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Globe, Dunstable

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user reviews of the Globe, Dunstable

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Impressive backstreet boozer with a wide selection of ales. A possible gripe is that there was nothing particularly dark/strong when I visited, but I guess I could've compensated by having one of the extensive range of bottled Belgian beers in the fridge.

My pint (can't remember what brewery it was from, aside from being from the Westcountry) was very good and decent value at £3.10.

Relatively quiet at lunchtime with just a handful of regulars.

The type of pub where if you were to go back more than once then they would soon know your name and what you liked to drink.
duchyjim - 27 Jan 2017 13:29
Great selection of superbly kept real ales at this backstreet boozer located conveniently close to the centre of Dunstable. At least 8 real ales on offer, real cider and perry too. Deceptively large once you get inside, only drawback is that it can get a bit cold when there's not many people in there, so take a coat! Eclectic mix of eccentric locals and beer drinking dogs. Regular watering hole of local CAMRA organisers, well worth a visit.
manx_888 - 12 Jan 2016 21:09
11 casks and 2 ciders. Nice relaxed atmosphere. Bare wood floor. Corner location. Large room. Beer garden. No music. No games machines. Nice one.
SilkTork - 24 Oct 2013 14:46
Tried 8 different third of a pint samplers today and all were good. 11 handpumps 3 ales were from banks and taylor . staff very helpful and the pub was very clean, good mix of clientele.
THUNFAN007 - 16 Jun 2013 17:15
Visted on Saturday lunch time friendly welcome from young barmaid nice warm log fire and great guest ales nice to see a good Diesel Stout in good form as for B&T beers they real fade in comparison to the 6 or so guest ales in flavour.
Well done Globe much improved even ceiling has been repaired just needs a good pub sign and maybe a cauldron to go with the witches broomstick to work her spells on skinflints at B&T brewery.
davidregis - 27 Jan 2013 13:33
I do not know what pub most of these reviewers have been drinking in, as I have found the Globe welcoming, the beer has always been top notch, I have never had an off beer.
Dayoff - 23 Dec 2012 20:52
Love the New rustic ceiling look above the bar,paper peeling off in large patches the brewery should put there hands in there pocket and have it all removed and painted its only been a year and still no pub sign,makes me think that B&T are either creaming it or going bust.
davidregis - 23 Jul 2012 21:14
Oh dear. Have been wanting to go here for ages after knowing that they have been up for the Beds CAMRA pub of the year for many years on the trot. What a disappointment....

The general grubbiness and beers served in not very good condition are just the tip of a very big iceberg. The landlady took about seven attempts to get the price of the round right on the two occasions that I went up for a round - despite using the till - for a two-pint round plus nuts! I'm rather not suggest that the reason for this is like some of the other reviews on here, but....

Anyway, I had four pints (B&T Two Brewers, Box Steam Funnel Blower, College Green Belfast Blond and Peerless Red Rocks - all of which I've had before either in the Welly in Bedford or the Albion in Ampthill (owned by the same people - B&T) and they were well below par in comparison of quality to the sister pubs.

