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Garibaldi, Redhill

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As a community pub (run by locals), this establishment is doing well during the lockdown - with takeaway sales.
tradervic - 5 Jun 2020 09:02
The Garibaldi's own cask beer was very decent - I can vouch for that. A beautiful beer garden, good range of beer (a very good milk stout was on over the weekend).

Well worth a return visit.
terenced - 23 Sep 2019 08:56
As if anyone will read this, but on the slimmest offchance, this is to confirm The Garibaldi now has its own house cask beer - a rebadged Titsey brew - and a fifth handpump is set to be installed. Otherwise, after two years of trading, thanks to the continuing strong support of the local community and Tim the bar manager plus our committee, the pub is proving very successful. Profits can now be witnessed in the shape of the upgraded and beautifully-tended garden; a real triumph of hard graft and commitment.
Gamboozler - 1 Sep 2019 18:47
Happier-still, the community have run The Gari successfully now for over one year, basically on a simple but effective formula of good beer and convivial conversation. Formal recognition of its 1st birthday will take place on Saturday 6th October, when there will be street food, live music in the garden during the afternoon, and a disco/karaoke in the evening, alongside the usual good stuff! All who like the sound of it but haven't been in to sample it would be more than welcome.
Gamboozler - 20 Sep 2018 16:20
Open evenings only now, but beer quality still good. "Volunteer" bar staff sometimes show their lack of experience, but this community pub deserves continued support. A great little pub.
lynx - 31 Jul 2018 16:02
Happily, trading has been steady through the first quarter or so of trading as a community pub, and feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. The Garibaldi provides an unoriginal and simple offer - a comfortable meeting place for a diverse but agreeable collective of local people, with an accent on good beer and cheer - but one which more people actively treasure now in an era when such features are getting rarer. I genuinely believe those who have tried the pub tend to revisit it as they are the kind of people who value that tradition and realise how close we can come to losing it.

Beer-wise, there tends to be three local offerings and one national on cask, although this can vary. Whilst it's always a challenge to keep sufficient range of styles, brewers, strengths and appearances across only four pumps, Chris does seek to keep a reasonable balance, with the emerging focus being on the 4-5% strength span, with as many dark ales as light appearing in recent months, mostly at the £4 mark - more than we'd like, but relatively normalised in Surrey now. If you have any beers or breweries you'd like to see featured here, always let the bar staff know and it can be considered.

Food is still only something that is in the pipeline prospectively, once the funds can be found to fit out the kitchen to a serviceable standard, but even then it will be a modest part of what happens here. The Gari never majored on grub even in less-lean times, and although it sounds dangerously old-hat, wet sales really do lead the way here comfortably. Chris will organise frequent street food vendors to occupy the forecourt during weekend events, sports matches and so on, and this is proving to be a friendly, workable synergy between one community business and several others. Laurent's Kitchen, Neishe, Fritto & Via, Monteforte and others may be found here in coming weeks - check the roster.

Live music and karaoke events occur every couple of months and these appear to be well-supported. All part of trying to broaden appeal and keep the place in people's minds when they're inclined to get out and about, and maybe wish to eschew the sometimes grimy and grizzly feel of the centre of Redhill!

Lots still to do, with a continuing focus amongst hardworking people to get the garden ready for warmer times ahead. For those reading this who have supported - and will continue to support - this new venture, I'm sure I speak on behalf of all when I thank you for your time (and money!). To those yet to try, hopefully you won't leave it too long.
Gamboozler - 16 Feb 2018 15:54
A more organised and dare we say grand, reopening event is being scheduled for Saturday 7th October! For those yet to come and enjoy what this revived local pub has to offer, do come and give it your onceover. Lots of fellow sociable drinkers have already, and seem not to be disappointed! Final event details still TBA, but be assured that there''ll be plenty to get stuck into.

Gamboozler - 19 Sep 2017 17:42
Well, I shan''t seek to dispute what you say as there is some truth in it of course for many people. But that doesn''t mean a bright, friendly local boozer is entirely irrelevant, and so far the feedback received has been positive, and trade has been pretty steady too, despite our still nascent offering.

