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Old George, Stony Stratford

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user reviews of the Old George, Stony Stratford

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In my opinion this is the best pub that we visited in stony stratford, the landlord, staff and customers were friendly; the pub is traditional with a nice feel. I indulged in a few pints of 'Hop Goes the Beagle', brewed by gun Dog Ales, and thought it was very nice.
alehippy - 18 Sep 2015 14:55
Nice old boozer with a friendly batman. Had a pint of oxford ale, very tasty. Would return.
TommyRogers1979 - 25 Aug 2014 22:01
friendly staff, decent pint, interesting building, poor overpriced food
E10 - 15 Nov 2013 17:05
An historic building in surprisingly toothsome Stony Stratford, this place had a real locals' feel with parties of all ages occupying the tables in the traditional interior. It's just across the way from the location where King Richard III stole away the princes to the tower but there was no such evidence of knavery on the occasion of our visit. Friendly service accompanied a range of ales one would expect from a freehouse.
BoehmBawerk - 28 Aug 2012 10:38
A pleasant traditional, old high street pub in the middle of village. Itís an L-shaped main bar furnished with green carpet and has an unusual conical brick-built chimney over the fireplace as well as a brick built bar. There is also an old bread oven built in to the wall as well as a selection of tables and chairs, fruit and quiz machines, an old cart wheel on the ceiling, a couple of large mirrors and a few pencilled drawings. Itís clearly a very old building, and there is a definite tilt and unevenness to some of the flooring upstairs as you go to the loos.

At the rear is a small room that looks to be more geared up for dining, and there is also a courtyard out the back. Food offering was a small selection of pub grub, with most of the main courses being around the £8 mark. There was also a specials board, although with this listing dishes such as a couple of curries, Chilli con carne and Gammon, Egg & Chips, I would suggest that the dishes on the regular menu were in fact more special. Landlady seemed friendly enough.

Beers on tap were Jennings Laughing Gravy, Ringwood Best and Wychwood Hobgoblin. The solitary cider was Strongbow, unfortunately.
Blackthorn - 17 Oct 2011 21:58
Pleasant enough pub - no sign of the landlord (unless he's changed since the last reviews?) decent pint of brainstorm. One of 3 real ales on handpump.
Splodge68 - 8 Sep 2011 00:03
well what can you say about The George its an experience the roof looks like its about to cave in, the landlord looks like his about to fall over and theres a stuffed fox in the fire place, shame there's not a fire in the fire place as its bloody freezing in there but well going in for one drink and catching the entertainment provided by the landlord who seems to be always drunk and after about 7pm talks complete jibberish, there also seems to be a fight for the bar stools between the regulars and the landlord (pricless)
w00ble - 8 Jan 2010 16:29
Visiting from St Albans, went into this pub with my brother, had 2 very decent pints of Guiness & a very nice meal (lunch time). The staff were all over us & couldn't have been more helpful. It's all about opinions i suppose.
Albanian - 26 Sep 2009 17:06
We had the displeasure of meeting possibly the least helpful and unfriendly barmaid i have ever met yesterday. I had the distinct impression that we were not welcome, even though we were a group of 7, and there were only 2 other people in the pub.

When we arrived 5 of my friends were already tucked away in a corner, and the barmaid was already shooting them looks for laughing. (they were not being rowdy at all can i add). You could sense a bit of an atmosphere. SO i smiled at her, and she just stared back at me and said "yes ?"

I then asked her for
"a large red wine, and a white wine spritzer please",
to which she replied "a what ?",
thinking she had misheard i politely said a spitzer please,
"WHAT?" she said raising her eyebrows to the two men at the bar
so i asked for a "half a white wine and soda please, as i am driving",
"you cant have half a glass of white wine"
"ok could i just have half a glass now, and half a glass with my next drink ?"
"no ! only small or large"
"is it a dry white"
"its white, do you want small or large"
"er ok, i will have a small, but can i have it in a long glass filled up with soda please"
this caused her much irritation, but she then wemt to the wine bottle, and then poured it by eye anyway, so could have easily let me retain the otehr half glass for a 2nd drink.

It was very hot in the pub, so 2 friends (one who was pregnant) asked whether they could have a glass of tap water, as well as their paid for drinks. This really annoyed her.
"if you want tap water i will have to go to the kitchen"
the pub was not too busy for her to leave the bar as it was virtually only us in there.

