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Moletrap, Tawney Common

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user reviews of the Moletrap, Tawney Common

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Permanently shut.
tradervic - 23 Apr 2020 22:57
Been visiting Mole Trap for many years. It's evolved very much as a food pub and probably because of it's location (no public transport, not in a town) is much frequented, especially on weekdays, by more "mature" folk. Some are Rambler types, but most drive.
Add to this the lack of music, TV, kids and gaming machines in the bar, and you get a good picture of what the pub is like; it even closes in the afternoons like all pubs used to do ! And they only accept cash !

The beers are always really well tended, the food is freshly cooked and the staff are pleasant and friendly.
On some Sunday mornings, people turn up with their classic cars and motorcycles; a nice opportunity for a chat along the lines of "I had one of those once"

The Mole Trap is unique in this part of the world, and long may it be so.
Jimdee - 14 Mar 2014 15:27
Our party of 7 went here for a sunday lunch, spent 85 quid, the food arrived only for my granddaughter to find a hair in her food. My wife took the meal back to the bar to ask for a replacement, the result of this being the 'guvnor' came out of the kitchen, dressed in filthy clothes, thrust a tenner into my hand and then threw us out. I asked for an explanation, to be told that 'you've been trouble since you walked in', listen you throwback, when I put my 10 year old granddaughter, my octogenarian parents and my niece and her husband in cars and drive 10 miles to get there, it isn't to make trouble. You were rude, ignorant and showed yourself to be stupid as when I tried to discuss the situation, you just kept grunting 'youre finished, get out'
cjc0784 - 7 Apr 2013 16:28
just went to the mole trap to have a nice dinner when there was a hair in one of our foods. we took it back and asked for a replacement. we were waiting and waiting until suddenly a man came up to us and told us to get out. apparently we were trouble makers the second we walked in. he didn't tell us what we did wrong. we came out and was left confused thinking what we had done. i didn't like the way that man was talking to us.
je30 - 7 Apr 2013 15:52
I absolutely love The Moletrap. Dave and Jean (landlord and landlady) are wonderful people who really know how to take care of their customers, and their beer!

There are 4 ale pumps of which three of those are guest ales which are changed very frequently, so you'll always have something new to try every time you go. You don't get that very often!

I love ale and trying new beers and it's such a pleasure coming down every week or so and seeing new beers to try.

The food is absolutely amazing; beautifully cooked and served piping hot. I am a huge fan of their cod and chips. I don't know what they do to it but the it all tastes wonderful.

I've been a regular here for the past 2 years and I can happily say that it is my favourite pub (all thanks to my boyfriend who took me there for our first meal together).

They have two cats and a dog who you will see every now and then. The cats are really lovely and will hang around you if you have fish for dinner. ;P They don't bug you, they only watch.
The dog is a big softie who loves a stroke and never barks. Say hello if you see her :)

Highly recommend!
KatieHoweyPhoto - 25 Sep 2012 16:55
This pub is a stand out favourite. It has a wonderful landlord and landlady (Dave and Jean) who really look after their beers. There's usually three guest ales on, with Fuller's London Pride as a permanent fourth. Should a beer not taste quite right, they won't hesitate to allow you to select another (this is a rare occurrence).

The food is home made and exceptionally well cooked. It is always cooked to perfection. Yes, perhaps the Ham, Egg and Chips is expensive, but you get a large portion of ham which is locally produced. The other meals are also excellent (may I recommend the lasagne - or during the Christmas period, the turkey). I am told that the Cod and chips is the best for miles (not a fish person myself).

This pub has remained my favourite choice for a beer or meal for the last 5 years, and it hasn't changed a bit in that time (though it has had a paint and new patio - both were needed - and it now looks much nicer on the outside).

Gets busy on warm days (and the poor waitresses are run off their feet) so you *might* not get a hello/how's your meal etc during busy periods, but if you are around during less busy periods the staff will always be up for a chat.

Can't recommend highly enough.
paulskinner - 11 Jun 2012 18:28
Have been a regular visitor since 1965 and find the Moletrap a wonderful haven, and often walk here from Epping. Dave and Jean and their staff are friendlym served good ale and the food is fantastic and cooked to order.
Contrary to the above, the Moletrap is the good,the good and the good!!

dmartin1943 - 27 Oct 2011 10:49
Beer! The choice is good with a choice of guest ales with you can sample before buying. After all we are discussing a pub and the nation drink of England! Ok the sign is faded and food itsn't 2 for £10 agreed.
harperp3 - 18 Feb 2011 16:31
Nice little pub with some good ale and cider on tap.
Staff very frendly and a nice place to pop in for a drink on a Sunday afternoon - watch out though as it closes between 4-7pm!
shortie_sarah - 1 Aug 2010 19:11
Don’t believe all the hype – the Mole Trap only scrapes a 5.5/10 – and that’s being generous. And no – I don’t like modern boozers – just friendly, nice pubs that look clean. So that’s why I came here during one of my Essex walks. Let’s start with…

The Good: forget the faded McMullen’s ashtrays or the McMullen’s signage above – that brewery was here back in the 1980’s – but instead I enjoy a lovely pint of Fuller’s London Pride – a perfect way to survey the surrounding green fields of The Mole Trap. Lovely pint. So far, so good.

