll doesnt like the look of you then bye bye! shame
anonymous - 1 Oct 2005 02:54
me and a friend were told this is THE place to come for metal and heavy rock in west london, we jumped on the first tube available and made our way down wardour street in eager anticipaction...........only to be told by the tw*t faced bouncer that it was 'regulars only night'. on a Saturday!!!!
we got the impression he only gave us this sh*t as he was surrounded by four of his moronic friends who thought he was some sort of god. would have loved to visit this place as it was highly recommended, but i guess if the door troll doesnt like the look of you then bye bye! shame
paulsters - 4 Sep 2005 03:57
I love to go for a drink in the Intrepid Fox if I'm ever in or near Soho. I tend to stick to the Newcastle Brown Ale or bottled lagers in this pub coz the draught beer is not great, but I like the atmosphere and it's a nice place to relax if you like metal and punk.
edrok666 - 15 Aug 2005 19:06
Very cool place ....every city should have one(at least !)
W980501 - 6 Jun 2005 14:36
The Fox Rocks
The_Inspector - 13 May 2005 02:23
"Travis" or whatever your name is that posted the last comment- SHUT UP!!!! It's an AWSOME pub and a great place to hang out before Decedance on a Saturdays....
ironmaiden_wench - 20 Apr 2005 02:01
A real dive of a place. Full of people drinking there because it's their tribal pub, rather than actually having anything enjoyable about it. Any alcohol out of the tap is pretty much undrinkable. Even the music is phoney - I've heard rubbish like Oasis in there. Loads of metal tourists who don't know any better. Loads of regulars who love the place and tolerate the load of crap that it actually is. Don't know why I've ended up there so often - good for people watching I guess. But doubt I've ever stayed for more than 1 pint.

travis - 4 Apr 2005 03:26
If you enjoy good beer, friendly chatter and good clean living, then this sure isnt the place for you. Beer was flat, short of full measure and every pint tatsed like the dregs of the barrel. Conversation was impossible, volumn seemed to be stuck on deafen level. In the past I've been through the trash/deth metal scene, but I sure dont remember the fans stinking so much. Only thing to stink more was the gents loo, if you can hold your breath for 2 minutes flat you might just make it.
Selly - 31 Mar 2005 18:16
Spot on pub....Just drink the strongbow &listen to the the company of the pierced, tattoed,goth clientele...And thats just the bar staff!!...surrounded by good music & varied posters...
Soho`s version of what a Hard Rock Cafe SHUD B!!
kierandinan - 12 Feb 2005 18:12
You'll either love this pub or hate it. I love it - been drinking in here on and off for years and it's probably my favourite pub in Soho, fantastic for loud rock music and people watching. Yeah it's a dive but the best kind of dive if you know what I mean. A real institution.
tim_eyles - 6 Feb 2005 20:16
Stinking blocked toilets, old gits gawping, nasty violent pretentious headbangers & punks, flat expensive beer, often served well short of the 1pt mark. Grumpy bar staff.
anonymous - 30 Nov 2004 11:02
Anyone who puts a five pointed star on my Guinness is A-OK in my book! The Fox rox!
Leah Selvidge - 10 Nov 2004 16:03
ace pub only place to go!! must go upstairs is homely with a pool table ..ace!