The B&T owners must be aware of the situation here and I hope that they do something about it. Will go back again and re-assess once I know that they have.
littledrummerboy - 9 Apr 2012 09:40
Saturday spent at globe last weekend 5 out 10 this weekend Banks and Taylor's Albion at ampthill 9 out 10 the difference bright and clean great range and quality beers friendly staff and a landlord that comes round and talks to his customers.
davidregis - 30 Oct 2011 17:55
i'll keep it simple so whoever mark56 is he'll understand bless him. Stop guessin an get a life, take off the gimp mask an give it back to mistress mo !! Pity the pubs gone downhill, void of life, dead, empty NOT a patch on the place it used to be , sad but true. Now backstreet dross , shame but the truth hurts. Beer no better than average, blame it on the ex regulars if you want , there's a lot of them but cloudy beer speaks volumes and sometimes it tastes rank too !
micosmiling - 15 Oct 2011 00:01
Jukebox please!!!!
Putt - 14 Oct 2011 18:06
Putt - 14 Oct 2011 17:58
This site is for voicing opinions on pubs as a whole, and the way the pub is run and certain staff conduct themselves will ultimately fall into this category therefore I feel this is not a personal attack but an opinion. And it is unfortunate that my opinion happens to be a negative one. The globe for me is rapidly on the decline with an introduction of a poker night. This for me see's the globe fall into the same category as all the lager drinking pubs within the area and it looses the asset of being 'different' and 'traditional'. Fundamentally all the decisions are made by the landlady, many of which have not benefitted this once great pub so it is not a personal attack but mere fact! So Mark56 stop being so sensitive and feel this is personal, however your response shows you are clearly one of the select few involved at a personal level with the landlady!
CamraLover - 13 Oct 2011 12:24
This site is for voicing opinions on pubs as a whole, and the way the pub is run and certain staff conduct themselves will ultimately fall into this category therefore I feel this is not a personal attack but an opinion. And it is unfortunate that my opinion happens to be a negative one. The globe for me is rapidly on the decline with an introduction of a poker night. This for me see's the globe fall into the same category as all the lager drinking pubs within the area and it looses the asset of being 'different' and 'traditional'. Fundamentally all the decisions are made by the landlady, many of which have not benefitted this once great pub so it is not a personal attack but mere fact! So Mark56 stop being so sensitive and feel this is personal, however your response shows you are clearly one of the select few involved at a personal level with the landlady!
CamraLover - 13 Oct 2011 12:24
I find it amusing that these childish and, more importantly, slanderous comments are still being posted. This site is for people to leave their opinions about the pubs, not to bully people, and that is what you are doing.
What is even more amusing is that the people that seem to be at the height of the insults can't have been in The Globe for quite some time now, after being barred for over a year or leaving several months ago. If you are trying to remain anonymous you may want to rethink your online alias'.
mark56 - 11 Oct 2011 13:03
lovely pub nice beer when right,think people should e-mail brewery when they have a problem as well , oh yes still a drunk woman sitting at end of bar paranoid
twinkle4 - 5 Oct 2011 16:27
The Globe - fantastic atmosphere most of the time - the ale is pretty good and most of the staff are good. I don't think the landlady is professional, she is drunk quite a lot of the time and is quite rude to employees and customers in front of customers and after reading the reviews below this is clearly not a vendetta but what I and my wife have witnessed on several occassions. It's ticking along okay at the moment but I give it 18 - 24 months before its too late and we will drink elsewhere as are alot of the old regulars - if her attitude doesnt improve. Like I said great pub, just dont see it lasting unless some changes are made.
Pub 8/10 Atmosphere 8/10 shame about the landlady Maureen.
ILoveAleILoveAle - 21 Aug 2011 11:29