Thanks for the good wishes, and if ever you feel like an evening of old-fashioned simple enjoyment free of the tedium of stuff like supermarkets and Wetherspoon''s (in particular, The Sun), then you shall always be welcome in the Gari.
Gamboozler - 1 Sep 2017 16:00
Called in since the reopening - bright, friendly , old local. But life moves on - time has taken over.

Most don''t want a chat with a regular; too busy for that. 4/5 pubs within half a mile have closed.

Bus conductors have gone - like chimney sweeps, farriers, phone boxes, wimpey bars, corner shops, many bus routes and lifestyles.

Now we relate differently - and use supermarkets and Wetherspoons. Godd luck though.
randolf7 - 23 Aug 2017 22:40
The Garibaldi did indeed reopen on Thursday 17 August, and the community interest company operating it on behalf of the owner were hugely pleased with the response we received, not just on the opening night, but in the days since. For the first time in a long while the pub was full, and alive to the happy buzz of jolly conversation and enjoyment once again. Fingers-crossed this wasn''t just novelty value, as numbers been healthy each day since, and the comments and suggestions we''ve had have also been very encouraging. We genuinely hope to be able to maintain this pub as a much-needed part of the mix of local hostelries for the coming few years and - all being well - beyond.

I should say that it is very much early days, and we do not pretend to have everything in place or to be a "finished article". Owing to limited funding, and the need to prove the pub''s worth to the community all over again following its unavoidable four-month closure, it may be some months or even a year or two before we achieve what we''d ideally like with it. All we ask in the interim is that for those who appreciate a simple but honest local gathering-place, majoring on good beer and good cheer that puts drinkers first (and doesn''t purport to be a restaurant in pub''s clothing), please keep popping by, however infrequently, to check how we''re doing and enjoy what we think we can offer to a good standard. If you believe you''ve found otherwise, let us know! We are not in any way complacent in this competitive and difficult industry and would prefer to be advised of any fixable problems early so we can get them sorted.

To demonstrate this pub''s continued relevance and economic viability, there just needs to be a steady trade, built on regular visits from what seems to be a goodly number of people who appreciate what we''re about. In return, we will look to do what we can to improve and enhance things, and keep both the events and drinks side of the operation varied and changing to retain vitality and interest, while always having an eye on those who just want the security of knowing they will get their preferred tipple, in a familiar and friendly environment, that isn''t threatened by over-ambitious or unnecessary alteration.

Besides the first phase of redecoration, which should be self-evident when you visit, so far, on draught we have a decent conventional range of well-known and popular keg brands - lagers, stout and we hope shortly a cider - while on cask we already have up to four ales available, mostly locally-sourced and at prices only Wetherspoon''s are likely to significantly undercut! We are keen to expand and enhance this side of the business, now we have modern cooling equipment that has rescued the beers from there once over-warm fate. CamRA visitors have given positive feedback and Chris and the committee will use the knowledge and interest in this sector to ensure handpumped product is kept properly and showcases a range of different breweries'' fine efforts. We also offer a decent spread of wines and spirits, as well as bottled options, and again we are alive to changing and possibly expanding brand range should customer demand suggest it.

Otherwise, charities and other organisations may wish to bear in mind the pub''s space as a meeting place or venue for fundraising events - we aim to be a pub first but very much a community facility second. Please feel free to contact the committee via the Facebook page: We can''t promise we can cater for every event or individual, but will honestly endeavour to do what we can as we bed-in and develop.

On behalf of the people who''ve worked so genuinely hard to get the pub this far, may I thank everyone who has so-far shown support, and in advance, those who intend to do so in future.

PS: We''re not anti-food! But it''ll be a while before our facilities are sufficient to make a good-enough offer. When we do begin serving solids (beyond bar snacks of course), they are likely to be basic and unpretentious, but hopefully using decent local ingredients. Watch this space.

