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Admiral Duncan, Soho

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user reviews of the Admiral Duncan, Soho

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Just awful, I visited last sunday and will never go back.

Its a small and narrow bar. The drinks are really expensive. Horrible entertainment. I had a drag performer tell me to F off because i didn't want to talk to him when i went to the toilet. The toilets had water all over the floor too.

Just awful
sohoreviwer2015 - 6 Mar 2015 20:18
Popped in this bar on a sunday. The bar is quite small, long and narrow and has tacky drag shows. The toilets were a mess on my visit. Drinks were quite expensive too.
ivegotthe - 23 Jun 2014 14:36
Long unremarkable narrow bar with two real ales: Brains IPA and Reverend James. The latter was very palatable. Relaxed atmosphere despite the urgency of background music such as Sylvester's 'Mighty Real'.
Kenny260556 - 16 Apr 2014 21:39
Nice couple of glasses here.
Good service,lovely boys.
rainbowian - 28 Nov 2013 11:03
the new karaoke monday nights are very amateurish and boring we want JULIE BACK
Salvo01 - 27 Feb 2012 18:07
decided to give a chance at this new karaoke event on monday 13th jan 2012,, the advertising said karaoke at 20h. i got there at 20h,,, found a place with few people. the karaoke entertairner was invisible , an empty stage with austere lights,,, not the usual,, i decided to have a drink and sat on a stool by the bar counter for at list 10mn... no bar staff come to offer any service , they were too busy chatting to each other,, the place had lost it's nice atmosphere of usual monday with JULIE..... i decided to live and cool down as i really got upset .as a customer being ignored
Salvo01 - 14 Feb 2012 13:18
I enjoyed Monday nights karaoke for around two years. Every Monday And. Accepted over priced drinks, therefore I heard that the wonderfull dj. Julie has been axed. And this Monday next is her last,,,,, this is sad news. She was doing a fantastic job,, and so professional,,,,,I found this unfair. And sad,,,,, well I. Sadly will pay my last visit to the pub next Monday too.... Go and spend my money somewhere else....
Salvo01 - 3 Feb 2012 22:59
Service seemed to have improved since my last visit, friendly barstaff actually smiling made a change....
Clivers - 5 Sep 2011 17:32

if you are the sort of person who likes this sort of thing, this is exactly the sort of thing you'll like.

unfortunately i'm not.

dire pub.

hugely popular though, so it's doing something right to someone somewhere.

benscaro - 26 Aug 2011 17:51
Not sure I like this pub.
somersetgeorge - 25 Aug 2011 14:44
Decent enough. Quite friendly, fairly expensive but has had a free jukebox both times been in there 5/10
stokes1982 - 7 Jun 2011 11:54
Gone downhill rapidly in the last apparent identity and downright poor service from the barstaff...
Clivers - 5 Dec 2010 10:08
Visited this place only once and to be honest it was more because of my interest in its "infamous" nature - to see where the terrible bombing happened, inside drinks were ok and people were friendly but I personally found it pretty soulless and wouldnt go again - obviously its a predominantly gay bar and not being gay myself I wasnt that interested after being a "crime tourist" for 10 minutes.
adamwalsh - 31 Mar 2010 22:39
This is a great pub to party!
jiteshmistry - 11 Jan 2010 16:07
Great place!
Gingerqueerboy - 11 Jan 2010 00:48
Went for the 2nd time - both times, lots of customers - only one barmaid. Walked out without being served both times - pointless
tuzapicabit - 2 Jun 2009 19:17
In for another try, ok as usual...but the toilets have been refurbed!!!
Clivers - 16 Mar 2009 21:14
In again this weekend...ok service, quite expensive for the surroundings but then its the Pink Pound...Toilets vile, how on earththey get away with it.
Clivers - 22 Dec 2008 18:36
Errr.. not the best, but then not a huge fan of Soho Pubs really
The toilet remains as much a disgusting health hazard today as it did the first time I stepped in here a number of years ago
Dearest pint I had the whole weekend in London, (well I say pint)
On the plus side- reasonably good atmosphere, music was good (jukebox) and not full of D&G wearing coke snorting socialites, which is always a bonus
sparts73 - 22 Dec 2008 10:41
A decent boozer in the heart of Old Compton Street, Londons most well known gay street.

