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Dukes Head, Croydon

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user reviews of the Dukes Head, Croydon

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Looks like "Cactus Jack" was shortlived. It's now the Apatura restaurant.
lonegroover - 22 Nov 2010 09:43
Just about to reopen as a Cactus Jack, a southern red neck stle "dukes of hazzard" rubbish reportedly with women dancing on the bar! Not very hygenic for ale methinks! My interest is very limited but I did notice a brand new pump with a London Pride clip, more Pride in Croydon - two cheers! I will not be found any nearer than the Half'n Half ( 1 minute north).
slerpy - 20 Feb 2010 12:08
This pub is now open ! Revamped as a Tapas bar, it seems to have Adnams on. It has a preposterous name in spanish. I really cannot be bothered to go in as when I am here I am going to the Skylark for a perfect pint.Unrated.
slerpy - 1 Aug 2008 13:27
This Pub Is Now CLOSED DOWN.
anonymous - 25 Aug 2007 08:52
Complete and utter sh1tehole..AVOID like a dose as it seems to be run by a local mob of druggie troublemakers instead of the landlady who never bars the lowlifes and even if she does they are back in a few days later. have decided I will never go back here again.
anonymous - 30 Jul 2007 20:30
This has the potential to be a fantastic pub with the right management it used to be great in here about a year ago but now I no longer go here anymore as although it can be a great night on saturdays it is just not worth the risk of being beaten up or worse by the local druggies who frequent here and are never barred no matter what they do, It is a shame as I used to love going here for the kareoke ;-(
anonymous - 21 Jul 2007 15:41
I used to go to this pub quite often on at weekends but have now decided there is no point anymore as for the last few times I have been here there has been hardly any beers and believe it or not one night I went here and there was no draght beer at all, Just bottles :-0. I do think that if the pub was run properly it has the potential to be a great one as they have some great entertainment here and its just a shame it has been let go so much.
anonymous - 1 Jun 2007 15:28
Very busy on Saturday's. Haven't been for a while and i hope that the under aged drinkers have been kicked out as this spoils the atmosphere of what can be a great pub.
h.bomb - 8 Apr 2007 09:47
This used to be a good pub when Trevor was in charge, i used to work there as a barman during Euro 2004 and what an atmosphere it was fantastic,nowdays tho what a shitehole, no door staff, no decent bar staff, shite drinks and poor management. I see some of the old regulars now and then and none of them go there anymore.
Gimpmaster - 5 Jan 2007 14:01
I go here on saturday night sometimes which is always a top night and the last time I went was for New Years Eve and I have to say I only went because I was meeting a friend for the Karaoke (Which was changed to an awful DJ playing obscure Hip Hop, Garage & R&B for some Reason)But as it was quite busy and the drinks were cheap so we decided we would stay for an hour or so and make a move into central croydon after we had a few more drinks. While in there minding my own I was approached by a guy who seemed out of his head asking me if I had a problem with him or "Sum-Ting" I replied that I was just out for a quite drink and did not want any trouble,It seemed to work as even though he muttered some kind of playground Gangsta Rap I managed to avoid being battered by this guy who obviously thought he was in the the bronx and looked like a poor mans snoop dogg and decided it would be sensible to make a move a bit earlier than we had planned.The toilets are a joke and the staff are a bit on the slow side sometimes however that could be because there are never enough barstaff in the first place, I also think this pub NEEDS DOOR STAFF as it can be a bit uncomfortable at times but I will pop back in the summer to watch the World Cup and have a go on the Karaoke and see if things improve.

Cheap Drink
3 Pool Tables
Live Sport's
Cheap Food (When It Is Being Served Anyway)
Staff (Even if they are a bit slow at times)

Toilets are pure filth
Lots of troublemakers
No doorstaff so you feel intimidated at times

anonymous - 26 Feb 2006 21:05
We went here one saturday in feb and was surprised how quiet the place was considering how cheap it is, Maybe it had something to do with the Karaoke which was terrible but we did go a few weeks ago for a quick drink before going to the reflex bar and were shocked when we entered the place at 10pm it was rammed and it also had a much better Karaoke than the last one with more atmosphere.we have been every week since and always have a great night before going out to the town centre.

anonymous - 20 Aug 2005 14:22
I'd agree with most of the comments here, except I would characterise the landlady as pissed not pleasant.

