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Kings Head, Earls Court

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user reviews of the Kings Head, Earls Court

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Another new pub for me, this quality Fullers pub is another fairly hidden gem in an area that is more known for it's convention centre, student hostels and restaurants than quality back street locals .

Being near Christmas this pub was full with Christmas parties when I arrived at 16.15 on a Friday afternoon, however within 20 minutes most of these left and the pub returned to a normal local.

5 ales on all from the Fullers stable, my pint of Wiseman @ 4.0% was very drinkable.

Interesting light hanging from the ceiling in the main bar that looks like a spider!

Decent pub but I've visited better today.
lezford - 31 Dec 2016 10:42
Recently reopened after a refurbishment. Excellent food and a good selection of well kept cask ales. Worth a visit if you're in the area.
alexw - 10 Nov 2016 18:12
I know what parkender and blue scrumpy mean - this is a typical London ex-boozer that has changed with the times, and not necessarily for the better. It's good that it's still in business, it's good that they have a range of decent beers on but it's not really a pub and certainly not the sort that you could call your local anymore.
djw - 8 Dec 2013 21:29
Saw this pub was in the latest Good Beer Guide and decided to try it out on Tuesday. It has a nice location at the end of an alley and looks more like a village pub from the outside, rather than a city pub which is a stone's throw from the hustle and bustle of the Earl's Court Road. Inside, the pub is unmistakably London. It was fairly busy. I was looking forward to sampling the porter from Westerham that was supposed to be in. But in the event, they only had Westerham Audit Ale & Adnams Broadside. The Audit Ale was in good condition. Worth a try.
blue_scrumpy - 27 Sep 2013 20:13
Went to the pub thee times when we stayed in Earls Court area. Excellent food and four real ales. Two from Thwaites, one from Adnams and porter. Went to quiz nite on Monday. Good fun. Best pub in the area.
endoderm - 5 Mar 2012 12:36
great little pub just far away enough from the bustle of earls court road. has changed a lot, for the better. great food, quality drinks and proper service, rare these days... i go there occasionally, always come back for more. it's quite modern, not everyone appreciates this, but i think it's a class pub.
If you like ales, there's always four different ales on, every time i visit, it's a surprise what's gonna be on...
bobsimpson - 8 Sep 2011 18:56
This pub used to be the best pub in Earls Court - lively any night of the week with locals and visitors, cosy, decent range of beers that changed regularly, good food and good atmosphere.

Since the 'makeover' and changed ownership it is a pale shadow of it's former self - few customers, no atmosphere, bright lighting, limited choice of ales. It is like having a drink in a trains station cafe. A complete disaster - I've been 3 times since the makeover trying to give it a chance but have finally given up. As I said to a couple of smokers outside on my last visit 'Do you remember when this was a proper pub?'
parkender - 7 Sep 2011 10:00
good location tucked away of busy Earls Court Road, not a bad pub, quiet but did fill up although would find it hard to have this as my local, seems to try to hard. Mad Goose beer was good call, but just feels like it is missing a trick somewhere
jeffandstack - 21 Dec 2010 20:38
This pub used to be a fantastic little place that I have always recommended to my friends. However it seems that in changing management it has lost it's charms and no longer is superior to the surrounding pubs.

The bar staff aren't as pleasant as they used to. While they are still nice they just don't engage or seem able to deal with customers complaints.

The wine menu was never particular cheap but the current wines are not nearly as nice as the ones previously, but their names are catchier. Friends were annoyed that beers that they previously would drink have disappeared. However apparently one or two have reappeared in the last week.

The pub quiz is now shocking. Still the same game but the prizes aren't as attractive as they once were. The quiz atmosphere has also suffered for it because the regulars seem to be dropping out.

I would not eat any more at the King's Head. The menu has very subtly changed since but the food itself seems to be cooked differently. Whereas the food used to be quite nice I witnessed someone having to point out to the staff that their burger was burnt only to be told it was chargrilled. It seemed burnt to me. Having previously eaten the burgers here they were never cooked to that shade previously. I think a refund was give rather easily though.