Usually packed on a weekend night. During the week it can be hit and miss.

Staff are generally very friendly and efficient, although it can get very busy and take a while to get served.

Jukebox hooked up to the internet and quiz machine for those who fancy their luck.

Can be quite cruisey later in the night, but otherwise it's a friendly bar which is definately worth a visit.

WARNING: Popular bar with hen parties who want to dance to Kylie and Steps! :)
Essexladjoe - 29 Oct 2008 12:17
Really friendly atmosphere and really friendly people.
JamesVokins - 22 Aug 2008 16:39
Nice atmosphere but pricey compared to Comptons...same as at Wellington.
Clivers - 18 Aug 2008 20:55
Went there on Easter Saturday with my girlfriend. We had a laugh and was made to feel very welcome by the staff. Would I go again? Definite YES!
SomeMight - 25 Mar 2008 18:20
had a brill laugh my cousin and i both went there (we are totally straight)but had a good laugh watching men dance together felt very welcome even though we said were straight they still made sure we had a laugh
daniel234 - 9 Mar 2008 23:01
Made (in)famous after the 1999 nail bombings been very dull every time i've visited
trobinson - 18 Feb 2008 17:05
It's very admirable of you to stand up for him, and I'm sure he does work hard, but if someone is on the receiving end of a bad attitude it doesn't make a jot of difference. Poor customer service is never good.
steve5312 - 22 Jan 2008 15:53

Craig has worked (and still does) his arse off not only running The Wellington, but taking on The Admiral Duncan after the horrific killing of Sinders -a very much loved close friend of his.

I challenge anyone - if put in the same situation - to have the balls to do that!

Maybe someone being a bit more understanding and bothering to ask him how he is, might be a better way to act.

And if you have a problem with him - then have the decency to go and say it to his face - not flame him on here. Not nice!

And may I point out that Sinders himself had problems in getting things sorted out and mended when trying to deal with the company that owns The Admirial Duncan - Craig can only do what the company allows in releasing any money to spend on the pub.


AnglesFire - 11 Dec 2007 18:54
Great for a weekday drink, but at the weekend you'll be lucky to get from one end of the pub to the other in one piece. Friendly staff, good beer, you can drink/smoke on the pavement outside... got a bit of a reputation as having an "older" crowd, but in reality it's fairly mixed.
steve5312 - 8 Oct 2007 17:53
Pop in yesterday and vile Craig was even more vile. Lose the attitude Craig and grow up. Poor range of drink, rubbish service and filthy toilets and I'm mean smelly and unwashed. The toilets are a complete reflection of the manager.
davidjohnson - 14 Jul 2007 22:57
the range of guest ales is something of a disappointment, although the clientelle seem very friendly. it's a real man's pub, isn't it?
magic_numbers - 13 Jul 2007 16:06
Seems to have lost any sense of direction, certainly very quiet these days...owned by TCG, think its run by the same team as the Wellington...
Clivers - 9 Mar 2007 20:39
a nice "pub". the customers are usually older than younger and it never seems over packed recently.
the addition of a very cute and sexy irish bar man will have me going back!
anonymous - 14 Nov 2006 11:51
dark dingy, lousy choice of beers both bottled and tapped - i realise its soho but its not worth the effort.
moclips2002 - 1 Nov 2006 22:04
Popped in again yesterday to see if things had changed from my visit last month. Alas no, still very poor service by what it looked like an overworked/stressed young manager..awful. Shame as its gone downhill rapidly. It shows too, nearby Comptons and Duke of Wellington were heaving..but the Duncan was relatively quiet. Been newly painted in awful black paint as well - what is it with so many central pubs all going black pain outside?
Clivers - 1 May 2006 18:13
Whats happened to this once great soho pub. Gone downhillrapidly. Young manager doesnt seem to have much idea of customer service or on running pub, on Sat night only two staff working plus mgr,loads glasses everywhere, full ash trays etc. Not that busy, but no suprise as across the road Comptons was heaving. Shame RIP Cinders.
Clivers - 2 Apr 2006 20:19
just an update - i was in the duncan again last night, visiting a friend who's a regular there (tanderson7, he posts alot on this site too)... as always had a good time. don't be afraid to drink here if you're straight like me, even the more "lively" punters here such as tanderson7 respect your tastes.