Gamboozler - 23 Aug 2017 16:34
Reopening tomorrow - 7pm...
randolf7 - 16 Aug 2017 11:46
Lease taken over by local group - and expected to reopen soon.

Good luck to them!
randolf7 - 18 Jul 2017 08:57
I can appreciate some observers being negative about this pub's prospects, and nobody involved with the community group seeking to reopen the place and render it viable can provide any guarantees. It could of course end up with a stalemate whereby a lease agreement suitable to both sides cannot be struck, and there isn't sufficient funding to make a winning bid on the freehold under the ACV process. It would then become subject of a fresh housing plan and quite probably succeed. Nevertheless, there is genuine room for some positivity and the story really isn't over just yet. A revised lease offer is to be considered and failing that it isn't entirely unthinkable that we - or perhaps another interested party - will launch a successful bid to buy.

If we lose another local pub, then at least we can't say we didn't do what we could collectively. If we succeed in cutting a deal, there will be a considerable amount of work to be done to gradually build the business back up; debt will be incurred until a stage can be reached where we have various initiatives in place and maintained well, in order to yield a wider and more loyal base of customers both locally and perhaps from further afield. If there are enough draws they will come, however disadvantaged the pub might seem to some punters at this low point. If we get to the chance, then the next three years will be crucial; we either have to admit defeat with too weighty a debt, or we will've built enough of a foundation to bring the pub back to its best, which will act as a platform on which to make it more profitable thereafter.

And that will please locals as much as it will please the owner, who I might add never intended to sell or cash-in originally and is still open to it remaining a pub.
Gamboozler - 20 Apr 2017 15:15
And The Hatch is boarded up, with The Limes under serious threat of redevelopment. In Reigate, the White Hart is now a restaurant and the Nutley Hall has been converted into flats.
brewmason - 14 Apr 2017 10:47
Over the past few years, nearby pubs have closed. The Flying Scud, New Inn, Pendleton and Greyhound for example.

Even in Redhill centre - the Eagles Nest and Dragon are no longer trading as pubs; the former being closed, yet again.

Locals like the Garibaldi (on a town's outskirts) are a thing of the past, sadly. Even town centre pubs find it hard - except Wetherspoons.

The Sun (Wetherspoons) in Redhill is by far the busiest pub in the area - and has traded for four hours (every day) before the others even open.

wealdman - 14 Apr 2017 09:54
Really sad to see the pub boarded up, we can't afford to lose another local asset.

Gamboozler, I really hope you are right and this pub can re-open as a community pub. More power to your elbow, I for one will make sure I visit it on a regular basis going forward if it able to keep trading.
kevmac - 13 Apr 2017 20:56
Boarded up.
wealdman - 9 Apr 2017 19:35
Frustratingly, the pub's owner has declined an interim offer made by the community that could've kept the pub trading and looked-after while reaping ongoing monthly rent. As it is not yet possible to complete an agreement to take over the lease, unfortunately the pub will now be closed as of Tuesday 4th April.

If anyone happens to read the entry on this site, please be assured much work is still ongoing behind the scenes to establish a mutually-conducive lease arrangement, which will allow the pub to reopen and be steadily-improved, so that it can once again yield greater value both to locals and its owner.

Watch this space. The story is far from over yet!
Gamboozler - 31 Mar 2017 14:13
Well, we hope so. There remains much work to do in order to ensure the pub stays open and is allowed to operate under a suitable lease that can give locals a real chance to gradually develop the place and bring in greater trade and thus render it viable. This will take sustained effort, time and money by the community so passionate about retaining The Gari.

Moreover, although the owner didn't originally buy it as a cash-cow development prospect, he is presently wavering over whether he will countenance the locals - any other interested independent party - to take it over. He has now decided to appeal the planning decision. Locals can't afford to buy the freehold at the moment, so we can only trust that a fair deal is struck soon before the present incumbents leave in a few weeks.

