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Crush Bar, Dartford

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user reviews of Crush Bar, Dartford

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Had to laugh at Lushbunny's comment - obviously this is the manager of the 'club' - it sounds like a promo! This place is poor. It is only really suitable for the 16-19 year old age group, who have no experience of any other clubs to compare it to. The doormen are rude and obviously have inferiority complexes. The 'outside terrace' is only really for the smokers, the toilets don't have working locks on them, and the drinks are a little overpriced, with not enough bar staff so you're waiting for ages. The only good thing about this place is the dancefloor, it has funky coloured lights. Overall, I'd say if you're 16 and trollied, this is the place for you. Over 20's, splash out and go up to London or even Maidstone is better.
girlwiththegoldentouch - 14 May 2011 12:30
ive been to crush many times as its my local town

its a gorgeous venue and just the right size with an really cool disco lite dancefloor! a big garden with outside bar and loads of comfy seating!

the staff were what you would expect in a late night bar/club - friendly but not particualary engaging although they probably had enough come 2.30am!

drinks - loads of cocktails - wine - a massive range in premium spirits reasonalby priced, absolute vodka and lemonade �2.80 looks like there's loads of bottle beer and some on tap?!

people are a good age range although i have noticed fridays is more 18-25 where as saturdays seem to be more 20-35 with a couple either side

ive only ever seen trouble twice and surprisingly its drunk men - doorman swooped in and removed them quickly so it didnt ruin my night!

considering crush is in dartford its a really good night out i really rate this place!!!
iwouldntwanttosay - 30 Apr 2010 18:51
As a "thirty-something" I've been in this bar on a couple of Friday nights and felt very old indeed. It's definitely one for the 16-25 year olds so I'll leave it to them. From what I saw it had the standard ingredients required for this type of venue: Loud music, a dance-floor of sorts, queuing at the bar to get served, scantily clad ladies and a load of young blokes plucking up the courage to speak to the aforementioned ladies. That said, the atmosphere wasn't too bad and light years away from the awful Litten Tree over the road (which has thankfully now closed)

However, I often pop in here on a Saturday afternoon with the missus (once she's finished dragging me round the shops) and it's actually a decent enough place during the day.

Whilst the beer selection is limited to lager, lager and erm, lager, the food menu is impressive with tapas style grazing dishes that you'd expect to find in trendier parts of London. Service is prompt and the food is very, very good.

Sorry, I know this isn't a restaurant review site - but the menu/food is probably the best thing about this place during the day - so I think it's worth mentioning.

The drinks can be a little expensive and the bar staff aren't always the happiest, but minor quibbles aside, I think this is a well laid out and modern bar. If you're over 25 then avoid Friday and Saturday nights and if you're after a traditional boozer then walk along to the Royal Oak.
keepthechange - 24 Apr 2009 17:32
Its a shame this place is in dartford... Crush is a nice pub/club/bar. It has had alot of money spent on a revamp a couple of years ago..

The beer is of good quality, the staff are usually friendly and the landlord is a nice bloke.
On the weekend the plavce is packed, (usually with some nice looking women!).

Good for younger drinkers... decent night out !
Rjf - 20 Aug 2008 12:11
Hammered, I would have responded earlier but I have been busy looking for your sense of humour. Judging by your previous (dated) reviews and your regularly choice of hostelry, I am of the impression that you evaluate the merits of a pub / bar using your testosterone levels for guidance rather than your knowledge and taste buds. Perhaps when you have finished the personal insults, you would be kind enough to let us all know something about Crush (assuming of course that you have been there) other than it having a selective customer entry policy, something that I already know about.
RogerB - 14 Apr 2008 13:28
Some boundaries I have vowed ne�er to cross and Crush has hitherto been one of them. To my shock, last night having splendidly imbibed at the nearby Royal Oak & Court House, a colleague dared to mention a swift lager nightcap in this very establishment. Not one to shirk a challenge I reluctantly agreed. My eternal thanks go to the doorman who refused me entry on the basis that my Dartford FC shirt was likely to trigger World War 3 and possibly even provoke the clients into requesting the score from the afternoon�s game. Not wishing to upset any Chelsea / Arsenal / Man U / Great Wakering Rovers supporters that may be present inside, I gleefully walked on and thus the threshold has still to be crossed. Stupidity may yet get the better of me and in the meantime, if the doorman see a mid-40�s white male, 6�3��, well built with fair, thinning curly hair, can they please continue to refuse him admission regardless of attire.
RogerB - 25 Nov 2007 09:49
The reviews for this pub are really unfair! Its actually quite a nice bar to go to, yeah you get some chavs but in fairness what places don't these days. It is Dartford of course which is hardly the wealthiest borough in Kent so what do you expect? The Ritz??. I enjoy many a drink in here with my friends and then go on to other places. My perspective is that its more who you are with, what frame of mind you are in and what drinks are offer which really make your night. How often has a really planned night gone really well? Its more those that are spare of the moment and unplanned that are really enjoyable! Nothing anyone says will ever compare with your own take on any venue. Lots of places that people love I really don't like - so it varies! I do agree about the age thing...Dartford is getting really young but they tend to stick to the Papermoon and Bull and Vic. Next time your there, remember the quick and friendly service at the bar, the good and modest but not too in your face music and the gentle pieces of modest eye candy for both gents and ladies!! Also, the new landlord is a really nice guy!!
anonymous - 16 Mar 2007 14:51
I've been to Crush many times, when they've had events, for lunch and just for a few drinks with friends and everytime I enjoy myself. The people in there are ok not like all the other places in Dartford where everyone seems to think they are gods gift or some kinda bad boy. The staff are friendly and its a nice place.
anonymous - 20 Dec 2006 17:10
Having made the comments previously about this bar being full of 'pikeys'maybe I should have used a more politically correct word. I think CHAV is the word I'm looking for!
anonymous - 20 Dec 2006 09:45
Not a place I regularly frequent, Crush Bar in Dartford is a quite a trendy place, perhaps a little out of sorts with its nearby neighbours. With cube style leather seating etc it actually comes across a little pompous to me. However, I actually found my time spent here yesterday (18th Dec) to be quite a relaxing experience and the few customers in there seemed friendly enough. By night it does become more of a clubby style establishment and on walking past haven�t failed to notice the windows rattling and vibrating and the swarms of people inside. It looks a little claustrophobic for my liking at these times. I think it�s an okay bar in all honesty, but if being crammed in like sardines on a weekend night isn�t your thing, then you may very well want to bypass here at these times.
HTM69 - 19 Dec 2006 17:04
I have to say that I do think Crush epitomises the word 'rough'. The majority of people that go in there probably come from shall we say an underprivileged background.Most of the people in there are in their teens, so if you are going somewhere for an older crowd I wouldn't bother coming here. Try going a bit further a field if thats what your after because you will not find it here. But then again you are in Dartford so what can you really expect. I think one of the comments below was right and that there are some council estate wannabe's in there, maybe not so many travellers but that is hardly a glowing advertisement for the establishment either way. Someimes no matter how much you try to ignor the people around you and have a good time you'd find this hard to do so if your surrounded by un savoury types. So in a nutshell if your after a descent night out do not come here, you will be very disappointed.
anonymous - 18 Dec 2006 11:41
I 2nd dinkycam thats what you'd call discrimination and most of them aint even travellers they are council estate wannabes, try having a good nite not worrying bout other people and looking down your nose at them what's your problem with travellers anyway??????
anonymousangel - 15 Dec 2006 15:26
having read the comments about pikeys i think thsi board is pathetic!!!