rik - 11 Jun 2004 18:29
Massive shout to all the Fox cru who we've had many a hectic party with...let the good times roll!!!
S8UK - 27 May 2004 19:46
Visited as part of a pub crawl with rugby mates. Apologetic bouncer said "no rugby shirts"! - and this is confirmed on the door! Why? No soccer shirts is fine cos your average soccer fans are oiks who can't hold their beer, but us rugby boys are never any trouble to anyone. I took my shirt off and he let us in. Nice Guinness and good metal music. But ditch the rugby ban please - we may look menacing but we don't need to prove it anywhere but on the pitch. Lots of rugby lads like Metal/Thrash/Hard rock - soccer fans listen to R'n'B/Techno/Kylie and Luther Vandross!!!
Owen - 25 May 2004 11:47
Hard rock / metal pub ,grotty but good music.
Aaron - 14 May 2004 04:20
The fox is fantastic, it's my local, no other pub in London compares to it, great atmosphere, great music, great people. I'm off there now!
kate - [email protected] - 20 Mar 2004 14:36
What a spooky place! The posters on the walls make it look smaller than it is. But the bar staff and clientele seem friendly enough.
Briony - 15 Mar 2004 10:31
good in the daytime before all the wannabes turn up!
anyonebutmanu - 3 Mar 2004 12:03
too small, too smoky, full of goth wannabes and bad Manson imitators. Only the occasional biker gave it any realism at all. Might be Ok off peak, but give it a miss in the evenings.
Richard - 2 Mar 2004 12:17
i go straight to the fox wenever i get to london, it has a magnetic vibe to the place. a great atmosphere in the late hours of darkness!!
rik (studly) - 19 Feb 2004 21:16
Heavy metal bar..........a rarity nowadays..........enjoy !.
johnboy - 14 Feb 2004 07:43
my new favourite pub,the place to go for all top metal and punk tunes,wicked decor and atmos too!
Dragon Karn - 11 Feb 2004 14:56
Great variety of music, and a good place to escape from the bustle of Oxford Street. i prefer it in the afternoon than the evening though, as it can get rather packed. very diverse crowd, but some of my friends have been hassled for not wearing the right clothes, which is a pity. quite a lot of the people in there are disdainful of those different to themselves (which is rather ironic!).
anyonebutmanu - 13 Jan 2004 15:22
A great institution, superb for people watching and great music. Despite it's cult popularity it remains unpretentious and is a genuine rocking pub.