Watch this space, but there is room for hope.
Gamboozler - 9 Mar 2017 07:16
Planning permission application for housing now refused - pub will continue to trade.
wealdman - 21 Feb 2017 10:22
salient* nearby*...(numerous outlets)
tradervic - 21 Dec 2016 12:42
Soap-box Gam ignores the saliient point that this is a well run and excellent boozer - with well kept beer and good food.

Friendly staff and customers, and easily the best pub in town. Handy parking nearby - and just up from the train/bus stations.
randolf7 - 21 Dec 2016 12:31
The dark clouds are once again circling the dear old Gari. The current owner is apparently unimpressed with its modest returns as a local pub, and, inevitably perhaps, is now keen to sell it to developers for demolition and planned construction of a row of town houses. A sadly familiar tale that will chime with many drinkers around the country, but especially in the south-east of England, where the pressure to create more housing stock to accommodate its burgeoning population is ceaseless, and when brownfield opportunities arise in already residential areas, it is hard to conceive of the local council rejecting an application of this ilk in this climate, even though they have done in past years when the previous owner made repeat attempts to close and sell this fine pub.

A lot more could - and really should - be done to keep this local resource going and to render it more profitable than it presently is, notwithstanding the current lessees' efforts which have seen the pub become a comfortable, homely local community resource that has a potentially wide appeal, at least to predominantly drinking clientele. The difficulty of course is that its location is off the beaten track, and - crucially - it does not have a food offer. So clearly if someone were to seek to save it from its doomladen fate, considerable time, effort and money would be needed to enhance its viability and return enough to hold its own in the local market, albeit that realistically it may always be tempting for the owner to sell given what he could realise from a developer.

All this is possible with the right people on the case, and the first step would be an ACV listing. There are those keen to ensure that yet another Redhill boozer doesn't go the way of so many others down the years.

Best of luck; it'll be interesting to see what could be done in the coming months to construct a more rosy future for The Garibaldi.
Gamboozler - 21 Dec 2016 11:58
We arrived around 8pm and there a few punters in, music playing at an acceptable level and the television was on in one corner.

4 hand pumps offer Pride, Doombar & Sharps' Cornish Coaster. We stayed for a couple of hours and drank the Coaster, a decent pint kept and poured well.

Carpeted throughout with the decor having a country pub feel to it, quite homely and all in all its a nice pub.

The barman was accommodating in changing the channels so that we could watch the live boxing on Sky.

The Garibaldi has appeared in previous good beer guide's in the past but not recently, still worth a visit as the rest of the pubs in Redhill apart from the Sun, Hatch, Garland and Home Cottage aren't up to much.
lezford - 20 Aug 2015 13:40
Yes; G Reader assesses this pub correctly. Seb & Tracey do a fine job, and a steady set of regulars who are now loyal to the Gari attest to this. Keep up the good work.

A note on the cask beers: nearly always a Pilgrim option available, plus one from Sharp's that isn't the usual ubiquitous Doom[ed] Bar (Cornish Coaster)! And all sold at competitive prices: around £3.30 a pint for the guests (more for London Pride but who would expect anything else?!).
Gamboozler - 9 May 2014 13:01
Great pub, run by nice people, well kept beer. Particularly good for sports addicts but also family friendly and anyone who just wants to sit and enjoy a great pint in a real pub.
G_Reader - 8 Jun 2013 09:54
Friendly hillside pub that fills up with rugby or football on TV but with a happy, non-obnoxious crowd so a great place to watch a game. Pilgrim Progress seems to be a regular ale and very good it is too.
ScotchMissed - 19 Feb 2012 17:18
Paid a visit here recently after a long absence and was very pleasantly surprised. Small, friendly pub with attentive landlord. Beers: well, the Pilgrim was so good we stayed on it all evening so I can't vouch for the other two ales on offer.