This is also my last word on this subject. The reason i no longer drink there was a beer related incident, it was just the tip of the iceberg. I ordered from maureen an Edwin Taylor one thursday night which was like vinegar.I rightly complained,she turned the pump clip round, it had gone. Came in the next night and thought great a fresh barrel of Edwin Taylor is on. Ordered my pint , guess what it tasted like vinegar again, she was not there so is asked to see the cellar log which shows what beers are racked,when they are and how long they've been on. I know for a fact that particular beer has been racked and tapped for more than 10 days on more than one occasion. I thought this wrong so i e-mailed B&T telling them, but like the great many people who have written or e-mailed B&T i got no reply. Maureen was not happy that someone had had the termerity to complain and conducted a witchunt as to who it was. At that point i decided i no longer was prepared to drink there a decision i didn't take lightly, it just wasn't worth the hassle. As a member of CAMRA i have since heard many more similar stories. So what are genuine real ale drinkers supposed to do. I choose to drink elsewhere.
madmacca_5 - 10 Jul 2011 09:05
This is my last post on this subject,
BT have been sent emails by myself regarding beer quality and not about anything else but with no response what so ever.
And if wondering why am so passionate about beer its simple am a craft brewer and I like to think I no when a pint is warm,cloudy not full conditioned.
So myself and my wife have taken are customer 90% time to another pub which did not go unnoticed by Mo and in fairness to her she did ask me why, but sad to say I really did not want to get into debate all wanted was quiet drink with fiends.
davidregis - 10 Jul 2011 07:57
Mad macca even, typo, my mistake.
ironside33 - 9 Jul 2011 22:45
No Mad Mac, this website is here for reviews to assist pub goers in finding decent places to visit not for uncouth personal attacks on people. It states that in the comment rules. Why on earth would a brewery or landlady get involved in an online slanging match? If they have any concerns about the pub I assume they would deal with them in an appropriate manner and if you do then so should you. How do you expect to be taken seriously when it looks like a bunch of malicious rants curiously close together after years of no comments at all. It just looks set up and if you chaps are trying to make a protest or make people aware of something that isn't right you are doing so in such a way that just comes across as a personal vendetta and a farce.
I assumed by not agreeing wholeheartedly with the recent sentiments that i'd get a volley of abuse myself but I assure you that the only side I am taking is that of someone who finds it abhorrent that such a great little pub is having all this rotten politics going on.
There are better ways of doing things and getting your voice heard than ranting and raving in a review site and it is very sad that people have left, why I do not know as I am not one of the staff or inner circle, but I don't think making wild, uninformed speculation helps.
I agree with davidregis who says talk like adults in person as this is not the correct forum in which to do so and will only inflame things further.
I'll be propping up the bar behind the sandbags ;-)
ironside33 - 9 Jul 2011 22:42
well shame on you ironside 33 your hardly a long standing user of this website and mark 56 too is another who should hang his head in shame ! yes, a 2nd long term member of staff has quit ! Do you think for one minute either of these two bar staff have got other jobs to go too!! No they have quit on principle. So ask yourselfs why??? That is if you can retract yourselfs from Maureens backside!!!! They care more about this pub more than you can ever imagine, but faced with the relentless onslaught from people like you and B&t's reluctance to do nothing about this once great pub, they would rather be unemployed than work for this woman , who for all the reasons listed below,is not fit to carry mels legacy! Melodramatic, i think NOT. I too loved this pub, but not now. If Maureen is unhappy with any of these negative comments then let her come forth and dispute what has been said instead of cosying up to one or two individuals. The website is there ,for all including her to state her case !B&T can have their say too! I will have an adult discussion with anyone who wants to rather than pussyfoot around the the issues concerning this once great pub!!!
madmacca_5 - 9 Jul 2011 20:33
ironside33 has been registered on this site since 7th July 2011.