They used to have Merrydown cider on tap. Pity I don't see it around anymore. Anyone know what became of it?
Bob V - 15 Nov 2003 11:22
Was down in London form Scotland for Half Man Half Biscuits gig and made this our local. Great music and Decor helped pass the 2 days before train left.
Scottish Punks - 24 Oct 2003 21:19
Went yesterday. Loved it, especially the decor!!
Trudi - 13 Oct 2003 12:41
This pub rox! Found it walking around and stopped in....definatly a drinkers rock/punk/goth hangout! Was there for over 5 hours, not 1 bad song played!!! Great atmosphere and staff....pentagrams in the Guinness head is a bonus!
Shaggy - 22 Aug 2003 06:21
really great pub, lots of goth metal chicks in short skirts, heels and stockings to stare at while you enjoy your pints...
frodo - 21 Aug 2003 19:49
finally, a bar in london (recently moved here) that rocks. no spandau top of the pops ballet bullshit, and very friendly staff.
yank physicist - 9 Aug 2003 21:17
Atmosphere is good if you're into metal and you're sort of bikerish. Upstairs is a dark room with pool tables with black beize! Some tension occasionally between different groups. Expensive too, but it's a good place to chill out and plays decent music, if it's your kind of thing.
Flash Wilson - - 31 Jul 2003 17:38
Very good drinks in here plus lots of goths and punks -super place real rock venue much different from the typical bore venues. Loud music-so much so that when you stagger out pissed the world actually slows down outside-the rain had a real calming effect...mmmm
kisskisskiss - 28 Jul 2003 10:19
Cool pub, even cooler decor! Well worth a vist BUT was very expensive, & felt very much like locals V non-locals (was a bit of a weird atmosphere towards first timers, esp from the bar man).
helen - 19 Jun 2003 20:39
The atmosphere in this pub is usually great. The music is excellent and the beer is ok. Bad things about this pub are the ridiculous prices, no football shirts allowed and its not exactly what you could call clean. My rating 9/10
Peter - [email protected] - 18 May 2003 12:30
Best pub in central London. About the only one I know that plays decent music. Customers make me feel like a fossil but what the hell?
Dave - 16 May 2003 16:25
I just love this place. Since my first visit to London I�ve dreamt about my next Strongbow-pint at the FOXXXY pub :) Shaggable or not...go there as soon as you can!
Therese in Stockholm - 13 May 2003 15:53
Every time I visit London, the first place I go is definitely Intrepid fox! Nice athmosphere.
Jeeda - 12 May 2003 11:29
ii was my fave place when i lived in London back in 1997. I wish in Moscow would be a place like this.
Tatiana - 9 May 2003 17:47
The ultimate gothic/rock pub. Has to be seen to be believed. Don't take your grandmother.
Deborah - 15 Apr 2003 10:35
Still my favourite London pub.Always pop in when I come down for a gig.Great music,atmosphere,people.If you're into Metal,dont miss it!!!
Glenn - 13 Apr 2003 17:41
good pub recent refurb disaster though. it's great cos it is a shithole with great music and moody staff. it has atmosphere - cleaning up toilets and straightening posters is great but it will all go back to how it was in weeks. Save the money and cut beer prices, why not six continents retail?
arturo_morales - 19 Mar 2003 14:46
"For those about to rock we salute you". If you like 80's & 90's metal you'll love this place! If you don't you'll probably hate it! .. Personaly I think this place rules.
Chris - 17 Mar 2003 16:33
reminds me of a smartened up version of the Goldsmiths Tavern in New Cross (although they are doing that one up now). The fox would be better if it wasnt so noisy. But music makes a change from Soho gay bars where dance music seems to be compulsory.
james wild - 13 Mar 2003 19:04
Each Time I go up to London I make a point of a visit. Done this for over 30 years but now the music is getting louder, or is it age lol. Nice pub and the young always make me feel ok
Bill - 9 Feb 2003 23:51
Man, if you want a pub with good quality alternative music in the centre, then this is your place. Bar staff are great and the atmosphere RAAWWKKSS
Raoul - 7 Feb 2003 17:14
this boozer is awesome if ya like metal and it played loud
evil bastard - [email protected] - 30 Jan 2003 18:39
Great pub, amazing atmosphere, cool people, and to quote Velvet above: "no stares, no glares" which is great. And clean toilets the night I was there!
Karen - 6 Jan 2003 13:51
Simply the best pub in London. Its worth travelling miles just to drink in a pub with decent music, and the friendliest crowd around. No stares, no glares, no hastle, what ever you look like.
velvet - 5 Jan 2003 02:46
on a saturday you're far better off going to the Marlbrough head for subterranean hellnoise.the best death/black/true metal in town and its FREE and the loos aren't so foul!!
anne - 4 Jan 2003 19:40
Cool place. I was there in 1996, August. They were playing Sepultra,Metallica,ect. It was so full,people sat outside by the sidewalk.
mercury - 30 Dec 2002 23:42
I had to come the long way from Austria to find such a pub... Good Musik and its THE place for the night
Harald, Vienna - 18 Dec 2002 16:59
I was at the Intrepid Fox last Sunday. I had a great time there with my mates. We were shooting pool and the DJ was playing top tunes that were ranging from A.O.R / Melodic Hard Rock, to all kinds of Metal and Punk Rock. He was playing many funny cover songs too. Were the hell does he find all those crazy covers? Fox is cool! I'll go there again -probably on a Sunday- .... liked the music a lot!
Nicola - 27 Nov 2002 21:20
the fox is without doubt londons best rock pub. section-8 host the upstairs bar every friday which is well worth checking out and i can't wait for the new years eve party, the last one was wicked!!!
terry - 26 Nov 2002 19:18
Everyone into Extreme Metal(Death/Black/Grind/Power/R.A.C.) come to The Intrepid Fox on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the Month for the headcrushingly brutal TORTURE CHAMBER nights!m/
La-la - [email protected] - 22 Nov 2002 16:00
This is the place to go for a night filled with sex, snakebite and rock 'n' roll!! It is a Goth/Metal/Punk paradise. Friendly , sexy bar staff and a pool table to boot! Once you give in to this place you will never be able to leave (not until 11pm anyway!!) But you will have to keep coming back for more. Go on, you know you want to! ;-)