Overall I'd say don't expect the pub to be the same if you were a previous regular.
alice_pike - 24 Aug 2010 11:59
Visitied before this is a lovely tucked away pub.
BestBeerBoffin - 13 Feb 2010 14:44
Happened to turn up half way through the weekly quiz and was quickly absorbed into an Australian team who thought I was a genius when I answered a question about the Spice Girls. The rest of the team were very drunk and when we actually won a bottle of wine, they were really impressed with my contribution. Pup is OK, quite friendly with three ales on draught. The pride was off and I opted for the Doombar from Cornwall. It was a bit cloudy but tasted OK. Never got round to the third beer, which was some german wheat stuff from Adnams I think. No food on offer when I was there, probably due to the quiz. This was the most packed pub i went it the week before Christmas in Earls Court. Not bad, will return when I'm back in january.
427scr - 29 Dec 2009 11:41
Bar staff are great. The interior is nicely done. The beer is good. The location is surprising. The music is rubbish.
bluestonelaptop - 27 Sep 2009 16:22
Nicely tucked away from the craziness of Earl's Court Road, this had a nice atmosphere and the beer was OK (Pride, Speckled Hen, Broadside) if a little cold. Random dance CD on in the background was a bit annoying though. Would prob revisit if close by although Earl's Court Tavern and Blackbird both serve a better pint.
bigbadbeer - 11 Jul 2009 22:54
Thought I'd found a pleasant neighbourhood pub, but the relaxed atmosphere was ruined at 6pm when for no apparent reason the bar staff decided to turn up the music very loud - no doubt for their own amusement. I finished my Paulaner beer and left - never to return.

rentaquote - 22 Mar 2009 23:57
14 of us went to this pub last Saturday for pre & post match drinkings with a visit to Stamford Bridge in between. This pub is just off of Earls Court Road & about 1 mile from the ground.

Good range of beer, not too crowded on either occassion, (though we had left by 7pm) comfortable surroundings and bar staff were pleasant. Good choice of food too. Definately would go back if in the area.
badhabits - 10 Jan 2009 18:20
Agree with everyone that this is the best pub in Earl's Court. It's cosy and the staff (and beers) are lovely. The Sunday roast's pretty good. If you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods be sure to bring you map and find it..
Anon72 - 25 Oct 2008 12:20
Reviews are spot on. Was there last Friday night 26 Sep and it was heaving a bit - girls behind the bar were nice - and busy but kept the pints and pistachios coming. It's more cosy than rockin, but for a smaller pub hidden away it's exactly what you'd want to find upon enrty.
TherockFFC - 30 Sep 2008 20:15
Was at the GBBF and left there when it became a gigantic scrum. Rolled along to this place, and guess what... no bitter of any kind. I'd just left a choice of several hundred ales behind me! Faux pas or what? Ah well. Comforted myself with a consolation brace of robust Belgie bottles, and it has to be said that the pub had a relaxed feel to it and the barmaids were very chatty. Not the cleanest place I've ever been in though (my newspaper became welded to the table).
Will give it one more try.

foghorn - 6 Aug 2008 13:12
Have to agree, best place to go to in Earl's Court. Good wine and Belgian beer selection. The service is excellent and the girls who work there remind me of the models in Impressionist paintings
crimsonpirate - 9 May 2008 14:32
Lovely little pub, visited for the first time last thursday. Was heaving, but still had no problems getting served quickly and by a happy person for once, something I find rare in this town. Didn't manage to eat, but enjoyed some lovely handpulled porter & stout (Fullers & Cains respectively), beers I rarely find on the taps these days. According to the staff they only got a new manager last month, looks like he's doing a good job. Atmosphere was great, not blaring music but loads of chatter, I'll definitely be going back next time i'm in the area.
sgtsmith - 25 Mar 2008 23:50
Best of breed in the Earls Court area - the shittiness of Earls Court Road seems to infect most places round here. The King's Head though is fine local with a welcoming interior. Really can't see why anyone in the area would bother going somewhere else. Well worth a visit if in the area
murgatroyd - 23 Mar 2008 09:46
Visited recently on a Saturday lunchtime after not using it for a while. I guess this must be the time to try this pub as it was quiet so service wasn't a problem. Still good beer and decent food. At least two real ales on which were well kept.
typeo - 4 Feb 2008 09:08
I was here last night and have to agree with other posters that this is a great pub, probably the best in Earls court. The only problem every time I go here is the lack of staff. The poor girl behind the bar was having to cope with a bar 3 deep in customers and with little help from the other barman who would dissapear regularly to clear glasses and tidy up. 20 minutes wait to get served on a Tuesday night is enough to put me off going for a while...
The_Rotter - 23 Jan 2008 09:28
I went here on a sunday arvo for a few beers with friends. It is great place to sit back and let the afternoon escape you. Good range of beers, wine, & the lamb roast was awesome. Good young vibe & friendly staff which is hard to get in this town! Highly recommended.
Brendylou - 14 Nov 2007 12:29
Possibly the best pub in West London, if not the whole of London. The staff are friendly, the beer selection is good, and they have the most delicious cakes and biscuits. Definitely worth a visit.
Fujisan - 16 Aug 2007 09:26
A brillant pub. Absolutely packed at 5pm on a Friday afternoon. Good range of real ale and lagers on draft. My only critism is that there are not enough bar staff to deal with the amount of customers. It was 2-3 deep at the bar and the staff really struggled. Customers were getting frustrated at the amount of time it took to be served.
snowdog2112 - 12 May 2007 10:18
Probably the best pub in the world.