It's only a small pub and slightly off the beaten track. This is the sort of place that's worth seeking out and supporting.
lynx - 9 Feb 2011 21:52
As the previous poster could not offer an opinion on the real ale, I would say that both the quality and range are excellent! I had the best pint of Pilgrim's Progress that I have had for a very long time in here yesterday.The two other ales that were available were Dark Horse from hepworths and the almost obligatory London Pride. a very nice garden at the side and situated opposite Redhill Common. the garibaldi seems to attract nice punters possibly due to its being well out of town.The place has a nice feel and is a genuine pub of some age, I know they have had problems in the past but they now seem a distant memory.My pick in Redhill for a nice quiet time and a pint.
slerpy - 16 Apr 2010 15:51
This pub is a great find; a good mix of people and really friendly landlady and staff. I'm not a real ale drinker so can't comment particularly other than to say that the current landlady only started 2 years ago so the 2006 post about warm beer is out of date. Fun nights with music and the best times to visit are Friday nights and sunday afternoons, when there is a family atmosphere without kids necessarily taking over the joint. Take a trip otherwise another pub in the long list of closures could come this way - local pubs need local people!
earlswoodlocal - 10 Aug 2009 16:16
I agree with ploppy 16th April 2006. Lager, 2 varietys' both warm, we left
scooterroy - 12 Mar 2009 17:27
Enjoyed my few pints of Pilgrim's Progress the other night. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff. Job Done!
gdm - 5 Oct 2008 13:21
Had a great Saturday night here this weekend. Despite not being a local we were welcomed by staff and regulars alike, live music was great (don't know how reguar this is) and the atmosphere was superb.
reigateregular - 17 Sep 2007 14:45
In furtherance to my comments of 9 Oct '06 I should say that since then some investment has been made in cooling equipment, and whilst the quality of the ale here hardly sets ones palate on fire, it is now acceptable and the efforts are showing. Fewer beers are served now, which is probably sensible given the relative lack of local interest, but nevertheless London Pride and Hog's Back TEA usually make an appearance.
Mention should also be made of the licensee who is jolly and engages well with all customers. I think her efforts have paid off as the pub does appear to attract more regular custom than before, and I would go as far as to say it is now a genuine local that is ticking over nicely. When busy, it has a certain warmth to the place.
On a recent darts tournament free sandwiches and nibbles were dished up at 10PM, which perhaps is an indication of the improvement in attitude here.
Well done, keep improving.
TWG - 30 May 2007 10:28
The Garibaldi is possibly one of the most frustrating pubs I know in this area for ale drinkers. Let me first acknolwedge that it is a well-presented, decent local pub with a friendly feel and a nice garden, with a reasonable selection of real ales to boot. It nicely avoids the chav factor because of its out-of-town location. Yet,apart from sometimes being inexplicably bereft of custom on some nights, despite the beer selection often being more adventurous than most the quality is so often decidedly poor. It is an unfortunate victim of the "warm" beer problem. Maybe few of the regular punters who may prefer the lagers are bothered about that sort of thing, but I say invest in some decent cooling equipment, folks, and you could become a genuinely impressive beer mecca for those of us who do care! It's up to you, but until it gets consistent I won't be a regular visitor.
TWG - 9 Oct 2006 17:43
has gone downhill since the landlord changed. the beer prior to that was good but was always really warm! it was explained that the owner wouldnt repair the cellar door! unbelievable really.

last time I went in even the lager was undrinkable. shame.
ploppy - 16 Apr 2006 15:20
The real ale is very good, the beer range has become very uninspiring, I feel this pub needs to make a decision very quickly in order to atract the pub goers that it lacks a more esoteric beer policy would help.
slerpy - 26 Mar 2006 18:57
It seems like a bit of a regulars pub. Me and a group of friends came on friday and were met with harsh glares. And I overheard a regular asking the bar man whether he thought we were under-age... which I thought was a bit harsh. It serves good food though and has a couple of nice ales.
Bex - 31 Oct 2004 23:58
Gained brief notoriety in national & local newspapers after refusing to allow a blind person's guide dog into the pub.
c head - 2 Jun 2003 02:22

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