nice food as well - great sausages
steveo500 - 18 Nov 2005 11:33
Yeah, you boys have got it right -- Cinders was a national treasure; we miss you, darling. Never had a bad time here. Wonderful, delicious nights.
shw500 - 8 Nov 2005 15:52
Absolutely the nicest gay pub in Soho. Will miss Cinders forever. God rest his soul.
anonymous - 28 Sep 2005 16:10
Great bar - absolutely fantastic.Not too big,but the staff are friendly,the music not too intrusive & the beer is spot on. The toilets are slowly being improved too.One of the best bars in the Old Compton area.
And God rest you Cinders - we all loved ya to bits.
Mr.Raffles - 5 Jul 2005 22:20
Excellent place!!!
Good crowd of people ( of all persuasions), very friendly and coupled with good service and a really cosmopolitan atmosphere made it a great place to stop off for a scoop.
harlequin - 25 Jun 2005 11:11
This great pub was one I visited frequently with friends whilst living in London. So sad to hear about Cinders. You made this pub so fabulous.
death2smoochie - 16 May 2005 23:41
This is a great it love it
scottylad - 14 Dec 2004 12:56
My friend Sinders will be forever so much missed from the Duncan and indeed from Soho. The Duncan will always be known as Sinders place to me. keep watching over the bar Babs.
karenrichards - 30 Nov 2004 18:52
Like Ayden, I too remember this bar fondly for the memory of the lovely David (known as 'Cinders' to many of us) who was murdered just a few days ago.

Sadly, I think the pub has gone downhill recently, but the customers themselves remain much more friendly than in some of the other Soho haunts.

Not so sure about Owen's observation of walrus mustaches (I take it he meant that tongue in cheek?), as I've always found it attracts a more skinny, muscle-mary type crowd.

Jetsetpiggy - [email protected] - 5 Nov 2004 20:27
this pub hasthe best customers and is warm and friendly ,i will always rember david who worked here and was killed recently ,we woprked together many years ago when i was the caberet (dolly and sapphire were doing the circuit in south london.david will be missed but the memories will stay with the pub
ayden - [email protected] - 2 Nov 2004 21:56
I love this pub, gay as you like, huge array of bacardi breezers and the like, if your lucky you may get a feel! Great place, love it, the giant hot dogs are ace also!
Ginga Yan - 23 Jun 2004 14:22
I'm as straight as a steel ruler ... and the locals (thankfully) knew it. Just one pint, realised my mistake, then left!! Great for walrus moustache bodybuilder types, but not too intimidating for the rest of us!
Owen - 25 May 2004 11:56
Pub was nailbombed in 1999, but was proudly rebuilt and is an integral part of the Soho circuit.
DaveHarley - 13 Dec 2003 18:26
You are right Alex, this was the pub that was nailed bombed a few years back. One of the victims was a good bloke called Nik Moore whom I knew from working with British Aerospace in Saudi Arabia in the early 90s. RIP
johnkn7 - 25 Nov 2003 14:30
I think this pub got nail-bombed a few years ago.
Alexh1982 - 25 Nov 2003 12:08
A better thsn usual bar in the centre of the strip.
Boris - 24 Sep 2003 20:33
Premier gay bar in London's west end. Draws mixed crowd
Dave Harley - 8 Jul 2003 19:06

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