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Long Room Bar and Hotel, Tooting

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user reviews of the Long Room Bar and Hotel, Tooting

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Prices are creeping up - since my last review in the autumn the £10 Thai main courses now £11.50 and the £4.10 beer is now £4.50.

Still worth a visit but hoping the prices are not going up much more.
Whale_Jnr - 27 Feb 2017 12:56
I visited this establishment on the assumption that they could serve decent draught ale. My drinking chum and I each had a pint of the Bombardier on offer. We didn't finish our drinks as we're not particularly fond of a vinegary taste to beer. I guess the keg lagers are the safest choice here? Needless to say, we won't be coming back.
Man_from_Del_Monte - 1 Jan 2017 17:38
Recently visited twice. A good pub for football during the Euros, has plenty of space and several screens. Also has a decent menu including enormous portions of excellent Thai food - better value than other pubs with Thai menus that I've visited in London.

Yesterday's three beers were Sambrook's Junction and Wandle and Wimbledon Brewery SW19 Summer Ale. The latter was £4.10.

Whale_Jnr - 8 Jul 2016 10:54
This has the reputation of being dodgy as far as the "Hotel" aspect goes.

And a bit spit and sawdust too
ROBERTA - 7 Aug 2012 14:26
Living just down the road from the Long Room, we have often popped in for a drink. Whilst the service is always slow, the staff seem to be friendly and apologetic when you have to wait.

We took some friends for a quick supper the other week, and it was embarressing to say the least! My partner ordered a medium rare steak, which was charcoal, and one of our friends had to endure a very tepid lamb shank!

Would highly recommend going to the Manor instead if you want good pub grub!
Lisyloo - 3 Dec 2010 11:41
I think this place is slowly, but surely, slipping back into the old ways of what was then the dreadful, chavvy, foul-mouthed Mitre Hotel. It's alright but Ewan ran it better than the new kids who seem permanently flustered. Not a very good choice of beers but the food looks nice. The outdoor area is good (when swept) but, unlike yesteryear, when the heaters were switched on ridiculously all evening with no customers, they no longer appear to work when the now-gathering customers need them on a chilly summer evening....cutbacks methinks? I also thought the prices were slightly higher than other pubs in the area but there's free Wi-Fi and they are trying hard to "trendyfy" the place to stop it feeling like an airport departure lounge.
Les_Bieres - 9 Aug 2010 21:24
It's a bit of a mystery why the Long Room isn't very popular, whilst the likes of Antelope and the Selkirk do good business. There's plenty of space, comfortable sofas, reasonably prices and it's still frequented by both the old Mitre drinkers and yer newer Village types. Never a problem getting a seat or getting served. If you're in Tooting, use your imagination and move a few metres further from the Underground station to find this option for a comfortably night out.

The best design feature has to be the step up to the disabled toilet. And yes, we have seen a wheelchair user getting stuck. Unclever.
getdown - 2 Feb 2010 11:45
Just got back from a trip to Tooting. Had a great time at the Long room. The staff were excellent and worked well under pressure. The manager was a top bloke offering excellent service and I really appreciated him making time to find me a taxi number and recommend somewhere good to eat.

Shockingly I can confirm that it is true he does "sell certain things under the counter". Things like crisps nuts and bombay mix. Maybe I walked into a different place than some of the other posters?

Thanks all!
juststeve - 13 Dec 2009 21:33
A large pub on the main road through Tooting with outside drinking. Not a huge selection of beers with only one real ale. Food was very good and well priced. A friend had booked accomodation which was very small and cramped and not en-suite or with breakfast but at 33 per night I suppose it wasn't bad.
ranger1485 - 30 Jun 2009 09:54
great i'll get down there then !!
mikeh1 - 9 Mar 2009 16:47
I have to say, such a big improvement since the new manager, Ewan is in charge. I haven't been to the Long Room in ages and I was really surprised to see how good this place is. Beer is good, the bar staff is nice and this French guy, Flo, behind the bar gives a good energy to the place. Long life.