Becky, London - [email protected] - 21 Nov 2002 13:02
this is one of the best pub's soho london has to offer. i went while i was over seas for business, and we have nothing like it here in the USA. this pub also plays some of the best industrial/punk music out there, i can't wait to go back
dallasgirl - 10 Nov 2002 22:12
I love that place, that's where i'd go every time i had an evening free when i lived in London... I haven't been there for 3 years, and i really miss it... I'm glad that they haven't closed it down, as i had heard they would the last time i went there!
darkpandora - [email protected] - 9 Nov 2002 11:04
Thanks for the MOST EXCELLENT Halloween party !! Until next year..

Greeting from HELLsinki, Finland
neme - 2 Nov 2002 13:14
vodka/red bull. music in the extreme and blokes to letch after :)
louise - [email protected] - 28 Oct 2002 10:32
Getting pinned to the wall by a throng of sweaty goths and pierced tourists sounds like a bad thing, but this pub transcends petty physical discomfort.
Loz - [email protected] - 26 Oct 2002 09:39
Visited here while on vacation from Canada, awesome music, sexy women, nice decor, I'll be back next time I'm in Britain
D - [email protected] - 14 Oct 2002 21:24
alone is nice, but with with rain & tears is even better... in the lunacy of time passing by.
life ain't so shitty - [email protected] - 4 Oct 2002 12:03
A place to lean into the night/where night revolves on invisible wheels/Music and people transform time into a liquid of slowness/ Go there alone/

Rain & Tears - [email protected] - 3 Oct 2002 21:31
is intrepid still alive?
I'm waiting that day I'll visit it again!!!Sorry for bad english!

Aliona - 25 Sep 2002 16:12
The greatest Pub - great music, atmos and decorum - friendly bar staff. a great time.
jimmy - 23 Sep 2002 17:32
yoghurt looks like a tweeny.....
....but the music rocks.
s***** - 13 Sep 2002 13:36
The Fox is wicked and Dj Yoghurt rules!!!
J�r�me - 10 Sep 2002 13:28
wicked proper HEAVY METAL music, nice atmosphere, what can I say? it's perfect
karen - 27 Aug 2002 01:51
Lots of very sexy goth woman hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
matt - 27 Aug 2002 01:50
music is pretty cool, but seems to depend on who is working on the night. The robot on the cross is the best, staff were nothing but nice to me wether I was wearing my posh work clothes or my full on goth gear for a nights clubbing...elitist? ptcha!
Kate - 8 Aug 2002 16:23
This was one of the best pubs I visited in London. The wildest crowd you can find and everyone was perfectly cool. My wife and I had a great time.
Len - 11 Jul 2002 22:59
yeah, wicked pub, wicked decor, wicked guiness. they are a heavy metal pub but i heard that there is even a poetry / comedy / music night there on 8th august! how does that happen? must take a look
jules - [email protected] - 5 Jul 2002 18:58
This pub is one of the best I've been to, the cross on the wall is great!!
Rachel - 28 Jun 2002 19:17
A great pub that sells a mean pint of Guinness! The music metal / goth in genre and the people who frequent the Intrepid fox dress accordingly - never seen a fight there and I always have a great time. A ROCKIN Pub, and my favourite by far (whenever I'm in town) The decor is a bit dark and moody, but feels really comfortable. Patrons are colourful generally get on with their own business - although it is a great place to watch them be themselves - and a great place to be yourself.
A bit of a scruffy coat, as pubs go; the more you wear it the more comfortable and homely it becomes... did I mention the Guinness?
Mike Thurley - 9 Apr 2002 06:57

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