if you visited a pub/club full of indians you wouldnt post offencive names so what gives you the right to do so about travellers?

i havent been to crush yet if it is full of judgemental snobs poke it!!!
dinkykam - 15 Dec 2006 15:05
The place is the pitts! Full of pikeys and girls who look orange!
anonymous - 22 Nov 2006 12:47
hmmmmm dartford, we all know its a dive hence tollgate, bull n vic, tree, zens oh dnt 4get 3d! and the people r just scum but crush is a rose in a thorn bush! its nice to go some where, where i dont need to be carrying a weapon or am surrounded by asbo's
anonymous - 22 Nov 2006 10:22
not too sure what all the negative comments r about this place? ive been a few times now and depending on what u like... fri's an urban nite.... sat's a funky house nite.... its quality!!! if you like ur music, trendy people, and a decent bar id def reccomend this place
anonymous - 22 Nov 2006 10:19
I think Crush is great, although the door staff do need to start being a bit more selective when allowing the pikeys in.....all round it is a great refreshing place to go to whilst having the unfortunate state to visit Dartford! Go there have a great time and enjoy it for what it is, a swish, classy place in Dartford
Drinker2 - 10 Sep 2006 13:12
Did this hovel used to be Zens in another life? That was crap too!
PigPen_in_the_Fens - 6 Sep 2006 21:48
I came to Crush on saturday and I was quite disapointed. It def isn't over 21's, plus the music was very dated. A big shame because it has the potential to be a good bar.
anonymous - 7 Aug 2006 13:53
When it first opened - Brilliant, Now - Sh*thole, the pikeys have slowly crepped there way back in, avoid at all costs!!
anonymous - 27 Jul 2006 17:14
CRUSH is the best thing to happen in Dartford. Stylish place & a gorgeous terrace outside - wicked urban stuff on a Friday they even had DJ Luck & MC Neat down the other week! Thursdays & Saturdays are funky house with a really cool crowd of people. If you like binge drinkin & pullin 17 year olds then this ISN'T for you but if you like quality drinks in a venue without attitude or sticky carpets then give it a try.
LUSHBUNNY - 29 Apr 2006 01:39
i think crush is a great place. makes a change to go down dartford and not be surrounded by street rats all night. I was in there on sat, v busy night, but i got served quick, friendly staff too! all i can say Kyle is if you dont like the cocktails, dont drink them, and i have seen some rather nice people in there! and you have to pay to get in litten tree too, which is a liberty, its poor in there!
anonymous - 21 Mar 2006 14:28
Over 21's? My bro goes Crush a lot and he's only 19yrs old! Def not the best pub in Dartford, I'd suggest the Litten Tree, atleast it's got an atmosphere! I don't rate the cocktails either, half of the staff don't know how to make them, it takes half an hour to queue for a drink let alone waiting for them to make a cocktail as well! Beautiful people? Never seen one in there! Pay it a visit sounds about right! It's about �4 to get in - definitely NOT worth it!
Kyle - 17 Mar 2006 13:25
crush is the best over 21s, its funky and cool, definately the place to be seen on a weekend. wicked cocktails and beautiful people what more do you need, definately pay it a visit
Gemma - 20 Feb 2006 18:40

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