Then i went to the bar and waited for quite a while, but there was no barmaid. A man at teh abr said to me, did you want a drink as she is outside smoking. He yeeled at her that she had customers, and she came in huffing and puffing to herself. "YES" she said to me.
i ordered my drinks and then one of my friends shouted across for me to get her a glass of water aswell. Well this really sent her pulse racing. "NO, the tap water isnt really okay to drink", i turned to my friend and apssed ehr the message, but my friend who were drinking the water said,
"no its fine, we both have a glass"
"no, its not very good"
my friend tried their water and said it was fine, so could she have a glass anyway. This clearly wound the barmaid up, she slammed the glass in front of me,and then stormed over to our table, on the pretence of collecting glasses.
"I am not being funny, but i just told you the water is not drinkable, when you come in here you may not drink tap water" !
So someone on my table said, "oh, erm okay yer"
and she tunred round and said "Yer, Well ??"
Then she stamped back behind the bar

We will not be going back there again ! we were made to feel very unwelcome. We bought quite a few rounds, but we did have tap water with our drinks. We were not being very noisy, or drunk...., we were talking and laughing, and probably sounded easy to hear as we were the only people in the pub, and there was no other noise.

I also noted on their website that "whatever the occasion, a warm welcome awaits you at the george". I think not !

mrs_b_77 - 2 Apr 2009 13:38
I must admit, I do'nt drink there regularly, but when I went in there the other week, I found the atmosphere quite pleasing... beer not great, but was served promptly and with a smile from Landlord ( or was that the alchole kicking in ?... anyway I thought all Landlords drank ?... is'nt that meant to be a basic requirement when running a pub ? ). The first time I visited this pub was in May last was a Thursday night and there was NOBODY in there except myself, a few friends and a barmaid who was sitting on a stool on the customer side of bar, reading a paper. She seemed to be most upset that she had to put her paper down, go round the 'working side' of bar and get our drinks... Once we were ( begrudgingly)served our drinks, she wandered back to her stool and carried on reading her paper...After about 20 mins, one of my friends said a swear word within a conversation we were having ( not a really bad one and not loud ).. the 'pseudo barmaid' turned round and berated my friend to the point that we felt we had to leave... she then carried on reading her paper. I hope they we'rnt paying her for this.....
pubgeezer - 6 Jan 2009 21:42
Holy Hell!
Is this what passes a as a pub nowadays?
One thing is for sure the landlord is an utter waste of perfectly good space and alcohol!
He drinks more than he sells doesnt he?
Never been in there and saw him sober, disgraceful!
Didnt know they even did any!
The outside looks like a quaint little old english pub but thats as far as anyone should go because the inside is an experience worse than death itself!
citygirl - 28 Oct 2008 21:40
Further to my previous report a colleague of mine was at this place at the same time and had his room "turned over" when reported to the landlord, who was drunk yet again, he suggested my colleague had done this himself and he was epiletic and had thrown a fit. When asked if he was a doctor and his diagnosis could be relied on he became quite abusive.
disappointedone - 12 Aug 2007 19:01
I was unfortunate enough to spend a week at this establishment. It was not good. The place wnats tearing down and starting again. The landlord is a complete and utter drunkard and a waste of perfectly good skin, he is ignorant and has no regard for his customers whatsoever. The rooms are abysmal, not cleaned and some infested with ants. The drains smell something awfull.
The only thing good to say about this place was the breakfasts were good and the lady who served was always cheery and very quick. (The beans could be a bit warmer)
I would rather sleep in my car than visit this place again

disappointedone - 12 Aug 2007 18:55
I agree with the earlier comment about the drinks. This could be an excellent pub if it wasn't for the warm beer and flat soft drinks
nscantle - 23 Feb 2007 20:19
Nice quaint old building but would never eat there again. The first main course ordered (a pie) was so hard we couldn't even get the fork through the pastry so they changed it for chicken. One of our party (male with short blonde hair) found a long black hair buried under his chicken. I found what looked like a noodle in my vegetables.

On questioning them about the 'added extras', the manager suggested that the hair belonged to the blonde boy and informed us that they don't even serve noodles. So what the hell was it?!

The manager stomped off half way through talking to him (even though we weren't asking for anything other than an apology), muttering to himself. Cutting the bill by half doesn't make up for the lack of their 'so called' warm welcome - especially when there are children present.

All in all ungrateful and begrudging service with cold hard unappetising food (with extras).
anonymous - 13 Nov 2006 09:38
An old, quaint, cosy pub on Stony's high street. A popular place but badly let down by poor quality drinks, esp the IPA and Pride on tap
Anon - 30 Apr 2006 09:58

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