Have you got any issues with what I have posted feel free to approach me in pub for adult discussion.
I was told today 2ND bar staff member has resigned due to problems with Maureen perhaps you could tell me is it true and why two in so many weeks has resigned.

davidregis has been registered on this site since 28th December 2007

davidregis - 9 Jul 2011 19:05
I've looked back on here and am astounded by the personal attacks going on still. Why are people trying to sabotage this pub? Most of the posters making attacks on the landlady have registered recently and only commented here on this pub to slag off Maureen. You're not disgruntled ale drinkers saddened by the decline of a pub you're a bunch of bullies and pot stirrers. Shame on you.
This is a review site not a call to arms for an anti-Maureen brigade and any people wishing to get a rounded honest review of the pub are having to wade through spiteful barrages from regulars and ex (perhaps barred in some cases) regulars who are doing a hatchet job on the place for whatever reason.
Grow up, seriously, grow up.
To locals of the pub it is no secret who these people are and I am deeply saddened that locals like myself who enjoy drinking and socialising in the pub are having it denigrated online by a small handful naysayers.
I love this pub and did so when Mel was landlord and do so now Mo is there, never had a problem with the woman. I've never had a rough pint in there and never had a warm one either. If ever a beer has come up cloudy it's been changed and the barstaff are always very happy to repllace it and turn the pump clip round. You can sample any ale before buying a pint anyway and most ale pedants like me will spot a dodgy beer at 50 paces and not drink it.
Please do not base opinions on the pub on the back of biased reviiews, go to The Globe, talk to the staff, drink the beer, enjoy the ambience and make your own mind up based on your own experience.

