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Lamb Inn, Nomansland

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user reviews of the Lamb Inn, Nomansland

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I think you can disregard 5 year old reviews. The Lamb always has a fair range of real ales & I have never had a bad pint there. Excellent HSB. This is a comfortable pub, well patronised by the locals. Make sure you book if you want food, especially at weekends. Certainly one of the best Forest Pubs.
John.T - 1 Apr 2016 16:32
I'm pleased to say that I agree with the previous poster, "Saffrons."

I called in after a walk in the New Forest to be met with a view of 4 hand pumps, including Palmers Copper and Gales HSB, problem here choosing I thought to myself!

That problem was further exacerbated when I spotted that Thatcher's Old Rascal and Thatcher's Dry (makes a change from Gold) were available! I opted for the Rascal as there's no chnace of me getting that at home in West Sussex on draught.

Very pleasant barman who I think was the landord and a very cheerful local chap sat at the bar.

Very well looked after flower garden at the the rear of the pub too!

If you are out in a group, make sure the lager drinker is the nominated driver, then those who prefer the real drinks can fully enjoy what's on offer!
Ade.The.Raider - 16 Sep 2014 13:01
Couldn't disagree more with the last few postings! Partner & self visited for lunch today; landlord served me pleasantly and politely, and even smiled at my puny joke. Good beer selection; excellent pint of Landlord; partner enjoyed her wine. Other staff - food manager was efficient and friendly, appreciative of my comments; waitresses were excellent. Food (not forgetting the name of the website) also excellent. Nothing not to like.
saffrons - 4 May 2014 20:49
Unfortunately I must agree with most of the other comments.
We drove from Christchurch via Cadnam for a beer in the Cuckoo at Hamptworth last week and as the Cuckoo does not serve food in the evening during the week we called in to the Lamb for a bite.
The pub was not busy but the young lady behind the bar did not have the manners to look at us let alone speak to us when I ordered our drinks ( perhaps because we are three old codgers in our late fifties and beneath her radar) and the landlord - who was chatting to one of his mates - looked at us - straight through us and he, also, failed to acknowledge us at all.
The food and beer were fine and the young waitress at the table was a sweetie.
However, in my book, if the landlord's indifferent or worse attitude is to be perpetuated by his bar staff then the Lamb is a fail.
I run a retail shop and it is the first objective of my staff to meet customers in the eye with a welcome or they can find employment elsewhere.
Whilst I recognise that this behaviour is not unusual in pubs run by management and disenchanted staff, this guy is surely running his own pub?
Perhaps he cleaned up in summer with the holiday trade.
We certainly won't be calling in again.
Have not left a rating as I don't rate the Lamb at all.
Never mind, we proceeded to the Cuckoo where as ever the welcome was warm and the beer excellent.
Christchurchtrader - 31 Oct 2011 20:26
Lambs to the slaughter in Nomansland, probably not fit for females either.

What about the quality of ale in this wild part of Wiltshire?

nokegthanks - 25 Jun 2011 20:48
Never had a more rude experience! All the Bar staff were sharp, rude and very unwelcoming. waitress in particular had a disgusting attitude, and both landlord and other staff were openly mocking customers. Very rude. Patrons came through the 'wrong' door, and shouted at for walking through the resturant. However there was no sign to say to use the other door (which there should have been if there was such a problem!)

After the person walked through, the bar man decided to bolt the door, and then wonder why people were trying to force open the door, when they tried to come back through. (Bar staff decided to stand there and watch, whilst mocking again)

No flexiblity with the menu, and aparently you have to sit in a certain area for a certain menu, completely rediculous!

Only gave 1 out of 10 because the food was good. Apart from that, everything was bloody awful.