But stay away from the Potato Wedges if at all possible.
magnum_pi - 5 Apr 2007 10:47
A great pub - always a really lively, friendly atmosphere, good selection of beers and the layout and feel of the place just makes you feel relaxed and at home. BUT - and I really don't want to be critical about such a great place - the food really lets it down. I'm afraid it highlights all the worst aspects of so-called 'gastropubs' - unimaginative menu (beer battered fish, bangers and mash), massively overpriced (£4.95 for what was basically a small bread roll with chicken and mayonnaise inside), a 40 minute wait for the food to arrive, and said food being deeply ordinary when it did finally show up. It's a real shame, because as a pub, it's such a great place - they should either drop the food side of things, or massively improve it. As it stands, I will always go back there for a pint, but would never eat there again.
binge_benefits - 2 Mar 2007 21:48
Top place - away from the busy Earls Court Road so bit quiet and more relaxed than some of the other pubs in the area
atsoutar - 2 Feb 2007 09:24
Good pub always fairly full so get there early if you want a seat. Friendly bar staff with quick service. Tasty pint of Tim Taylorís landlord on tap made it even better.
pezza132 - 2 Nov 2006 10:53
However O'Neills here is good
Will2 - 6 Aug 2006 23:23
Also some rather unusual (but friendly) people go here! They seem to have an uncanny sixth sense. Quite a mixture of things to read and great drinks also. All in all, this has the kind of quality that chain pubs tend to miss out on: being interesting

Will2 - 6 Aug 2006 23:23
A slightly less busy pub than many of the others in the area. Tucked away down a quiet road, the pub is certainly interesting for its unusual range of beers.
Tried the sleeman, you'll get yourself an unusual glass! Though the beer wasnt anything special in the end. Also plenty of reading material here
aleman - 6 Aug 2006 17:03
This is a wonderful pub with friendly bar staff.
Customers are treated with respect no matter how bohemian or otherwise inclined they are!
anonymous - 28 May 2006 09:51
Fulham supporters promised me a very attractive bar maid - he was very very friendly, but, I was expecting a fem. Despite that setback - a great beer list, good sangers (with free soup!), a non-smoking section and wireless internet to surf for porn and gambling (...well next time!).
CSIdrinker - 4 May 2006 14:34
Cosy Atmosphere.. Not a large pub, but they have made great use of what they have. The food has improved and is definately now offering the best Sunday Roast in Earls Court Area. Great Beers, Great Wines and Great FOOD!
sketchydodgy - 30 Mar 2006 22:25
Got to stop coming here, but its hard not too. This place is getting better. Guv'nor mike is getting the bar area altered soon and there is even talk of the much anticipated fish tank making an appearence. New beers on too, try the Caines Lager or the organic cider - champion.
Woolyback - 29 Mar 2006 18:35
Nice cosy pub just far enough off the main road so as to keep a local friendly crowd and run by nice cheery bar staff. Food's a notch up from the norm plus a fantastic beer selection makes for a worthy place to visit.
punks - 24 Mar 2006 19:01
What a lovely pub!!! far superior to all the reat found in the Earls Court area! Had a really enjoyable visit and the bar staff were really friendly and chatty. Also visited during quiz night and won myself a bottle of vodka - can't get better then that!
madcarrot - 23 Mar 2006 13:45
Fantastic pub! Great service, excellent food, friendly staff and the landlord (Mike) is always helpful, friendly and accommodating. Excellent atmosphere with many a good times had!! Would recommend to anyone.
discobunny - 23 Mar 2006 10:09
I went to this pub at Xmas time 2005, it was a great atmosphere with a friendly team of staff. Who can ask for more, good company and great beer!
Karaokekez - 21 Mar 2006 23:03
I love this place! Always friendly service, great atmosphere and good beer. Mike (landlord) is always helpful and in top form! Highly recommended if you're in the area.
goatee - 21 Mar 2006 14:00
Quality pub hidden away from the hubbub of Earls Court. It's always busy which can mean seats can sometimes be difficult to find but it's worth persevering. The beer selection is very good and the food is excellent - I recommend the steak pie. One drawback is that although the waitresses are very sweet their English can sometimes be almost non-existent which means that ordering can sometimes be an interesting experience...
libero - 6 Feb 2006 19:26
I used this place in the late 80's-early 90's when living around the corner. Must agree with all th posts here, a fantastic place with very good beer served by friendly staff. The comment from Keith holds true as well. Canucks were treated pleasantly.
Moose58 - 22 Dec 2005 14:24
The problem with most London pubs is that they have a tendency to be "tribal". You know, folks going out in groups where everybody knows everybody else and its difficult to break into a conversation and get to know new people. Not so with The Kings. Theres a good cross section from tourists visiting the area to locals who could be anything from street sweepers to city professionals. For most of the time you will find the locals friendly and welcoming. The staff are a cut above the usual, the choice of beers is good and reasonably priced for the area and the selection of bourbon is damn hard to beat. The Kings is undoubtedly the best ale house in Earls Court and probably the whole of K&C. See you in their!
Woolyback - 16 Dec 2005 10:09
If you fancy a great meal with a great drink, from a great member of staff this has to be the place for you! I was in there recently and both the service & products on offer were absolutely awesome! It was recommended to me by a friend & I thought I'd share the tip with the rest of you!! Enjoy!!
rossinthebar - 7 Dec 2005 16:43
one of the best pubs I know, Good atmosphere, great mix of characters, landlord Mike is a good mate to know. Great place for an after work drink or a quick drink before heading off for an evening out.
anonymous - 16 Nov 2005 20:53
Nice short walk from the Tube station. Huge selection of beer, the best I've seen in London. All well kept. Music volume just right. If you want good conversation and excellent beer, this is the place. And if memory serves, the loo is upstairs. Always a bonus after a few pints.
beerbum63 - 12 Oct 2005 01:47
Very nice pub. Different from the ones on the Earls Court Road in that it's not full of weirdos... Can be tricky to get a seat as it's always busy but this pub is definitely the best choice if you're drinking near the station.
libero - 21 Sep 2005 10:57
Solid place for a pint or three. On the plus side: great selection of real ale, welcoming atmosphere, interesting menu, great barstaff, short walk from the Tube.