ironside33 - 9 Jul 2011 10:28
Mark56 is in the minority, and rhetorical or not i drink there because i actually like the beer and the staff,If i ignore Maureen like she ignores most people then happy days..Haven't been in there this week but hear the beers are quality especially the Batemans XXXB and a Blackberry Porter, and there are some new faces behind the bar good luck learn from the staff not Maureen.Maybe the B&T management should actually TALK to the staff and customers, sorry silly me never going to happen, what was i thinking !!!!!!. Any awards collected by the pub since late 2008,are as a result of Mel's influence and legacy and customer loyalty,can't see them winning anymore awards,despite the hard work and efforts of the bar staff..The pub has also lost it's dart teams,cricket team and struggles to get it's crib and domino teams this leaves just a golf society why has this happened ????? when the Victoria has no such problems,the owners of this pub must be rubbing their hands at the thought of their Nemesis on the decline for the third time come on B&T read whats being written and save the Globe

yellowmoonwolf - 9 Jul 2011 00:37
I have been a regular in the globe now for many years and a member of camra and i regret to inform people of the decline in the pub since the takeover of the current landlady. I have witnessed on many occasion rude comments being made by her about customers and even staff and she will only greet you if she likes you! she very rarely helps out behind the bar on a busy weekend and i myself have been standing waiting as she is reluctant to move from her perch at the end of the bar which any quality land lord would do! she frequently drinks to excess and gets loud and abusive towards her staff infront of customers which i found very unproffessional! Her knowledge of real ale is frankly laughable, constantly serving sub standerd beer with the phrase 'its the atmospherics, or its hazy but tastes nice' it doesnt!! If it wasnt for the staff and the fondness people have for them your pub would be empty. The hostile nature she gives off is not a good advertisment for the once brilliant pub. All in all her careless attitude towards the pub and its devout customers and staff will be the destruction of it unless B+T sort it out QUICK! UNPROFESSIONAL in every aspect of her work with little or no knowledge of the job she does!
CamraLover - 8 Jul 2011 23:37
Have been drinking here since Mel, who used to keep Maureen in check, had it . I have sit an listened,drunk the beer an its my opinion that politics apart, the standard of beer has definetly got worse. Maureen has been coasting along on Mels name , with the devotion of the staff and goodwill of the regulars . I have heard her bad mouth customers[yes you an your wife mark 67] and while drunk,shout at staff. God forbid you disagree with her opinion, the phrase" talk to the hand" springs to mind amongst others. There must be at least fifty people who having spoke thier mind, no longer drink there, that is why it,s not as busy. That and an atmosphere when she's had a drink, that people would rather go elsewhere, something i might add that i now do, so do alot of real ale people. Those sycophants who are defending her need to take a good look in the mirror. I predict more staff will leave and so will more customers. Wake up B&T you should have done your homework on this women! This pub could be great again with the right person in charge.
micosmiling - 8 Jul 2011 16:54
mark56 You might like drinking warm beer I dont BT tried to fix the cooling unit but still in warm weather poor results,And from what I have been told BT have stepped in before in regards the running of the pub.There is no boycott stop being over dramatic just a couple ex-regulars and a few unhappy regulars for one reason or another.
Its very clear your a friend off Mo and are defending her that's fine, but dont criticise others for having a opinion who is being childish.
It was always going to hard act to follow after Mel and BT maybe could have done a better job helping Mo.
Am not interested about internal politics just good friendly pub with quality beer but I hear so much negative comments about both issues its hard to ignore.
davidregis - 7 Jul 2011 19:02
mark56 - 7 Jul 2011 17:04
If you have never seen Mo do so, then this would imply your are in the pub every opening hour. If this is the case then may I suggest you stop drinking in The Globe and get a job! As for retraining the staff, it is only a select few that are incapable of doing their job, the other members are friendly, kind and fantastic at their jobs (including Mo). Do you not think if the pub was doing so badly and losing as many customers as you say, that the brewery would have already stepped in?! But no, they are clearly happy with the way things are been run. I feel that your boycott could not come sooner. As I for one would be a lot happier in The Globe knowing that the childish and jealous people that are writing these negative comments weren't to drink in the same pub as me. Oh and another thought, if The Globe has been going down hill since Mo became Landlady, as you say...Why are you still drinking there. (That is a rhetorical question, no need for an answer!)
mark56 - 7 Jul 2011 17:03
I HAVE NEVER SEEN Maureen step in to help her staff, even if they are rushed off their feet,she just sits on her throne drinking,and tapping her fingers,as for greeting all the customers that's just baloney,only if your flavour of the month do you get a hello.This pub was GREAT now its barely average,and if anyone has an issue with the beer or the way the staff work then surely it's down to Maureen to retrain them,trouble is she's clueless,maybe B&T need to try her in one of there other pubs.Anyone can see the number of drinkers dwindling,at one time you'd have to queue for 10 mins at a beer fest to get served at the top bar and it was standing room only,now you can take your pick of seats and getting served doesn't require any queuing,i think this speaks for it's self...PLEASE PLEASE B&T Save the Globe.
yellowmoonwolf - 7 Jul 2011 13:47