Avoid, unless you want rude unhelpful staff with an attitude.
tiggs22 - 25 Jun 2011 20:00
Myself and my young family visited this pub during the Easter Holidays, My first impression was that the waitress service was good and the food was of good quality and reasonably prices, HOWEVER the land lord quickly change my impressions. He was extremely rude and arrogant towards customers including myself. He openly talked badly about the customers while they were in hearing distance,if the pub had been local and i was not with my family i am sure in my heart of hearts that this guy would have instantly regreted his disrespectfull behaviour.
I would never entertain visiting this pub again
Adrian34 - 26 Apr 2011 16:34
Went here the other day with the wife and the kiddies. Food good and Ringwood 49'er was very good. I always stop here to have a nice pint whilst going through the new forest.
I think this is a lovely pub but I know what you mean about the regulars! They could not keep there eyes off the wife!
I used to drink here all the time when I lived in Whiteparish 20 years ago. I even remember playing cricket for the pub on the green when we played against Coventry City FC!
However I do not know anyone here any more so I am treated as a tourist and the landlord is a bit of a grumpy git but I guess it just takes time to break down these barriers.
What counts is that the beer is very good which shows the landlord knows what he is doing!
nickyboi45 - 7 Dec 2010 10:54
Went her with another couple, HSB was on the handles! Another 3 real ales were also available, but I reckon I made the right choice. Beer, food, service and prices were superb, it was a pleasure to be here. The sweets were also something to be seen, at first we thought they were expensive but then they came with about twice as much as expected plus ice cream and cream! there was a good atmosphere here too, the landlord and chef were in good form. We'll be back!
Feed - 9 Oct 2010 00:16
Have used the Lamb inn at Nomansland a few times this year ,firstly for just a drink when out for a drive ,on this occasion we found the staff very friendly and a great atmosphere at the bar with background music not to loud and some good banter between staff and customers . Went back for a meal at a later date with our 2 children food was really tasty lots of it and reasonably priced.No kids play area but we went there to have lunch with the children not to play ,we go to the park or forest to let them run around .We will be using this pub again and will be bringing some friends for sunday lunch overall a great country pub/restaurant. Have never thought about leaving a review before but after seeing the pub in the echo ,i thought i would ,well done all at the lamb 10/10
larby - 3 Oct 2010 09:09
Visited this dank and dirty on a Tuesday with my wife.

Landlord was very rude and abrupt. I ordered a pint and when it arrived it had almost 1" head on the top. When I requested a top up the Landlord said "If you don't want to drink here then go somewhere else!". Sheesh!

On the plus side the food was above average, although the cutlery was dirty. When we requested clean knives the bar maid huffed loudly before thrusting more at us.

The locals were very "stand offish", it seems that a number of chairs and tables are "reserved" for regulars-if you sit in the wrong seat you'll get an evil stare!!

Children aren't welcome either-a young family came into the pub just after us and were served drinks. When they later went to the bar to order food they were refused-it seems serving food to children is not profitable to the Lamb!

As others have said, choose the Red Shoot! I won't be going to the lamb again!