On the negative side: well, very little. A bit smokey is about it--and there is no smoking at the bar.

Overall, should be the place to visit when you are going to an event in Earls Court.
Mr.Matt - 23 Jul 2005 02:50
Great beer selection - food looks good too.
Friendly staff, shame they don't have sky.

Lopper - 5 Apr 2005 15:24
Best pub in Earl's Court without a doubt!
Great beer selection, great food, and a friendly relaxed atmosphere... feel's like a second living room away from home! Also, I kick ass at Pong.
davidk - 13 Dec 2004 12:36
Great pub, bummed about no sky sports. Watched the six nations there with a full english breakfast. Wicked. Good selection of Belgian beers too.
Martin - 23 Feb 2004 16:31
Great pub, and the most friendly staff in old london town. Wish there were more places like it.
Hayden - 7 Feb 2004 23:56
Top pub!!!! Full of very colourfull characters, wicked selection of beers, wine and bourbon. I'm a total fan, easily the best pub in Earls Court, possibly better than the Dev(just down the road).
J.P. - 3 Feb 2004 02:08
always manages to get nice bar staff ,a very diverse mixture of customers and lots of happy memories
dave - [email protected] - 9 Jan 2004 11:16
Was a regular visitor when I was living in London for a short period. Just seeing the picture above brought back great memories of many a pint of XXXX and beck's with friends. Always a great,laid back atmosphere.
Michel - 24 Aug 2003 04:10
i love kings head, every time i come from the states to visit i always feel at home again. great people, great drinks, great music, great atmosphere! hello to tarquin, damon, and barney!
Heather - [email protected] - 20 Feb 2003 15:13
J LO - 9 Feb 2003 19:29
I'm here from the U.S.A. and I live in Earls Court, Kings Head is my favorite pub in town. It's classy and sophisticated but relaxed and laid back. Great friendly service and location, I would highly recommend Kings Head to my friends.
Jessica - 9 Feb 2003 18:42
This pub is a great place to meet old friends without all the snobbyness but stii plenty of class and the beer tastes as good as English beer can taste
Dan - 11 Nov 2002 15:42
was there in 1965, was the friendliet pub in london, is the decal of the horshoe and buffalo still stuck on the glass at the bar.treated us canucks as royalty
keith - 8 Jun 2002 03:55

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