deepsouth44 - 29 Dec 2008 17:42
I just have to say a huge thank you to Ewan, Anya and Kevin who gave the best service for my daughter's 16th Birthday party. I had help with planning menus, arranging set up and music all done with care and enthusiasm. The night went like clockwork and the biggest thanks need to go to Anya who treated all the guests including teens with respect and first class service. I would recommend it to anyone.
hazelstrand - 7 Dec 2008 15:14
Does anyone around remember what this place was like from 1995-1998?
Smeghead88 - 25 Aug 2008 00:31
May I just say what a pleasant surprise it is to visit London from Swansea,stay in a reasonably priced hotel, and drink in the attached Long Room Bar and receive as good as, if not better service, than some of the less reasonably priced 5 star establishments in the city. The manager Ewan(whom I believe has only been there a few weeks) is definitely an asset to the business...nothing was too much trouble,from ordering us taxis, even though he was busy running around serving other customers,to recommending the nearest decent Indian restaurant, and a genuine conversation at the end of it! Keep up the good work Ewan!!! We will definitely be returning again and recommending it to all our friends who stay in London quite frequently. Who said good service was dead!!?
happyguest1969 - 10 Aug 2008 21:10
Wow, the new manager is certainly setting his mark on the place. He is either stoned and stinking of weed or drunk! I am almost certain this manager is new and is setting a "great" example to the customers. Went in for breakfast on Sunday but had to wait outside for an hour for them to open, received breakfast only to send it back as it was awful and not cooked properly. We did not want to seem fussy but felt better when the other diners were sending theirs back also.
This place is becoming more like The Mitre and less like The Long Room by the day!

TJ247 - 5 Aug 2008 23:43
Went in on Thursday evening, the two brothers/friends who have been running it since it opened are leaving!!!
The rude skinny barman is going to be te new manager, he told a friend of mine, this must be a joke???? Please someone fill me in! I've had a few run-ins with this barman, think I will start drinking down Ye Olde Tram! My wife is also worried as she and some friends are part of the baby group on Wednesday's. Can anyone please confirm or deny?

sw17ashdown - 29 Jun 2008 19:32
Comment made by swissdrinker:
Not that i have to explain myself to u but as u felt the need to comment about me on here i will..... I am currently working 2 jobs and @college full time so if i SOMETIMES look like i would rather be elsewhere this is why and i am sorry if i come across like that. I think your comments were un-called for and i am really annoyed that you felt the need to put my name on HERE.
As for "karEoke" i think you'll find its actually spelt "karAoke" and you must find it DESPERATE and CHAVVY because the highlight of your week/month is coming on sites like this and writing nasty and spiteful things about people!!!!!!! If you feel the need to comment on me again please do so to my face and not on a site like this.
isterl - 6 Jun 2008 12:47
Thanks for more feedback guys. We are always looking at the layout of the furniture and things we need to change within the bar so thank you for your comments regarding that.
As for swissdrinker's comment on the "chavvy things" in the bar, we have not done Karaoke since April and now only have karaoke for private parties. Originally Karaoke was brought in for the regular customkers who asked us to do it. We are not getting desperate we are simply trying new things to see what people like.
And about a certain member of staff with the face like a "slapped arse" we would appreciate if you would speak to us about this and not put staff names on the internet. Thank You
thelongroom - 4 Jun 2008 12:41
I agree with swissdrinker. Very uncomfortable seating - especially if you're on the short-side! A bit limited on the Ales too though I gather the food is good. The fresh flowers are a nice touch - not many pubs in Tooting do flowers.
Sprue - 27 May 2008 12:53
Nice and clean with friendly bar staff. A place where you can take your parents. Can seem a bit "sterile" giving a departure lounge feel yet the badly planned seating is uncomfortably mismatched for the height of the tables. Strange choice. They're also getting desperate and doing chavvy things like kareoke and disco nights which can only serve as to draw those dreadful Mitcham crowds back... pity. However a MARKED improvement from the Mitre and, apart from Iona who has a face like a slapped-arse these days, the rest of the staff are really friendly.
swissdrinker - 25 May 2008 16:02
having been out of tooting for over a year this is a real welcome to a former dump!