My wife and I have been regular customers of The Globe pub for many years now, giving us both good steads in which to voice our opinion. Mel was indeed a brilliant landlord with a wonderful heart, who really put The Globe on the public house map. We however have to disagree with all the negative comments toward The Globe’s now Landlady, Mo. I personally find it preposterous that such allegations could be made! Mo has a wonderfully friendly approach to her customers, knowing the drinks they prefer and using this to make suggestions for them to try the new ales they have in. She always greets customers upon their arrival, whether they are new or old. Another thing we have noticed about Mo as landlady; she is always there to jump in and serve when it gets too busy or certain members of her staff are unable to even notice someone has aproached the bar. This is something you rarely see Landlords do, in fact in a lot of the pubs my wife and I frequent we very rarely even see the Landlord, let alone have the honour of being served by them! We will continue to be regulars of The Globe pub, as we can only see it continuing to get better! The Globe is truly set for the global domination Mel intended.
mark56 - 7 Jul 2011 10:13
I feel compelled to comment as it is with great sadness that I am reading amongst genuine reviews of this excellent, friendly pub what appears to be the malicious work of a small group of embittered and vindictive individuals with an axe to grind against Maureen the landlady. I have been drinking in The Globe since it opened and have never had issue with the current landlady nor any of the staff. The beer is always well kept and of good variety and the atmosphere is welcoming with friendly locals and bar staff. The 5 thirds of a pint sampler is a joy if you can't decide what you want and the lack of intrusive 'lift music' and massive televisions belching out non-stop sports is a godsend for rediscovering the rapidly diminishing art of conversation. Dogs are welcome too (of all shapes and sizes!) and it is one of few pubs not requiring door staff of a weekend in the town despite how busy it gets.
In my opinion it is the best pub in Dunstable bar none and fits well into B&T's family of great pubs from the Welly in Bedford to the excellent Elm Tree in Cambs.
Perhaps those who have posted the spiteful and bullying reviews below should drag their knuckles off to somewhere where that kind of petty behaviour is a playground perhaps.
ironside33 - 7 Jul 2011 10:13
Having read all the other comments about the pub, it's with great sadness and a heavy heart that i find myself agreeing with those who now regard the pub as on the decline.I have been drinking there since it reopened,and have to this day never met a friendlier landlord(Mel Hall) with such passion for real ale,the same however can not be said for Maureen,who only seems interested in lambasting her staff even in front of customers,blames everyone but herself if things aren't right but is front and centre if any praise is being dished out.Ignores customers unless your one of her selected 'friends'.The bar staff are fantastic and do an incredible job always smiling and with a warm welcome, under such trying conditions.The real ales are nearly always perfect as are the lagers,losing Laura left a void in the pub, that has, as of yet not been filled.If you want good real ale but don't want an atmosphere you can cut with a knife when Maureen's around i suggest you try the Victoria or the Froth& Elbow or even the Pheasant all of which sell good real ale.i rated this pub a 4 due to the landlady if she was to leave it would get a 9 ever day of the week easy.Come on B&T see the light and do the right thing or you'll have no customers.
yellowmoonwolf - 6 Jul 2011 23:35
The recent reviews of The Globe are simply ludicrous, it is a great pub with incredibly friendly staff, great beer and an even better atmosphere. Truly a local English pub with fiercely loyal regulars. We go in several times a week and is always the first choice for an after work drink or an afternoon / evening out at the weekend. As for the recent comments about Maureen, the landlady, again I think are both unfair and unjust, we have only started going in The Globe relatively recently (18 months or so) but Maureen has always been incredibly welcoming and very quickly learned my preference of real ale and always makes perfect recommendations. The recent beer festival was fantastic, great choice and lovely beer with 50 to choose from there really was something for everyone. The rest of the staff are excellent also very friendly, hard working and always working to keep the customers happy and the pub clean and tidy. The other thing that the Globe is brilliant for is promoting local companies and events, truly a pub enhancing and promoting the local area. If you are looking for good beer and a friendly atmosphere then the Globe is the place for you!
MrsC81 - 6 Jul 2011 22:03
After reading the reviews posted I felt I needed to write my own review as it was clear the person(s) leaving the reviews over the past week or so has some grudge against Maureen the Landlady rather than the actual pub itself. My husband and I have been a regular at this pub and have found all the negative reviews astonishing to say the least. This pub has a warm and inviting environment the staff are welcoming and the beer is always spot on. Please to all you people wanting to write these reiews concentrate on what these pages are actually for rather than victimising and intimidating inocent people.
Sasha1970 - 6 Jul 2011 17:31
Cannot agree more with the most recent comments posted about my now ex local.It's going down the pan faster than last nights curry. Maureen, the landlady, has more in common with Basil Fawlty than even she realises which is why staff and customers are voting with their feet. She shows customer & management skills that are non existent, right down there with her knowledge and lack of interest in Real Ales. From the smell coming from the cellar,warm & cloudy beer to blaming it on atmospherics the chickens are coming home to roost or they should be if B&T dont want to see Mels Legacy ruined. Other Real Ale pubs are riding out the recession, so no more excuses B&t get it sorted!!!
madmacca_5 - 30 Jun 2011 15:37
The globe was a fantastic pub back when that big gentle giant who was a people person was landlord, who runs it now if any one i would be inclined to say the staff and the customers, and what a shame laura has left i can understand why i wouldnt want to work for someone like that its outrageous the way people get treated in there staff and believe it or not customers. The ale is sometimes warm and goes very lively not sometimes but most of the time now that would tell me thats the first problem not that its the weather change , oh well its a shame a lot of regulars dont go in there as much if not at all and whats being done about it what a joke sorry b&t but you need to sort your pub out and whats going on .
twinkle4 - 29 Jun 2011 15:56
What has happened to the Globe? It has gone from being one of the flagship Bedfordshire pubs to (at best) a mediocrity.