spazmann - 2 Oct 2010 10:36
Will never go to this Pub again - 13 of us (all aged 40+) were out on a leisurely social bike ride, we had been going for about 30 minutes on a fairly cool morning arriving at Nomansland at about 11.30am - great, just in time for coffee or a pint at The Lamb - it was open, we went in, there were two other customers, by the time was sat down (inside) it was about 11.45 - two women came in and ordered a drink - so not busy! There were 13 of us so maybe a it did seem a bit party in an empty pub! A couple of minutes later the Restaurant Manager came over and asked if we could kindly leave as there was a strong body odour in the pub!!!! Unbelievable!! A pub in the middle of the New Forest with cyclists and walkers passing by all the time - we are all from the Southampton area, are educated, clean upstanding people who know how to use deodrant - WE WILL NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN - THEY HAVE JUST LOST 13 POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS AND THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILY.
whizzt - 26 Sep 2010 08:50
Atrocious service, the people running this Pub do not want any customers from outside their village. My wife and I went here during a walk from a local campsite and we were greeted with stares and moody looks. We ordered some drinks and I offered my debit card to pay. They had a card terminal which was fully working and in view of customers but they refused to let me pay with debit card unless we ordered food. The landlord then claimed that a minimum amount of 5 had to be spent on food. The food had to be ordered from the lunch menu so crisps and nuts don't count. Even if you order 100 worth of drinks you'd still have to buy a cooked meal to use a card! he was very insulting and made no effort to welcome us or apologize for the rules - which are NOT displayed anywhere in the pub so you only find out about them after he has pulled the pints. Incidentally we did order food and it was poor. Overall this experience was one we'd never repeat and I would advise anyone to avoid this pub and try an alternative at all costs.
murdoch - 29 Aug 2010 14:51
Terrible service, very rude landlord, will not be visiting again, ever.
We arrived with young chidren, our friends ordered food and were told we had 10 minutes to order before service closed. We went to order within the 10 minutes only for the landlord to shout at us in a loud tone, " I'm not serving you, these people can have their food but not you!" Truly unbelievable.
I've been meaning to post this comment since this experience last summer and I'm pleased that I have done so at last.
If you have children, do not use this pub, they do not deserve your custom.
We had been on a camping weekend at the Red Shoot Camping park in Linwood the weekend we visited the Lamb, and I strongly advise anyone reading this to visit the Red Shoot Pub which is only a 10 minute drive from Nomansland, where you will find all the staff extremely welcoming, home brewed beer , great service, good food and all served with a smile! What a contrast.
I feel so much better for righting this review, I do hope it is published.
martin62 - 16 Jul 2010 15:58
Went to this pub on Easter Sunday with my 10 year old daughter and my 80s+ inlaws. On walking through the door immediately informed children not allowed unless eating! We only wanted a drink so decided to leave. Someone behind the bar said this was the policy of all pubs which is untrue as we are welcome almost everywhere. I guess they wanted to us to eat. Avoid this pub not family friendly. Went on to the Fighting Cocks near Fordingbridge where we had a very warm welcome!
dogwalker100 - 4 Apr 2010 23:13
I actually found this pub, very welcoming, I never found any rudness from the staff, my Husand and I have this pub down as one of the best, and would recommend to anybody! Lovely food there, and you never walk out of there still hungry after a meal!!! We live approx 25 miles away from this pub, and still continue to go there. They do lovely special meals for Mothers Day etc, which I've taken both my Mum and Mother & Law there.

It IS a lovely pub, that has to be tried, and not to read the bad reviews, as they are incorrect.
SaintsGal7 - 8 Jan 2010 13:40
My first memories of The Lamb was when, as a kid my father would cycle, with me on the cross bar, from our home in Southampton out to Nomansland. My mother would travel out on the bus to meet us. She and I would watch the cricket on the green while father bought his pint.
As an adult I have always made a point of visiting The Lamb when in the Forest. My wife and I visited just a couple of days ago. Lovely log fire, no objections when I requested a couple of coffees as opposed to booze, lots of interesting old photos on the walls of past patrons and owners. A fantastic collection of Toby jugs. The present Lamb is a rebuild after a bad fire - sadly noone behind the bar could tell me when the fire was. From what I remember I have no complaints about the beer.
cire - 28 Nov 2009 17:35
Contrary to the previous reports, my wife and I were highly delighted with this pub. The landlord greeted us when we arrived and was extremely obliging. I had two pints of HSB, which were both excellent, with a decent head (not too big) clinging to the glass all the way down. My wife enjoyed two glasses of Australian Shiraz. There was an extensive choice of food, which was both well presented and tasty.
BazzersTravels - 29 Sep 2009 11:01
This is very much a "locals pub." If your not a local to these parts I wouldnt bother with this one. The landlord is rude and ignorant to the customer, the beer average and the food slightly worse! Of these three, the landlord is the most compelling reason why not to come here. If I was living here I would prefer to find a new local.
hlw102 - 31 May 2009 20:21
The landlord was very rude to us, apparently because on a hot day we had the ternacity to be carrying water with us, not drinking it inside or anything. Absolute jerk. Beer was ok but pulled with a very large head, nowhere near a pint. Strange smell as well, very odd. Would rather stay at home and drink!
morgananthony - 30 May 2009 14:04

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