I have visited the not so majestic 'Duke's Head' a few times of late and the only 10 I could give it is the waiting time in minutes for a pint. Further, this regal watering hole requires decorating and a spring clean to rid the place of lazy and rude bar staff, who seem to always appear to be busy doing something close to nothing. Unfortunately, this probably stems from the management.

Give this place a miss, as mentioned above, it is full of chavingtons or whatever they are called, yes, rough as biscuits.

Rating 1 including the pool tables.

anonymous - 18 Aug 2005 02:50
I have been here a few times in the last couple of months mostly on a Saturday for the Karaoke which is brilliant.I have always found the staff to be polite when serving you and my only complaints would be that the pub is very busy on a saturday and there are not enough staff behind the bar to serve all the custom also the toilets are not very well kept.

However do not be put off by the negative's as the positive's far outweigh the negative's.

anonymous - 12 Aug 2005 18:24
Ruff as f*ck.

Full of chav scum

Fondly known by locals (who don't drink in there) as The Chavs Head
anonymous - 19 May 2005 11:03
Take a nuckle duster/cosh/bodyguards/spare caravan if you go into this place. Cheap drinks, don't do food when they say do and service so slow you think time might be going backwards.
richard_nixon - 30 Mar 2005 14:14
i visited this place last saturday evening and i must admit it is the first time i have ever visited. I must admit the karaoke was awful you couldn't even hear singers sing properly, (but i was advised by the landlady who was very pleasent that she was booking a new karoke dj from this saturday). As for the chavs there was only a few young people in there and they weren't causing anyone any grief, i would say it was a mixture of different age groups. As for the toilets i found them to be extremly clean and tidy. I might pop down there this saturday and check out the karaoke as overall i found it a very pleasent pub (and the drinks are cheap too) so all in all i would reccommend it if you are ever in the area.
anonymous - 11 Mar 2005 16:23
This pub is awful, went in there one Saturday night for all of 20 minutes and left. Full of young chavs, who are rude and obnoxious, went in on a karaoke night and that was also terrible. The toilets were dank and disgusting. Will never enter this pub again..... Avoid it!!! There are better pubs in Croydon, in fact walk a couple of minutes down the road and visit The Skylark.
jonpalace - 10 Mar 2005 12:37
Something has gone wrong with this pub, something frightening and terrible!

I used to go in there most weekends to watch the football. Gradually it seemed to always be packed with Chelsea fans who were covered with tattoos and had no teeth. Bizzarely, this would happen regardless of whether Chelsea were actually playing or not.

If that wasn't bad enough last time I went in there I found a DJ playing dance music at deafening volume to an empty pub.

Maybe things are better now but I haven't dared go in since.

Boozywoozy - 3 Sep 2004 13:25
almost 11 years ago this was a huge cavernous hulk. hardly anyone drank there though the service was friendly if a little scruffy. a game of nap could be had at the weekend. is there a better card game? life was slow and easy. a lovely london girl worked there and a wild headed mick. the locals would take the white out of your eye given half a chance but they had mad stories to tell. alas then it closed and became a firkin money grabbing hole catering to bland fad fixated drones. its good to see at least it has it grand old name back. 10 years is a long time between drinks.
michael - [email protected] - 31 Oct 2003 11:55
the dukes head has suffered terribly at the hands of new, idiotic management. it used to boast wild, live music; alas now it wanes and decays. too much football; and the pool tables are too expensive and slightly uneven.
john - 26 Oct 2003 13:22
I used to go as a punter when it was the Dukes. After that I ran the Firkin Beer Fests for Phil & Andy. The brewery brewed a 7% called Old Crustacean. I will return
Tim - 30 Jul 2003 19:26
Very nice pub, great for watching football in because of the big screen. Great food at a reasonable price too. Impossible to get on the pool tables though.
JB - 14 Jul 2003 23:01

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