its a bit quiet but i'm sure it will pick up as theres not much this end of tooting. Good range of drinks and a nice menu too
quirky45 - 16 Apr 2008 11:55
Wow, what a difference to my last visit to this pub, in its previous less salubrious guise, The Mitre.... Very impressed; thought prices were fair (compared to the usual places I drink in in North London), staff were sweet, food looked nice (only served til 5 on Sundays) and though it was quiet, I personally preferred that to sitting amongst loads of braying Tooting mockneys stuffing their roast dinners.... Would like to go back in the evening and see what the atmosphere's like with a few more bodies!
KathDyer - 17 Mar 2008 11:15
What a transformation. The old Mitre bar staff proudly announced that it was the roughest pub in Tooting, and they weren't wrong.
The Long Room is going from strength to strength. It has been quiet ever since they opened last year, but has been getting steadily busier. The decor is tasteful, but it does seem a little bright - they need to turn the lights down to create a bit more of an atmosphere. The staff are polite, the beer is cold and the outside seating area is lovely. I know smoking is bad for your health, but you're likely to die of cold before you get lung cancer - they do have heaters, but they're useless and very often switched off!
Overall, 7 out of 10 - but this bar is definitely on the up, and I am sure it will be 10 out of 10 soon! This area of Tooting has needed a good bar like this for a long time - keep it up, Long Room!!
Adam1974 - 16 Feb 2008 19:20
Went for sunday lunch yesterday but unfortunatly they were not doing food as they had some event on.
could not move in there! Had a great drink tho, great upbeat music and amazing atmosphere for a sunday.
Keep it up guys . . . fab!
anonymous - 15 Oct 2007 05:09
Real ale is an improvement. They started with boring but safe London Pride, but had Black Sheep on last week (@3/pint it's expensive, but in line with their other pricing). Reasonably well kept, but a little hazy and flat. Probably not turning over enough - the pub seems pretty empty evry time I go in, or past...

If they must have bouncers, why do they have to wear those day-glo jackets that make them look like road-builders? Total spoils the up-market image (and prices) they want.

So +2 for the ale, but -1 for the atmosphere, and -1 more for the day-glo. So remains at 6 points...
bristolbeerboy - 10 Oct 2007 18:11
Charity Music Weekend October 19th & 20th with over 12 hours of Live Music from known acts! Tickets on sale 5.00
thelongroom - 18 Sep 2007 12:04
Had a nice Sunday lunch there today. Nice polite staff and food was fine. Shame it was so deathly quiet. I hope it picks up for their sakes. Really good toilets are a plus point.
rjbradburnesq - 20 Aug 2007 00:13
Really going from strength to strength - keep it up - the best bar in Tooting by a mile
anonymous - 14 Aug 2007 09:43
We would like to mention we will be having the real ale installed on August 10th, it may be a few days after until it is functional.
thelongroom - 1 Aug 2007 13:35
good pub , well refitted and now devoid of orrible locals !!