The landlady Mo doesn't appear to care about the pub and the only time I've seen her recently is either walking in or out with her dog or boyfriend (or both). She doesnt appear to do any work behind the bar at peak times nor does she talk to the clientele in general. In fact, Lord Lucan is far more likely to be seen behind the bar.

The quality of the beer is so-so - there would appear to be no cooling system in the cellar such that the beer is often lukewarm and Martin at the brewery who chooses the beer would appear to have no idea. The choices go from say all strong beers to all dark beers and then onto all light beers rather than giving a choice of a couple of each at any one time. I was rather disappointed at the choice and quality of the beer at the last festival such that I ended up drinking the Edwin Taylor Stout at the bar (which is by far B&T's best beer).

The bar staff are a pleasant enough bunch but they too seem to be disheartened and one long term barmaid has just left with another one likely to be not far behind.

Morbid Mo and the 2 lads at B&T need to get their act together soon or I will, like quite a few of my friends be voting with my feet. There is more competition in Dunstable than when the Globe started but please take action now or otherwise Mel's hard work will be just a distant memory at (yet another) failing pub.
Dunstableimbiber - 27 Jun 2011 20:21
As a regular for almost 5 years, I have sadly seen a gradual transformation from a gem of a real ale pub to a fading star.
I`m sorry to say that this is not the pub it once was, the bar staff are excellent, but the beer quality is on a downwards path.
It seriously needs the B &T brewery owners to get a grip, otherwise the pubs future could be jeopardised.
Alan_K - 24 Jun 2011 18:49
What has happened to the beer quality warm at times and when we get hot weather undrinkable and prices are expensive for a back street pub .
Last beer festival was a waste of time I tried one beer out of fifty to find it lukewarm so I went for beers at the bar which little cooler.
Manageress and bar staff are friendly and getting served not a problem but from looking at amount customer's I would say there losing them.
The novelty factor of having so many hand pumps has worn off quality and reasonable prices might make me go back.
Sad to see Mels(ex manger deceased) hard work building CAMRA listed local pub of the year going down the pan.
The owners should look at there ampthill pub to see how it could be.
davidregis - 31 May 2011 18:46
As I have mentioned before it is pretty sad when you get to the point where a town really only has ONE pub in it that's worth going to. Well this is Dunstable's..again deservedly in the good beer guide and somewhere that feels like it's a pub and not a library of a furniture shop.
anonymous - 22 Aug 2009 20:05
Good pub, very much like the Welly in bedford, lots of different ales and pleasant atmosphere but not quite as good as the atmosphere in the Victoria not to far away which seemed to have far more of a buzz about the place and a few good ales too.
Henners - 1 Aug 2009 17:39
B&T Shefford Bitter, Dragonslayer, Midsummer Ale, Two Brewers Bitter, Edwin Taylor’s Extra Stout, plus ‘Shefford Brewery’ (still B&T) Dark Mild & Dunstable Giant, also Hooky Bitter, Everards Tiger, Whitstable Native, Summerskills IKB 1859, Old Rosie, Herefordshire Perry. Good number of beers but, as with Bedford’s Wellington (agree with Phantom_Power that a direct comparison can be made), not really much of great excitement from beyond the B&T stable. Long L-shaped pub and bar, a sort of open snug to the rt of entrance, nice cushioned free-standing settles & matching chairs, more settles opp bar, tables, stools & some barstools (seated regulars moved to allow view of pumpclips). Nice old dark boards throughout, and a high shelf winds around the whole sporting bottles and old pumpclips, walls carry some breweriana, nice pictures, mirrors, half-glass partition doors separate the rear of the pub from the bar area, and it is here that the dartboard has its own space, and a rare decent sized chalkboard. Outside to a small enlcosed concrete area, prettified by hanging baskets, some planted tubs, and a small lean-to with climbers growing on trellis side. Not busy Mon eve, but good banter and atmosphere around the bar and the young barman greeted us on arrival & was a pleasant lad, offering me a taster of a just-changed barrel while I was pondering. Yes it’s good, but some micro offerings might better justify the journey over.