The Bad: I’m at the food board - since when does Ham, Egg and Chips warrant £8.95? I opt for something more substantial, a tad-under-nine- quid home-cooked meat pie, but it isn’t much better than a frozen supermarket version. Although, the vegetables (broccoli, greens, swede and mash) are just right, but it really isn’t worth the price I’m afraid. This is a £5 meal, I’d say. I’m told the Theydon Oak in Epping does great food for around two quid less than the Mole Trap – and maybe you get a ‘hello’ or ‘enjoy your meal’ or a ‘goodbye’ there? I wouldn’t say any of the 3 staff I came across were friendly – bit like the food prices really. And finally…

The Ugly: the Mole Trap is in dire need of a lick of paint and crying out for some TLC. Outside, flaking (McMullen’s of course) wall signs look down on a drab grey pavement with old green plastic patio seating from the 1990’s (I’m being generous again!) spoil what could be a good boozer. Inside, it’s quite dark, quaint all the same, but needing a bit of cash splashed around from the profits of the expensive pub grub they serve here. I just hope it gets rescued before it’s too late

gkipa - 24 May 2009 09:58
Great pub. Great beer. Great food. If you think make up or bling makes you look more attractive then give this place a miss, stick to the Camelot.
A real pub for real people.
pg_1966 - 20 Oct 2008 00:45
I'm afraid I must agree with Peter Glade. Utterly bland (and lukewarm) food, nil atmosphere and a very peculiar smell.

The Mole Trap should be avoided at ALL costs.
anonymous - 31 Jul 2007 00:54
The perfect way to watch a sunset. I hope this old pub never changes a single thing, apart from: can you spot the old sign outside upstairs with the name of the old brewery on? If that beer was served, I wouldn't want to leave!

But that was 14 years ago.

But it's still a 9/10!!
crass - 7 Jun 2007 00:44
IN REPLY TO Glade100
Having been a regular at this pub for some ten years now I am shocked at your opinion of the Mole Trap! It has always been a friendly place to go and has always been well maintained. You would not have recieved a frosty welcome at the mole trap unless you behaved in an unacceptable manner. As far as I and anyone else who knows the mole trap are concerned you are entitled to your opinion but try and make it without the blinkers on. The mole trap is a typical English country pub with exposed low beams set in beautiful countryside away from the hustle and bustle of nearby london with excellent food and a wonderful selection of real ales and guest beers always available. Combined with the friendly staff and wonderfull setting its a must for all of those people who enjoy a pub with typical english traditions instead of your common sterile wine bar or sports bar with little to offer in the way of atmosphere. Its a shame you did not stay to try the food as it is always exceptional. For a pub so far off the beaten track it is common to arrive to not be able to get a table due to the ammount of people already there, this would not be the case if it was anything like you desribed. Maybe the traditional english pub is not for you nor the generous hospitality of the staff, Its always a shame when people make a jugement based on little more than a glimse, maybe you should give it another try and try not to compare it to your local whitbread with a dart board and pool tables.
Best Regards Iain & Jane
McGuirke - 18 Nov 2006 17:11
The Mole Trap or Mole Hole as it is now appropriately named is probably one of the worst pubs I have ever been to in my life!
Finding the Mole Trap you needed a picnic and an ordananace survey map, for it is hidden deep in farmland - in my eyes - best place for it!
At last we found it, to see no pub sign, indeed probably stolen by a troup of renegade chavs from nearby toot hill, and now, probably sitting in some 15 year olds bedroom as some sort of trophy!
The paint on the outside is coming off the wall, the troughs of flowers are full of weeds, and the whole building leaked a very stale un welcoming feel.

We walked in, and very much like a wild west saloon, the whole pub turned round and the silence was icy and uncomforting. We then sat down, in what can only be described as someones 1930's living room, which smelt of rotten vegetables and old carpet.
We were seated at a table which was wide enough to hold a side plate let alone three plates of food!
We were asked to order our food by looking at a tatty blackboard hanging from one wall, but sadly a rather old gentleman with a beard who smelt like a shire horse, was in front smoking away on his hobbit like pipe!
We had to leave and we are very glad we did!
Do not go to the Mole Hole, sorry 'Mole Trap', for you indeed will be trapped!
Hope this has helped,
Peter Glade

Glade100 - 7 Nov 2006 17:49
Hard to find, but well worth the effort. Just off the (muddy!) Essex Way long distance path from Epping Station, it provides a welcome sight with excellent home cooked grub and well kept real ale. Tiny pub but very popular, arrive early.
Ginger_Beard - 14 Oct 2006 16:14
Almost impossible to find!

But worth trying. Well-kept beer, lovely food, pleasant, friendly service, idyllic surroundings (ie in the middle of nowhere - not served by public transport AT ALL).

Full of walkers and cyclists when we visited, a really nice place for a quiet drink. Gets very packed very quickly so arrive early if you want to eat!
Lovecat - 9 Sep 2006 14:27
Small, friendly old-fashioned pub in farming location.

Local CAMRA pub of the year in 1997. Difficult to find, but well worth the effort.
Raykco - 7 Jan 2006 00:59

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