good luck to the long room
petey.p - 3 Jul 2007 16:06
Any update on the chances of getting some real ale on tap?
anonymous - 2 Jul 2007 14:46
great place to be drinking. Great management and fantastic barstaff. Just what Tooting has needed for along time. I enjoy coming down here with my family and having a pint (or two). I also have to say that even though the food is slightly pricey, its fantastic. Value for money
unique2012 - 12 Jun 2007 04:19
Wow, a big group of us came on Friday night, could not believe how busy it was. Food was great. Prices little more than i am used to but value for money.
Great barmaids, friendly management, will be back without a doubt.
donaldmaster05 - 10 Jun 2007 15:37
Sorry you didnt enjoy your visit "monkeyboysupreme" can i just give you a little run down on our prices that we use, we do not charge for soda water,if you have anything to accompany that the prices would vary between 0.60 and 1.75, as for our food, we are sorry you didnt enjoy your it although pretty much 99.9% of feedback is positive, our food is quoted on being great value for money, our burgers are 100% scotch beef and we are strict on where we source all of our foods from, if you honestly think that all you put in your comment is true then i would suggest that you come in and speak to management ASAP so that we can rectify this problem.
But all the same, thank you for your custom.
thelongroom - 2 Jun 2007 13:17
Went for lunch today. Pretty empty. Ordered burger at 7.95 and a apple juice with soda and was charged a total of 10.50...erm??? 2.55 for soda water and super cheap out a carton juice. Rip off.
Oh, and the burger, although made there by the looks of it, was bland and tasteless. Ever heard of seasoning chef??? Deep fried (Frozen) chunky chips were cack as well and was denied mayo by my server. May pop back for drinks once in a blue moon but felt very let down by the grub. Still a very sterile bar with unfortunately lame food and staff.
monkeyboysupreme - 1 Jun 2007 18:18
what a change, but needs some ale...surely there is room!
anonymous - 30 Apr 2007 16:24
lovely place. really nicely done up - not the cheapest place but well worth going to. Clean with great staff. Could use some more furniture/lighting outside especially when the smoking ban comes in. Certainly one of the best boozers in Tooting! Well done you guys
anonymous - 23 Apr 2007 13:37
Haven't been in yet but was over the moon to see the scary Mitre looking like somewhere i'd not be scared to go in for a cheeky drink..
Planning to check it out at the weekend
geedee - 17 Apr 2007 09:19
For many a year I have moaned to anyone who will listen about how it would be good if someone took over the Mitre and did it up as it had huge potential as was currently the closest boozer to my house. So I was excited when I saw the building works taking place at the start of last month. I finally made it in there this weekend for a couple of quiets and they have done a good job still a pub I reckon but bordering on wine bar (others may argue). My main gripe is that there are no real ales on tap (although there are 15 or so lager taps) and at 3.50 for a bottle of abbot ale; it will be an expensive evening out for ale drinkers. Until this problem is solved I will have to take the hike to the Selkirk or the kings head I think apart from times when I am at my laziest. 6/10 for the moment but a couple of real ale pumps would tip it to a 7 or 8.
lance.uppercut - 10 Apr 2007 11:22
This is a good spot. The Mitre had been an absolute hell-hole, one of the worst pubs I had ever been to. This place is tastefully done, with friendly staff and okay music. A good place in which to meet a friend in Tooting. My only issues would be the dearth of real ales and the fact that so many of the seats are high stools or backless leather poof-like efforts.

The sofas are comfortable. I give it a seven.
BarryMaher - 5 Apr 2007 13:37
A transformation from scary old boozer to classy appealing bar which is a real asset to Tooting. I hope they some furniture out the front for summer (I think I'd never leave!). Gorgeous, well done.
silverlafite - 4 Apr 2007 17:45
Now 'The Long Room Bar'. A huge improvement over The Mitre but, as monkeyboysupreme suggests, in danger of not being a pub anymore - rather more a 'bar'.

Great to see it attracting a younger and more mixed-sex clientele- and non-smoking already, pre-empting the July ban.

Needs a real ale or two.

6/10 for now, and rising... hopefully
bristolbeerboy - 2 Apr 2007 14:03
The Long room is a million miles away from the old Mitre. It has gone from being a pub to being a bar like so many venues in this part of town.
The non smoking aspect seems clever especially with the ban coming up in 3 months although they need to provide better facilities for the smokers outside.
It does not serve real ale on pump but does do bottled Hen and Abbot.
As with all new openings it will take a while to find it's clientele.
By the sound of the dreadful soundtrack when we were in last night I guess it'll be alot of Whitney Houston fans.
Bit bright and souless for my liking but I am sure it'll find it's feet and relax a little.
Good luck to the new team.
5/10. Will report back in 3 months.
monkeyboysupreme - 2 Apr 2007 12:42
Well done to the new owners! A classy, non-smoking pub in an area of Tooting that really needs one. Music good, staff are great, good beers on tap. It is a completely different place to the old mitre, and I will be coming back often.

Lovely understated job with the refurb that has updated the place tastefully whilst retaining the best original features of the building. If you only go to one pub in Tooting, go to this one.
melbourne720 - 2 Apr 2007 07:38
Well done to the new management! the bar looks AMAZING! cant believe the transformation, i think the classier people of tooting have finally found their watering hole. well done toby & spencer, last night was wicked :-p

DrunkenKarlz - 30 Mar 2007 12:37

got anything to say about this pub?

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