trainman - 16 Jul 2009 08:01
This a brilliant community asset, the locals are friendly and all ages are welcome. This is all due to the skill of the licensees; first Mel and now Maureen have cared for their beers, managed their customers sensitively and developed staff who share their enthusiasm.
I first came to The Globe because I trusted B+T to set up a good pub (see Wellington in Bedford). I've been coming back for four years and never been disappointed. Long may it continue.
wormwood - 12 Jul 2009 22:16
Definitely agree that it is the best pub in Bedfordshire, and second only to the excellent Porterhouse, Covent Garden in being the best pub I've ever visited full stop. Tremendous and constantly varying range of beers in there, and has the benefit of serving Weston's Old Rosie cider which is just magnificent. Couldn't recommend it enough, wipes the floor with every other pub in Dunstable and Luton.
scat1620 - 11 Jul 2009 19:46
The best pub in the county, maybe the country. Great atmosphere of an evening, friendly locals and unbelievable roster of ales, although personally the decent temperature Westons varieties on tap are what keep me going back. Can't praise it highly enough, it's a good 7 miles from my house yet it's still managed to become my local!
tzb - 11 Jul 2009 16:22
excellent beer. better temperature than the luton counterpart
davidsheep - 8 Jul 2009 15:41
Excellent pub. visited here for the first time last night and will definitely be back!!
mainsoftig - 7 Jul 2009 11:39
Thirteen handpumps available with a constantly rotating selection of guest ales from a range of national microbreweries and well-known names. Friendly and courteous service, as always. No music, no jukebox, and no pool table - just a pub as pubs have always been - a place to enjoy a fantastic pint and have a good conversation. Do you remember when people used to talk to each other?
adamcroft - 30 Jun 2009 09:36
Wow, what a choice of beers! Narrow, long pub, with the rare sight (these days) of a dartboard at one end. Lots of old bottles and beer pump handle labels adorn the walls. Very similar in decor and feel to the Wellington Arms in Bedford - also a B&T pub. Good for the traditional ale drinker, worth a visit for sure.
Phantom_Power - 28 Feb 2009 23:25
Fantastic array of real ales available at this pub plus two ciders. It's a real ale drinkers dream. The traditional pub decor just adds to the feel of the place. Well worth a visit.
Mog - 28 Feb 2009 23:03
12 handpumps tells you all you need to know about this place. Recommended.
pubcollector - 27 Jul 2008 22:02
If your a real ale bod then this is the place to visit. Bit of a clique punter wise but well worth a try.
cheekechape - 28 Mar 2008 08:30
A great British pub great beer choice friendly landlord and music no food thank goodness just a great mix of people which makes a change. if you want food try some forty different restaurants/takeaways within walking distance from globe
Real Ale with 12 ales being available at all times as well as our wide range of Belgian and European beers such as Leffe and Hoegardden. You will also find a wide choice of Spirits, Single Malt Whiskey and wine.
well done banks and taylor.
davidregis - 28 Dec 2007 18:02
A permanent beer festival with an ever changing range of beers plus regular B&T beers.Very friendly staff but it is a shame no food.(But plenty available in the many takeaways and resturants in Dunstable.
john.f - 6 Dec 2007 23:40
A previous user called this pub an oasis, and it is. I visited on Saturday lunchtime and although only half a dozen customers in the bar aleast three bitters on the go plus a mild. Sad that after a long trip no food.
BeerBandit - 22 Oct 2007 16:53
I've not yet been, but from what I hear this place is a real oasis in the middle of an arid and unattractive town, with only the Vic offering any competition. Good luck to them.
Greywolf - 30 Aug 2007 16:30
Has turned Dunstable, a dismal town almost totally devoid of decent pubs, somewhere worth hopping on a bus to... not from that far away mind. Great pub, great range of beer.
Dean_Pritchard - 17 Oct 2006 12:24
Really good drinker's pub, in the style of Tynemill but without food. Good atmosphere and beer.
mtaylor40 - 30 Sep 2006 13:24
A gem of a traditional style pub.friendly staff and locals.Good choice of Banks & Taylor beers plus numerous real ales (4 when I was there) A pub that is worth the effort to visit.
Alan Kelly - 23 Sep 2006 20:44

got anything to say about this pub?

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